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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Chrome and Android Merger Coming Close To Reality

Chrome Android Merger
The talks regarding the merging of the Android and Chore Os into one single platform is nothing new and it has been expected for a long in industry.

The Tech enthusiasts and analysts were apprehensive of the merger from the very first day Google introduced its cloud-based operating system. The Google co-founder SergyBrinhas also admitted to their merger in a single platform as long back as 2009.

Only now the reports are filling with show with positivity towards much waited merger news. The Wall Street Journal has reported that such a merger is looking extremely likely due to the change in the management structure inside the software giant technology department.

The Change In The Google Management Structure

The Vice President of the Google’s Android Division named Hiroshi Lockheimer has been appointed to overlook the task of Chrome engineering team. Earlier this job was performed by Linus Upson.

How Tech Analysts View This Change

The Tech analysts are of view is that this move should be seen in isolation rather than it has meaning hidden behind him. They have finally begun to see some synergy between the two platforms. Last month Google has even brought the first batch of Android apps which could run effectively well on its clod Os i.e. Chromebook.

These Android apps are Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words and Vine. These applications could easily run on the Chrome by using the App Runtime for Chrome (the beta version); this project was announced by Google in June this year.

A Secret Project Called ‘Hera’ Points Towards Imminent Merger

The rumours suggests that the search engine giant is running an ambitious project inside named ‘Hera’ which would represent a huge step forward in effectively integrating the Google’s popular mobile-based operating system ‘Android’ with its web based operating system ‘Chrome’ and it powerful search platform.

The Merger of the three distinctive services will give a new kind of advanced experience for the users. Google is expected to do this by using a special Chromium build which is meant to run on Android and execute tasks through the web both for the Google and third-part apps as well.

There are rumours that this merger would allow the users to call functions from third-party apps without having to open the app. It is touted to be a great feature for enterprise users juggling multiple tasks on a small mobile screen.

The Future Prospects of the Merger

As of now the search engine giant is working with a select group of Android developers for adding more of the popular app on the Chromebook. It is also working towards developing such apps which would work seamlessly on both the platforms and could provide a unique and beautiful experience to its users.

Some even suggests that this project looks more like an Androidfication of the Chrome than just a merger of two services. Google wishes to introduce us toward a world where Chrome is the computing platform of choice for users and it would be able to run across various operating systems and devices flawlessly.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Google Released Android 5.0 Lollipop

Google  Lollipop
After a long period of preview, Google has declared finally the launch of the latest model of Android 5.0 that will be called as Lollipop.

Accessibility in different devices-

This Android 5.0 Lollipop is appearing on 3 innovative handsets of Nexus, for example

  •  Nexus 6 Smartphone 
  •  Nexus 9 tablet 
  •  Nexus Player streaming device
Later, they will also be accessible on Nexus 4, 5, 7 and10,

To make all the things more improved, Android 5.0 is now headed to some Motorola Smartphone, like Moto X, Moto E or G and so on. However, Motorola has not even said, particularly when the upgrade would be obtainable for those handsets, but it has just confirmed its proposals to do such thing. Now with Google's Lollipop, surely more manufacturers are coming ahead with their own announcement.

Features of Lollipop-

The most noticeable new characteristics of Lollipop come in the shape of visual developments and user interface alterations that Google has called as Material Design. This feature has new, more graceful animations, a clear pattern with a bright color palette and a multi-tasking menu. It also provides new means to interrelate with your voice. Most of the latest Material Design qualities can be observed in the current modifications that Google has launched for its own Android applications for example Google+. This Material Design scheme is meant to combine the software's appearance and feel across a range of aspects, whether it is a tablet or a Smartphone or anything else.

Besides a visual modification, Lollipop brings more than 5,000 fresh APIs for manufacturers to tap into and allows multiple various Android devices with a variety of form factors act better together. In this context, Google states that entertaining things for example music, images, apps, and new searches can be effortlessly coordinated across different Android mobiles.

Lollipop moreover comprises new notification system to control alerts during any meeting or other important time, a new type of battery saver method that can save extra 90 minutes of time between charges, user accounts, methods of guest user, and innovative ways to protect your device through a reliable Bluetooth system. Lollipop will furthermore embrace a defense against resetting the mobile to factory defaults that is intended to make it complicated for mobile thieves to utilize a stolen device. Most of these characteristics have been executed by different Android device producers on their Smartphone as well as tablets for some time. However, Google is currently making certain they are part of the basic Android experience.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is really a big release from Google. This is the most vital visual update to Android device since the launch of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011, and it makes the basis for Android to develop as a platform out of the Smartphone and the tabs. Now Google is much clearly trying to make Android as software for the upcoming days, and it wishes Android to be on all the connected devices. And Lollipop is the foremost step to get there.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How to Stop Android Devices from Lagging?

Android Devices
As we all know, now-a-days most of the people use Smartphone’s or Android devices for their daily use. Most people spend time playing games on handsets, develop new apps or very useful for developers and for many more purposes. For this reason, all people hate if their smart phone lags or get slower as it interrupts them from their routine work. People have become more impatience now-a-days, so they can’t tolerate a slight delay in their work and the same is going on with the android devices.

There are many reasons causing the Smartphone’s to lag from their original speed. To cope up with this, the user must first know about the cause of lagging and then be able to fix it for the better functioning of their handset as it used to be before.

With time every the smart phones slows down, so it’s important your devices by following these simple and easy steps and boost your device speed.

Updating the Firmware: 

Your Smartphone’s firmware plays crucial role in fixing up some lags, and other issues without your awareness. So having a regular update of your firmware may help you fix the lagging of your handset ensure its user with better performance.

Put apps into Hibernation: 

Your handset may have tons of apps out of which you might use hardly few. Others may be used occasionally by you. These apps not in use consume more of battery and causes lagging of your device.

So you can put these apps into hibernation and whenever you need them just tap on the app and they will wake up and perform as normal. You can perform this task by using Greenify app.

Once you install this app, click on the + button and tap the apps that you wish to put to sleep and then select Accept button.

Resetting your device: 

Resetting your device is a temporary solution. It helps you to erase everything and brings your phone to the original condition same as you received in the box. But after some days when you start using it, the same lagging problem arises.

Assure that you backup all your important contacts and other important data before heading towards resetting of your device.

Low internal memory: 

Having low internal memory may be the reason behind lagging of your device. So you can use some external storage device like SD card to store media files like songs, videos and other files. This will free your internal storage and prevents your device from lagging.

Some low-end phones come with low internal memories, so they might not observe much difference with this solution.


Even rooting up your phone can help boost the speed of your Smartphone. This might be a risky one as unsuccessful rooting may brick your phone and if rooted successfully, it might void your handsets warranty. Voiding of warranty might not be the point of concern as you may enroot your phone and restore the warranty again.

After rooting you can over clock your phone’s processor which will boost up the speed of your device but will consume more battery than before.


Before performing any of the above steps, it is advisable that you backup your mobile data so that you do not lose any of them during the process.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Google Taking Control of OS through Android One

 Android One
Through Android one Google will be able to control their OS just like rival Apple Inc. and a lot of excitement and expectation has been linked with this launch. Currently, hardware partners of Google are not keen into launching any high-end devices for Android One.

If you are among the people looking for great hardware then you will be definitely disappointed. Spice, Micromax and Karbon phones, all have the similar specs and software. These devices will be getting all the Android updates at the same time as that of Nexus smartphones, which are some other hero devices. After a very long time an Android launch is not pertaining to the specifications. Android One is all about Google taking over full control of the OS from both software and hardware viewpoint.

In terms of hardware, all the partners of Android One will have menu of sorts to select the components they want to make the smartphones with and all these components will be selected by Google. In order to get a stock Android, the manufacturers will only have to pick and chose components.

Apart from the three partners which were announced by Google, the other partner includes Alcatel, ASUS, Acer, HTC, Lava, Lenovo, Xolo, Panasonic and Intex. Chipmaker Qualcomm are already onboard with Google on this programme. So this is great push for Android One.

Google is not rattled by the Android forks as far as software is concerned and they can’t have a considerable impact on the revenue of the company. The biggest issue that can be faced is about the vendors choosing the option to ship phones with applications which can replace the current apps of the Google as well. In Indian branded phones, the users have multiple browser options hence they tend to confuse people. With Android One the user will not have any such problem.

Google has been reportedly discouraging the use of alternative application stores. The company was also in discussion with Samsung as some of the apps which are available on Samsung line will allow the users to purchase content from Google Play. This will eat the revenue of Google as any apps purchased through a third party will not let the company any money.

Even though many people might not be impressed with the first wave of Android One device, it will certainly signify a change in the approach of Google. During the early stages of Android development, the aim was to ensure app development to be an easy process; a new feature was expected to be released with every new version released for Android.

This clearly indicates that the Android hardware needs to be upgraded with new OS versions; Google is already focusing on fine-tuning the ecosystem.

According to the reports, Google is working on standardization of hardware and software of the Android devices to a level which has not been seen before. Google is working on customizing their problem with positive approach.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Android Studio

Android Studio
Android Studio is a fresh Android development platform or you can say it is Android developing environment which is based on IntelliJ IDEA. It delivers new concepts and features and also it gives new improvements over Eclipse ADT and soon it will be the official Android IDE once it is completely built. On top of the proficiencies you expect from IntelliJ the Android Studio has some amazing built-in features which provides:
  • A very flexible Gradle-based framework system.
  • Build modifications and numerous APK generations.
  • Comprehensive template provision for services like Google Services and numerous device types.
  • It also provides great layout editor with supporting feature of theme editing.
  • It also offers amazing lint tools to track the presentation, version compatibility, usability and other such problems including interface.
  • One of the best features that it provides is ProGuard and app-signing abilities.
  • It provides integral provision for Google Cloud Platform, which makes easy to assimilate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine together.
But before you start with this amazing Android Studio please note that it is currently available in beta version. So it is possible that some structures are not yet applied in it and there is a possibility that you may find some errors and bugs. So if you feel that you are not relaxed in using this partial product then you can continue Eclipse platform with ADT.

Android studio beta v0.8.6 download package:

  • Includes the Android Studio Beta.
  • It also includes all the Android SDK Tools that are used to design, develop, test, and debug the application created.
  • The download also contains a flavored version of the Android platform that will help you to compile the applications that you will develop.
  • The package will also include a version of the Android system image that will allow you to run and test your developed app in the emulator.
In case you previously have Android Studio installed in your system so what happens is that in most scenarios you can possibly upgrade to the advanced or latest version by simply downloading and installing a patch. Just go within Android Studio and simply choose and select Help > Check for updates to keep track and monitor if any update or advance version is available. In case if an update version does not exist then simply click the top button displayed above to download and substitute your current installation package.

But guys there is one caution that you all must be aware of and it is that by substituting your current installation of Android Studio will eliminate any extra SDK packages that you have mounted. The examples of such packages that can get deleted are target platforms or user system images or model applications. Soto reserve these simply copy them from your existing SDK manual under Android Studio to a momentary position before mounting the update. Then simply move them back once the update gets successfully completed. And if by chance you flop to copy these items and tools then you have only one option left i.e. you can download them again with the help of Android SDK Manager.

So if you have any good experience of using Android Studio beta version then please comment below and let everyone know and in the later posts we will discuss about some more features of this tools so till then stay connected.


LiveCode is a software development platform which allows creating applications for any platform like apple or android or windows. Developing applications in LiveCode is very easy and very simple hence it’s a flexible platform to develop apps. Today lots of people from all around the world are using mobile applications that are developed using LiveCode.

With the capability to organize your apps to all the general platforms LiveCode provides infinite possibilities for developing mobile applications. Whether it’s an application that is developed for making life simpler and easier or whether it’s related to improve your business stats or solving a problem or just an experiment LiveCode is no doubt the best and perfect tool to construct or develop your remarkable app.

LiveCode consist of three key concepts for the application development process. They are: the user interface, the coding language and lastly the live coding part. You have to first start with the interface section. Simply open a new project and then by dragging items onto it on the required area.

You can also add a button or a field or even a scrollbar without actual coding. You can alsogive it different styles like color, shadows, resizing etc. with just a single click. So thus you can make your app look jazzy in just the same way you want it. So it’s all about imagination that will come true with this LiveCode.

LiveCode is filled with bunch of features and functions. What this actually means is it provides you accurately hundreds and thousands of objects,functions, hooks, commands and before-made functionality to do just anything and everything you might want to do with your next app.

You can also link and connect apps to your databases i.e. you can simply add your videos and images with simple steps or you can work with different websites and you also have tool to fetch content from above your application. Lay out grids and creating tables, fantastic text, animating objects is also possible here without much coding. And the list of functionality provided by this tool is very long list.

LiveCode is open source software meaning that it is available for free for basic use. It is existing under a dual license and these two licenses are GPL3 and Commercial license. Basically it means that any person can download and access LiveCode for free and start developing applications.

You also have right to contribute to LiveCode by accessing and observing the source code of it. You can also fix bugs; add more fantastic features or building different components. The open source version of this LiveCode software allows you to redistribute the software that you've created as long as that software is also developed as open source under the terms and conditions of the General Public License or GPL. If in case you want to develop a closed source version of this software then you can simply purchase a commercial based license. And then you can term it as closed source version.

So I think all the developers must try LiveCode at least once. Maybe they will feel more comfortable with this software as compared to others because this tool is really very simple to use. If you want then you can share your experience with LiveCode here with everyone so that all may get deep insight about this amazing developing tool.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tips to Consider When Switching From Android platform to iOS platform

 switching from android to iOS
Even though there are many people who find the android and iOS platforms to be similar, there are some significant similarities between these two in terms of features but there are considerable amount of differences also. So, what one should be doing if they are planning to switch over to iOS platform. This transition doesn’t need to be as traumatic as one might feel, switching from android to any iPhone model or iPhone 6 (after its released) can be easily achieved by following these below mentioned tips: There are extensive lists of tips that have been given by many people which can help you in this easy transition. Some of the major ones are:
  1. New Keyboard: If planning to switch to iPhone 6, then you should be expecting android based keyboards. Android users have been blessed with multiple options for including wallpapers, widgets etc when compared to iPhone users (limited access) which include the iOS keyboard since its launch. This new keyboard will enable the apple users to type in entire sentences with fewer touches and even might hint to complete the sentence.
  2. Widgets: These are extremely handy when coming to get information about stock, weather etc. Users of this app can wait for a complete revamp in the coming apple models.
  3. Acompli App: Even though initially the searching mails in iOS was more difficult when compared to android, but now with the planning of Acompli app, the users will be able to only send email from the sent and received section but also will be able to send the locally saved files without any issues.
  4. Notifications have been given priority in iOS as every email will get highlighted. If has been divided into different times and different days to enable an easy access. For professionals iOS is highly recommended because it features all business requirements.
  5. Restricting access to apps: When it comes to android, restrictions are created by creating different user profiles but in iOS, restriction has been given importance. Apps can be controlled through password protection.
  6. iOS is planning to enhance the sharing and linking option in their phone which was not given priority before.
  7. If you planning a switch reverse way around then a voice search might give a bit of encouragement. Android comes in with a exceptional voice search app which is still a shortcoming in the iOS.
  8. For a customization features fan, it is boon to switch to iOS as their permission control feature is totally missing in android.
  9. The users of iOS will find the home button an easy option when compared to android phones, in which the back button is the only advantage in comparison to the iOS phones.
  10. iOS phone users have nothing to envy about as they get an easy option for upgrading to a higher version by paying maybe a higher price but when it comes to update that can received from Google play can only update apps and not the android version.
So, if you looking to switch from an android platform to iOS; iOS8 the latest version from Apple is something to wait for.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Android L: The Invention in the Technical Era

Android L
Today Android emerges as the most sophisticated operating system that incorporates multiple smart features serving as the source of entertainment for the users. Android L appears as one of the new launches that accumulate the beneficial feature with a smart approach. However, it is on the way and is recognized as the feasible attribute that supports the smartphones with a better outlook.
However, Google does not reveal the entire information but it is on the way coming up with the useful aspects for the benefits of the users. The Android L incorporates a complete new interface that would grab the attention of the users.

A New Form of Android

Android L therefore comes out as the new identity for the Android operating system. Once, you start utilizing the feature you can understand how it implements the advanced attributes representing the efficiency of technology. Acknowledge the smart technical outfit ensuring that you are able to achieve a desired position in the contemporary civilization. A particular Company comes up with the outstanding idea that gets familiar as the Android L. Furthermore, it would accumulate a new sandboxed user profile that appears as a total new aspect in the world of technology.

Go through the Technical Journals

If you really want to know the real features of the new Android L you can read the periodicals and the journals where you could explore the useful information regarding the new form of Android technology. So, you can get acquainted with the operations and would face any difficulty after you install the new technical suit. Pick up the ideal periodicals that depict the information on the particular topic and thus you are able to maintain a sophisticated technical milieu. Read the information carefully that helps you to gain adequate information about the new release Android L.

Know the New Design

Furthermore, you should get familiar with the new design that the Android L accumulates as the advanced operating system. So, if you are able to gather ample information on how the design will look like it could help you to install the feature in a better way. You can improve the overall functionality of your smart phone utilizing the new Android L that is yet to release. Once, it comes up you can experience the real time benefits that you can operate through your smart device incorporating the Android operating system along with the new format.

Final Views

Overall, the users are really excited to get the new Android L on their smart phones accompanied with the modern attributes that they can explore. Therefore, you can browse the optimistic views regarding the new release and the users wait to grab the opportunity. The Android L includes multiple useful features as revealed by the Android Authority. Therefore, you can understand that the entire world is preparing to welcome the new feature that would bring certain complete smart approaches for all the Android users. Moreover, Google is trying to put up a short overview on the features that the users would receive installing the Android L.

Monday, 28 July 2014

How To Get Rid Of Google Android Customizations

Google Android Customizations
Android is nothing more than a mobile operating system that is currently developed that Google and is more or less a user interface that uses direct manipulation as the base. Mostly used by smart phones and other touch screen devices, this operating system can also be used by other devices such as car, televisions, wrist watches and the list continues. Although, initially it started as an operating system for touch screen devices, now, it serves gaming consoles mostly and other devices as well.

In spite of all the wonders that Android provides a main problem that almost every user using android Smartphone faces is the interface. The interface used is crucial for if it fails to function properly, it will make the Smartphone slow, the functionality will be sacrificed and the most common complaint is that it is plain unattractive.

Often the manufacturer of the Smartphone installs their choices of application on the phone, which the user might not need and that creates a problem other than the problem faced because of the interface concerned. Here is some simple steps that will help any user get the android phone they hoped for.


The spine of any efficient interface is the launcher. A range of attractive launcher is available at Play Store. All the user has to do is select the launcher that the user needs and install it. This is also applicable for older phones and it will automatically customize the present icons. A good idea is to choose this launcher as the default home screen.

Next thing on the list is to select icons that will fit well with the launcher of the user’s choice. Next step is simply downloading it and it is good to work with.

The last step is to select the perfect lock screen. A lot of options are available. Choose the one that fits the requirement.


There is a wide range of applications that the user is often in the need of. Google understands that, thus, Google has launched a wide range of application that is available at Play Store. Most of the application comes with free download. The user only has to select the application of preference and download it.

Google might have a lot of applications but it doesn’t offer default settings for all of them. This could be because others provide better services.

In spite of all the things that one can possibly change, there are certain things that one can’t. In that case, root the phone if the change is necessary.

Getting a proper customization on the Android phone is no more a difficulty. One just has to know the basic and research on it before actually installing or downloading anything. The best of interfaces and proper applications that support it will ensure a faster, easy to work with phone with all the facilities the user needs.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Firefox Apps being Repackaged by Mozilla to Make them Usable by all Android Users!

About Mozilla

Mozilla is a well-known company, which is a part of the free software community. It is popular for making the widely used browser- Mozilla Firefox.

This community is known to use, develop, advertise and support Mozilla products. It thus promotes availability of free software and open standards having nearly negligible exceptions. The Mozilla community is institutionalised under the Mozilla Foundation.

Apart from the browser, Mozilla has also produced Thunderbird, Firefox OS for mobile devices, Firefox Mobile, Bugzilla, i.e. the system used to track down web bugs.

About repackaging Firefox OS apps for Android: 

This company has now undertaken the endeavour of repackaging Firefox OS apps to make them compatible with and usable in the Android platform.

Mozilla aims to make Web apps and Open Web Apps the epicentre of smart phone experience by making use of the Firefox OS.The devices with the Firefox OS is cheaper than other modern day smart phones. Survey says that Android is the most popularly used mobile phone OS.

By repackaging the Firefox apps for the android platform, the company is delving into a new realm. Previously, it had already made packages of the Firefox OS apps to suit the desktop OS such as Windows, OS X, and Linux etc. It is their first attempt in repackaging for mobile OS.

It has already launched the repackaged apps. All the users of the repackaged Firefox OS apps in android platform are able to download and install the apps from the Firefox Marketplace. These apps will behave like all other commonly used Android Apps.

A developer gets the provision of making his own personally customised Open Web App for Firefox OS devices and make that app available to millions of users of Firefox for Android users all over the world. The developer does not have to change a single line of code, making his task so much more user.

To install and use apps that have been repackaged, the user has to allow unknown sources to make the installation of the app.

The repackaged apps have been built using HTML5. They are different from the native apps found normally on Android, iOS or Windows platform. At the initiation of making Firefox IS, Mozilla made use of Boot 2 Gecko.

Get yourself acquainted with the company's plans and undertakings: 

The Mozilla Company has expressed its wish to make the Firefox OS apps compatible with the iOS platform too.

But the iOS platform does not possess the option of installing a web browser that is Gecko-based. This sort of web browser is essential for support Open Web Apps and its unavailability is preventing the repackaging of the Firefox apps in the iOS platform.

So that iOS compatibility can be achieved, Mozilla has collaborated with Apache Cordova. Mozilla has been reported to have signed deals with companies in India and Taiwan so that it can market its devices in these countries.

Enlighten and update yourself about the best 5 android launchers.

To make the Android OS faster and even more easilyaccessible, the Android Launcher is used. They are considered to be apps and can be fetched from the Google Play Store. The launcher serves as the application for your home screen. It launches the different other apps downloaded on your phone. Generally an Android phone comes with a default launcher, but if yours doesn’t have one, downloads it from the Google App store.

Let us give you a glance of the best five Android launchers you could use.

Nova Launcher: This launcher has the highest rating from its users. This app can be highly customised as per the user's requirement, and significantly accelerates the performance of the phone. Accurate and efficient tricks replace the style icons of the age-old Ice-cream sandwiched version with the newly launched, updated version Kitkat. To use this launcher, the phone should have an Android version of 4.0 and above.The home screen can be made to look even more attractive by adding interesting, yet subtle shadows that seem to induce depth to the screen, giving it an eye-catching effect.

ADW: This launcher has been widely used and accepted. It is compatible with android phones having versions 1.6 and above. There is a wide range of designs that innovative designers have come up with, from which you can choose. Its compatibility with old versions of android has made it more acceptable. Some people have been found to hold a fondness towards the previous versions. Using this launcher, you could make your Kitkat version look like Gingerbread. It also has options of themes used in Ubuntu, Black Glass, Minimalist and themes used in devices like Galaxy Note III and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Action Launcher: The large number of users of this app have given positive remarks and recommended this app too. The launcher requires use of an android version 4.0.3 and above. This launcher makes your home screen even more interactive and organised. They create and launch different widgets that can be accessed by swiping the app's icon. You can launch the home screen from the right edge of the screen. It includes a feature called covers that can be used to group icons. The Shutter option can be used to group widgets.

Apex Launcher: This launcher requires your phone to have an android version of 4.0.3 and above. It is a host to a large number of happy users. It provides attributes like elastic scrolling of the screen and also equips a desktop that can be locked to ensure that no changes are made to the phone without prior permission. The interesting transition effects, splendid drawer-styles and an updated theme engine with plentiful designs for skins and icons are available. Popular designs from third-party companies, like the theme of the much-desired HTC Sense UI, are also available.

Transparent Screen Launcher: This launcher can be used by android users with versions 2.2 and above. The transparent screen concept is truly an innovative idea, but unfortunately it has not been executed properly. The idea is that the home screen of your phone will appear transparent which will be done by using your phone's camera. You can thus enjoy the provision of viewing what is behind the phone screen even when you keep looking at the screen.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

All New Android L

Android L
Simplicity Redefined in the All-new Android L

The speculations are over as Google has finally announced the Android L, the latest version of the android operating system. The developer version is already available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 but some features are not included in it. Simply named as L, Google has not followed the general trend of naming this new version. Though they have maintained the alphabetical order, a lot confusion is mounting whether there will be yet another tie up with a company as it happened with Android ‘KitKat’.

Features to look out for
The excitement is rising and the expectations are high. Let’s take a look at the impressive features of this latest installation.
  • Android Runtime: The default runtime used in the previous versions of android is the ‘Dalvik’ virtual machine. Simply it is used to run applications on android devices. From the very beginning, the android operating systems faced a tough competition from the Apple’s iOS and later Windows Phone 8. The performance of Dalvik machine is a subject of question because after so many advancements the lag in android devices is still a major problem. So this time the Dalvik machine is replaced entirely with the Android Runtime (ART), which is said to be much faster than the Dalvik machine. The new ART can even support 64-bit processor. 
  • The Battery Saver: The most common problem among android devices is the battery performance. Every now and then, there is a complaint about the battery. So the Android L shows a lot of promise when it comes to battery. A new project called the ‘Project Volta’ can save a significant amount of battery.
  • The new UI: This time the design language has been given a complete new makeover. It is called ‘Material Design’. The new user interface is simple yet cool. The intuitive application interface makes it look livelier as much importance is given to shadow and depth. The lock screen is quite different from the previous versions. The Roboto font has been upgraded too.
  • Notification Tab: With the ‘useful notification’ or so as it called the notification tab has improved a lot in the latest Android L. Now you can easily organise your notifications according to your need. You will also be able to operate the notifications from the lock screen. That is you can manage each and every notification by double tapping itright from the lock screen and even swipe the notifications to close them. So the next time you if want to reply a message, you don’t need to unlock your phone.
Android L vs. KitKat
The android L is a lot different than the KitKat when it comes to design. The utility notification panel, the recently used apps in 3D tiles, the multi task lock screen, and the fluidic interface are totally different from the KitKat. The KitKat runs on the Dalvik Virtual Machine with an experimental ART provided which has been replaced totally by the ART in Android L. There is a demand for improved battery life in KitKat, which has been improved in Android L.

Just a few months wait, and the Android L will be available. The Android L shows a lot of promise in the developer version and it is a matter of time to see if it can live up to the expectations.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Android Voice Commands which Most of the Users are not Utilizing

Android Voice Commands
The Android Operating Systems has carefully and precisely integrated the Google Now to the central part of their system. The Google Now offers new and advanced functions and capabilities to the Smartphone on the Android platform. Google has worked hard at improving the Google services on the phones and Voice Commands has always been at the core of developing its service. Every now and then, it keeps updating and launching new features to the Goggle services.
But with the latest Android KitKat update it allows the mobile users to jump right into Google Now simply by saying “OK,Google” at any point of time. This does not imply that the Voice Commands are the new feature rather it has been present in the Smartphones since the beginning but nobody utilized it. Still wondering what you have missed then check out the list of awesome and advanced voice commands, which would give you a new outlook and ease in using the Android Smartphone.

Here are the lists of some vital Voice Commands
Some essential voice commands to save your time. Just add your special needs at the dotted line or in the brackets while using the voice commands; like ‘Go to Facebook’ etc.

a. “Go to …..”- This command would straight forwardly take you to whichever website you wish to browse.
b. ‘Search for…’- This voice command would search for whatever you ask it to search.
c. ‘Open …..’- It will open whatever application you wish for.
d. ‘Take a Picture’- Simply it would take a picture of you and it gives freedom from clicking.
e. ‘Record a video’- It would start record the video from the moment you said it.

Productivity related Voice Commands
a. ‘Remind me to ….’- This command would remind the users to call, buy etc. at the appropriate time.
b. ‘Set an alarm…..’- It will set the alarm for the specified time.
c. ‘Note to self: ………’- it would save the note.

Communications related Voice Commands
a. ‘Call …..’- This command facilitates the call smother and faster. Just add the name of the contact after saying call.
b. ‘Text …….’- Just say the whole text after saying ‘Text’.
c. ‘Send email to [NAME, SUBJECT, ’Say your subject’, MESSAGE, ‘say your message’]’- Just simple.
d. ‘Listen to voicemail’- It will let you hear all the voice mails.
e. ‘Post to [website name]: [your message/post]’- It will post your messages instantly on the said website or forum of your choice.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How To Extend your Samsung Galaxy S5's Battery Life

S5 Battery
The World of Samsung Galaxy
Samsung is yet again set to rule the market with its all-new Smartphone Galaxy S5. While the predecessors of the Galaxy S series have been known to have given excellent results along with remarkable reviews, the latest Smartphone Galaxy S5, again is ready to dominate the game.

Protect your Phone's Battery
Today for all kinds and brands of Smartphones battery life is becoming increasingly important. Samsung makes the use of the 2800mAh battery along with the power saving mode option that will help you have a longer battery life. Since Smartphone today has loads of Apps to run along with many other games, one should have a brief idea of the essential tips that might extend the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Some useful tips
Some of the steps with the help of which one can enjoy using the Samsung Galaxy S5, even when he or she is not carrying travel adapters, are discussed in brief below:
  1. Power saving mode- The first in list has to be that of Power Saving Mode that Samsung provides to all its customers. By clicking this option, one can have a longer battery life, sometimes even for days. This option basically switches off stuff like Bluetooth, Wi Fi, NFC, GPS and all those applications that basically drains the battery. All that one needs to do is to go to the Settings option and click on to the “Power Saving Mode” option.
  1. Brightness- The next easy step is lowering the brightness level. The more the phone stays bright the higher are the chances that it can drain your phone's battery. Another good option that Samsung claims about is the Auto Adjust Screen Tone. With this, your phone will be able to adjust the brightness on its own.
  1. Screen Time Out- Make sure your phone has screen time out with a comparatively lesser time. If it is set at 1 minute or 3 minutes, keep it lesser like 15 seconds or 30 seconds.
  1. My Magazine and other apps- For any kind of Smartphone too many apps can actually be burdensome for the system. Make sure to switch off apps and options that are not used like My Magazine, Gestures, Motion, Air View and all the others.
  1. Bad Network and Wi Fi- If you have a bad network, get rid of it as soon as possible. Not only with a bad network, you are losing your phone's battery life, but also you are losing many hard-earned dollars. For a better access, make sure to use a good Wi Fi.
  1. Extra Extended Battery- Make sure in all cases to an extra pack of Samsung Galaxy Battery. May be it can cost you a bit, but with that you can at least stay contented.
  1. Charging accessories- Apart from all these having a portable charging accessory can be an ideal option. On this aspect, external power packs can be really useful.
Thus, it can be rightly said that protecting the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S5 is not that tough. With an adequate knowledge on the given factors, anyone can protect the precious battery of this unique Smartphone.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Quick and Smarter way of Hassle Free Updating of Moto G GPe to KitKat 4.4.4

 Moto G GPe
Motorola Moto G Google Play Edition is one of the most successful mid-budgets Smartphone. It offers high end features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz Quad-core processing unit, along with a 4.5 inch HD Gorilla Glass Display at jaw dropping affordable price. As result of such features, Motorola had sold out innumerable units all across the globe. The Moto G GPe has introduced the update to upgrade your phone from Jelly Bean 4.4.2 to Android KitKat 4.4.4. Here are the steps, which would guide you to update the phone without any hassle.
Prerequisites for Updating
  •  Install all the Motorola drivers.
  •  Enable the USB Debugging for updating process.
  •  Install the Android SDK.
  •  Moto G should have an adequate charge preferably over 60% battery level.
  •  Back-up all the necessary data from the phone like the storage, SMS, Contacts etc.
  •  Stock KOT49H ROM and recovery should be installed.
Steps for Updating Moto G GPe to KitKat 4.4.4
a. The Motorola customers are required to download the OTA update zip file of approximately 162 MB from the Motorola website.

b. The users should switch off their phone completely. While switching on the phone the users are requires pressing the Volume Up + Volume Down+ Powers keys simultaneously. Very soon, a boot mode screen would be available.

c. Using the volume keys users can down the menu and should select the Recovery option by pressing the Power Button.

d. In the idle of the screen, a warning Android logo would be displayed.

e. Moto G user now should press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down for five seconds, then gently release the Power button.

f. The Moto G will now be booted into stock recovery mode. ‘Android System Recovery <3e>’ text would be displayed at the top of the screen.

g. Users should now connect their Moto G Smartphone to the PC via USB cable.

h. Again, use the volume keys to highlight ‘apply update from ADB’ and select the said option by using the Power Key.

i. The Moto G users should locate the folder on their PC where OTA file has been downloaded in the earlier step. Once you get inside the folder, then press Shift Key and right on an empty space. A list options would be displayed in the pop-up menu, click on the ‘Open Command Window Here’.

j. A black screen command prompt will appear on the screen.

k. Users should type the following in the command prompt to side load the OTA:
adb sideload

l. The users are requires hold patience as this process would considerable time to finish. Once the process is completed select the ‘Recovery System Now’ from the recovery menu.

m. The Moto G Google Play Edition will now reboot into updated Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM. Just check the Android Version for your satisfaction.

With this, the process of updating the Android Operating System is successfully completed. Now enjoy your latest Android your Moto G GPe handset and unfold all the wonderful opportunities and features provided by it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy5 is one of the most successful Smartphones manufactured by the Samsung in the recent. The Samsung Galaxy comes loaded with a large amount of inbuilt and other kind of features and technological advancement.

Here are some of the important tips & tricks:

a. Finger print Scan Unlock feature
The Galaxy S5 now comes with the finger print scanner located on the home button in the invisible form to make your phone inaccessible to unknown persons or want to save your content and data from even your friends and family members. It can be set up by going to the Settings, then Fingerprint option.

b. Galaxy S5 Basic Mode
To make yourself acquainted with the simple and necessary features of the Galaxy S5, then use it in the Easy Mode. The Easy mode could be switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ from the Settings. The Easy Mode offers a simpler and less cluttered screen, which makes it easier to find the apps and features.

c. Galaxy S5 offers voice control
The Galaxy S5 smartphone can be smartly and intelligently controlled from voice based control applications like S-Voice and Google Now. These apps let the user perform all the functions from taking calls to streaming videos with the voice. These functions can be activated by simply switching on and off from the app setting.

d. Lower the Battery Consumption of the Galaxy S5
The Galaxy S5 has a Ultra Power Saving mode which reduces the battery consumption level by turning the screen black and white and limiting the app access while still allowing the user to make calls, send texts, use the internet and other features. This app is known to save 5% of the battery, which makes this Smartphone last longer with the entire requisite feature.

e. Automatic Answering by just picking up
The Galaxy S5 has the advanced sensors, which helps easily to know when the user picks the phone, places it next to his head and could automatically answer a call without wasting the time on tapping the answer pop-up when the user hands are full or busy. This feature can be activated through the Setting, then Motions and gestures, click on Direct Call.

f. Multi Tasking Made Easy
The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers Multi Window mode, which allows the users to use the smartphone for performing more than two applications at the same time. Multitasking makes the phone multipurpose and highly useful in some situations. This feature could be activated from the Settings as well.

g. Faster Downloads
The Galaxy S5 have Download Booster app that allows the users to combine the Wifi and LTE together at the same time to download large files with pace and smoothness. This feature limited to the certain carriers only. This feature can also be activated from the Settings.

h. Auto Switch Mode
The Auto Switch mode is an innovative feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is especially designed for the users, which counters bad WiFi networks. Once this feature is turned on from the Setting then it will turn on the Wifi when the phone finds a cellular, if not it will switch off the WiFi. It leads higher data usage but it is worthwhile for many users.

Must-to-do Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Owners

Samsung Galaxy S5
The Storming Release of Samsung Galaxy S5

The current release of Samsung Galaxy S5 was really looked forward to by many people from all around the world. While looks and screen size was always the first priority for the Samsung, the users have also been given the privilege of enjoying the applications in a right way.

14 Useful Tips

With each day the Samsung Galaxy S5 is witnessing the rise of its users and customers. This all-new smartphone can be really an interesting choice undoubtedly, but at the same time this phone calls out its users to know about interesting stuff that can be sometimes necessary.

  1. Security- Security is always important. In order to make it more confidential it is better one should open the Settings section, following which he or she should choose “Fingerprint”. After that choose the first top option that is “Use Fingerprint Recognition”. This will be really beneficial for all.
  1. Free Subscription Offers- In order to please its users Samsung has teamed and collaborated with many companies. All you need is to have a Samsung account after which you can check out the “Galaxy Gifts Tab”. This will open up a multiple range of apps.
  1. Settings View- Customize the looks of the settings view. Make it listed in order to access it faster and simpler.
  1. Customizing notification area- Customize the notification area with stuff that is used mostly by you. Handy features like power saver, toolbox can be kept in this area, in order to save more time.
  1. Battery saving modes- Since you are having Samsung Galaxy S5, you also have the option to save battery when you are going low on it. Switching the phone to the Power Saving mode can actually make your phone stay active for few days.
  1. Health App- Samsung has introduced S Health application with help of which you can maintain a good health. This fitness tracker is a must use for all Samsung Galaxy S5 owners.
  1. Avoid battery consuming features- Features like Wi Fi, Bluetooth, NFC should be definitely switched off when you are not using them, as these can unnecessarily drain your phone's battery life.
  1. Touch sensitivity- Pamper yourself by this phone by increasing it's touch sensitivity that makes you work with it simpler and easier. By enabling the option, you can also use the phone with a pencil.
  1. Lock Screen- Make sure to black out the lock screen of your Galaxy S5 phone. This will help you to enjoy a little better battery life.
  1. Motions, Gesture, Air View- For a better battery, make sure to turn off options like the Motions, Gestures as well as Air View features.
  1. Backup- Your Samsung Galaxy S5 already has Google+ installed. Make the best of it by creating a back up of all your personal data like photos and videos in the Google+'s account.
  1. One handed mode- Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly a big phone. In order to use it comfortably you should switch the one-handed feature that will be able to shrink the screen size.
  1. Cinema Mode- For a better experience of watching movies, select the “Cinema Mode” that will provide best colour replication.
  1. My Magazine- My Magazine is a unique option provided by Samsung, letting it's users to have a great reading experience from all genres and on all current issues.
The Galaxy S series of Samsung mobile phones makes a complete set-up with the release of the latest of Galaxy S5 that offers loads of options to all its users. Whether it is about having better screen touch or whether it's about taking care of your health, each and every feature is bound to leave you speechless.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Converting LG G2 To LG G3

 LG G2

The XDA forum has developed a new firmware version of LG3 Optimus UI, which can be used in LG2. By following the steps below, it can be installed in LG2 and a 4K display can be experienced.

Requirements: The following things required in order to install LG3 Optimus in LG2:
  • The LG2 phone has to be rooted.
  • The phone has to have a custom recovery installed.

Disclaimer: The steps, which are required to install the LG 3 Optimus in LG 2 phones, has to be followed word by word. If a person misses a step or does a step incorrectly the phone may turn into nothing more than a toy phone. If such a situation arises, no one shall take the responsibility for turning it into a showpiece other than the person who was installing it.

The procedure will not protect the phone’s internal memory. To protect the memory of the phone installing a back up is essential. If the backup application is installed properly, all the files could be saved. Either it can be backed up manually as well as by using an appropriate application. Manually it could be done through the use of USB port. Different backup application software are also available that can be easily used to save the internal memory of the phone.

The easy steps that follow are a simple guide to convert a LG G2 phone into a LG G3 phone. What is important to remember is, these steps are applicable for the model - LG G2 D802. No other model will respond to these steps.

How to install LG 3 Optimus in LG 2:

The following steps have to be followed to the line to get the 4K effect in LG 2. :

Step 1: The ROM file named Optimus G3 V1.0 has to be downloaded. Care must be taken while downloading and only the recent version should be downloaded.
Step 2: KK Baseband must be downloaded for the model number.
Step 3: Both the ZIP files must be copied to the root of LG G2.
Step 4: The LG G2 has to be rebooted in the recovery mode. It can be easily done by pressing down the volume button and the power button in the phone and letting it go after the appearance of the LG logo, and it will come back after the phone has been booted in the recovery mode.
Step 5: Clear up the phone. Refresh the data, software and the system in the phone. Give it a good wipe.
Step 6: And the final step in converting a simple LG G2 into a LG G3, giving it a 4K experience is to remember that, the ROM has to be installed from the recovery mode, install the ZIP files and then flash it in KK baseband.

By following these 6 simple steps, the LG G2 user will be able to experience the user interface used by the LG G3 users.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Microsoft Seeks Office Beta Testers for Android

Microsoft Seeks Office Beta Testers
Microsoft invites beta testers to participate in the Office beta test. Yes, Microsoft sent out invitations to test the private beta for Android.

There was a speculation about this for some time back. In early April, Microsoft released the Office app for the iPad. Soon Microsoft wishes for the version of Office could come for Android Tablets for which Microsoft currently looking for beta testers.

This version of Office seems to offer more features than the iPad edition, which is actually quite logical if Microsoft wants to maintain its value on Windows ecosystem. The evidence specifically designed for Android Tablets Office version condenses. The Verge already reported that Microsoft will soon make a non-public beta test of the new Office start version for Android-based tablets and it is currently looking for suitable testers.

Applicants should be in the so-called "Pre-Release Programs" for both businesses and individuals. The new logon page itself does not reveal to which Office products it goes, but speaks only generally of pre-release versions of the entire Office product in range.

It is also not revealed that when the beta test is to be going to start. The individual Office programs are designed to provide the same touch interface, in principle, according to The Verge, as is known from the iPad version, published in April. Applications are going to be selected for testers are for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint one by one in order.

Word is going to be published in the specially designed version for Android tablets, as speculated for some time already, even before the introduction of Office for Windows Touch in early 2015. The Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley firmly believes that Office for Android is on its way; after the huge success of the iPad app. Microsoft already known that the app has been dubbed over 27 million times on the iPad.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tips for Charging Android Battery Quickly

Charging Android Battery
Consumers are looking forward to good battery life by purchasing new smartphones but battery technology continues to progress more slowly than mobile technology, Companies that are manufacturing new and more efficient batteries are finding it difficult to keep up with the higher resolution displays and other smartphone makers with power hungry technology expanding into iPhone, Android phones and other handsets.

This has forced vendors in creating extreme power saving modes which cuts off major part of the device’s functions to extend battery life when the charge tends to get very low. Though it may take some time to see much progress with regards to smartphone battery life, in the meanwhile, there are some useful ways wherein one can improve the performance of the existing batteries.

For instance when one has returned home after a tiring day at work and is about to go out again and the phone is in need of charging but no time to do the same. These useful tips will enable the user in charging the Android battery to hundred percent.

Enable Airplane Mode

Turning the phone off or enabling it in airplane mode is an effective and easy way in reducing charging time. The phone tends to burn a lot of battery when connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network and disabling the connection can reduce tremendously the battery life.

Slow Charging on Electrical Outlets

Phones tend to charge slowly on electrical outlets or ports, the main cause being the USB. The USB 2.0 ports output 0.5 amps of energy while USB 3.0 ports output 0.9 amp of power and when charged through a traditional electrical outlet one can receive from 1 to 2 amps of energy.

More amps sent to the phone’s battery can speed up the charging and 1 to 2 amps of power may not seem much though 2 amps of power is four times more from what is received from USB 2.0 which is almost 4 times faster charging time.

Avoid Third Party Chargers

Refraining from using third party chargers or even unsupported charges is another useful way since most of these third party chargers are not efficient and may be inadequately designed or made of low quality which may pose as a risk to the user. For precaution sake, charger received with the Android should be utilised.

Tablet Chargers much faster than Smartphone Chargers

Most of the users are unaware that the smartphone charges much faster when it is connected to a tablet charger rather than a smartphone charger. This is because the different chargers draw different amperages and a tablet requires more energy hence it draws more amperage.

Users could try charging their Android with a tablet charger and note the difference in charging time. USB ports are not necessarily locked at specific amperage and just as a Mac increases its amperage to iDevices so also PC increases its amperage to Android devices.

Online downloading of USB boosting software can be done to boost output to a specific USB port wherein the software tells the computer’s motherboard to boost the power to certain USB port. With the useful tips mentioned above, the user can charge the phone to hundred percent in the shortest span of time.