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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mono-Live Gadget Review:Skybuds Wireless Earbuds

Skybuds is the new wireless earbuds and is made by and marketed by the Alpha Audiotronics Company. The new Skybuds is very unique in design and the music quality is awesome compared with its competitors. The Skybuds earbuds is shipped with a carrying case which is quite big and very bulky to carry it everywhere.

This carrying case can be fitted at the back of your phone and it doesn’t fall of and this case is used for charging the Skybuds earbuds. This carrying case comes as the first disadvantage of the earbuds as this is fitted in the back of the phone and thus making the phone too bulky to be carried and this puts a question mark on whether Skybud is a pocket friendly earbud.

The pricing of the products is fixed at $250 which is really an high price, whereas you can get some more featured or an premium earbuds like Apple or Bragi under $200. Now let’s talk about the sound quality, if you are wearing a wireless earbud what would you feel and what are the features it has! This skybuds is very comfortable when wearing it at first but it feels very uncomfortable while wearing in a long stretch.

The sound quality is quite good compared to its competitors products in the same price range they have a good bass and has a smooth way inside our ears and this earphones does not sound flat. This skybud creates clear and awesome songs and the bass in songs is quite good. The skybud does digital processing which is done by the small sized earbuds which is responsible for giving high quality song and gives us a good feel when hearing an song if you do not want this feature you can turn it off in the Skybuds app and turning this feature off can increase its charge by one hour more.

When the wireless earbuds were introduced the main was to make an active connection between the device and the earbuds and thus pushing the sound quality to the last. Well now we have come a long way of connecting two or more devices and keeping the connection active thus now the sound quality is very important for us now.

The Skybuds is made up entirely plastic type material but it still looks quite simple shiny and smooth in hands and it does not fall of easily. The slim and sleek design is an plus point for this earbuds which is comfortable while wearing and its design prevents it from falling of quickly.


  1.  This Skybuds earphone has excellent sound 
  2.  Though the charging case is big still its quite good for the earbuds. 
  3.  This Skybuds earphone is very light because of its built quality. 
  4.  Overall the earbud is good and still it has to improve its battery life. 


  1.  The Bluetooth drops out quite often and disconnects and interrupts your audio. 
  2.  The Skybuds earbuds is very uncomfortable while wearing for a long stretch of time. 
  3.  The built quality is cheap although it looks like a premium earbud. 
  4.  Price of the earbud is very expensive compared to its competitors.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Sony Really Missed the Mark with its MDR-EX750BT h.ear in Wireless Headphones


Since the time of ‘Walkman’, Sony has been pioneer in the field of sound based equipment. It headphones, speakers and phones speaks volume about its ability to offer enriched high quality sound and music experience to the consumers. Sony’s latest h.ear in Wireless headphone named MDR-EX750BT failed to incite any kind of curiosity and love among its consumers due to the expensive price point. This particular headphone will be sold at a price of $299.95 which is simply too much for anyone to give attention to this headphone. Furthermore it is plagued with a horrible design which looks like an earphones coming out of the necklace.

Sony simply misses on design with new headphones

The h.ear range of headphones being offered by the Sony promises to deliver high resolution of audio quality ever seen before. MDR-EX750BT does well on the sound quality front but it falls flat when it comes to design. It doesn’t look like any conventional headphone rather it appears in the shape of neckband made up of flexible material with earphones protruding out of it. It has bulky stem in plastic but it is made appear more like aluminum.

Sony wanted to surprise it consumers by coming with a new and innovative design but it only ended up confusing the consumers. This new headphone will be made available in a number of bright colors such as viridian blue, lime yellow, cinnabar red, black and Bordeaux pink. Another things missed by the Sony is the comfort factor related to the headphones. It isn’t much comfortable when put around the neck and sometimes plays a spoilsport in performing natural neck movements.

How does MDR-EX750BT works? 

Sony MDR EX750BT is a wireless headphone which can be easily paired through Bluetooth. Users are required to hold their phone to right stem of the headphone which has the NFC chip installed in it. Once the headphone gets connected with the Bluetooth users will get response as “powered on” and ‘Bluetooth connected’ in their ear piece.

This headphone simply works flawlessly and can be used for a really long time as much as 7 hours on a stretch. It has zero glitches or dropout which results in a high quality sound and music listening experience. It is powered by a battery which can be easily charged through the micro USB charge socket present on the underside of the stem.

The best thing about this headphone is the ability to support LDAC which allows users to enjoy a relatively high quality wireless audio experience through Bluetooth. LDAC is way better than the conventional Bluetooth Audio as it transmits three times more data than Bluetooth Audio. LDAC transmits at the rate of 990 kbps which results in high quality sound retention in the headphones. However consumers will only be able to get that kind of sound quality when they use their NEW Sony headphones with Sony line of Xperia phone or Walkman players.