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Friday, 21 July 2017

Google Antes Up Its Own Cloud Migration Appliance

Google Cloud

Google is bringing its own data transfer appliance for cloud migration

When we talk about the cloud migration hen the toughest challenge to overcome is to ensure reliable and consistent migration methodology. Moving databases and data centers are not an easy game even for the proficient administrators. This is faced by almost all the major companies and new start-ups when they are trying to build new application or make use of new data residing in the cloud. Data migration between two points is always seen as tough egg to break due higher costs and huge time consumption this is where cloud vendors come into the play.

Remedy for data to cloud migration problem

The problem faced in the cloud migration is quite incomprehensible even with modern technologies at disposable. If a person has 10 Gbps connection then transferring petabyte of data from any data center will consume as many as 12 days to put it on the cloud. In the old golden days companies used to Sneakernet in the sky wherein a pile of data is loaded on a secure disk and it is shipped off to any of their cloud vendor. Microsoft Azure made use of this system for quite some time before a new system came into being called Snowball and this method is also used by the Amazon AWS. This doesn’t mean that sending secure disks to the cloud vendor has become obsolete.

Google is moving into the enterprise cloud migration business

The tech giant is getting into the enterprise cloud business on a serious note but quite specifically in the migration appliance space. In this end of the business the consumer arc is very similar to online shopping portal. User goes online, orders the device and this particular device is made available for definite set of time after which they have to send it back to the provider.

Cloud migration market is buzzing with immense order in the one petabyte category therefore Google is introducing two models with size of 100 and 480TBytes. On other hand its competitors Amazon tends to work in lower end of the spectrum with 3 models with data size of 50, 80 and 100 TBytes units. Amazon is way ahead in the field of data transfer and it has developed a number of solutions for high end data migration with Amazon Snowmobile wherein it brings a 12 wheeler 45-foot container for transferring 100 PBytes of data.

Pricing will be a key to grab a piece of the cloud migration market

Google is mainly focusing on cornering market for the petabyte cloud migration. Therefore it has brought on par pricing with Snowball for the smaller 100 TByte units and in order to make migration appliance more appealing to the users by keeping it 35% below the rival offerings. When it comes to design Google is going for plug-in based form and function while Amazon brings self-standing units.

However Google has revealed many details of its devices, service offerings, capabilities and benefits but it seems like it is eagerly looking forward to give stiff competition to market leaders namely Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Google Reveals Object Identification Software Using Phone Camera

Google CEO


The world is changing fast and with the latest technological inception, everything has become automated. The automation made many things easier for us. The software and the tech companies have paved the way for a better future. Well, recently the mega company Google came up with the idea of object identification software. This can be used using our camera.


In the last conference held by the CEO Mr. Pichai, it was announced that a new tool has been devised for the users to get more information about any sort of object whenever you point your camera towards it. Well, it is really exceptional as you may not be knowing everything when you are in a foreign land and this would save you a lot.

The name is Google lens which takes into consideration the combination of both the image recognition and the AI in order to answer the questions about anything with the help of photographs obviously. The object identification software will make your jobs and tasks easy. Well, you have to wait for the exciting feature as it is still waiting to be included in the virtual helper of the company and that is Google Assistant. The object identification software will surely change the perception of the human kind.


The company states that the software would help the multitude in order to recognise the object ranging from food to any handmade crafts works. Well, it can also act as a medium to route images while getting connected to the router. You can do this by simply taking the picture of the password of the router and the rest is assured.

This is really incredible as you won’t have to take the pain to type the password. By taking the picture is enough to get connected to the wireless network. The project was unveiled in the headquarter of the Google conference I/O. The object identification software will be pretty handy when you are travelling and also you are a shutterbug. The object identification software will enhance your knowledge as well.


We are all moving fast and are trying our best to keep pace with the latest technology. The world is moving to the era of the Artificial Intelligence and we have to adapt fast. This was advised by the CEO Sundar Pichai in the conference that was organised last Wednesday in the headquarter of the Google. Everyone in the technological department is embracing it and we have to follow the same path.

There are future aspects and also future projects coming from the tech giant which promises to change the world a great deal. It was stated that Google Home smart speaker would be efficient to make the voice call. Well, if we think of future everything would become automated and we would be enjoying our lives on a couch. The tech giant Google is really taking the world forward in a different path and we are fortunate.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Personalizing Your Search with Google Personal Tab!

Google has never failed to surprise. This time they add their and our personal touches to it. Imagine logging into your Google account, which all of us permanently do, and finding your search window personalized according to your like/dislikes and interests. Simplifying life, right?

What’s new in Google personal tab?

The latest additional to Google includes the addition of the Google personal tab on your Google page. Mountain View –giant has successfully made the addition of personal tab in the Google search section. The access is limited to people who are logged into their Google accounts and automatically Google will sync results from one’s Gmail and Google photos. It is easy to spot under the search tab and can be used by every Google user. On the other hand, it can be seen under the More tab. Even an amateur won’t have trouble with the feature.

How do we use Google personal tab?

The usual drill starts by logging into one’s Google account and enter the related search in the search tab, following this Google personal tab is used and this will show all related results that you have used or accessed previously through Google. Might seem like intrusion of privacy, but it’s not. It is simple and precise at the same time. To add on to this, photo searches too have been made easier.

The related photo is selected and again clicked to find out more about the topic in mind. It is similar to the previous addition of the In Apps feature, by Google by virtue of which an individual can access their Apps for data like messages or contact details. Another addition was the shortcuts option delivered by Google to Android and iOS and users to access the search tab in a jiffy.

Revolutionizing web experience with Google personal tab!

Google is revolutionary and innovative, and time and again they have proved so by adding the smartest of technology on their web features. Google is the common man’s helpdesk and what is better than bringing down the entire world’s data one touch away. People are busy and they want output fast in today’s world. Google has taken care of that. The personal search tab by Google makes sure that our work is not only simplified, it is fast and precise.

People can also get flight details, internet speed, travel information, navigation etc shortcuts via Google. Thus small searches are shown with a wider spectrum with a personalized touch. For example, one might search for a particular shopping site they want to access, Google shows all the previous orders placed on the same site, giving individuals a view of their activities, again simplifying their life!

It might take some getting used to, but with time this addition too like the rest will be a huge success. No waiting for long hours and browsing to find data, everything is one touch away in every individuals smart-phone.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Construction Begins on Google’s Massive Seattle campus in Amazon’s Backyard

Google’s New Campus – Established by Paul Allen - Vulcan Read Estate

Works has begun on the new campus of Google in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighbourhood, on the outskirts of global headquarters of Amazon. The project is being established by Vulcan Real Estate of Paul Allen and tends to span two whole blocks and would comprise of office space of around 600,000 square feet, together with residential tower on every block with a combined 149 units according to Lori Mason Curran investment strategy director of Vulcan Real Estate.

Commencement of the work had started earlier in the month on the project that had been announced last year which will be reaching completion in early 2019. Vulcan also tends to have an adjacent block which is not a portion of the project of Google. According to Mason Curran, the site is intended for 216 residential units and 161,000 square feet of office space. It is said that Vulcan would not begin this block till it lands a tenant.

The main player for long has been Amazon in South Lake Union. However, the entry of Google in the neighbourhood down the road together with the rapidly growing presence for Facebook should provide plenty of competition for top talent.

Structure – Begin in Phases 2017 - 2019

Presently, Seattle area footprint of Google comprises of offices in the Fremont neighbourhood and the Eastside suburb of Kirkland, Wash. It is uncertain what Google intends to do with its Fremont space when the new Seattle campus seems to be ready. However at the moment, investing in the neighbourhood, Google had signed a deal, earlier this year to sublease the former sound Mind & Body Gym space in 2014 that Tableau had altered into around 50,000 square feet of tech office space, for its engineering team.

The structure would begin in phases from 2017 and would complete in 2019. According to an official from Vulcan, Google has agreed to leases which would be lasting 14 to 16 years, a new sign of its long-term commitment to the Seattle region. Joined with the recently expanded offices in Kirkland, Wash of Google, the technology giant would be approaching 1 million square feet in the area with this latest space. Presently Google tends to have over 1,900 employees in Washington State, in offices in Seattle and Kirkland.

South Lake Union – Thriving Hub

Google would be moving from its present location in Seattle’s Fremont neighbourhood, wherein the space had been constrained in recent years considering the rapid expansion of Tableau Software together with the other technology companies. Clyde McQueen, site Lead for Google Seattle had mentioned in a news release that South Lake Union is a thriving hub and they were excited for the new space. They loved being in the Fremont neighbourhood though would need more breathing space.

They are yet to catch a view of Lake Union, from the new location. Besides providing a bigger footprint for Google in the city, the news is prominent since Amazon is not the one taking the building and Vulcan had established the online retailer’s prevailing campus in the South Lake Union neighbourhood. More focus has been done by Amazon on its expansion in the neighbourhood towards the south where it is rolling its own three block campus on the northern outskirts of downtown Seattle.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Google's AI Chips Will Have A Tough Time Competing With Nvidia

Nvidia's chief played down the challenge from the Google AI chip

Nvidia has shared many of its forthcoming on the bringing of omnipotent graphics chips used for the wonderful Technology of AI, thus it was not a outstanding day for the organization as Google had famed couple of weeks ago that it had well-stacked its own Artificial Intelligence chip for use in data fractional monetary unit.

The profound Google's TPU Technology, has been premeditated generally for deep learning, a division of the AI software Technology train themselves to decode them to make the world finer thus that it can acknowledge things or read the spoken language.

TPUs Technology have been distributed on Google for over a year, for lookup comprehensive and navigation on Google maps. They bring out "a ratio finer carrying into action per watt machine learning" compared to different derivatives, according to Google.

The awful tidings for Nvidia's Technology might be that its spick-and-span Pascal micro architecture is planned with machine learning in mind. Subsequently dropping out of the smartphone industry, the organization with magnificent Technology is sensing for AI development, gaming as well as Vitual Reality.

For the initiative, he said, the Technology of profound learning has two prospects to it - upbringing and illation – as well as GPUs are still overmuch finer on the upbringing, reported by Huang. Grooming Technology affects an algorithmic program with immense magnitude of information to present, devising it finer to acknowledge something while logical thinking is when the rule employs what it has enlightened to an unbeknown input.

"Upbringing is billions more complex that logical thinking," he said, as well as grooming is where Nvidia's GPUs stand out. TPU Technology of Google, but then, is "just for logical thinking," Huang said. A formula upbringing can take months, he said, while ofttimes illation come about in seconds fragmental parts.

In addition to this distinction, he noted that of the many companies who do inference need not have their own processor Technology.

"For organizations that manufacture their own logical thinking chips, that's not a difficulty for us, we re pleased by that," Huang said. "Merely there are millions of knobs in the Hyper-scale data fractional monetary units of organizations that do not manufacture their own TPUs. The best solution we can suggest for them is Pascal."

The Google improved its own chip should not be a ample surprisal. The engineering can be a combative vantage for big online service providers, as well as giants like Google, FB and Microsoft already plan their own servers. Scheming a processor is the succeeding coherent measure, albeit a challenge.

Whether development of the Google's TPU has affected its other chip purchases.

"We're still literally buying tons of CPUs and GPUs," said a Google engineer The Wall Street Journal.
Interim, Nvidias Huang, as some other in the industriousness hoped-for deep learning and AI to get along omnipresent. The last decade were the period of time of the mobile cloud, he said, as well as we are at present in the epoch of artificial intelligence. Companies need to healthier interpret the multitude of data they roll up, and that come about through AI.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Google Launches Event Finder in Mobile Search

Event Finder
Did you missed the musical concert of your favourite singer that happened near your locality? Do you want an expert to work for you and remind the events that going to happen in your area? The Internet Giant google will help you to never miss any of your favorite event in upcoming days! Very recently, google has introduced event finder in mobile search. Google as well as intelligibly trying to address Facebook’s new ascendance in the event space, merely without any unified social attributes, prospects would credibly just exercise Facebook to take care events with your buddies.

The application can mark you by not only showing the upcoming concerts but also the events that are going to occur today or tomorrow or next week and so on.

This wonderful new feature of google's event finder has made the US users to find their favourite events and also buy tickets. A real sweet surprise for the entire US!

iOS and Android of Google's app now provide an systematic summing up of forthcoming events in results for searches regarding local events come with by date, time, and location information.

There is also a cutoff to the online website where passes can get for their local events such as musical concerts, local celebrations... We can modify the focus of search results through filters for everyday.

The mobile characteristic event finder, that was launched by google on Wednesday, lights-out into event services such as Eventbrite and Meetup to bring forth database for a scope of targeted searches.
To know the details of the event, we need to snap on the results that fetch you a card the offers that displays the everything about the event. As well as you can also can go through the options to track the event.

But now it has been released only for people of US and can obtain its wonderful usage through mobile browsers also.

More over, the google has rendered a new guide meant for web developers to evaluate up their events, thus they could be able to discover in search, that contains the directions to constitute the details for its event format. Alas, you cannot make use of this wonderful service to support non-events and discounts, but you can use this service to track or mark the events, i.e., from concerts to dance classes.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Solve For X

Solve For X – Platform for Discussion Radical Technology Ideas

A platform for discussing radical technology ideas in solving global issues is Solve For X which has been motivated by Google. This website tends to challenge the user in thinking big as well as to speculate regarding technological `moonshots’ which would alter the world for enhancement. Solve For X is said to be a think tank project that has been launched by Google in order to motivate collaboration in solving global problems where `X’ signifies a undertaking.

On February 1, 2012, the project had kicked off at a three-day convention in San Martin, California, at CordeValle Resort. Its talks were offered and hosted by Google executives Eric Schmidt, Astro Teller and Megan Smith to 50 individuals. The website had been inaugurated on February 6, 2012. The conventions are anticipated to take place `a few times a year’.

The platform has been connected to TED talks as the projects seem to host seminars by innovators that can be seen vicariously through the respective websites of the projects, by others. Bruno Giussani, European director had commented on Google endeavour stating that the world requires additional ideas not fewer and more commitment in sharing openly and freely in order that we could test run them collectively and turn them into reality.

Discover the Value for X

Since Google had been the source of this, it is obvious that technology and engineering would be playing a dominant role in Solve For X. Initially, Solve For X was believed to have been linked to the Google X lab which has been working on new technology like web-linked appliances, space elevators and driverless cars though according to eWeek reports that Google X is united to more realistic undertakings and not the `moonshot’.

Solve for X solution was intended to pursue.Almost half of all the instructions in algebra book have a tendency to state something alongside the lines like `solve the following for x’. Solve For X means to discover the value of x which would make the equation seen to be true. For instance, consider the equation – x + 1 = 3. If asked to solve the same would mean discovering some value for x which would give three when one is added to it.Solving an equation is what it is all about.

This formula is to work irrespective of how complicating the question may be. The difference is that with simple equations such as these, there is a possibility of thinking about it and arriving at an answer.

Solve the Equation – Discover its Solution

However confusing the equation may tend to be, more work would be needed in arriving at a precise answer. Overall, the concept is the same. In mathematics, to solve an equation would be to discover its solution which is said to be the values fulfilling the condition which is stated by the equation. This would comprise of two expressions related by an equality sign.

A solution is said to be a task of expressions to the unknown variable which tends to make the equality true in the equation. A solution is said to be an expression or a collection of expressions, where, when substituted for the unknowns, the equation seems to receive an identity. Solving an equation symbolically is said to be that expressions which may comprise of known variables or probably variables which are not in the original equation, admitted as solution.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Google World Wonders Project

World Wonders Utilises Street View Technology

The World Wonders Project supports in learning about the 132 historic sites from 18 countries inclusive of Stonehenge, the archaeological regions of Pompeii together with the ancient Kyoto temples. Besides the man-made sites one can also tour the natural places, explore the sandy dune of Shark Bay of Australia or view the rock domes of Yosemite National Park in California.

You can explore the ancient and the modern wonders of the world in high-res photos and 3D Street View style images. World Wonders utilises Street View technology in taking the user on a computer-generated trip to these iconic sites. The sites comprise of 3D models and YouTube videos of historical locations and users can obtain more details and a wider view of the individual site.

With the Street View technology, the site enables the user to virtually explore around some of the most significant historical as well as beautiful world heritage sites across panoramic street level images. The user gets an opportunity of experiencing these places as though they have been there. Being in partnership with many important organizations, comprising of UNESCO, the World Monuments fund, Getty Images together with Ourplace they have been provided with official information together with photographs of several sites and have brought world heritage sites online in order that users around the world could explore and the same could be preserved for future generation.

Treasured Educational Resource

It is expected that World Wonders would prove to the students and scholars, a treasured educational resource. For classroom purpose, they provide an innovative method of teaching history and geography in schools wherein primary as well as secondary teachers can download teacher guides and lesson plans free of cost from the website and utilise the same in their classroom.

 The website can be explored with the assistance of drop down menus which are towards the top of the page and the sites to be visited can be selected depending on the country for the kind of place, historic sites, palaces and gardens or landscapes and regions. On the other hand you could also utilise the image cassette or the spinning globe to explore and look into a location which may draw your attention.

With the use of Street View car several attractive places across the globe have been visited and have placed the imagery on Street View though some of the world heritage sites have not been accessible by car and hence new technology had been designed in order to record these locations.

Preserving & Promoting Culture Online

A bicycle-based camera system had been designed in order to gather imagery of places like trails, garden, parts as well as archaeological locations, rivers and railways. These images are then digitized and stemmed together to a continuous 360-degree image which can be explored with Street View on Google Maps. A collection of educational packages are made available and one could share the contents of the site with your colleagues.

World Wonders is said to be a fragment of commitment in preserving culture online and in making it accessible to all. With the sponsorships of Google Cultural Institute they have been publishing high resolution images of the Dead Sea Scrolls, digitizing the records of well-known figures like Nelson Mandela and presenting thousands of artworks, through the Art Project.

Head of the Google Cultural Institute, Steve Crossan had mentioned that `Google has been committed in preserving and promoting all kinds of culture online. The World Wonders Project tends to bring to existence numerous of the most significant momentous sites on earth thereby making them reachable to a unique universal audience.

Google Trends Visualizer

Google Trends

Google’s Colourful Visualization of Real-Time Hot Searches

Google has unveiled an amazing and colourful visualization of real-time hot searches which is also appealing to the eyes. A series of charts was unveiled by Google late last month for most-searched users, places together with things in over 40 categories inclusive of movies, local attractions and sports teams. Towards the end of the announcement there had been a link to its new visualization page showing the latest trending subjects in various colours which seemed to move about the page. For instance, hot search term like, `Kate Upton’. `Tim Tebow’ together with `Game of Thrones Season 3’ tends to fly on various tiles and is replaced by some other phrases. Moreover, the search terms also pop up in various languages also. Google has come up with an sophisticated and an interesting visualization of real-time web search and if the user is keen to geek-out at information which Google is retrieving for its users, then this is best one could get. On viewing the web-page it seems like the tiles one would find on a Windows phone and they have a tendency to alter every few seconds keeping the trending updated. Searches for `Rafael Nadal’ tend to pop up on the screen just as a search tile for Nelson Mandel disappears.

Google Trend Useful for Researchers…..

Technology is said to be a prevalent field as searches for iOS 7 as well as MacBook Air are now trending steadily all through the day.Since the search engine of Google seem to take over the internet search market, statistical data regarding search keywords could be discerning.

Google Trends is considered to be a very great tool for researchers, website owners, marketers as well as SEO experts that has progressed over the years and presently could perform much more than just the top 10 most well-known keywords. Besides viewing the updated hot searches together with the most famous phrases of the earlier month, users could now view these top keywords trends in a cool visualization.

 If the user is inclined to select specific keywords, then you could compare and chart up around 5 keywords over a period of time and view the top as well as the increasing connected searches. Besides this you could also filter by time, location, category and kind of search such as web, image, news, shopping or YouTube, or even compare keywords in terms of time range and location.

Assists in Finding Present Trends

In addition to this, Google also has Top Charts that seems to show the user the most searched as well as trending keywords for each category. The user has the ability to filter or part the data depending on any time in the past and there is plenty that can be done with this data though it could be annoying that there is no official Google Trends API.

What could be the distinct features of the Android App known as Google trends Visualizer and how useful could this application be in the present modern technology scenario? Though Google made the trends visualizer there is no app on the play store called Google trends visualizer. The Google trend visualizer assists in finding out the present trends which is an amazing sleek style where one can filter by location or utilise it to view which are the most famous trends in the whole.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Google Chrome's most frustrating feature is BACK

Google Chrome is bringing back the most annoying feature

There is a very annoying feature built right into the Google Chrome which uses to leave users frustrated beyond words. Just last year Google finally said goodbye to its annoying feature which allowed users to make use of the backspace key as a smart function to return on previous page.
The major reason why Google went ahead removed this feature from the Google Chrome is that users has complained that they happen to lose data whenever they hit backspace while filling out the online forms. When a user made use of the backspace in order to delete the text in the form then they were simply thrown back to the previous webpage they had visited. This feature was put to its end with the arrival of Google Chrome version 52.

A good thought from Google

At that point of time this feature was seen a major ‘low point’ in the Chrome experience. One of the Google employee even stated that removing that feature brought a major change in the people habit which is a good thing but given the fact the data loss is major issue in today’s time the idea of dropping that feature is well conceived.

Extension to get back to old habits

However people who loved that feature which allowed them to get back without taking the pointer to the back arrow does have some good news. A new Google Chrome extension has come into the play which allows users re-enable this extinct feature on their feature with ease and grace. From now users will get the same old pleasure of hitting the backspace key to back to the previous webpage with this simple browser add-on.

Google is behind the Chrome extension

If you are thinking that some smart user has made this extension in order to bring back the feature to millions of users. Then you will be surprise to know that it is Google who had rolled out the free Chrome extension just week ago on the WebStore. Users are simply required to download the add-on, install it and they are set to visit previous webpages with the stroke of the backspace. Google has titled this extension as ‘Go back With Backspace’ which can be easily found in the Chrome Store.

After installing the extension hitting upon the backspace on the keyboard will bring back the previous webpage. In case you are wondering you will lose your data while filling up the forms online then simply click on the extension icon in the Google Chrome and give a tap on the ‘Disable On This Page’. There is plenty more you can tinker around by simply giving a on the small gear icon for more settings options.

Google has spent some serious time with this extension to make it smarter and innovative accessory for online web browsing experience. Now this extension comes with the default functionality of being disabled for java and flash applets as well as PDFs and the common chat tools.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Google Takes Aim At Update Its Duo Videoconferecing App in Battle with Skype, Messenger and Facetime

Google’s New Video-Calling App – Duo

A new video-calling app known as Duo had been launched by Google as a challenge to Skype and Apple’s Facetime. It tends to work using your mobile phone just like WhatsApp, once the app has been downloaded and logged utilising a Google account. The user can instantly video call any person from their contacts who also tend to have the app.

Though the main focus of Google is on ease, it does have duo features with a provision of differentiating it from its opponents. For instance a feature known as `Knock Knock’, enables the user to see live video of your caller before answering, providing you with a sense of what they could be up to and why they would prefer a chat.

 According to Google this makes video calls seem like an invitation rather than an interruption. Another benefit of the feature is the capability of switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data mechanically without dropping the call. This way you could start your call at home and continue effortlessly while heading out.

The benefit of Duo over FaceTime is that it tends to work on Android as well as iOS while FaceTime only operates on Apple devices. It has also been considered to be simpler than Skype enabling users to start a video call with only a tap.

Cope with Slower Networks

Justin Uberti, principal software engineer at Google had mentioned in a blog post that video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person but too often it could be a frustrating or complicated experience.

One should not have to worry about whether your call will get connected or if your friend has been using the same kind of device similar to the one you could be using and this could be the reason why almost half of them never tend to made video calls on mobile.

Google has also built Duo to work to cope with slower networks in the background, like a 2G together with end-to-end encryption for the purpose of security. Google had mentioned that it would be offering an audio-only option on its Duo video calls service in order to assist users in communicating utilising poor quality connection and would be adding a feature to allow file sharing in group chats on its Allo messaging app.

In August, the company had launched Google due offering video calls for Android and iOS users, opposing it against Apple’s FaceTime, Microsoft Corp’s video calling app – Skype and Messenger of Facebook Inc.

Google Maps

Google Vice President for Product Management, Mario Queiroz had mentioned in a blog post after he had announced the moves at a Google conference in Sao Paulo that the audio-only calls would be working well on all connections speed and would be data efficient. In reply to responses from users in countries like Brazil,

Google had informed that Android users all over would be in a position of sharing documents as well as other files with friends on Allo in group chats. Moreover he also mentioned that they would have two new features for Google Photos on Android and iOS in order to make backup and sharing much easier on low connectivity.

When strong Wi-Fi connection tends to be available backed up photos would be replaced with high-quality version. Google has also mentioned that it would be adding new location sharing feature in Google Maps to enable users in letting friends and family to be aware of their whereabouts and when they would arrive at their destination. Queiroz had also mentioned that users could stop sharing that information whenever they desire to do so.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Google Gives Parents Greater Powers


Google’s New Family Link Software

Wilson Rothman, WSJ personal technology editor explained on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero that Alphabet Inc’s Google had revealed an unparalleled set of parental controls, with the beta launch of Family Link, while enabling children below the age of 13 to sign for content-restricted accounts.

Parents seems to be losing control with their children and tablets, phone as well as iPods have been pushing our kids in a digital black hole enabling less visibility in their social activities and their pastimes. Google’s new Family Link software is a relief for parents in keeping their kids under control in this digital world.

The arrival of Family Link corresponds with a change to the policy of Google on child accounts. Children below 13 years can now have them provided they are set up through the Family Link which has been authorized by a parent.

It is said to be the most inclusive set of parent tools for the internet, the greatest features which Amazon as well as Apple have provided with services of Google which is that we get this remarkable functionality by providing a little more personal information and this time it is data about the online activities of our children.

Experience Use of Android Based Device

With the Family Link account a child is capable of experiencing the use of an Android based device and the test case, a Nexus 5X in a manner which tends to look adequately like the phone of Mom or Dad’s though tends to keep the child protected from some trouble of adulthood in Google search, Chrome browser, Google Play store together with YouTube app.

Harmless search that seems to yield filtered, child-sanitized web as well as image search consequences could be through default. Google has also mentioned that search effects could, for the first time, cater to children but that would be difficult to tell. The amazing thing is for parents in the form of remote access.

Moreover, Family Link also tends to provide parents with an administrative app which they could utilise in locating the device of their child onmany ring it in case of losing in couch cushions, remotely adjust account and device settings or also do a factory-reset if the phone is lost.

Set Up Time Restrictions/Off-limits Hours

Moreover parents could also set up time restrictions and off-limits hours and see the time spent on several app by their children. As the beta version of the Family Link tends to go public individuals could request to try it though their devices need to be running Nougat which is the updated version of Android.

Google has informed that by the end of the year, it would be working with earlier versions. The company also believes in releasing a parental control app for iPhones. It is essential to know how many parental control systems are available before one decides to purchase it. They are not just built into popular devices led by Apple and Amazon but are also sold as services by third party.

Apple is said to have control both local and remote dispersed around the operating system of its iOS. The restriction unit in the setting of iOS enables the user to set a passcode in locking down from Siri and FaceTime to iTunes albums together with the feared in-app procurements

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Google Play Gets a Free App of the Week Section

Google Play
Back in 2012, Apple started ‘free app of the week’ as a means of promoting some of the best titles in App stores. Google decided to follow Apple’s footsteps and has recently launched their own ‘free app of the week’ section. This new and exciting section is available on Google Play and has been launched, but not yet in India. However, this mega-tech pioneer has not yet committed to making this free application section, a full time feature. Google Play is currently testing their new approach to marketing apps only in the US, and will keep the format going for a time period of four weeks.

Free apps available 

One of the attractive features they had added on Google Play prior to this recent update was a unique feature that was greatly liked. This innovation allowed developers to display sales of their apps and other free offers on Google Play. While the recent ‘free app section also features a free download version of Card Wars by Cartoon Network for free which normally costs around $2.99. This is available on both mobile and desktop version.

This move is a wonderfully innovative approach that not only allows popularity of Google Play but gives an innovative platform to new developers. This program by Google is called the pilot program. Cartoon Network was approached by Google for offering the proposal of joining this latest venture by Google Play. Even though, CN was not thinking of running a sale, they agreed to participate in it.
Editorial selection process

An editorial selection process is being held by Google for deciding which apps will be featured in their new ‘free app of the week’ section. This editorial process is far better than some algorithm which will lead to the display of popular apps that have already been up for sale. For this program CN is giving some its popular apps for free but Google recompensing the publisher of the apps, for these downloads.

Tried and tested method 

Although, Google has decided to take up this new venture, it is not exactly ‘new’ for the company. As, back in 2015 Google had already tested the model by offering free apps in the family section. However, the format was a tad different, and Google Play was only offering free applications from PBS kids.

Well, this is also not something new for the Android users as they’ve already had the experience of downloading paid content for free. Amazon Underground was a program launched by Amazon in 2015 where Android users were able to download premium apps for free from the Amazon Appstore. App publishers in an effort to increase their Google Play ranking and for boosting downloads also sometimes offers exciting sales.

Google, however, has decided to not make comments on this business model surrounding the ‘free app of the week’ venture. A spokesperson has however stated that it is Google Play’s constant endeavor to offer their customers with the best services on Google Play. Considering the shining success of Google’s earlier efforts to boost app rankings, this new venture will be quite successful.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Android O: Everything You Need To Know About Next Android OS 

Android O
In the world of mobile and related technologies, Apple has already attained much attention from the users. However, Android has also become one of the leading Operating Systems as lots of devices with this OS are available in different designs and specifications. Those, who love using Android phones, may be happy to know that Google has recently revealed some information on Android’s newest version Android O. Obviously, the Smartphone users hope to get lots of thrilling features on the newest edition of Android. They want to have custom icons or fonts, better standard audio system and amazing ways for running games or any other apps.

Google will not officially release Android O version until it organizes I/O seminar in the month of May. However, the possible features that may be found with this model are described here.

Notification system with latest Android edition-

Overloading of notifications is really an issue. That is why Android O is intended to prevent such problem. It will offer notification channel, which is customizable to any user. All the alerts and notifications may be categorized, according to the specific type, for example, message or entertainment news. The users may also get the option- Snooze that is helpful to control these notifications. Styles for massaging and colors for notification backgrounds may also be changed.

Limitations on some activities at the background-

In Nougat version of Android, the users are presented with an opportunity for restricting a number of activities of apps. In case of Android O. this aspect has been improved to a significant level. If some apps are prevented from performing their tasks, then life-span of your Android battery may get increased.


If you have used TV version of Android, then this mode is not new to you. Android O will also include it as it is useful to run video.

Control cached file in a better way-

Each app needs some space for storage, especially if it is a cached record. While the space of disk is to be made available, it may remove some data or files from applications.

Incredible gestures-

This is a unique feature that you may enjoy with Android O version. Just draw the alphabet, C on the screen, and you will get the contact list. However, you can see this option in some Chinese Smartphone models, when you may open app by drawing letter onscreen.

When you say Android L, it indicates Lollipop version. And while it is N, you may easily recognize it to be Nougat version. Now, regarding Android O, lots of speculations have been made. Some people guess that it is Oatmeal Cookie, while others think it to be Oreo. However, Google hasn’t announced specific name for Android O version.

But, it is hoped by Google that Android may become the only platform, which is proper in appearance and performance. With new features and limits, Android O version may be a good gift to Android users, who like to have better experience of using their Smartphone.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Howard University Opens a New Campus at the Googleplex

Howard University
It is an unaltered reality that novice and emerging minds have always exposed top-notched versions of technology that comes up with a lot of dynamism enrapt in it. Previously, almost a decade ago there was hardly any attempt was made in the field of the technology but, one must remember that it is an undenied fact that it is rigorously imperative to reflect that how innovative the working groups of Howard University are, which is generally termed as the Black institution since time immemorial.

It is the time to feel proud of one’s institution that has groomed us to stand at the position where we are. Students who pursued their undergraduates from Howard University in Computer Science, are being recruited by a renowned tech support organization i.e. Googleplex.

The unhindered service that they have received from the students of Howard have enforced them to recruit more employees from Howard West which has now become the central zone of Google to employ extraneous Black Software Engineers from different institutions like the esteemed colleges and Universities. Besides, providing them with thehighest order of perks and pays; they also ensure that the employees are given the best working environment so that they feel at home, though physically far away from it.

Peter Drucker, a consultant at the managerial post said that the only way by which one can predict their future is by creating it, and this is what the students from Howard University is bent proving it. The students are the harbingers of values loaded with diversity and Google has taken the initiative to include diversity in its curriculum.

They are thriving to develop an another version of campus Googleplex that was till now denoted only to the physical space, but now the students on campus can mingle and coordinate with several creative and innovative minds across the universe on this unique platform provided by Googleplex. This initiative to bring the entire world to a single space is sure to churn the whirlwind by enfolding every new aspect of creativity that was undoubtedly not thought before.

The Googleplex program is designed in such a manner that everyone whether a junior or a senior from Howard University pursuing Computer Science will get the opportunity to be a part of it by attending the program for a period of three months, but only for once. An added advantage to all the participants would be that they would be supervised by Senior Google Engineers and Faculty members from Howard University.

They will always be there s instructors so that they can provide their best support to all the emerging talents. The program is said to have been started in summer this year and they are also thinking of incorporating students from other Black Universities who would be the perfect example of best minds travelling across space and geographical boundary. This is a revolutionary initiative taken by Google which would definitely give a proper platform to the fresh and emerging talents.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Google Maps Users Soon Can Broadcast Their Movements to Friends, Family

Google Maps
Google is known for its highly developed features that provide its users wide varieties of features. On March 2017, Google has launched a privacy detector feature, where its users will actually be able to share their movements with their friends and relatives. Google Maps is that very feature that is ensuring this facility to its users. In these days the act of sharing every detail on social networking site with your friends and relatives by posting pictures and videos has become very common.

So, Google by introducing Google maps have taken a step forward in this regard where people can easily share their exact location with whomsoever it concerns.

This feature is already installed on almost every smartphones and there is an update from Google that says this feature will also be available on personal computers. With the help of this enticing tool it will be more easy for people to let others know where they are without having to opt for text or call. This is a very big advantage as any emergency situation can be avoided.

To this Ruth Glenn, executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has seconded that this application has both positive and negative connotations. All emergency situations can be avoided being easily able to catch up with people. On a humorous note this can create drastic problems for those who are in relationships, married, as they might have to be constant under the supervision of their partner. Even parents can be sure of where their teenage children are putting up by asking them to turn on the application when they are going out. So, this can be really a boon or a curse for different individuals.

Vice President of Google Maps has accepted that they are not the first brand who have tried to create something like this. As several tracking applications are available on different devices. Glympse which is introduced by Microsoft have been offering this facility to their user since a long time. Apple also puts forward an option called find my friends on their iPhones, iPads, and even watches and this is probably why Google is not expecting any criticisms especially from them who do not want their near and dear ones to locate them. A very intelligent tactics Google have used to camouflage themselves to be on the safer side of the table.

It is very simple to use as the users of this Map will just have to activate the location sharing option by pressing a button available near the search bar and then they can select the person from their contact list whom they want to address their location. They will automatically be informed via a text message. If the receiver does not have the Google Maps application downloaded on their phones, then they will get a link through which they can view the location using a browser.

The one who are unwilling to disclose their whereabouts they can make the desired changes in their setting due to which they can determine for how long their location can be traced.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Google Develops Invisible Web Security Captcha Form

Captcha Form
Privacy has become a huge concern for the social media platform and large tech firms which deals with horrendous amount of private data. Google has come forward with a noble solution in form of developing such website security checks which isn’t visible enough to be tampered by the hackers. Currently usual internet users had to prove they are human through giving a click on the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox or checking the pictures on the screen but Google new system will simply make them go away.

A new system of proving you are ‘human’

Currently websites heavily rely on the ‘captcha’ which usually asks users to complete a puzzle displayed on their screen and this captcha is designed in such a way that a computer will struggle to complete it correctly. Captcha came into being to thwart the attempt of the bots from accessing and using the websites. Now Google has developed a system which essentially helps in tracking how users interacts with the website in order to prove that they are human, this will be mean that puzzle are no longer necessary on the website if this system find everything is fine with users activity or behavior.

The puzzles developed by the companies in designing the Captcha has helped them in developing a number of things like Google has utilized it train its artificial intelligence algorithms. An example will help in showing how Google is making its AI smarter with the use of captcha puzzle. If it AI is unable to recognize the house number present in the image by the Streetview car then it will through that image in the Captcha system in order to get human input.

Google set to secure the websites with reCaptcha

Google has long ago introduced that reCaptch system which helped in simplifying the process of making users check certain puzzle in order to prove they are human. Nowadays almost all the websites are relying on it safeguard themselves from hackers and surge of attacks on their servers against the barrage of information feed by scammers. The box utilized for the Captcha helps in monitoring how each person is interacting with it and it then helps computer in understanding the human clicks from the bots.

A example will help in illustrating this fact when an automated script used by the hackers for getting though the captcha then computer notes that it has taken a second to fill up the form and there has been not movement of the mouse at all. All these activities are enough to give it a red flag.

Google has went ahead to improve this system which has done away with the check box as well. Now the system will focus on analyzing the how users has interacted with the other elements on the website which includes the ‘submit form’ button. If this system finds that there has been suspicious activity on the website then it will trigger puzzle on the screen for the user or bot to solve.

FRED: Unconfirmed Change in How Google Ranks Web Pages Is Freaking Some People Out

Google is the most widely used search engine on global level which is utilized by the users to search for almost anything. A better rank in the Google results search page means millions on visitors on the website. In simple words higher the rank the better chances are for businesses to put forward their products and services and at the same time generate more money. Page ranks on the search engine is a thing of great concern for the business as it the only way of getting found online in the most humble fashion.

Why SEO companies matter? 

This is basic reason behind the flourishing of the search engine optimization (SEO) service provider companies. These companies helped business in gaining traffic to their website through fetching better results in the search engines and most importantly on the Google using the White Hat techniques. The experts working at such firms are entrusted with the task of enhancing the online visibility as well as search engine visibility of the businesses which helps in gaining website traffic, attracting leads and increasing the brand awareness which ultimately results in growing the business revenue. Even a slightest change in the Google website ranking algorithm could wreak havoc in the online ranking of the business on global scale.

The update is called FRED

It is being speculated that Google has quietly launched the FRED update which basically focuses on the link quality. Most of the SEO experts relying on the link building practice which help in linking websites to other channels and in return guaranteed a huge surge of traffic to the website. With the FRED update Google is not looking at the number links built by the website but it is also accessing the quality of the links in order to give rank to the website in question. FRED isn’t a major update but it can seriously undermine or enhance the rank of the website of the search in a single go.

Rapid increase and decrease in the ranking is worrisome

Google has formally announced any changes in the website ranking algorithm though SEO communities suspect it has already begun and Google will make everyone aware in upcoming days. A number of SEO experts have stated that they are getting significant volatility and fluctuation in their automated tracking tools which essentially signify that an update has been made in the Google website ranking algorithm. Secondly not just the SEO experts even the webmasters are worried with rapid decline and increase in the website which clear indication that a Google update FRED has been made to the search engine without notice.

Those businesses that rely on the website for lead generation and branding will get to see change in their results within a short while of the change in the website ranking. It is better to talk with SEO consultant and get to the root of the cause which will help in making the necessary in the website to ensure you don’t keep on losing the customers and business with the dramatic change in the website rank.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Top 10 services Google killed off

Google Answer
Google so frequently launches so many products in the market that after introducing the service they forget about it completely and sometimes launches something new that comes out to be corresponding to the latter, giving it a tough competition. Where, the people too forget about the previous services as they get swayed away with the new one considering it to be the best, just because it is a new introduction so it will definitely comprise of some new technologies that might give them some added value. Here, is the list of some common and the most loved services that Google has struck off over the years.

  • Google Buzz – This was launched in 2010 and was killed off in 2011. This was a Facebook clone that also attached to your email. Due to the service, you could easily share photos, videos and also links straight away to your contacts or to others as well. It died because it was considered as an unprecedented service and was not specific in terms of its utilization. 
  • Picnik – This was a photo editing tool that was available for free in online. Making changes in your photos became easiest with this option as you were not required to different software to adjust the brightness, color, resolution etc. of the photo you intend to upload. 
  • Picasa – Google decided to kill these tools in 2016, but it was a very beneficial tool where you can actually make necessary changes in your digital photos without any trouble. 
  • Google answers – In 2006, Google struck off Google Answers. They did this to attract payments in lieu of providing better answers. 
  • Google Wave – This tool was available between 2010 and 2012 and was killed off for genuine reasons as it lead to certain discrepancies that required an immediate termination and in its place several other features like Google Drive, Dropbox or Office came up that grants a much constructive work. 
  • Google Helpouts – This feature enables seekers to get connected with experts and videos that too live. But, it lasted for only 2 years. 
  • Google Notebooks –This was called off in 2012. It was an online notebook, where you could store notes and even important video clips provided that you use it with Firefox or Explorer. 
  • Google Labs – This feature enabled the common people to use different types of features and apps that too in variety of services, starting from Google Calendar to Google Chrome. Though, the feature no longer exists the spirit of it has still retained its character. 
  • iGoogle – This was the personalized startup page of Google. This did a good marketing from 2005-2013, and when it got disappeared not only its users but the entire internet world was effected by it. Here, you could do anything you want. 
  • Google Reader – Google Reader was one of the favorite companions of the internet that got lost in 1 July, 2013 and instead of it radio waves has taken the position.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Google Head Confirms Second Generation Pixel Phone

This year might have just have begun but we are already moved by the reports of Google and Apple. Probably this year would bring a dynamic change in the world of cells. Google is trying its best to compete with it’s one of the top rivals –Apple with Second Generation Pixel phone. Well, Apple has always maintained the trend of releasing iPhones each year ever since its inception and now we may see Google just following the same trend. But the catch is whether Google will be able to match up to the expectations of the users and also whether it would take everyone by surprise. The rumours of iPhone 8 have already been spread but now the question lies whether Apple would be able to be deliver those features without any glitches like the 3-D selfie camera which is supposed to map your face.


With the news being confirmed that Google is set to launch the second version of Pixel which can range around 900$. So be prepared to shed a bit more for the wonderfully crafted design of Pixel 2. The previous Pixel boasts of an enormous charging facility and battery backup which is the major concern for the normal consumers. Well, it was able to give seven hours of standby charge when it was charged for just fifteen minutes. Needless to say, the design was superb with the storage capacity of 32 GB or 128 GB. The video calling app like DUO may get a newer look or an upgrade in the Pixel 2. The ALLO app for messaging was a huge success. The design may be a sleek a bit and may use cutting edge technology to beat the likes of Apple in the top smartphone market.


With the passage of time, the technology has got more advanced and with more exciting features, it is just icing the cake. The latest report says Google is planning to ditch the headphone jack just like the iPhone 7. It is planning to take over the market in the broader way. Well, this report might not be true as it was an internal Google document and hasn’t been verified still. But within a short span of time, the picture would be clear. The processor for the Pixel 2 would be Snap Dragon. Probably it would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC. It is supposed to be water resistant as well as dust resistant.


Google’s main focus would be on photography just like the predecessors. And for this they have decided to stay premium in the market. Well, we have got to have patience before any final news is confirmed about the product and release date. It is now time to see whether there would be any better feature than the Gorilla glass or not. The display is said to be HD with latest features which will be quite cool when coming to the photography part. The year surely promises to be awesome with respect to the smartphones.