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Friday, 1 July 2016

Avanti Headphones have the Sound to Match their Excellent Design


Moshi’s Pair of Lustrous Looking Ear Headphones

It is not difficult nowadays to locate headphones with excellent performance across the range of frequency and Avanti seems to be an appropriate choice. Moshi, an audio company has created a niche for itself in making accessories for all kinds of portable devices and during the CES earlier this year had come up with their pair of lustrous looking Avanti ear headphones. Its styling is amazing considering the company’s taste in crafting attractive accessories.

They seem to be more compact over the ears than the average ones and the thin metal headband is said to be lightweight though padded adequately for comfort. It comprises of a hinge mechanism which enables the headphones to fold in for compressed storage. The gentle clamping force, soft foam pads and being light weight enables the user to have them on for a longer period without the feeling of discomfort.

Besides this they are somewhat angled to conform to the shape of your ear which probably backed the ability of noise-blocking. With ergonomics in mind, the ear headphones enable the user to enjoy their favourite track for hours without getting tired. Its curved headband is designed to place the soft adjustable earcups, forming a precise, noise-isolation seal while applying the least pressure on the ears.

Headphone Radiate Refined Luxury

Made from stainless steel together with soft leatherette, the headphone tends to radiate refined luxury in a uniquely discreet design.Though the designs of Avanti is said to be light and compact, high efficiency 40mm drivers tends to deliver a full bodied sound which competes the audio quality of bigger headsets. Its bass is said to be succinct though smooth while the mids/highs can be tuned to offer sophisticated as well as immersive soundstage with wide vibrant range.

Mids seemed to be raised nicely and the tame bass means that there is no blow up to the sound. Instruments surrounding the midrange such as cello as well as the electric guitar tend to present excellent timbre, which make them sound more realistic than one would expect from headphones of such highs. Highs on the other hand are more disruptive and one should ensure that you are listening to high quality source.

Highs/Mids – Amazing Brightness/Balance

These headphones seem to be some of the better over the ear headphones providing a vast soundstage for something so small. The box like the headphone does not have anything which is unnecessary and its neat design is something which has been carefully speculated at every turn. On flipping the top case open, one is greeted with an illustration on the flap which tends to look like it has come from a museum accompanied by an elegant carrying case which looks classy with a case, a cable and a toilet paper square worth of instructions.

Marked Right/Left, the headphones folds up for a good compact unit while travelling. The cable and the mic tend to work well though the remote seems to lack a bit with no volume control, with only just stop/reverse/forward track. The highs and the mids tend to have an amazing brightness which balances with one another while the bass though present is not overpowering. If one seems to be looking for elegant headphones for comfort while travelling as well as ideal for multiple varieties, then the Avanti is the perfect choice which are priced $199.00.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

AK TI8e: The Most Luxurious Headphones in the World

Expensive and luxurious aren’t new as we have already seen gold plated iPhones, iPads, other Smartphones and even Smartwatches. But time is taking a different turn as Astell & Kerns launches their ambitious pair of headphones AK Ti8e which aim to bring highest level of technology in a different manner.

Astell & Kern latest headphones AK Ti8e encompass a cutting edge technology which has never been seen before to deliver crystal clear sound to the ardent music lovers at a price tag of whooping £800. Furthermore, the cord of this unique earphone is made up of Kevlar, which is the same ultra durable material used in developing bulletproof vest.

AK TI8e headphones turn the head at IFA event

Astell & Kern has launched its one of kind headphones named AK Ti8e headphones at the ongoing IFA event in Berlin. This headphone doesn’t resemble much different from any other ordinary pair but it boasts of a remarkable technology which has never been seen before in headphones. It features the Beyer dynamic Tesla Technology, which is essentially named after Nikola Tesla who has pioneered the alternating current. 

Astell & Kerns has gone with an oval shaped mould designs and a highly elegant cable with superior durable material. The cables have to go over the ears in this case in order to avoid any kind of pull. The earphones are coupled with silicones and Comply foam buds, which ensure that it remains inside the ears perfectly.

Features of AK Ti8e headphones

AK Ti8e will come with a toughed Kevlar 3.5mm cable along with a balanced cable of 2.5 mm audio jack, which will allow users to use AK players. It will also possess a highly powerful ring magnet, which happens to be 16 times smaller than earlier Tesla technology.

This will allow the AK Ti8e headphones to render a crystal clear sound to the listeners. Developers had made a great effort to remove the crossover filters inside the headphones through the use of new Tesla technology which has resulted in producing clear sound devoid of any distort speech or music recording.

AK Ti8e is designed to offer a wholesome listening experience to the users by easily integrating any of sound choices from the highest trebles to the deeper bass.

Hand built headphones to offer incredible music

Astell & Kern had worked hard on the detachable cable to ensure it possesses the highest level of durability. This AK Ti8e headphones cord is made up of Kevlar, which allows it easily to endure as many as 40,000 bending cycles, which essentially help in increasing the durability of the product. User will never have to be concerned about putting this headphone in their pockets being curled up as many times as possible.

Astell & Kern has given a large emphasis on merchandising and packaging as this headphone command a great price tag of £800. It will be hand built at the Beyerdynamics’s factory in Germany and this headphone will come in a dashing leather case. In accessories section, users will get eight different choices of ear buds to pair with the earphones, which offer a secure and comfortable wear to the listeners.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Glow Headphones Will Beam Light, Pulse to Your Heartbeat

Innovation and advancement never tends to stop in the field of technology and mainly in the consumer product category. Innovators had turned their head towards making the music products much sleeker and smarter and charming in every way possible. Headphones had long been in fashion for listening to the music and other entertaining purposes based on sound. A new start-up named Glow LLC had launched an innovative headphone on Kickstarter which can glow as per the beat of music.

How The Headphones Glow

This new range of smart headphone is using an amazing new product called Corning Fibrance which is essentially a light-diffusing glass optical fibre. This fibre could be crafted into extremely thin, flexible and could emit beautifully vibrant light. Glow had used this Fibrance to pulse the diffused laser light as per the pulse to the beat of your music. Glowing headphone simply brings the visual beauty in user’s inner music world with a glow.

Features Of The Glow Headphone

The Glow team had worked hard on providing a glowing headphone with added features. These headphones boast a wide range of awesome feature for the Android users. Glow headphones give a 5-way remote which allows users to control the music and forward it through tracks like other headphones. Along with that this remote even allows users to take pictures and reply to different texts. This headphone even integrates the Google Now, Google Play Music and Pandora which could controlled with users phones via voice. Furthermore users can even handle voice calls by clicking on the center button of the headphone.

Kickstrater Funding Is Vital In Providing More Features

Glow already possesses a wide number of features but Glow LLC is vying to include more with better funding opportunities. Glow had kept some distinct goals ahead of itself on Kicstarter which would help in bringing in more functionality. If they could generate funding of $300,000 then it could provide an intuitive carrying case for keeping headphones safe. On reaching $500,000 Glow will be able to hire developer to make glow headphones integrated with Apple iOS platform. Finally on getting $750,000 Glow will be able to bring in Glow To Motion feature to its headphones which allows headphones to glow as per the pulse of the steps and movements. At $1,000,000 Glow would bring in a feature which lets the headphones glow as per the beat of user’s heart.

Glow Headphones Likely To Find Fans Globally

Glow can illuminates for over eight hours and gets charged extremely quickly via micro-USB in 30 minutes. This headphone even lets the user’s listen to music when battery runs out. Glow had invested highly in procuring the best quality sound by working with Knowles which is known as making audio parts for major manufacturers like Sennheiser. However it is yet to be seen whether glowing light and other functionality happens to perform perfectly in real time conditions but it is getting fans and appreciation from others and it is also getting more funding each passing moment.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Both the Virtual Reality Headsets Will Be Bought State the Oculus Rift Leaders

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift is creating a couple of headsets , where one is for the company and other for Samsung but they are pretty sure that people will barge in to buy both the headsets as stated by Oculus rift creator Palmer Luckey. Still, a market releasing date has not been fixed but it has already been predicted that customers will want to put their hands into both the products and make it their own. The company has been stating the fact that these two products are not competing against each other but are rather complimenting.

Looking into the matter:-

  • The company has been saying that these two devices with different names are the potentially for the same person.
  • The company announced a partnership with Samsung for the creation of Gear IV, a headset that will be in synchronisation for the Galaxy Note 4 tablet due for release as of now.
  • Gear IV has been predicted to be a more open and easier option to use than the Oculus rift regular headset although the company has kept the same approach for both the headsets stating that almost the same products are sold under different brand names.
  • What is cool with this new invention is its freeness. Mobile does present you with a number of advantages when you are unwired and simplifies the using procedures. This device is much easier to carry and give a watch out to your friends.
  • The company’s major aim has always been to get more people into the virtual reality thing and giving them a real feel of it. Oculus has been working since a longer time to provide people with a mobile experience. It has to be said that John Carmack has been instrumental in making this virtual reality come into the market and to the people via Oculus. Also, credit has been given to Samsung for using a screen known as AMOLED that is found in its phones and tablets allowing to visualise low latency images that is not possible in the traditional LCD screens. This is of much importance as with a greater extent of latency you will find you head moving in random with screen and might create motion sickness in some users’ .A big reason for Oculus rift to partner for a Galaxy Note 4 gadget productions.
Things needed to be seen:- 

Even though Oculus rift has been saying that people would go for both the products and would like to have both of them, only time is going to tell us as to which one is the best or is the company’s view really very truthful!!!! It’s still some time away from getting into the market and until it comes no review can be made upon just prediction. Oculus has had some major qualifications with its regular headset before and thus, a very high quality product is typically expected. It would be amazing if Oculus rift and Samsung Galaxy Note screen become virtually super compatible.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Intel Inside Your Headphones

Intel is the best company known for developing high class processors and certain electronic chips that are used in 90% of laptops and other electronic gadgets. Intel has always tried to develop something different. The i-core processors are the best examples. So Intel has always created interesting stuffs and now it is developing the ear buds that are used in the earphones or headsets. So these ear buds are not same as before but it’s really different as it will detect the user’s heart rates. This news was announced on Friday that Intel is collaborating with rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's SMS Audio to create and develop this amazing smart ear bud that will take care of user’s health by detecting his heart rates.

The SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones will be having an earhook and this earhook will be driven or powered by the user's phone that is smart phone. The best part about this is that it will not only be water-resistantbut alsosweat-resistant. These smart ear buds will be offered by SMS Audio in Q4. The rate is not yet announced but is expected very soon.

Bill Calder who is one the representative of Intel says that it is really a unique product as compared to other earphones in the market and no batter is required to run it and that’s the biggest punch.

These BioSport earphones will be well-suited and compatible with the fitness application Run keeper for not only android smart phones but also for iPhones. And in future it will also support some other applicatons related to health and fitness. And these ear designed in such a way that it will work with any kind of smart android phones available. It is wired instead of Bluetooth because wired ear bud will not require any kind of power source for its charging.

The earbuds will have infrared optical sensors that will display the pulsing of the skin inside the user's ear. It was designed and developed in this way because it is static inside the ear so additional motion sensors are not at all required. The earbuds also have an accelerometer which will track user’s motion and that corrects for gestures and motions like for example users shaking their heads.

The data will be captured by these earbuds of the headphones and this data will be communicated to user’s smart phone that will show the analysis and processing of motions.

The final decisions have been taken regarding the product design and let’s hope that it will be in the market soon. So this is basically related to the health and people who are really serious about their health analysis then it’s a must buy for them. It’s just the beginning for Intel and they said that they can do much more with their technology and related procurements.

Gartner's Blausays that it looks like a fun device but at the same time it is also very useful product for health conscious people. He also said that the success of this product is based on branding, budgets and how well it works.

So overall Intel is really going to give the world an amazing and technology driven product that will change the lifestyle of people. So let’s hope that it will be launched soon in the market.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Bose QuietComfort 20i Best Headphones Against Noise

Usually in-ear headphones; Models with noise-canceling system are very uncomfortable. But the Bose QuietComfort 20i refutes this prejudice and reduces the ambient noise. This indeed very great! With its unique silicone fitting pieces Bose QC20i sit very comfortably in the ear cups. But Bose requires 300 Euros for its QC20i. For this price tag, the American manufacturer also offers a lot. The comfort is excellent, for example, unlike conventional ear headphones, the Bose plugs are not pressed deep into the ear canals. Instead, they lie outside the ear, much like the classic iPod or iPhone headphones.

 Thanks to special silicone mold they sit soft and precisely fit in the ears. A small nozzle directs the bass safely towards the ear canal, rather than to let slip away to the side, like in the old iPod earphones. Small silicone sheets keep the Bose headphones in the ears. In a hands-free microphone cable with answer key is included. Class: Bose offers two variants - the QC20 is suitable for smart phones with Android, BlackBerry and Windows operating system, QC20i specifically for the iPhone which has additional volume control buttons on the hands free microphone.

The electronics box behind controls the excellent noise reduction. Further down the cable, just before the connector, dangles a small flat electronic box about five millimeters thick. Two tiny microphones in each of the two earplugs register any sounds that do not belong to the current music. The electronics to calculate exactly opposite vibrations and passes them through the headphones again. Noise and counter- noise cancel each other out, the music remains. Or when the Smartphone pauses heavenly peace. The effect of noise reduction is amazing and almost ghostly.

Whether calls from sitting next heavy traffic noise or droning turbines: The Bose filters everything away. If that is too hard, switch to the “Attention" mode. Then the effect is similar to other noise-canceling models, leaving Language audible. So you do not miss announcements in the train station or airport. Firmly built into the box in the test battery lasted about 16 hours. The noise reduction was reflected by a slight noise floor. You hear it but only in a very quiet environment. Other side effects such as fluctuating volume were not audible.

The maximum volume is more than sufficient to standard Smartphones, distortions do not make their presence felt. The Bose works even the noise-canceling. The sound quality from the Bose convinced compared with Sony XBA -3 which reveals more detail in the music and hear sounds clearer, but will be without noise reduction. Here is as “real" in-ear model and uncomfortable in the long run not for everyone. The sound of the Bose contrast appears warmer and softer, but less detailed. The bass is full and clean at the listener, because booms that deafened nothing. Thus, the Bose is pleasant and unobtrusive even on long journeys. And very important: he voices are again pure and natural.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Xtreme Xplosives headphones from JVC for Smartphones

The headphone models HA MR55X and HA SR44X are the new “Xtreme Xplosives" series JVC developed specifically for use on Smartphones. They are compatible with Android devices and iPhones. The new headphones Xplosives the Xtreme series from JVC is specifically aimed at Smartphone users. The two sturdy constructed Xtreme Xplosives headphones HA-SR44X & HA-MR55X and have an integrated one-button remote control and a built-in microphone. So they can be used as a headset for Smartphones. The 1.2-meter-long cable is made of pure copper and has a gold-plated 3.5-millimeter Jack. Both models are upholstered with a headband and provide secure and comfortable fit on the head. So they are also suitable for jogging or walking. Both of these models do not differ externally but, the HA MR55X is of 69.90 Euros and is the more expensive model. The reason is it is equipped with 50-millimeter neodymium drive units. The HA SR44X has only about 40 mm neodymium drive units and costs 49.90 Euros.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

A fixed phone line to connect the family

Since the popularization of mobile phones, fixed phones are put away, gradually becoming an instrument deemed unnecessary. Several designers, including Tom Hunt, however, try to renew the genre. Home Phone's main task is to maintain contact between each member of the family. In the heart of the house, he uses the internet to contact various family members via their mobile phone or computer. 


Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sinus Blue tooth headphones and speakers

Why choose between headphones and portable speakers when you can see both at once? This is what the German designer Tino Klaehn with its concept called SinusSinus is a dual-function concept as often seen in recent times. Posing as a headset design, it can turn into speakers at any time. The aesthetic is at the forefront with this ultra-modern helmet declined in several versions for different reasons.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The noise-canceling headphones

Asus has announced the availability of the old continent NC1 earmuffs that would be able to block 87% of outside noise according to the firm that uses a system powered by one AAA battery and which has a range of 100 hz.