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Friday, 24 February 2017

Long Lasting Flow Battery Could Run For More Than a Decade

Flow Battery
Everyone on this planet is acquainted with a gadget that runs on battery. The most frequent use of gadgets that require battery backups are smartphones, laptops and many more. The one who are using them are well acquainted with the trouble of charging it because as we start to use the gadget more frequently, the capacity of the battery begins to retard. But, now you can be saved from the hassle of frequent charging as the researchers present at Harvard after a long research have developed a battery that will run for more than a decade relieving you from the trouble of frequent charging. The problem of longevity is a very big problem of the devices that run on battery. As in due course of time they simply wear out.

The man who is behind the idea of such an invention, Michael Aziz, professor of Materials and Energy Technologies at Harvard have said that Lithium batteries do not even stay up to the time period that they promise to stay for. They do not even live up to 1000 complete charge or discharge cycle. Whereas, the battery which is just developed that promises utmost longevity loses only a single percent of its durability after being charged thousand times.

The whole crux behind this innovative battery is the presence of a flow battery concept which is powered by two components that have a chemical base that too soaked and dissolved in a liquid that are made to be pumped via the battery system. These flow batteries accumulate the energy in the external tanks, the more big is this tank the more energy will be derived from it.

Since, the electrolytes are made to be dissolved in the neutral water, this is the most durable battery evolved till date that you can even keep in your basement. This was confirmed by Roy Gordon who was studying the whole process side by side. It is further said that if its gets spilled on the floor, it would not damage the concrete and since the medium is noncorrosive, you are free even to use cheaper materials to add up to the components of the batteries like tanks or pumps.

Compound ferrocene is the key element used in the battery which is known for its electrochemical properties and also has the touch of gasoline. A post doctorate student Eugene Beh have confirmed that ferrocene is the ultimate material that works remarkably to store charge, which makes it the most reliable battery of all times.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Twitter Rolls Out New Anti Abuse Tools

Digitalization has both the pros and the cons, it is up to the general mass how they utilize this available technology. We are all aware of the fact that social networking sites are very beneficial in order to stay in touch with those who stay far from us in terms of physical existence but the psychological ties are very strong. But, we need to consider this point that besides this added advantage it also carries a lot of disadvantages that leads to several cyber crimes that has become so frequent these days and people are addressing these social networking sites as abusive instead of considering them as a boon.

Almost every social networking site are experiencing these abuses and in lieu to this Twitter has recently announced certain changes that will protect its users against any piracy. There account and personal details will now be secured against all hacking software. In this way though absolute security is not ensured but the abuses can be curbed to a larger extent.

Twitter has mainly announced three major changes, that will be applicable within few weeks. It is also taking measures to permanently stop granting new accounts to those who have been suspended for any suspicious deed. CEO of Twitter have said that the approach they are opting for is absolutely new and will permit more open spaces to its users.

If any abusive reply on any tweet is discovered then the account from which the comment has come will be discarded. This does not mean that tweets will be removed entirely but the user can control the setting and can take charge of the fact that which tweet will be projected on their accounts. In this the account holder will be responsible for all the activities that are being projected on and from their account.

The users will now be able to block or erase certain words or phrase that they do not find appropriate and hence would not be able to see any notification about any unethical tweet or conversation. In this way anyone who finds any comment uncomfortable can immediately take action against it. You can also use block buttons to completely restrict all sorts of connection with the person you find abusive.

Twitter will also have to look into the issue of lacking interest among the buyers as this would lead to lesser profit and in the long run night cripple the entire working system of this social networking site. News have been reported that Google, Apple as well as Disney were interested but now all the application from twitter is falling on deaf ears as it seems that they are no longer interested in having any exchanges with twitter and to put it correctly the abuses that twitter is facing in terms of its security policy is turning away everyone to get in to any sort of venture with twitter as that might stain their reputation in the industry.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Facebook Creates 'Community Help' Feature for Disaster Assistance

REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer
Providing amenities to the people at the time of need is the noblest job that one can think of. We know that Social networking sites is the ideal platform that ensures easiest and quickest connectivity to people sitting at the farthest corner of the world. and to add to the perks of these sites one of the onymous and biggest social networking site, Facebook has unveiled a very beneficial feature that will be available to its users in just a few days where all the users will be granted quickest mode of help at the time of crisis.

Facebook has decided to provide a feature that will ensure immediate help to the needy and this will be most effective at the time of natural disasters. They have coined the term as “Community Help” where anyone can find help anywhere and anytime.
Whether you are effected by a sudden accident or need immediate medical aid, you will get them with the help of friends and relatives staying near to you. This is a very effective measure taken by Facebook that is sure to benefit a mass number of people who unfortunately lose their life due to lack of spontaneous response or help.

This feature will help people feel secured no matter wherever they are as they know that someone will always be available to render them immediate help and support.

Facebook have also designed an advertising program to promote this feature which in a way adds to the promotion of the company, as people who did not had accounts on facebook will try and create one just to make them feel safe and secured. There are a lot of adversities which our fellow beings face almost frequently but some disasters are such that they cannot be handled just with the help of hand full of people and to overcome them you need an entire community beside you.

Calamities like forest fire, earthquake are really serious problems which require immediate attention. Hence, people needs to be informed at a huge level to sort out this issues. We know that loss that happens during an earthquake is unaccountable and the major requirements of the victims is food and shelter and to make them available to the sufferers the problem needs to be accessed in a organized way to get optimum results. Hence, Facebook will be that mediator who will plan this organized way of helping the victims.

To make this feature durable and worthwhile, Facebook have consulted the Emergency Relief Organizations like the Red Cross. The company has declared that this feature will be available only at the time of natural disasters and not for issues leading to socio-political agendas.

This privilege will be available to only those residing in US, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. The company has assured that they will release this feature worldwide after testing it in these above mentioned countries. This feature also comes up with safety guideline that the users should not respond to any strangers in the name of granting help and if so it should be done in a public place.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Engineers Harness Stomach Acid to Power Tiny Sensors

Since the period of ancient civilization to the contemporary world; the health sector is having a place in the center of the developments, as this is attached to the human race and their well-being. The scientific and technological advancements also paved the way for some of the major discoveries or inventions in the medical science and its allied departments, which are collectively helping us in countering the attack of various ailments.

While the research and development are going on in the different segment of the medical science, at the same time, some of the major breakthroughs have taken place in the health engineering sector, which is having real importance in the treatment of some of the major diseases.

Researchers at the MIT, Women's Hospital and Brigham have together designed and developed a tiny voltaic cell, which can be sustained by the most destructive acidic fluids inside the stomach. This system is able to generate sufficient power, which can be helpful in running small sensors and drug delivery devices and able to resides inside the gastrointestinal channel for a longer period of time.

Issues to be Noted

Although there are other batteries, but this kind of power is having the potential of offering safer and cheapest possible alternative to the existing batteries, which are now being in use to power such kinds of devices, claimed by the researchers. It is often found that traditional power batteries get damaged due to intestinal acidic fluids and the respective device failed to operate according to the need, which causes lots of problems for the person concerned.

Now the answer to this problem is being designed by the scientists in the form of these voltaic cells, which is able to save itself from any kind of vulnerable fluid attacks. Two eminent researchers in this field; Giovanni Traverso, the research affiliate engaged in the prestigious Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Robert Langer, the David H. Koch Institute Professor at the MIT, have designed, built and tested some of the major devices in past, which can be of great help in sensing physiological conditions like heart rate, temperature, breathing rate and more importantly to deliver drugs, with an intention to treat the specific diseases.


On the basis of research and inferences, made by the researchers, this unique development of the device can be of great influence on the search of the new generation electronic ingestible tablets, which will enable magical means that could monitor the basic health of the patient or in treating the diseases.

While there are possible risks in the traditional batterie; these new small voltaic cells are having the potential that can overcome the problem of getting destructed by intestinal fluids thus help the medical devices, planted inside the human body, mentioned by the specialists in this field.

 It can be noted that the study team took the inspiration of this invention from a simple variation of the voltaic cell, popularly known as the lemon battery, which is having two electrodes, with a copper penny and the galvanized nail - that stuck in lemon.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Microsoft Wants to Bring HoloLens to the Consumer Market

Microsoft HoloLens was launched about two years ago but it was available only for the enterprise users or for those who can afford it for research purposes. Microsoft has been right on top of the augmented and virtual reality frenzy since the time of its inception as it wanted to position as the Next Big Thing in the consumer electronic market. Microsoft released the HoloLens among much fanfare and critical acclaim years ago but it was available only for the developers and enterprises with limited numbers, application support coupled with a massive $3000 price tag.

The history of HoloLens

When Microsoft first launched the HoloLens in 2015 it was positioned more as a set of software applications, AI as well as operating system rather than just being a headset. This has helped Microsoft rising above the competition of slew of headsets which emerged in later years which focused on the battery life, user experience and application support. A number virtual reality focused gadgets came up offering different and interactive game or application but they didn’t even tried to change the computer-user interaction paradigm.

On other hand Microsoft focused on augmented reality or mixed reality which allows users to experience as they wish. This has resulted in close synchronization between the data gathered from multiple sources, analyzing of the behavior pattern and having a operating system in place which actively binds them together. Microsoft is currently prepping its system rather the components which will ultimately helps in developing such products that satisfies the needs of the masses.

Can Microsoft successfully bring HoloLens to the consumers? 

Microsoft is trying to avoid the problems which Kinect has to face in its early days. Kinect was Microsoft one off beat project which used to translate sign language into text which will ultimately help in building cost effective three dimensional maps. These maps can in turn be used by the robots for efficient navigation and in the final it will enable robots in understanding the needs of the humans by carefully translating their gestures into meaningful tasks. Microsoft even brought a smarter and updated version of Kinect called Kinect 2.0 which appeared to be extremely cool but failed to fathom anyone’s interest.

In just past two years a number of environments and cases have emerged for the HoloLens to take advantage. But Microsoft has been right in focusing only on the enterprise during the initial years as it will be dangerous to bring such a technology right to the wide amount of consumers. A simple case study of the wearable that make use of the VR and AR has simply failed to show huge sales figure as consumers doesn’t find much benefit coming to them at the end. Therefore Microsoft is spending its time bringing a wide range of apps and environments which will help consumers in testing out the full capabilities of the technology in a smart way rather than being restricted to few things which can be done which such a capable device.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Scientists Have Imaged Light Going Faster Than Itself

At the University of Washington in St. Louis a group of researchers have taken instances of a laser that generates an optical shock where a Mach cone is being equivalent to a sonic boom, only for light. It is necessary to have an optical Mach cone, which is a pulse of light to travel faster in comparison to the emitting waves.

But, the researchers have proved their excellence by developing features of a laser beam that will interact separately with velocity, wavelength, and frequency. They have tried and directed the laser beam pass through a nuanced confection of panels of silicone, aluminum oxide powder, and dry ice. The crux of the whole procedure was to figure out that light moves faster than the generating waves as they pass in terms with the layers, and leaves behind the Optical Mach cone.

In order to capture the cone, the researchers have set up CCD cameras beside the apparatus that generates cone. One of the camera was a steak one, which is very beneficial in exfoliating the movement of all the charged particles that will create a distinguished profile for the pulse that will enable the waveform to be characterized in 3-space over the time period.

With the use of steak camera and the CCD, the researchers have managed to capture a 2D sequence of the pictures from almost three perspectives that too in a single take. After this they stroked the picture like a CAT, inorder to scan it to make the cone into a 3D model.

The lead author of this experiment called Jinyang Laing has declared that this development is done not only in terms with physics, but in neuroscience as well. He further adds that such an imagining can capture and develop 100 billion frames that too in flick of seconds. He even added that if the temporal resolution is of this sort then the day is not far away when they will be able to get hold of neurons being fired in real time.

There are several epitomizing ways through which we can visualize several things which are actually invisible and goes at a speed that regulate shockwaves and these are none other than the Mach diamonds.

Mach diamonds are a set of waves that are invisible, present in the form of an exhaust plume and are most commonly found in the Raptor’s fiery tail. They are also known as thrust diamonds and there are ample reasons why they are a familiar sight to everyone and are seemed to be discovered behind F-16s, F-22s, and the SR-71 Blackbird. Though, a suitable attitude is desirable to get a clear vision of these thrust diamonds behind the Blackbird.

Shockwaves are quiet easy to be photographed if your camera setup is accurate. This is generally photographed with the help of a method called Schlieren, which ensures images being captured at a very high speed and it simultaneously compares the image with the background in order to be sure to locate the exact position through which the wave must have distorted through the frame.

New Smartwatch Software May Now Verify Your Signatures

A new software has been unveiled by the researchers of Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University that will enable the smartwatches to verify the handwritten signatures. We all know that a handwritten signature is still the most reliable verification of a person’s identity. In recent times there have been fake signatures that can lead to unjust verification of identities. But with this new development in the field of technology all such discrepancies can be avoided as this smart launch will now ensure the power to be in just hands as none will be able to escape from its spell and the true identity of the individual can be verified in no time.

This additional feature that will be included in the watches making the watches a smart watch will be enforced into the market by the year 2020. The way we are dependent on the justness of the signature this immediate remedy was very much needed.

These days we are all well aware that signatures on a digital pad or signing using an electric pen has replaced the traditional method of using pen and paper but all this advancements needs to be verified before accepting their accuracy.

The new software that is developed by Dr. Shmueli and Alona Levy, who is his student, in association with Professor Yuval Elovici from BGU, Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering along with his student Ben Nassi is capable of developing any common smartwatch into a remarkable verifier of signatures.

The technology is devised in such a way that it utilizes motion data, i.e. the wrist movement of a person with the help of an accelerometer or a gyroscope, that identifies the process of signing and helps to verify that whether the signature is genuine or fake.

This smartwatch is obviously a much preferable signature verifier in comparison to other devices, since it verifies the entire movement of your wrist than only basing the verification in terms with your arm or finger. From several years experiment in this field have been developed to base this system of verifying signature using motion data but its application has been fed for the first time in this newly manufactured smartwatch.

A rigorous test has also been taken to verify the efficiency of the device on 66 TAU undergraduates. All the students who were wearing smartwatches were asked to provide 15 samples of their signature on a tablet, using its digital pen. Then these students were shown certain video clips and were asked to figure out the signatures.

They were given sufficient time but yet they could not figure out the original signatures. There results were full of forgery. On the other hand, the smart watch has developed to become more smart in terms of its accuracy to verify signatures proved itself by providing top-notch accuracy in verifying signatures without any fallacies.

This is an amazing innovation that will benefit all aspects of one’s life. The hackers have reached up their extreme limit in doing forgeries but with this technology equipped in smartwatches will restrict all sorts of wrong doings.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

NASA Unveils Spaceship Hatch 50 Years after Fatal Apollo 1 Fire

Apollo 1
In January 27, 1967, a massive fire broke out in the Apollo 1 capsule and the entire area filled with smoke, which caused the death of three of the NASA astronauts; Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Roger Chaffee and Edward White. This is the first of this kind of an accident in the earlier days of this space agency. After 50 years of that untoward incident, Nasa marked the anniversary of that fatal incident on 27 January 2017 and displayed that scorched hatch, which had trapped those three astronauts, during the normal pre-launch routine test, inside that execrable spaceship.

  •  The three men were badly stuck inside the spaceship and could not help themselves to get out of that capsule by opening up the three-part hatch and succumbed to death, as the entire area was engulfed by heavy and deadly smoke. 
  •  The Emergency rescue team rushed to the spot and tried their best to tame the fire but failed to do so as it was too late at the launchpad, which is now being known as the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It is now being uttered by several experts in this field that this lamentable incident helped in averting many accidents as the actual cause of the damage has been now in front of everybody. If this has happened in space, the actual cause of the incident would have been unknown to the world of space science and technology. 
  •  The destroyed hatch is now displayed at the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, which works like a reminder to all about the risk factors of the spacecraft. It is now been noted that the death of these three astronauts has helped the future generation of space traveler to avert that kind of an accident, which is helpful for both the science and the mankind. 
  •  In the investigation of that horrific accidents revealed some of the major mistakes in the design of the Apollo capsule, the most complex electrical wiring, an environment of pure oxygen and inflammable materials inside the cabin of the astronauts, are considered some of the major problems that instigated the fatal incident. 
  •  After that incident, NASA has made some of the most important changes in the design and safety features of the future spacecraft and resumed the flying since October 1968, which paved the way for the most glorious and historic Lunar mission and the Apollo 11 was safely landed on the moon surface in July 1969.
  •  The ceremony was a part of the series of other events, those are commemorating the awful incident, where NASA paid fitting tribute to the crew of Space Shuttle Challenger, who were killed in January 1986 during the launching and also to the astronauts of Shuttle Columbia, who had met with the most horrible accident as their spaceship was broken apart, while trying to enter the Earth's atmosphere on the day of February 1, 2003. 
  •  Members of the families of Grissom, White and Chaffee; gathered at the same place, where the gruesome accidents had occurred, to pay their respects.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

LG Sends Out Invites for G6 Event on February 26

LG electronics is all set to unveil its G6 in an international event on 26th February. This leading mega tech company has already sent out invites for this much yearned event to take place a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress. LG electronics has sent its invitations for the launch of its flagship phone, G6. The company is confident about the success of this much awaited event. This South Korean tech giant will unveil its new mobile in Barcelona, on 26th February just a day before the mega mobile tradeshow starts.

Invitations sent for launch of this flagship mobile 

The invitation card features the design of fireworks at night above a lake with the heading, ‘See more play more’. The card was smartly designed in the screen ratio of G6 itself. A LG spokesman remarked that the card was specifically designed to highlight the phone’s new UXs. LG display which creates and supplies the displays for all LG models has remarked that the new phone will feature the new QHD+ display. The phone features the technology which capitalizes on the long screen and will have a 564 PPI resolution. Moreover, another interesting facet of the phone is that it will feature a heat pipe which will prevent the phone from overheating. To ensure the safety of its users the model has gone through numerous quality checks prior to the announcement of its launch.

LG considers this new flagship mobile launch to be a major milestone for their company and thus have started sending early invitations for the media for this important press event. The invitation being designed in the outline of the Smartphone itself shows the confidence and faith that the company holds on this new flagship event. The moniker ‘see more play more’, points to the large screen and higher battery capacity of the new phone. On 26th February at around 12:00 after the commencement of this event, the world will get to know about the more exciting and innovative features of G6.

Enhanced features 

Till now, LG has mentioned about few of the interesting features of this new model. Unlike the G5 set, this phone model will not be modular. Instead, the design of LG G6 will comprise of glass and metal and sources confirmed that it will be different from all the earlier LG mobile sets. As per 3D Renders, one common feature will be the standard 3.5 mm jack. A recent LG teaser also hints that the phone will have a larger display and will be waterproof.

This means that the phone is expected to offer us with a larger 5.7 inch display. Due to the underwhelming sales of its earlier G5 model, it is believed that LG G6 will be a bounce back for the company. LG G5 in spite of featuring a host of new accessories and a modular design could not please the mind of its users, and was considered to be a flop model. With this new G6 model the company will hopefully (fingers crossed) will redeem itself.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Amongst several ways of entertainment, one of the most comfortable way to get entertained that too from the comfort of your home is Television and with the growing technology, televisions have shown unbound progress. Different angles of entertainment can be propagated from this Pandora’s box which has long ago came out from the structure of box-system to a hanging portrait. Variations have also come up in this hanging structure and people research a lot before actually buying a television.

The two most known variations of television are OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) or ULED (Ultra Light Emitting Diode). Both are best in terms of the features they are providing. The two have high definition display the difference lies in their technology depending upon its efficiency.

The LEDs that comes in wall hanging portrait like structure which is not a portrait in reality but the trendiest version of television is the smartest version of televisions. The LED’s are famous for its picture quality which provides a crystal clear picture due to an effective combination of matrix of several LEDs located at the back.

The OLED TVs screen are manufactured using materials that are organic and generates a naturally colored pictures after being illumined by an electric current. The pictures are so defined that the blacks appear extremely black, similarly the whites and other contrasting colors appears highly whites and contrasting respectively. The OLEDs are very thin and it produces much smoother motion pictures than its predecessors.
The most popular firm that manufactures OLED television is LG.

They are the most advanced producers of OLEDs on which you can rely. There was a general belief that these kinds of updated televisions are not long lasting but LG has proved this notion wrong as they have assured its customers a much stronger, longer and unhindered service from their end where they can use their television for approximately eight hours per day for almost 10 years.

ULED refers to a number of technologies produced by a manufacturer of alliance called Hisense and is applied to the firm’s top ranks of television so that it can provide images of ultra high-definition display. Hisense’s head Andre Iannuzzi has further notified that the main aim behind introducing OLED is to enable the best quality of pictures bearing the latest LCD technology. He even said that 4K ULED comprises of 17 different technologies with respect to color, brightness of the screen, resolution and motions.

All these extras come together to provide a tremendous quality of ultra style viewing images that will give you a real life experience. He also said that both OLED and ULED includes a very high and smart quality of technology. Though the picture of quality of both the televisions is the same but the only difference lies in their longevity.

The display quality of OLED might begin to diminish after 3 years but the display quality of ULED will stay as it is for at least up to 10 years without failure. Now, the buyers have to decide what they want to buy as per theirbudget since both the televisions are land marks with respect to their features.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

LG's W7 wallpaper OLED TV

LG's W7 wallpaper OLED TV
The era of television has been seen to engulf the entire universe. With the new technologies being fed in television it has marked the level of expertise. In the genre of LCD’s and LED’s there have been much innovations. We have seen branded companies like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and several other companies exploring new heights in this field. The competition amongst the companies is to design the slimmest television of the time with new technologies that will tempt all gadget lovers.

LG has surpassed all limits by introducing the thinnest television of the time with several enticing features to provide all sorts of comfort to their customers. The CES that took place in Last Vegas this year have launched many OLED televisions. But, none seemed to be as thin as the one introduced by LG. It has unveiled a terrific Dubbed ‘Wallpaper’, branded W7, which is a massive 65-inch OLED television which is unbelievably just 2.57 mm in its thickness.

 It has been designed to keep it as slim as possible that will almost stick to the wall like a portrait and will be hanging with the help of magnets. The accompanied magnetic brackets provide support to the OLED that is required to portray a picture like view for which it has been stylized for. The magnets also seemed to making new records with the thickness of less than 4 mm from the wall just like the unimaginable breadth of 2.57 mm of the television.

The awe-striking design and edge of the television will tempt you to take this latest launch of television to your place. LG has come up like a show-stopper brand with esteemed technologies in the field of electronics and has secured a pioneering position with their latest launch of OLED TV. They have confirmed that there aim is to develop a television leading to a flat screen that will provide an experience of a “picture-on-wall”. The screen which provides terrific picture quality is associated to a box that comprises of technical components and speakers, by wire.

The sleek, razor like profile of W7 makes the TV to be presented like something illumined and hanging in the air, that ensures a mesmerizing experience to its viewers. LG has confirmed that the TV will also be launched in a version of 77-inches than being restricted to only 65-inches. LG has also launched a number of other OLED televisions like G7, E7, C7 and B7 at the US tech show. But the W7 version of OLED has taken the competency of thinnest television to new heights.

This latest version is capable of providing HDR footage accompanied by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos surrounding sound that will give you an effect of multiplex while sitting at your house. It also develops all the pictures frame by frame without compromising with the picture quality. It equivalently inserts dynamic data where required.

Experience the sexiest OLED television of the era with W7 that ensures realistic and natural picture quality from all angles.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Amazon Flying Warehouse That Will Deliver Your Stuff By Drone

Amazon Flying Warehouse
Amazon’s new flying warehouses will dispatch products using drones

The e-commerce market has been rapidly developing in the past few decades, and Amazon being one of the pioneers is devising new methods to expand their grounds. This mega internet retail store has recently broken the news of using giant airships to serve as flying warehouses. These mobile warehouses will make the process of delivering goods to consumers easier and faster. The concept is a ground breaking one, and till date no other online retail store has even thought of using a drone as a means of making faster deliveries.

Fastest method of making deliveries

This is not simply a concept, as Amazon had recently conducted a demo to prove the effectiveness of this drone delivery system in the United Kingdom. How is this method far more effective than the traditional delivery system? Imagine, you are at your football match practice and in need of a jersey or a ball. You could simply place your order and you will receive the item within a few minutes without even leaving your seat. Amazon will set up its ‘airborne fulfillment centers’, from which the ordered items will be dispatched soon after ordering, at will be delivered at the consumer’s doorsteps in a matter of minutes. After the product is dispatched the drone will glide or float most of the way and then use its propeller to navigate the route and fly itself to the consumer.

Spaceships to reduce costs

While these drones will make the delivery within 30 minutes, the use of airships will further cut down the time and make even faster product deliveries. One of the reasons as Amazon highlights for introducing spaceships is large gatherings like sports game or concerts which might require mass deliveries within short time. Moreover, this online retail store also believes that using airships instead of drones will actually increase profits by reducing the costs in general.

An incredible concept created by Amazon

While creating the concept of using airships, Amazon looked into the technological tradition used for creating the first self propelled dirigibles back in the 19th century. The filing stated that substantial energy was required for sending drones from ground based facilities. The reason being, the propellers of the drone have to spin constantly in order to stay aloft. Moreover, on the return trip the drone will not be loaded with any product and it would be a wasteful expense. Instead, using airships would be more efficient as it would remain still at a higher altitude. These airships would deploy drones which would glide or float towards the ground by way of gravity, and lesser use of power would result in reduced expenses.

These airships will float to an altitude of 45,000 and will be stocked with a variety of products. When an order will be placed, the unmanned aerial vehicles would fly down and make the delivery at the correct address using its in-built navigation system. Well, this step taken by Amazon definitely has proven the brand’s efficiency as a leading online retail store. Its constant endeavor to make faster deliveries has helped it become an international brand.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Selfie Taking Concept Car for Millennials

Concept Car
Fiat Chrysler’s new Portal concept car unveiled at a recent electronics show 

A breakthrough innovation which has taken the automobile industry further ahead is the Portal concept cars. The car was recently unveiled in the prestigious automobile event called Consumer Electronics Show. The maker of this extraordinary sedan is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and the car has a list of amazing features, the result of 20 years of constant research. According to automakers, this Portal Car is exactly what the Millennials wanted.

Separate cameras for every passenger 

This Selfie taking car features six different cameras, each attached to the separate six seats of the car. The cameras can take photos of every person sitting in the car. Passengers onboard would be able to take photos with ease, and capture every precious moment while vacationing or enjoying a road trip with their loved ones. This portal concept car by Fiat has plug in ports for electronic devices like for charging mobile phones, and every passenger gets an individual port. The camera can not only take pictures but it can be easily attached to other devices and everyone can share their new pictures with ease on social media.

Customize and create your own playlist 

Music is an integral part of driving and traveling, so Fiat’s Portal allows everyone in the car to share videos and songs. This is an important feature of the car, and every person present in the car can create a playlist which can be enjoyed while traveling by everyone. Another cool Portal feature is ‘zoned audio’, which allows every passenger onboard to enjoy listening to separate songs and music without using headphones. The same technology helps the car driver to listen to certain amplified sounds, like siren of an ambulance.
The van’s ceiling has a shared display screen which allows the passengers to create a combined playlist by mixing separate tracks from occupant’s devices.

Customizable interiors 

The interior of this top notch concept car is fully customizable. The car seats can be easily moved back and forth, and if they require extra space they can simply remove some of the car seats. It also features LED accent lightning, and the passengers can simply change the color of the interiors whenever they want to. Another high tech feature of this revolutionary automobile is the facial recognition software on the outside of the coupe which will help recognize people from a distance approaching the car. The entire entertainment feature and the interiors of the vehicle can be customized using the high tech system.

The self driving mode is limited in the Portal, and the driver can again gain control of the vehicle ones he is ready. When the steering wheel is not in use, it simply folds into the dashboard. Although, the event was a massive success CES, is not yet sure if Fiat Chrysler can actually create what they have said. The company has not made any announcement or revealed any plans to actually fabricate a high tech vehicle like Portal. It can only be hoped that the company soon creates a high tech automobile as this Portal concept car.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Snapdragon 835 Chipset Which will Power 2017 High End Phones

Snapdragon 835
Qualcomm was expected to launch its Snapdragon 835 chipset with a grand ceremony during CES 2017 but most of its prolific information was revealed before that. Snapdragon 835 is its latest powerful chipset which is expected to power some of the most expensive and premium flagship devices in the rest of the year. Its information has been revealed in full by the famous leaker who goes by the name @evleaks. The documents procured by this leakster appear to be the official press release documents which bring key details about this chipset.

Snapdragon 835 rumors and leaks are abundant

A number of information related to the Sanpdragon 835 chipset has already been released in the online arena. Some of the presentation slide made its way on the Chinese social network Weibo. Quite contrary to the established trend these rumors and information were true to its core which has simply killed away the surprise that Snapdragon would have brought in CES launch event.

How Snapdragon promotes its upcoming chipset?

Snapdragon has boldly proclaimed that 835 which be much smarter, smaller and energy efficient than any of the chipset ever developed by the company. Qualcomm has invested a huge of money and resource at developing this chipset which will allow smartphone manufacturers to go further with their plans of developing thinner devices with larger batteries in future. Snapdragon 835 has a 10nm design with the presence of over 3 billion transistors which lends better functionality and power over its predecessors.

Qualcomm documents reveal that the improvements made in Sanpdragon 835 will help in redefining the charging, camera capabilities, connectivity, security and battery life on the upcoming range of smartphones.
Snapdragon 385 will bring better connectivity coupled with security

Snapdragon 835 features the X16 LTE modem and custom support for 802.11ad Wi-Fi networks which helps in delivering one of the fastest and robust connectivity options to the consumers. This will allow users to download content at 10X faster than the first generation of 4G LTE devices and modem itself will have a 45% smaller footprint and with incredible power efficiency. On security front it will have three layers of protection to the users on Soc, device and system levels. Snapdragon 835 will authenticate users with fingerprints, pin codes, eye or face based security. This will ensure that upcoming breed of smartphone will feature the iris scanners and camera enabled security more prominently than before.

Redefining smartphone experience in every possible manner

Qualcomm is leaving no stone upturned to make Snapdragon 835 chipset successful than its predecessors. It will also feature the coveted machine learning which will enhance the computing capability of the phones in future. Smartphones will start offering object recognition technology for better photos and VR experience will be also enhanced with real-time hand tracking capabilities. The trend for adopting the AI or virtual assistants on the smartphone will take a major push with Snapdragon 835 as it will help in strengthening their presence along with support for biometric authentication.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

CES 2017: Smart Hairbrush Listens to Breaking Hair

After a point of time with the increase in health issues, problems related to hair also gets added to the list. These days almost everyone is facing troubles related to hair like split ends, dry hair, dandruff and most importantly hair fall. Dermatologists have stated that one of the reason behind problems related to hair is improper way to brush or comb hair.

Hence, to provide a remedy to it, L’Oreal a named brand in the field of beauty treatments and techniques has come up with a electrifying measure that will help you to reduce your hair problems without any fuzz. They have introduced a smart hair brushing technique that will tame you in terms of your hair combing ways which will ultimately enable you a great deal to solve all your hair related problems.

This hilarious hairbrush introduced by L’Oreal consists of extraordinary sensors that will help you to rectify your hair brushing techniques. It acts as your trainer that will train you how to deal properly with your hair. It contains sensors like microphone, gyroscope and accelerometer that adds to the efficiency of the product.

This technologically studded hair brush is a new beauty product invented in 2017 that you surely need to add in your wardrobe. It comprises of all those techniques that warns you by vibrating if you are brushing in an unacceptably tough manner. It simultaneously records the sounds of every hair that breaks and it also includes certain sensors that creates a profile of the user regarding his or her style of combing their hair and you can then share this via internet or Bluetooth to an application.

It is a kind of software that restores the information that you can use to improve the quality of your hair. This can be considered as a boon for most of the women in the current era as many are reeling under several hair issues.

It is extremely imperative to be sure that you do not comb your hair too harshly as that might lead to breakage of hair fibers which is a severe damage to your hair.

The brush is supported on disposable batteries and does not support any charging feature. This makes the gadget even more handy as you can carry it anywhere with some extra batteries that will save you from the tension of charging it on a regular basis. Just fit in the batteries and use it according to your convenience. The product is water resistant but not entirely waterproof. So, a little care needs to be taken.

This is a luxurious product where beauty gets clubbed with technique and provides you with the best possible results that will cover every corner of the market in due course of time. This is a biggest launch by L’Oreal in 2017 that is sure to help every woman to overcome their hair problems by improving the way to deal with their hair. This is the best antidote to hair fall where technology is used only to give positive results.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Taxi Sharing Could End Traffic Jams

Taxi Sharing
It is highly believed and studies are there to support it that the concept of taxi sharing, if applied could result in a reduction of traffic which is a major concern of today’s day and age. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have studies done has that project statistics that taxi sharing could result in a massive 75 percent decline in traffic that is present currently on the roads.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concentrate found that an armada of 3,000 four-traveler cabs could do an indistinguishable employment from the present armada of 13,000 yellow taxis in New York City. In any case, it would imply that individuals would need to travel with people they are not familiar with, in other words strangers which could not be appreciated by all. This review has been drawn together after gathering information from a massive 3 million taxi rides.

Most scholarly individuals suggest that among the many urban situations faced, congestion is one of major concern and it needs to be taken into control and seem to be in aid on the taxi sharing concept. Studies have proven that universally individuals squander 7 billion hours every year sitting in traffic, which is indeed a lot of time and the impacts on nature are additionally extreme - with cars in movement smoldering an additional 3 billion gallons of fuel.
Taxi Sharing

"Rather than transporting individuals each one in turn, drivers could transport two to four individuals immediately, bringing about less outings, in less time, to make a similar measure of cash," composes Prof Daniela Rus from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT's) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab.

The group built up a calculation that could reroute cars in light of real time requests. "A framework like this could permit drivers to work shorter shifts, while additionally resulting in lesser of traffic, cleaner air and shorter less unpleasant traveling as there will be much lesser traffic on the roads," said Prof Rus which would clearly be beneficial to all if applied and accepted. Such a framework would be especially suited to autonomous cars, she included.

Legal action

Ride-sharing plans are developing in prevalence, with entrenched firms, for example, Uber and Lyft driving the way. As indicated by Lyft, half of rides taken in San Francisco in 2015 were shared. There are likewise heaps of new choices on the scene, for example, DriveNow, a car sharing administration worked by BMW, which has around 200,000 clients in Berlin, or a pilot from Toyota that was as of late propelled in Dublin.

However it is not necessary that all these ventures are a success, for example, Car2Go as of late declared that it was ceasing administrations in Stockholm, a city quick to advance option methods of transport and cut contamination, because of absence of interest.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Sony Launching a New Slim PS4 Bundle With Two Call of Duty Games

Call of Duty
Virtual Reality or VR as we know it, is the newest form of reality that Hollywood sci-fi films had promised us and it is finally here. Samsung and Google has taken the leap in the world of mobile VR technology. In the high end tech world HTC Hive and Oculus Rift were the sole representors of the future tech, but not anymore. Sony had revealed the prototype for the ‘Project Morpheus’ as long back as 2014, and now the dream is finally here shaped in the form of Playstation VR headset.

It is designed to be paired easily with Sony PS4 console, which had a seen a whooping demand of 40 million sales worldwide. It requires to be connected with a few wires, switch on the power button on the headset and you are good to step into the virtual world.

The headset is considerably heavy, weighing at 645g but it is designed in a clever way so the weight is distributed proportionately along the head mount. This reduces the claustrophobic feeling along with headache and a neck pain that arises by balancing heavy weight and that too wearing it on your face. Also it is equipped with a re adjustable dial that modifies its dimensions according to your head size and will take approximately 10 seconds to fit you snugly. Hive and Oculus are the heavier counterparts and their clumsy bulk dilate gaming involvement.

Hardcore techies are frowning at the 1080p display that Sony is offering. Playstation-VR is designed to patch up with PS4 as PC and therefore it does not adjust to the screen resolution like Oculus and Hive. Sony engineers explain that low-resolution display is not bound to distract the immersive experience due to the extremely high refresh rate of 120fps and gives a much vibrant and proportionate red,green and blue light emission to the pixels thereby reducing screen door effect. The pixels are much softer and give off an overall vibrant glow which is enough to mask the absence of HD for the time being.Also it comes with a big eye box that doesn’t force the necessity to divert from the game screen to find the sweet focus, reducing performance lag.

Able to support all the games that PS4 console does, gamers are awed at the quality of immersion which had not been experienced before. This however is restricted for children under 12 years.

Playstation VR is selling in the market for a mere $399, the full console and VR costs approximately $700 which is anytime a lot cheaper than counterparts which are quite costly at $1200 tag. A high end VR product coupled with cheap price is making headlines as few shops in Japan and China are running out of their supplies by the end of the day.

Sony CEO sounds hopeful about the future of VR as he plans to expand it’s reach to paradigms of medicine and job training. IT and graphics companies are looking forward to the waves of innovation that will come riding on the success of Playstation VR which has been hailed as the greatest innovation since the advent of television by Time.

The Car Of The Future Will Be Electric, Led By Tesla

One of the most predictable outcomes which are sure to happen in the near future is the prevalence of electric cars over petrol and diesel cars. The reasons to that being simple: Electric cars prove to be more efficient than any other cars and also the fact that they are the ultimate multi-fuel cars.

The reasons behind the forthcoming dominance of electric cars

  • The decreased cost: - Let us analyze a small example to emphasize the point we are trying to make. Popular Mechanics in its May, 2006 issue published an article about bio-fuel comparing various technologies in automobile development such as ethanol, methanol, gasoline, Compressed Natural Gas, and even electric cars. Taking a cross-country drive in each of the cars of identical sizes they compared their costs. A drive in a Honda Civic cost them $212, the VolksWagon diesel Golf followed at $230. The cost in an E85 ethanol was $425 and that in a methanol car cost $619. The CNG car looked fascinating at $110 but guess how much the electric car cost, a staggering $60. And remember it wasn’t even an article about electric cars. 
  •  Convertibility: - The best aspect about electricity is that it can be converted from almost any fuel that can be burned. Barring a few inefficient and old power plants, the modern ones have state of the art technologies which enable coal to be gasified and burnt in a very clean and efficient manner. Considering the large amount of coal reserves we have, this is a very helpful thing.
An advanced natural gas generator, known as the H-System Generator has a 60 percent efficiency and can easily burn biogas which is produced from the biomass. An electric car powered in this way has the transportation capacity of four times as much as one which is powered by ethanol made from the same stuff.
People can even put on solar panels on their rooftops which will hence power their electric car and therefore reduce our dependencies on oil to power our cars.

Tesla will be the leader

Tesla, the Silicon Valley disrupter has been successful to show the increased consumer demand for electrically powered cars that are well-designed. A powerful catalyst working in this favor is lithium-ion batteries whose prices are decreasing fast. Mobile computing and its growth has caused immense investment in the area which has further resulted in improving the range of electric cars and decreasing their costs.

Global trends unmistakably hint at the takeoff of electric cars in the international market. In the coming few years, petrol and diesel cars are going to face strong competition from the flurry of electric car launches from Chevy and especially from Tesla. In general, electric motors are much easier to produce and most importantly cheaper. That brings us to the inevitable conclusion that the future of cars will certainly be electric. With Tesla assuring $100 per kWh by the end of 2020, battery costs are sure to decline which means lower prices for electric vehicles.
Vehicle electrification is perhaps the most important change in automobile industry and Tesla the most significant leader.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Virtual Reality will have Same Mind Bending Effects as LSD: Microsoft

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality or commonly referred as VR is just a few years old technology which made its way into the consumer products. But the level of advancement brought by different tech firms has taken it to a whole new level where people are actively adopting with a hope of getting better upgrades in short while. Microsoft has predicted that in near future VR technology will be able to cause drug-like hallucination as it gets more powerful in rendering articulated reality. One of the top researchers at Microsoft stated that VR technology has become capable of warping reality along with catapulting users into a new and enhanced world.

Virtual Reality will be the new LSD

In the 1960 the use of LSD was widely prevalent in the society to embark on the psychedelic adventures. In such LSD infused reality people use to get naked and enjoy some unabashed sex soundtracked and it also led to the creation of the greatest music we have enjoyed so far. Currently virtual reality offering the first level of virtual wherein people are gradually adjusting to the thought of embarking on virtual reality trips by getting alone in the room, wearing the helmet and feeling the new environment without being touched by any other mortal.

Microsoft believed that by 2027 we will be able develop ubiquitous virtual reality system which will bring a much richer multisensorial experiences to the users. Such an advanced virtual reality system will possess the capability to induce hallucination thereby altering the perceived reality for the users. Furthermore this technology will be redefined to incorporate innovative haptic system which will stimulate touching and being touched feeling to bring a complete realistic trip. Therefore continuous trips to this kind of virtual reality will certainly become addictive for the users in the future.

Virtual reality in future will be a ‘need’

A senior researcher at New England research lab named Nicole Immorlica has elaborated that by the year 2027 the automation technology will reach new heights which will redefine our society and economy. In that time our society will be actively generating a huge amount of data from the use of various technologies which will be generated as they live by. In other words our lives will become dull and people will have less work to do on their won as automation will take care of all their needs.

Automation will help in increasing the efficiency along with decreasing the time required for variety which will ultimately lead to a lonely living cycle. That will be the time when people will actively hook themselves up with the virtual reality to get the thrill and excitement of the next level. In that phase virtual reality will become a new addiction for the society and its base has been developed today which will be enhanced with its each iteration loaded with more feature thereby diminishing the thin line between the reality and virtual reality.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Camera without a Lens? Hitachi is on It


Hitachi Camera – Without Lenes

Hitachi has been working on developing cameras which does not seen to have lenses and the company claims that the images taken with the camera would be refocused after they are captured. They have announced the progress of a technology for digital camera which has the potential of capturing images without the use of a lens.

The intention is to make cameras much thinner as well as lighter, suitable for cars and mobile devices which could take minimum space. Another aspect is that of the robots – technology and Hitachi would be providing fewer limitations in placing of the cameras. As to Apple’s claim that eliminating the headphone jack permits bigger batteries as well as other parts to be placed in it. Hitachi states that the camera which utilises lensless tech would be much slimmer and lighter.

The lensless cameras are possible due to a pattern development technique known as `Moiré fringes’. Hitachi intends to utilise these cameras that tend to use this technology by 2018. The company also expects to use lensless photography in automated driving, vehicles as well as robotics.

Fourier Transform

With the help of investigation tech like CCTV, the images of individuals often tend to be blurred owing to low focal ranges. For instance, with Hitachi’s lensless camera tech, the still images would theoretically get adjusted on the fly from a range of depths in identifying individuals clearly.

The sensor has a film placed before it comprising of a pattern of concentric and when an image of the pattern is taken, it tends to cast a shadow due to the light which strikes it, on the sensor. Thereafter the shadow is captured by the sensor and overlaid on another pattern concentric just like the one place before the sensor at the time of the image process.

This tends to develop a moiré effect which is a kind of interference resulted by the two patterns touched. There is a possibility of using these data to reconstruct the concluding image by using the Fourier transform.

Capture Angle/Pattern of Light

Hitachi technology also tends to provide other benefits. In fact when the shutter tends to capture all the information connected to depth, it is capable of changing the point of focus after one has captured an image. The design of the Hitachi camera is unique since it tends to do double duty wherein it not only captures the images without the use of the lens but also captures depth information and focus that image after the fact.

Basically it tends to capture the angle and the pattern of the light which comes in the sensor that enables to change what is in focus after the detail by overlaying a another pattern over the captured shadow during processing.

We already other products which tend to provide the same function, for instance, the Lytro Illum and the difference in this case is the size which is more compact. The small range Xperia tends to have a bigger space. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact on offer from Amazon Marketplace to 369 euro or from Amazon at 419 euro.