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Friday, 9 June 2017

New Nokia 3310 UK Release Date is Here!

The relaunch of legendary Nokia 3310 took the world by surprise when the Finnish company announced its release date in Barcelona. The news made fans rejoice and took us back to the early 2000 when it was first launched. It was ahead of it's time and was termed as unbreakable due to it's hardy design. The announcement came as a shock as people wondered that whether the re imagined model would work in the modern times of smartphones and tablets. However, the company is banking upon the nostalgia factor and is positive that it will have its respective buyers from all over the world.

With the tagline of " modern classic reimagined" the developed model of the new Nokia 3310 has been improved and customized slightly from the previous handset retaining the trademark features with some added new attributes.

Back in the time, this model was famous for being "unbreakable “, having an extended battery life about two weeks and the world was introduced to the mind puzzling Snake game. People didn't care about carrying a charger every time while going out. Lighter than the old model, the new phone retains the original shape like that of a brick and is sturdy as well.

However to cope with the present time, it comes with new added characteristics like the camera. It has a 2MP back camera with a LED flash which can also be utilized as a torch. The phone lacks front camera, an important aspect of the smartphone. The options of self-timer and different image modes are available to choose from in this version.

The 2.4" curved out screen ropes in the users for a better reading experience. Unlike the smartphones there is an absence of high resolution as this handset comes with a resolution of 240*320 pixels. It also comes with a 3.5 mm jack and an internal inbuilt memory of 16 mb which can be extended up to 32 gb through the micro SD card. It may be disappointing for the users so use of the memory card slot is must. The Opera browser and the Opera mobile store is pre-installed which includes important applications like the calculator, calendar, weather etc.

It has the additional features of Bluetooth, text message, 22 hour talktime, standby time for about a month, micro USB port, Nokia series 30+ operating system and 2.5G network. The model is available in both single sim and duel sim variant with a removable battery. Users can have their handsets from the several color options like the glossy warm red and yellow or the matte finish grey and dark blue.

Nokia 3310 does have some drawbacks as it doesn't support Java applications. There is availability of a music streaming device, no navigation application. The screen tends to be scratched easily.

The phone is ready to hit the stores on 24 May will cost much less than the original. It would be available to all major retailers and operators. According to one of the major retailer, the demand for the retrophone is astonishing and fans are waiting eagerly for it. There has been a rush in signing up to get hold of the Nostalgic 3310 for its long battery life, hardiness and pure nostalgia.

Friday, 26 May 2017

10 Smart Gadgets That Make Apartment Living Easier

Smart Home Products Devices

The modern smartphone is still in the learning process. In the rush of the technology world in making everything internet connected, the home tends to be a space with the greatest potentials for changes and lasting effect. We tend to be dependent on the internet in making our routine life much better and effective. There are various types of smart home products devices which are inclined in controlling the functions remotely from your smartphone and this trend is on the rise.

Several renters are of the belief that they are unable to revel in the perks of smart home devices since they are incapable of altering their living spaces. However there seems to be abundant of amazing products which could be utilised in one’s rented apartment. Probably one would be on the look-out for plug-and-play devices which would need minimum or no installation that could be packed up and taken along when they tend to move out. The following devices could be impeccable for renters.

1. Smart battery which upgrades normal smoke detectors

Rather than replacing the prevailing smoke detectors with a smart equivalent, you could just update the prevailing alarms. The Roost smart battery could turn normal smoke detectors into smart devices by just installing the battery. This would not need any tools and you could just pop it up and one would be capable of getting smartphone notification whenever the alarm tends to go off or if the battery seems to be low.

2. Install free smart plug which saves energy

It could be very annoying when one is faced with a high electric bill beside the rent. However Wemo smart plugs could be helpful. You could just plug them in your prevailing outlets and then plug in your appliances. This can be remotely controlled, whatever has been plugged in the Wemo, enabling the user to turn devices off when not at home.

3. Smart controller for air-conditioner

If an air conditioner has been provided by the landlord, you could upgrade the same into a smart AC unit with the support of the Tado Smart AC Controller. By installing the controller you would be capable of controlling the appliance remotely and save around 40% on energy cost. The Tado is also said to function with heat pumps.

4. Removable smart air conditioner

If the renter is not in possession of an air conditioner, he could treat himself to a smart, affordable AC unit. Frigidaire Smart Window AC tends to provide the renter with remote control over the device and offers maintenance reminders to save the user of not forgetting of changing the filter.

5. Standalone security System

The need of mounting cameras or pay a monthly fee for monitoring your home is not essential. The Piper All-in-One Security System together with Video Monitoring is said to be appropriate for rentals. This could be placed on a shelf or table and one will be capable of monitoring your place with HD video streams with real-time notification should something go wrong.

6. Kit to turn regular blinds to smart blinds

Another product which could turn your normal apartment fixings to smart gadgets is the MySmartBlinds Automation Kit. When it is installed, you will be capable of controlling your window coverings from your smartphone and set up schedules for them to open as well as put them in energy-saving mode.

7. Easy Installation of smart light bulbs

Smart bulbs are much preferred to smart lights. There are no hubs or bridge needed for these light bulbs besides a Wi-Fi connection. These could be even synced with Alexa of Amazon and hence can be controlled with voice commands.

8. Showerhead which enables you to take phone calls

Smart showers are said to be fantastic though there are chances that the landlord may not compromise on the installation costs. This should not stop you from enjoying a tech-savvy shower. The H2oVibe Rain Showerhead could be installed on the prevailing shower enabling you to answer calls or rock out on some of your favourite hits while you shower.

9. Sleep system to block out loud neighbours

Having noisy neighbours in the neighbourhood could be very disturbing especially at night. The gadget Sense Sleep system not only produces ambient noise in blocking out disruptive sounds but it also monitors your sleep patterns providing personalized recommendations on how one could have a good sleep and wake up in the morning.

10. Pet camera to keep your dog from barking

Should the barking of your pet tend to bother your neighbours, you could try quieting down Fido with the support of the Furbo Dog Camera. This amazing device is said to send you notifications if your pet is found to be barking and enable you to talk to your dog as well as feed him a treat or two

Friday, 5 May 2017

This is Google Jump Next Generation VR Camera Rig

Google Jump
Yi Halo/Yi360 VT

Yi Technology the Chinese company in the last two years, had made a niche for itself through its amazing proficient GoPro competitors. Presently the Xiaomi supported Yi is attempting to grow in the world of VR together with 360-degree video having two cameras.

This was announced at the NAB conference in Las Vegas where one is said to be for professionals and is known as the Yi Halo which had been created in partnership with Google while the other happens to be a consumer spherical camera known as the Yi 360 VR. The Yi Halo a 17-camera monster with the potential of shooting stereoscopic vide in 8K resolution at 30 frames per second or 5.8K at 60 frames per second comes at a price of 16,999. It had been designed to function with Jump a high-end VR creation platform which had been launched by Google in 2015.

The basic notion of Jump is to encourage VR film-making by removal of some of the huge barriers. Google tends to offer the general blueprints for the ringed camera rig together with server space for edging all the high-resolution imagery together and thereafter getting to kick back when hardware firms as well as film makers tend to create content for filling its promising Daydream VR platform.

Yi – First In Action Camera 

Yi is said to be the second company who has built a ring for the platform and last year, GoPro released the 16-camera Odyssey. The company has been utilising a modified version of 4K action camera in making up the Halo. The Yi Halo also tends to have another camera than the Odyssey which is said to be placed above the rig for improved capture of 360-degree footage directly above the head of the viewer when seen through a VR headset.

Besides this it also tends to have a smartphone app, a touchscreen control panel with levels on the rig structure for filmmaker. Moreover it has a capability for these small though meaningful benefits over what GoPro tends to provide.

 For instance, Yi had been the first in making an action camera which tends to shoots 4K footage at 60 frames per second which professional GoPro users tend to cry for since the release of the Hero 4 cameras.

Yi 360 VR – Release in June 

The spherical camera which GoPro had announced recently is the Yi 360 priced at $399 which can capture 360-degree video at 30 frames per second in 5.7K resolution somewhat edging out the 5.2K resolution of Fusion. Yi had showed up at NAB complete with specs for its announcement while GoPro had been thin on details for the Fusion.

The Yi 360 VR utilises a couple of overlapping 220-degree lenses, two 12-megapixel Sony IMX377 sensors together with an Ambarella processing chip to close the footage collected in-camera. Besides this it also tends to stream 2.5K footage at 30 frames a second over Wi-Fi and user have an hour of battery life. The limited release of Yi 360 VR would be made available in June.

 In the meanwhile, both the cameras would come to the US before making it to its home base of Yi in China. Sean Da, Yi CEO had informed `The Verge’ that while he hopes Chinese VR viewership to boom in the forthcoming years, this is due to the majority of `high performance, high quality video creators who tend to be US or European creators’.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Why Your Smartphone's Fingerprint Scanner is not as Secure as You Might Think

Master Fingerprint – Less Secure 

Researchers who had developed `master fingerprints’ with the capability of tricking the sensors, are of the belief that smartphone fingerprint scanners tend to be less secure then led to believe. They were capable of bypassing fingerprint readers that had been utilised in unlocking phones, log-in to apps and in making payments, utilising fake fingerprints developed by using patterns located across several real prints.

 This discovery from New York University and Michigan State University gave rise to query regarding security of the popular utilised technology. The researchers were capable of creating a set of `master prints which could trick a scanner up to 65% of the time.

Fingerprint scanners are considered to be more secured than depending on passcodes in unlocking smartphones. According to Apple the Touch ID scanner utilised on the iPhone tends to have only a one in 50,000 chance of matching with somebody’s finger.

Though the researcher state that they had tested only their discoveries in computer simulation instead of real smartphones, they cautioned that the technology creating artificial physical fingerprints had been refining quickly.

Adequate Resemblance Between Various Prints

Since in present days the fingerprint readers on smartphones seem to be comparatively small, they usually tend to scan various areas of a fingerprint making sure that just one press of a finger or thumb could effectively trigger the sensor.

 Since several users tend to register numerous fingerprints on a device and there are often dozens of various incomplete prints registered on a phone, only one of these incomplete scans could be a match for the sensor in unlocking a phone. According to Nasir Memom of NYU, one of the authors of the study that had been published in IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics &Security had commented that there is a greater opportunity of falsely matching a partial print than a full one and most devices tend to depend only on partials for the purpose of identification.

In spite of the human fingerprints being comparatively exclusive, researchers have stated that they had discovered adequate resemblances between various prints in creating synthetic master prints which could effectively replicate several fingerprints of the users.

Hosted Other Authentication Systems 

Since the phones seem to typically permit several attempts before deactivating the fingerprint scanner and needs a passcode, Mr. Memon had stated that one could create a glove with five different fingerprints which would get into almost half of iPhone before the five attempts permitted, tend to expire.

Irrespective of the well-known trust in fingerprint scanners, some of the phone manufacturers had hosted other authentication systems. The new Galaxy S8 phone of Samsung is said to have an iris scanner together with facial recognition though the latter is shown to have been fooled by images. Moreover, smartphone passcodes have also portrayed to be susceptible to cracking.

There seems to be a one in 10,000 chance of guessing a four-figure passcode though researchers from Newcastle University have shown that the motion sensors in a phone could disclose the numeric codes by identifying how a phone tends to move when certain areas of the screen are pressed.

Japanese researchers had earlier cautioned that posing with peace signs in images could be adequate for hackers in copying your fingerprints and then unlock a fingerprint secured phone.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

MWC 2017: Samsung Unveils Two New Tablets

Mobile World Congress at Barcelona is an esteemed event which is followed closely by the consumer electronics industry and fans worldwide. Samsung has always indulged in showcasing its Galaxy S Smartphone at this tech show since 2013 but this year it has given it a miss by simply bringing two tablets and a virtual reality headset. The particular VR headset unveiled by the Samsung comes with a remote control which is weird but exciting at the same time. It is hard for any major Smartphone maker to do away with the Smartphone complete at MWC therefore Samsung briefly teased one new Smartphone right at the end of its presentation. Samsung however left the presentation at a happy note by stating that the new Smartphone will be unveiled on 29 March in New York later this year.

Samsung will lose onto rivals

Samsung has already lost the crown of most selling Smartphone brand in the world to Apple this year in terms of shipment. After the Note 7 debacle last year Samsung has lost a considerable market share to rivals and not bringing any successor to the S7 at MWC will simply become a boon for the rivals especially Huawei. However signaling to the fans that a new device is expected to make its way to them soon is a good thing from Samsung point of view as it will make potential buyers to wait for some time.

News tablets doesn’t excite anymore

Samsung has launched two new tablets the Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book and both of these devices are targeted at the consumers who are more into gaming and video playback. The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a 9.7 inch screen and boasts of the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. While Galaxy Book will come in two different sizes of 10.6 inch and 12 inch and it will be running in the Windows 10 OS. Galaxy Book is being targeted at the on the go professionals and it also comes with additional accessories in form of snap-on keyboard and S Pen stylus.

Tablet sales are going down on global scale for all the manufactures as the initial popularity for the larger devices has depleted. Consumers tend to favour the larger Smartphone instead of tablets but Samsung is looking forward to ignite popularity in larger device through bringing better specs coupled with features. Both of these tablets boasts of the organic light emitting diode (OLED) and displays and brings powerful specifics which will help in reigning over the competitors.

Samsung presentation marred with Greenpeace protest

Samsung days are going rough since its recall and effective demise of the Note 7. Sadly its presentation had an unexpected appearance of the Greenpeace activist staging a banner stating ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ which is direct wink at the Note 7 handsets. Quite a number of protestors started gathering around the building where this press conference was taking place and they displayed varied banners on the same lines.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Samsung to Launch Foldable Smartphone at MWC 2017

Galaxy X
Samsung is making news each passing day for its upcoming Galaxy S8 as well as for its Bixby assistant. But what is going to blow you away is that Samsung is on the verge of launching a foldable Smartphone in Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Samsung has a tough 2016 where it had to deal with controversial blowing out Galaxy Note 7 which resulted in recalling as many as 2.8 millions handsets from all across the world. Later on it lost the prime position as the most Smartphone selling OEM to Apple. But Samsung finally gets into the groove as it filed a patent for a Smartphone which can be folded in half with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Galaxy X set to launch later this year

Samsung has not confirmed the name for the foldable Smartphone but it has been reported by the GSMArena that it will be tentatively title as Galaxy X. On button placement this Smartphone will get the traditional Samsung home button on the front while back button will feature at the right side and menu button on the left. The aspect ratios for this device will be amazingly 21:9 and it will extremely to see such a designed phone in full glory at the MWC.

Samsung will be making use of an OLED display which will possess the ability to bend right from the middle to turn into a foldable display. Lee Changhoon, director of Samsung Display has famously said in 2016 that their plans of developing a foldable OLED is working in positive direction. They were set to start the mass production of the foldable display and releasing it will certainly be done after discussing with varied partners in question. Samsung has certainly learned from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle wherein mass production in hasty fashion resulted in faulty batteries which blew the devices a great device and brought it untimely demise.

Therefore Samsung has decided not to opt for a hastily introduced mass production for the foldable OLED display. Galaxy X will certainly be launching in the latter half of 2017 though its availability might be limited during the initial phase. Pricing, specifications and feature set are simply kept in tight wraps so is the ultimate design for this upcoming iconic device which might turn out to be most notable innovative gadget of this decade.

Samsung isn’t the only one with foldable Smartphone in upcoming portfolio

Microsoft is working on something on the same line of the Samsung as it has also filed a patent which reveals a device with a flexible hinge thereby effectively transforms a phone into a tablet. As reported by Verge this patented device will have the ability to transform into various modes of two to three screens which can later on be extended into a flat out design. The flexible hinge will help in setting up the device in tend mode which is very much like the Yoga Tablet series from Lenovo.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: What to Expect

Microsoft Surface Pro 5
We are living in a society, where the science and technology have registered a unique growth in various sectors, which have paved the way for some of the most interesting and path breaking developments in almost all walks of our life. Whereas, there are lots of developments can be seen in different industries and businesses, due to the extraordinary scientific innovations; there is one development, which has changed the entire scenario of the society towards various aspects is the Computer technology.

The advent of the computer and the internet are nowadays helping us a lot in our daily routine and other jobs and mad our life easier and comfortable. There are several computer manufacturing companies, who are engaged in the production and developments of the computers and its accessories.

The Microsoft is undoubtedly the front runner among its competitors in the field of computer manufacturing and also having the credential of up gradations of the computers, with an intention to make them more user-friendly and easy to operate machines. From the computer to latest trend of smartphone - the company is having their own signature in all such products and recently they are going to surfacing the latest Surface phone, the most modern device in the history of electronic devices.

Microsoft is going to introduce their latest Surface Pro 4 model very soon, after an interval of more than one year, as they had introduced the prevalent model Surface Pro 4 in October 2015. Some of the important and most interesting issues of this upcoming Surface Pro 5 are as follows:

  •  This phone is considered as the evolutionary uplifted version of the Surface Pro 3 and offering the larger screen, digitally and physically, than the Surface Pro 3 and also having an ultraportable experience, due to its lighter and thinner getup; 
  •  The phone is having the Windows 10 and all relevant insights of the Microsoft's hardware designs, so far the thoughts are concerned; 
  •  It can be noted that the touch screen is considered as one of the most important parts of the Surface range of phones is the touch screen and it is now being expected that the Surface Pro 5 will come up a most modern display technology, which is able to improve the accuracy level of the screen, for both the finger and the touch pens / Surface pen; 
  •  This is predominantly a tablet and is looking for a resolution in setting up of Surface Pro 5 as the most exciting and visibly the biggest changes in the range of tablets; 
  •  It is expected that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will use the seventh generation of the Intel's core processors, where the Kaby Lake chips will be available in greater quantity. This will provide some of the most amazing processing advantages in the speed and graphic segment and will offer a crucial life for the battery for mobile devices; 
  •  The Surface Pro 5 is having almost all relevant features and supports that a modern tablet should have for getting better results and the switching to the most important USB-C external ports is considered as one of the major breakthroughs.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Five reasons why your next accessory should be a smartwatch

Unlike other revolutionary pieces of technology, the release of the first smartwatch a few years ago wasn’t met with a viral trend on Twitter or any other form of acclaim for that matter. Not only was it too expensive by watch standards, customers simply didn’t see the need to have a second smartphone-like device on the hand.

Fast-forward to the present, and the situation is the same, if not worse. Smartwatch sales from leading manufacturers are either stagnant or plummeting. A technology that had great promise has now become the subject of many critical blogs, and even fans of the gadgets are now reconsidering their position. Nevertheless, smartwatches still have a place in the world. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting one today.

1. Notifications

Gone are the days where a landline phone on your desk was the only means of communication you needed in the office. Smartphones have enhanced the way we pass on information in a great way. However, having a phone can be an unpleasant distraction as much as it can be a benefit.

Every day, we receive countless notifications, and wherever we may be, we always feel compelled to check the phone everytime it beeps or vibrates. But with a smartphone, instead of reaching for your phone when a notification comes in, you can quickly glance at your wrist and decide whether it’s important or not, before opting to take action.

Moreover, instant notifications through smartwatches eliminate the need of always moving with your phone to avoid missing important phone calls, texts or emails.

2. Fitness

We all want to live a healthier life, but staying fit requires quite the effort. With a smartwatch, however, you can make your journey towards a more active life a lot easier.

Many modern-day smartwatches come with apps that help track our daily fitness progress. They will help you monitor your pulse rate, exercise routines, and the rate of calorie burn. Some watches even offer
 tracking solutions for joggers and runners. They use GPS to determine how far to run or which routes to take to achieve the desired goals.

3. Making purchases

If you’ve ever experienced the hassle of having to pay for something when your hands are too full to reach for the wallet or phone, you will undoubtedly appreciate the smartwatch.

Both Samsung and Apple watches have “Pay” applications, which enable a customer to pay for goods or services by just clicking on a button and bringing the watch close to the payment terminal.

4. Easy navigation

Navigation has come a long way. It is almost ludicrous to imagine a time when we used paper maps to know the direction to take. Google Maps was the first major leap towards the success of electronic navigation, but just like a paper sheet, there was the inconvenience of always having to pull out your phone for directions.

Voice navigation came in soon after, and although an outstanding innovation, some still viewed it a distraction to walk around while listening to audio navigation tool.

With smartwatches comes the latest in navigation technology. Samsung has won the hearts of many by incorporating the overly useful HERE WeGo app on the Gear S, Gear S2 and the recently launched Gear S3. HERE WeGo is a stand-alone app that offers navigation features without the need to be synced to your smartphone.

Even more impressive is the Apple Watch, which in addition to looking at the screen, provides directions using its taptic engine. Admittedly, it’s not perfect, and you do have to learn what each haptic feedback means. But with only subtle taps on your wrist to tell you which turn to make, you can get around without even having to look at your watch.

5. Customization

Regardless of their complexities, at the end of the day, a smartwatch is essentially a watch. And in addition to telling the time, a watch is meant to compliment the wearer’s physical look.

Unlike buying a traditional watch which gets you stuck with one design, smartwatches are available in different colors and bands. For further customization, you could also personalize your watch by reorganizing the widgets and tweaking some settings.

Final words

Contrary to what you may have read online, smartwatches are very handy gadgets to have. This is why, despite disappointing sales, leading brands are still unveiling new devices. Even more gratifying is the recent influx of cheap smartwatches, which albeit lowly priced still have a lot to offer.

Smartwatches have an important part to play in the future of communication and modern electronics as a whole.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

LG's W7 wallpaper OLED TV

LG's W7 wallpaper OLED TV
The era of television has been seen to engulf the entire universe. With the new technologies being fed in television it has marked the level of expertise. In the genre of LCD’s and LED’s there have been much innovations. We have seen branded companies like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and several other companies exploring new heights in this field. The competition amongst the companies is to design the slimmest television of the time with new technologies that will tempt all gadget lovers.

LG has surpassed all limits by introducing the thinnest television of the time with several enticing features to provide all sorts of comfort to their customers. The CES that took place in Last Vegas this year have launched many OLED televisions. But, none seemed to be as thin as the one introduced by LG. It has unveiled a terrific Dubbed ‘Wallpaper’, branded W7, which is a massive 65-inch OLED television which is unbelievably just 2.57 mm in its thickness.

 It has been designed to keep it as slim as possible that will almost stick to the wall like a portrait and will be hanging with the help of magnets. The accompanied magnetic brackets provide support to the OLED that is required to portray a picture like view for which it has been stylized for. The magnets also seemed to making new records with the thickness of less than 4 mm from the wall just like the unimaginable breadth of 2.57 mm of the television.

The awe-striking design and edge of the television will tempt you to take this latest launch of television to your place. LG has come up like a show-stopper brand with esteemed technologies in the field of electronics and has secured a pioneering position with their latest launch of OLED TV. They have confirmed that there aim is to develop a television leading to a flat screen that will provide an experience of a “picture-on-wall”. The screen which provides terrific picture quality is associated to a box that comprises of technical components and speakers, by wire.

The sleek, razor like profile of W7 makes the TV to be presented like something illumined and hanging in the air, that ensures a mesmerizing experience to its viewers. LG has confirmed that the TV will also be launched in a version of 77-inches than being restricted to only 65-inches. LG has also launched a number of other OLED televisions like G7, E7, C7 and B7 at the US tech show. But the W7 version of OLED has taken the competency of thinnest television to new heights.

This latest version is capable of providing HDR footage accompanied by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos surrounding sound that will give you an effect of multiplex while sitting at your house. It also develops all the pictures frame by frame without compromising with the picture quality. It equivalently inserts dynamic data where required.

Experience the sexiest OLED television of the era with W7 that ensures realistic and natural picture quality from all angles.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Mono-Live Gadget Review: Gear S3 Frontier

Gear S3 Frontier
After the success of galaxy gear S2, the Samsung Company has again released a smart watch. Yes it is the all new Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. Samsung has offered two designs for the all new Gear S3, especially for their beloved customers. So, the two designs are the outdoor type and classic type. The outdoor type is being tested by the official and the classic type is the luxuries one. There may be difference between both the smart watches but also both runs on Samsung’s own operating system, Tizen. And also the rotating bezel is welcomed among all the users again.

So let’s take a look at its design. As I said before the watch is available in two different designs -- Frontier and the classic. As we are going to talk about Gear S3 doesn’t bother about the Classic one. As we all know that classic means Luxury there is no matter in talking about what we know already.

Well. The watch is quiet bold and has a king sized design. If you are a person who wears dainty, thin strap watches then this watch is not for you. The S3 looks like as if it is built to survive SAS mission with rugged metal design. Therefore, the designing does not satisfy most of the users. Because of its thick strap, no color option and also it does not have many designs as Apple smart watch has.

Then about the rotating bezel. Even though there are many disadvantages about the design. All the users and reviewers are pleased with the comeback of the rotating bezel. Yes this was first come up in S2 and now it is in Gear S3 Frontier . It is an amazing way of accessing data on this small screen. You can check your mail, fitness data, messages and a lot more by just rotating the bezel. It is so easy to access the watch with the help of this bezel.

So, now about the screen. As I said before that the screen is big. With this you can imagine that it is bigger than the Apple Smart watch. But surprisingly Gear S3 Frontier’s the screen is only an inch bigger than the Apple watch. In AOD screen the contents are looking good with crisp, clear and full packed color. You may think, what I will do if there is any annoying scratches on my brand new watch. Don’t worry; the Gear S3 Frontier  is covered with Gorilla Glass which will prevent your watch from those scratches.

Let’s discuss about the new features that is introduced in the all new Gear S3 Frontier . Samsung has introduced many ways for you to interact with your friends and family from anywhere, anytime, with anyone. The most noticeable feature is you can respond the message you receive by your voice or by writing with your finger on the screen. So, the watch has voice recognizer and in built speaker. You can also view all your social media networks like Twitter, Face book, Instagram, Whatsapp, Hike, Messenger, Etc in your watch. You can also use this watch as a music player if you need.

Last but not the least; we shall take a quick look at Gear S3 Frontier ’s battery life. As we all know battery life is the main problem that is faced by all the smart watch users. Usually the battery of any smart watch will run low at the end of an average day. So, Samsung has tried its level best to solve this problem. By adding 380 mAH battery to the watch which makes the last longer than other smart watches.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Mono-Live Gadget Review: Huawei Mate 9

Huawei Mate 9
Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd is a Chinese company who is an well know multinational networking company and telecommunication equipments and services. This company is the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world; this company has overtaken Ericsson in 2012. Huawei has been quite famous in making smart phones with high tech features. Now in this list joins the new Huawei Mate 9 with an massive 5.9 inch screen and an powerful processor. Before taking about this smart phone we need to understand that every smart phone differs from one other and has different features so while reviewing about a Smartphone we need to check for the quality, display, ram and battery life.

Design of Huawei Mate 9

This phone consists of a big display which would be quite difficult to hold in our hands. The design isn’t quite interesting as this phone is making up of an fully metal body and many people won’t prefer it. The fingerprint scanner has been fitted in the back of the phone which is quite fast and reliable and will rarely mistake your finger prints. The phone has an USB-C connector at the bottom of the phone surrounded both sides with speakers and the head phone jack 3.5 mm is fitted on the top of the phone. Though this phone designs doesn’t attract much but we can be sure that its specs will have an upper hand.

Huawei Mate 9 Display

This large display is very large that is 5.9 inch in size though it may be large but the display quality is quite convincing. This display features an full HD resolution but many Smartphones in market has more resolution and quality than this phone but still the display is not that bad. This Huawei Mate 9 has a pixel density of 373 pixels per inch which will make the pictures or the display look good in our eyes.

Huawei Mate 9 Camera

The Huawei Mate 9 features an Lecia co developed dual lens camera with a sensor. This makes our expectations high on this phone. The software on a phone must be developed in such a way that it can use the phones camera to its potential limit. In the Huawei Mate 9 camera quality is really good and this camera has two lens the top lens has an 12 Megapixel which captures color brilliantly and the second lens which is an monochrome lens which is boosted to an 20 Megapixels. The optical image stabilization will do its job perfectly. This also has a laser autofocus which is quite quick in auto focusing on objects.

Huawei Mate 9 Processor

The new Huawei Mate 9 runs on a Huawei made latest octa Core Kirin 960 processor which has an 4Gb ram. The processor is quite powerful and scores well in the benchmark tests the software change or updating of the phone made is to make the phone or optimize the phone to run on the processor and show its full potential. This Huawei Mate 9 phone manages the background activity and data very efficiently. This Huawei Mate 9 phone is quite easy and really user friendly. The phones loaded apps perform well in the background and doesn’t crash. To be simple the phone looks good for using but only the looks might disappoint a few.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mono-Live Gadget Review:Skybuds Wireless Earbuds

Skybuds is the new wireless earbuds and is made by and marketed by the Alpha Audiotronics Company. The new Skybuds is very unique in design and the music quality is awesome compared with its competitors. The Skybuds earbuds is shipped with a carrying case which is quite big and very bulky to carry it everywhere.

This carrying case can be fitted at the back of your phone and it doesn’t fall of and this case is used for charging the Skybuds earbuds. This carrying case comes as the first disadvantage of the earbuds as this is fitted in the back of the phone and thus making the phone too bulky to be carried and this puts a question mark on whether Skybud is a pocket friendly earbud.

The pricing of the products is fixed at $250 which is really an high price, whereas you can get some more featured or an premium earbuds like Apple or Bragi under $200. Now let’s talk about the sound quality, if you are wearing a wireless earbud what would you feel and what are the features it has! This skybuds is very comfortable when wearing it at first but it feels very uncomfortable while wearing in a long stretch.

The sound quality is quite good compared to its competitors products in the same price range they have a good bass and has a smooth way inside our ears and this earphones does not sound flat. This skybud creates clear and awesome songs and the bass in songs is quite good. The skybud does digital processing which is done by the small sized earbuds which is responsible for giving high quality song and gives us a good feel when hearing an song if you do not want this feature you can turn it off in the Skybuds app and turning this feature off can increase its charge by one hour more.

When the wireless earbuds were introduced the main was to make an active connection between the device and the earbuds and thus pushing the sound quality to the last. Well now we have come a long way of connecting two or more devices and keeping the connection active thus now the sound quality is very important for us now.

The Skybuds is made up entirely plastic type material but it still looks quite simple shiny and smooth in hands and it does not fall of easily. The slim and sleek design is an plus point for this earbuds which is comfortable while wearing and its design prevents it from falling of quickly.


  1.  This Skybuds earphone has excellent sound 
  2.  Though the charging case is big still its quite good for the earbuds. 
  3.  This Skybuds earphone is very light because of its built quality. 
  4.  Overall the earbud is good and still it has to improve its battery life. 


  1.  The Bluetooth drops out quite often and disconnects and interrupts your audio. 
  2.  The Skybuds earbuds is very uncomfortable while wearing for a long stretch of time. 
  3.  The built quality is cheap although it looks like a premium earbud. 
  4.  Price of the earbud is very expensive compared to its competitors.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Camera without a Lens? Hitachi is on It


Hitachi Camera – Without Lenes

Hitachi has been working on developing cameras which does not seen to have lenses and the company claims that the images taken with the camera would be refocused after they are captured. They have announced the progress of a technology for digital camera which has the potential of capturing images without the use of a lens.

The intention is to make cameras much thinner as well as lighter, suitable for cars and mobile devices which could take minimum space. Another aspect is that of the robots – technology and Hitachi would be providing fewer limitations in placing of the cameras. As to Apple’s claim that eliminating the headphone jack permits bigger batteries as well as other parts to be placed in it. Hitachi states that the camera which utilises lensless tech would be much slimmer and lighter.

The lensless cameras are possible due to a pattern development technique known as `Moiré fringes’. Hitachi intends to utilise these cameras that tend to use this technology by 2018. The company also expects to use lensless photography in automated driving, vehicles as well as robotics.

Fourier Transform

With the help of investigation tech like CCTV, the images of individuals often tend to be blurred owing to low focal ranges. For instance, with Hitachi’s lensless camera tech, the still images would theoretically get adjusted on the fly from a range of depths in identifying individuals clearly.

The sensor has a film placed before it comprising of a pattern of concentric and when an image of the pattern is taken, it tends to cast a shadow due to the light which strikes it, on the sensor. Thereafter the shadow is captured by the sensor and overlaid on another pattern concentric just like the one place before the sensor at the time of the image process.

This tends to develop a moiré effect which is a kind of interference resulted by the two patterns touched. There is a possibility of using these data to reconstruct the concluding image by using the Fourier transform.

Capture Angle/Pattern of Light

Hitachi technology also tends to provide other benefits. In fact when the shutter tends to capture all the information connected to depth, it is capable of changing the point of focus after one has captured an image. The design of the Hitachi camera is unique since it tends to do double duty wherein it not only captures the images without the use of the lens but also captures depth information and focus that image after the fact.

Basically it tends to capture the angle and the pattern of the light which comes in the sensor that enables to change what is in focus after the detail by overlaying a another pattern over the captured shadow during processing.

We already other products which tend to provide the same function, for instance, the Lytro Illum and the difference in this case is the size which is more compact. The small range Xperia tends to have a bigger space. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact on offer from Amazon Marketplace to 369 euro or from Amazon at 419 euro.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Samsung Set To Remove Headphone Jack on Galaxy S8

It was a big surprise, as well as, made some hue and cry when iPhone have decided to take away the facility of the headphone jack of the iPhone and replacing the same with the headphones, which is connected to the charging port of the handset. While this has created lots of controversies, among the users; it has ridiculously described this awful act or move as a very courageous act. Now it appears that Samsung, the well-known competitor of the Apple, is trying to toeing almost the same line of action and might be removing the 3.5 mm audio port from their flagship set, the very rich Galaxy S8, which has already created some sorts of speculations.

According to industry insider; the most eminent set Galaxy S8 will be made public at the trade show of Mobile World Congress on February in 2017. Most importantly this specific Galaxy S8 phone will come with the unique provision of audio port, using the charging port of the same phone, which will be the exact replica of the action of iPhone 7. This means that users have to listen to the audio impact, either using an adaptor or by using the wireless headphones or with the help of specialized headphone that is connected to the charging port.

Important Issues

This aforementioned facility in Galaxy S8 will not allow the user to do the dual work of charging and listening to songs at a time, as the port of is same, therefore; it can only be done, if there is another external type separate adapter, which is having at least two ports. But it could be a little bit easier for the user of Galaxy S8, compared to iPhone 7 users, as the former will be having the facility of wireless charging, which will replenish the exhausted battery if that placed on the pad.

While the iPhone 7 is lacking a headphone jack, which had raised lots of eyebrows at the time of introduction, but after several weeks of use of this phone has become almost a non-issue for its potential users.

It can be noted that the absence of the extra port in Galaxy S8 allows the company, i.e., Apple to increase the size of the battery; it has improved the vibration feedback of the phone and make the set water resistant, which is considered as great advantages for any phone. It is quite evident that the Samsung will be following the footstep of the iPhone and get rids of the audio jack, which may make the phone a bit thinner than its predecessor.

Final Words

SamMobile has also reported that Samsung will be having stereo speakers in the Galaxy S8, which will improve the external quality of the audio output. It is also claimed that Samsung will remove the home button from the upcoming Galaxy S8 and replaced with a fingerprint sensor implanted in the unique display.

These unique provisions, in association with the curved screen of the device, will be covering the entire façade of the device; a design concept that may be considered by Apple in their upcoming iPhone 8.

Monday, 24 October 2016

13 Hidden Features in Google Pixel Phone You Won’t Find in Any Manual

Pixel Phone

The unique features and overall look of the Google’s maiden smartphone is a real blend of glass and metal, which may be considered as one of the most sophisticated assets of any potential user and the envy of others. There are lots of shortcuts, useful features and above all, some exciting extras, which made the phone a pride-catch for any individual. Some of the most exhilarating and useful features of this Google’s first phone, the Pixel, are as follows:

  1. Fastness: This phone is considered as one of the fastest phones and the performance is so electrifying that it can operate in a record time, without touching the screen. Just by tapping and swiping down the fingerprint sensor at the rear, the phone can be unlocked and reveal the notifications. 
  2. Taking Trivia: The Google Assistant knowing it better and having the ability to perform the test of the user’s knowledge, such as; if you ask the phone to play the interesting “Lucky Trivia”, it will ask five trivia question, to be answered by you. 
  3. Instant Photo: The impressive inbuilt camera can be opened up, just by double clicking of the button for instant opening and click. 
  4. Hidden Shortcuts: Not only is the phone itself but the apps also having some of the most interesting hidden shortcuts, which help in the easy operation. 
  5. Less Hidden Shortcuts: If the user wants to make any shortcut easier, he can do so just by dragging the same to the Home screen permanently. 
  6. GIFs of Real-Life: The Pixel camera has the unique ability to save the individual photo and also having the capability of turning these photos as animated GIF separately. 
  7. Too Many GIFs: In addition to the real life GIFs, this phone has the unique and hidden feature, which helps in categorizing of animated photo to a great extent. 
  8. Photo Tweaks: The Pixel is one of the most advantageous features of the phone, which helps the user to have the control of focus, just by holding the finger on the screen, to make the photos brighter and sharper. 
  9. Selfie Smart: The stealthy and swift switching mode is the cameras, is the basic characteristic of the Google’s phone and it’s the handiest for the user in getting intended pictures. 
  10. Smart Storage: The uniqueness of this phone is; the unlimited storing capacity of all photos and captured videos. This is possible by automatic deletion of older backup photos, as when required. 
  11. Reminder: The reminding option is a very important feature of this phone, which reminds the user with go-to-bed and other notifications, with proper synchronization. 
  12. Just Be Quiet: If any user doesn’t want to get notified about any call or messages; he can simply use the feature “Do Not Disturb”, which will block all sorts of beeps and rings for an hour. 
  13. Not The Only Guide: One can access an expert, in case it is needed, just by tapping the Support tab in the prominent setting menu for a phone conversation or text chatting.  

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Google Reveals Pixel Phone

Google Pixel Phone

Google’s New Smartphone Under Pixel Brand

Alphabet’s Google is likely to reveal the new smartphones at an event held on Tuesday which is said to be the latest attempt by the company to sell consumers on Google patented device as well as to test Apple AAPL 0.43% at the high end of the market. Analysts have predicted that the San Francisco product launch would be showcasing the other hardware initiatives of Google GOOGL 0.30% comprising of voice-controlled speaker system known as Home with a view to contest’s AMZN – 0.32% Echo device together with a virtual reality headset.

The most enthusiastically awaited smartphone released under the Pixel brand will be replacing the Nexus line. Though most of the vendors besides Apple tend to use Google’s Android operating system, the company has been toying with several methods in building its own hardware without isolating the manufacturers. Since 2010, Google has sold Nexus phones though the devices have attained little power in the market controlled by Samsung Electronic SSNLF 24.00%. The analysts are of the opinion that the uninspiring sales is due to poor distribution since the phone are not naturally available through the network carrier which most of the U.S. network consumers tend to depend on.

Google – End-to-End Experience

Google had also owned the Motorola smartphone business temporarily before selling it to the Lenovo Group.Google had to struggle to make a distinction with its devices since its mobile software had been made available very extensively according to analyst Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research.

He added that Google wanted to have this end-to-end experience though it was not clear that people really wanted that. The cost of the new Pixel phone is likely to be over $6000, which makes them at the high end of the market where Apple is said to be the prominent competitor.

Dawson seems to be more optimistic regarding the Home device which was unveiled at the developer conference of the company this year that tends to work with home entertainment systems, responding to voice commands. The device is said to signify a significant move in an escalating battle with Google and the other tech giants in launching the dominant `digital assistant’.

Alexa/Siri – Competing for Control

Alexa, Google Assistant of Amazon and Siri of Apply have been competing for control since most of the individuals tend to search the web making online purchases through voice commands that could ultimately replace keyboards as well as touch screens as the main means of monitoring digital devices. Though Amazon had been the first to market, Google could take over most of the sales in the nascent category, as per Dawson.

However with smartphones, the distribution could be a challenge.He also added that Amazon had the benefit of being capable of putting this on the home page of the biggest e-commerce site in the world. Ben Bajarin analyst of Creative Strategies stated that he too anticipates Google to discuss its virtual reality headset, Daydream at the event.

He also commented that the company would also disclose plans of combining its Chrome operating system for laptops as well as its Android mobile software thereby assist developers in building more devices.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Razer Reinvents Mechanical Keyboards for an iPad World


Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

The Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case which is featured in the iPad Pro tends to have a straightforward name though its internals is quite different. The well-considered gaming hardware company has discovered an option to imitate the feel of a full-size mechanical keyboard which is intended to be paired with a tablet, though a huge one. Technically and theoretically, it seems to be an impressive achievement.

Presently, several of the keyboards seem to be mechanical. Beneath the keys of a membrane keyboards tends to be thin sheets of plastic, dotted by small rubber domes under each key, With every stroke on the key, a rubber switch seems to push through the membranes thus developing an electrical circuit which sends a signal to the computer.

There are several advantages to this though the most essential one is the size. Membrane keyboards could be much thinner than the mechanical one which tends to make them impeccable for laptops as well as tablet keyboards where transportability could be easy. Each key of a mechanical keyboard in comparison goes along with an actual, physical switch. On pressing a key, the switch inclines to go down and the keyboard then relays that particular letter or number of tilda to the computer.

Leading Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX

The keys are likely to offer more resistance since there is definite mechanical actuation taking place beneath the surface. Moreover, it also tends to need less work and instead of having to press all the way down through the membrane layers, the keys seem to travel a shorter distance for a hit to roll. Presently the leading mechanical keyboard switch is Cherry MX which has a few varieties that differ typically with regards to actuation, firmness needed to complete a press.

 Though recently, Razer has entered the fray with focus on gamers. Kushal Tandon of Razer has stated that when they planned to design and develop a whole new switch for gaming they had looked at it from the ground up, at redesigning and re-engineering what was predominantly, `80s technology, making it to meet the requirements and demands of gamers.

The Razer Black Window, the subsequent keyboard, has been well studied since its announcement in 2014 and it was not long before Razer had begun contemplating on how to achieve a similar mechanical effect in a slimmer form element. That could be somewhat the reason since the next generation of computing would be requiring new tools to go with it since the Razer engineers desired the comforting click-clack of their keystrokes on any device they would be utilising.

Recreating Experience of Full-Fledged Mechanical Keyboard

Tandon had mentioned that the performance was certainly increasing and the form factor of tablet is shrinking. But the single purpose of actually designing the product for the Apple iPad Pro is simply because as gamers they make product which they prefer to use. They miss a mechanical keyboard when they walk around with the iPad Pro.

Razer had settled on the best thing of recreating the experience of a full-fledged mechanical keyboard except the actual mechanics. The Razer releases a satisfying click with each press, with each keystroke providing a satisfying amount of resistance. The keyboard lights up where each key is lit by an individual LED.

Beside this, there are iPad Pro-specific keys which are built-in as one in the upper left hand area which ends you out of an app and another takes you to the home screen of the iPad. A small icon towards the top of the keyboard locks the iPad and the magnifying glass near it takes you directly to Spotlight search.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

iPhone 7: The Top 11 Possible New Features

Apple is organizing the release of the iPhone 7 in September and the next generation of its flagship handset is anticipated to have a multitude of latest features comprising of an enhanced camera, faster processor with no headphone jack. As the Silicon Valley giant seems to prepare to unveil the devices in September. Some of the top features which the iPhone 7 would have and probably would be introduced are:

1. Improved Camera

As per rumours regarding the iPhone 7 the handset is said to be provided with a bigger camera. Some images have implied that the iPhone 7 Plus would have a dual-lens camera together with a smaller 4.7-inch handset, a much larger with extended camera lens. The upgraded camera is said to be one of the biggest draws of the new phone

2. Eradicating the home button

It has been recommended that Apple would be eliminating the home button entirely on the iPhone 7 and would replace it with a fingerprint scanner beneath the screen. Recently the company had filed a patent for technology which would enable this modification signifying that it is in the works though is not likely to be ready in time for the release of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 on the contrary would have pressure sensitive home button which seems to work just as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus `3D Touch’ display. It had been confirmed by Bloomberg that the change that would be in the physical switch home button replaced with haptic feedback technology, is in the process. The recommendation also seemed to support as raft of changes to the home screen of the iPhone in iOS 10, which is the latest version of the mobile software of Apple, due to be shipped together with the phone.

3. Abandoning the headphone jack 

Another rumour regarding the iPhone 7is that Apple would be abandoning the 3.5mm headphone jack. The possible controversial decision would render millions of users’ headphones out-dated since the company compels a shift to wireless headphone or those which tend to connect to the Lightning port of the phone. Doing away with the 50-year-old jack would enable Apple to make the iPhone 7, 1mm slimmer than the iPhone 6s. Considering the history of Apple in reducing out-dated technology from its devices, inclusive of the laptop DVD drive, Adobe Flash and removable phone batteries, it is expected that the Silicon Valley giant would drop this one too.

4. Water-resistant iPhone 

Apple has left evidence in the iOS 10 beta which indicates that the iPhone 7 would be water-resistant. A new feature in the software informs the user not to plug the iPhone’s Lightning charging cable in, whenever liquid has been identified. It has been pointed out that the feature resembles the waterproof phones that had been launched by the manufacturers.

5. Fast charging 

According to Twitter user the Malignant, it states that technology which enables smartphones to gain hours of use in just minutes of charging could be added to the iPhone 7. The enhanced charging would present `five volt two ampscharge’, basically magnifying the electrical currents in the iPhone 6s.

6. Bigger battery

Rumours have indicated that the iPhone 7 would have a 1735 mAH battery capacity while the iPhone 7 Plus, a 2810 mAH, up from 1715 mAH and 2750 mAH individually. Battery life is said to be the main issue against the iPhone and to address the same, Apple has introduced the `Low Power Mode’ in iOS 9. An upgrade in hardware may be probable as the company tends to move towards a longer battery life in its iPhone devices.

7. Faster processor 

The next instalment of iPhone series that would be even more powerful than the high speed iPad Pro is said to run on a new A10 chip which could be faster by 50% than the prevailing A9X having a 3GB of RAM and a 2.37GHZ processor. Various sources have recommended that the phone would be having 3GB of RAM while the present model tends to have 2GB.

8. Third `Pro’ model

The first two versions of iPhone had been released at the same time by Apple in 2013 when it had revealed the iPhone 5s together with the more affordable iPhone 5c. Thereafter it had released two new handset a year later in 2014 with the launch of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s with the 5.5-inch 6s Plus. This year, the company would be going a step further with the release of three versions of the handset.

9. Different colours 

Last year the release of the `Rose Gold version of the iPhone seemed to be very popular since the gold did when it had been first introduced with the 5s in 2013. Considering the forthcoming schedule of handset would be fairly identical to the last two generations, Apple would release a new set of colours to attract its customers for an upgrade.

10. Retina scanner

Apple could activate the biometric security features on the iPhone 7with the introduction of a retina scanner or face recognition software. The company has not made any major modifications to its biometric technology since the launch of `Touch ID’ with the iPhone 5s in 2013. The competitors of Apple have begun experimenting with more biometric features like the retina scanner on the Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung and the selfie login in Windows 10 anniversary update of Microsoft.

11. Return to the all-glass iPhone 

Doing away with the aluminium case back to the all-glass one would be a very severe redesign for Apple and the chances of it taking place someday seems to be very high. One of the manufacturing companies which Apple seems to work closely with has been developing an all-glass case for its smartphones. However it is very doubtful that the device would be the handset which Apple opts to revert with. On the contrary it would possibly save this type of a change for the 10 year anniversary edition of the iPhone which is said to be released in 2017.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Self Driving Two Person 'Cyclotron' Bike


Cyclotron Maintains Stability Utilising Gyroscope

Focus on automated vehicles has been directed towards cars and trucks. The ultramodern concept vehicle dubbed the Cyclotron tends to transport two passengers at a time and does nothave to worry about the road ahead.

The designs for the two wheeler looks like a cross between the vehicles from Sci-Fi movies Tron and Minority Report, which demonstrates a face to face ride where the passengers can get familiar while touring the city.Charles Bombardier, a mechanical engineer had explained in an article for a website that the concept vehicle would maintain stability utilising a gyroscope, which would keep it upright in spite of it coming to a halt.He commented that two passenger could sit facing each other with a rare opportunity to relax, converse or get to know one another.

The purpose of the electric vehicle design is to minimize the human footprint and would be capable of running in every season with the electric motor driving both wheels for enhanced traction during winter. Bombardier had developed the concept with industrial designer Ashish Thulkar and had explained that the design had been inspired by the Tron light cycle and the C1 prototype vehicle from Lit Motors.

Adjustable Seats – Adequate Space for Leg/Head

Cyclotron tends to recharge wirelessly and could probably buy as well as sell electricity in real time based on price fluctuations with the other vehicles. The interior of the vehicle seems to be a bit cosy with its two passengers seated face to face.

The adding of adjustable seats can ensure adequate space for leg and head with the passenger getting in and out through the butterfly doors, which makes the concept bike, appear like a high-tech insect. Bombardier, in his blog sets a number of concept vehicles intended at inspiring the future generations of designers. Over 200 concept cars together with bikes, planes, trains and space vehicles had been considered with industrial engineers from across the world.

Even after Tron hit cinemas for three decades, its effect on the advanced design indicates no signs of slackening down. The Cyclotron bicycle tends to borrow the look as well as the name from the science-fiction film with a design which has been unmistakably centred on the Light Cycle especially its two illuminated spokeless wheels.

Wheels Hubless – Utility Slot Modules

Moreover, the visually striking wheels `radiances’ tend to turn by themselves on in low-light conditions, helping as an additional safety measure by increasing the visibility. This seems to last for eight hours only on battery alone. The red laser lines can project rearward to mark a bike lane for precaution. The wheels seem to be hubless enabling what according to the designers is known as USMs or Utility Slot Modules, which are said to be storing vessels intended to fit within the wheel where the spokes could be in the traditional wheel.

Though it seems to be a great concept, it is left to be seen how the additional mass in the wheel would affect the gyroscopic effect. The base of the Cyclotron is said to be a manual 12-speed though the top-of-the line model tends to provide more secrecy along with an electronic gearbox which seems to move under a fifth of a second even when it seems to halt. Those who prefer to enjoy the ride could enable an automatic mode wherein the gearbox tends to do all the shifting for you.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How the World’s Thinnest Laptop Measures Up to the MacBook Air


HP Spectre – Thinnest Laptop – Impressive Machine

The HP’s Spectre laptop the thinnest laptop in the world is said to be only 0.3cm thinner than the MacBook Air and is considered to be one impressive machine. The HP Spectre is 1.4cm thick weighing around 1.1 kg while the 13” MacBook Air is said to be 1.7cm thick and weighs 1.8 kg. Overlooking the minor variances with regards to dimensions and weight, HP Spectre has taken the technology and the design to an incomparable level.

The MacBook tends to have simple design with all the laptops of the tech company, in silver, pink, grey or gold casing with the Apple logo towards the centre of the lid. But the HP Spectre has utilised artisan materials together with outstanding skill in the creations of an expensive looking device.

Carbon fibre and aluminium skill has been used in the device with a two-tone finish on the gold-coloured spine which is the first thing appealing to the eye. The HP logo in gold towards the centre of the lid is also attractive against the black background. The piston hinges cleverly crafted that have been used to life and lower the display, have been hidden within the laptop when the lid is closed.

Vulnerable to Fingerprints

The golden spine is said to be vulnerable to fingerprints and those with OCD could find their finish to be troublesome in keeping it spotless. While the Apple’s MacBook is driven by a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, the HP Spectre is said to have a 2,5GHz 6th Gen Intel Core i5 as well as i7 processors which means that the Spectre is somewhat faster with regards to the daily task and is also equipped better to handle additional complex things like editing images or video.

The manufacturer has utilised breakthrough hyperbaric cooling technology to ensure that the HP Spectre is capable of handling the performance provided by the i7 processor without overheating, which tends to actively draw in cool air, instead of just venting out heat.

Both the laptops are said to come with full size, backlit keyboards together with all-glass trackpad that seem to have little to no variance in its functions. Besides this both the laptops tend to have 8GB of memory and also have standard 256GB of storage that can be organized to 512GB flash storage.

Operating System Differs

The MacBook Air tends to have a slightly improved battery life of up to 12 hours while the HP Spectre seems to have only nine hours. With regards to audio, the MacBook Air has the standard stereo speakers that have been utilised by Apple.

The HP Spectre on the contrary tends to have stereo speaker custom-tuned in partnership with specialists at Bang & Olufsen. The speakers is stated to have an audio boost giving outstanding clarity as well as more dynamic sound and on using both the devices, the HP is said to be much more remarkable.

Apparently the operating system tends to differ with MacBook utilising OS X and the HP Spectre utilising Windows 10 and the connectivity provided by the devices also tend to differ. The MacBook Air has two USB 3 ports, a thunderbolt 2 port and a MagSafe 2 power port together with a headphone jack.

 The HP Spectre, on the flip side has opted for three USB Type-C ports, which is a next generation industry standard providing ultra-fast data transfer speed along with device charging and video output.