Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Clever Strategies During Domain-Name Setup

You're excited to have a business of your own, and now the website is almost complete. Naming this website, however, is a major decision. Most sites had dot-com extensions in the past, but dozens of choices are available to you today. Before you set up that new domain name, consider the clever strategies surrounding this decision and how it can ultimately help your company.

Starting From Scratch

Become a trendy company by starting with a domain name registration that's never been used. The newest domains, including dot-guru or dot-solutions, define the business past the basic name. Select a name that reflects your niche, expertise and other features. These names have never been searched for or referenced, so keep in mind that your rankings will be a lesson in earning power. Cultivate your brand with flair as the name continues to move up the search-engine pages.

Investing in Premium Names

Premium names are simply domains that have been used before. There's a reputation and history behind these names so you'll have some ranking to start out with as the site goes live. You might be concerned that these names are available at all. In fact, most of them are simply names that have been transferred, abandoned or discarded for dozens of different reasons. Pay slightly more for these names so that visitors stumble onto them by chance. You can make some new customers without much effort with these premium names.

Considering Expired Domains

Purchasing an expired domain is a safe option. It often has some of its ranking still attached so that consumers visit the site without realizing the company change. Some of these sites still have their expired warning on them, however. From the moment that you purchase it, program your website into it almost immediately. Visiting an expired website wastes consumers' time, and they will make a note of it in their bookmarks if your site isn't live at that point.

Understanding Pricing Structures

In general, you'll pay less for a domain when you commit to a long time period. Buying the name for one year requires a larger, upfront payment. It's possible to commit to a website for 100 years at the lowest yearly cost possible. For most companies, they'll purchase the name for three or five years. As the expiration date approaches, businesses update the payment structure for another set time period. A viable business never wants their domain to be taken over by another company.

Getting Support

When you reserve a domain name, the seller completes the legal transaction. Support for the name is minimal because most of the software associated with it is confined to your website's structure. Stay in contact with the domain registrar, however, to keep up with future updates.

After you pick the perfect name, it's your responsibility to maintain the integrity of that title. Keep the site updated with valid links across all of the pages. In time, you'll notice the analytics growing and developing at almost an exponential level. Success is built on the small details within the business.

Why FaceBook Keeps Pushing You to Go Live With Video

FaceBook Live
In the contemporary world, the mode of communication and correspondences between individuals and communities have witnessed some of the most magical changes, which have changed the entire scenario and people are more and more get accustomed with these social media options. The facebook is undoubtedly the best and popular option, among the social media segment and every day the number is growing with an enviable upward growth rate.

The most interesting part of the services, provided by facebook, is the relentless development and customization of their service profile, which attracts lots of newer user and the same time, keep their old friends intact. The Live video feature is the most modern service that is now available with facebook and millions of enthusiastic users have already tried this feature and just loved it. To make this an instant hit among the enthusiasts; facebook is trying every possible means and route to get it in more user-friendly modes, such as; billboards, Television advertisements and other avenues, which provide essential supports in getting the intended results.

Some Important Issues to Be Noted

  •  It is now a million dollar question, whether this Live video craze is a good business opportunity or not - it can be noted that the prospects of these ads are quite uncertain, as the "live" issue of these videos are often seen in the recorded mode. When somebody is trying to capture and send Live moments of their memorable issues like the first step of the toddler, high school prom, the university convocation, seminars, conferences etc. but in most of the cases; friends are not been able to see those Live, on the contrary, they seen it like the recorded videos only. 
  •  After having such uncertainty, why facebook is trying to pushing up this feature with all relevant promotional support? - This is one of the most pertinent questions in the digital world now. Some of the social media analysts are now describing this effort of the facebook as a gesture of keeping the users to its well-structured service as far as possible, like any other business entity. 
  •  As per their mission, facebook offer this feature to existing almost 2 billion users and once any of the individual users try this, immediately his friends got the notification about the event and as per the ads, prompted to try the same, which is getting an upward swing in the uses in the last couple of weeks. 
  •  While facebook is trying to promote this feature to a great extent, which has the potential of revenue generation, but it's not an easy thing to do, as some of the companies are now using this Live video, prepared by themselves, to advertise and promotion purposes. 
  •  The tech-savvy people are now trying to make this a big deal, by taking the advantage of the Live video option, which is changing the experience to feel the world in much better form. This is helping the user to express him in a more subtle manner, which is the crux of the positivity of this feature.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Microsoft Working on Windows 10 Cloud to Take on Chrome OS

Windows 10 Cloud
Chrome OS is making great breakthrough by offering a stable computing ecosystem for the users at a highly affordable price point without the need high end specifications. Reports has emerged that Microsoft is actively working a light weight version of its own Windows 10 OS in a bid to counter the ver growing popularity of the Chrome OS. Microsoft has named its light version as Windows 10 Cloud which will in the beginning will only offer support to the Unified Windows Platform or UWP app downloaded from the Windows Store. Some people are also calling this gimmick as a comeback for the Windows RT version and it will also helps Windows in boosting the amount of apps on its App Store.

Eye on the educational market

Chrome OS popularity is extremely high in the educational markets wherein educational institutions finds it as an affordable way of bringing technology to the young learners. Chrome OS relies heavily on the web based apps to bring variety of applications and usability for the users. It has been favored in the educational markets due to its light, fast and efficient operating system and Windows 10 Cloud will be Microsoft to Chrome dominance.

Microsoft has earlier launched the ill-fated Microsoft RT on the Surface tablets and it had an ARM based OS which only ran apps specifically built for this OS. It sounds lot like Chrome OS but it failed spectacularly due to the lack abundant as well as essential apps for the Windows RT. In similar fashion Microsoft is trying to rebrand its RT as Windows 10 Cloud as it name states this OS  will be powered by the Cloud as well as it will run on Cloud. This new OS is expected to take advantage of the Microsoft homegrown cloud based platform called Azure to run the apps.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud isn’t a surprise

It has been speculated that Windows will be launching a new edition of the Windows operating system in past couple of weeks. Some of the users have stated that it will be called Cloud SKU and they were very close but it was a Twitter user called The Walking Cat which brought the original screenshot of the Windows 10 for PCs with the Build number 15003. It also shows a reference to ‘Cloud’ or ‘CloudN’ which specifically denotes whether the version comes with Media Player pre-installed or not.

Microsoft has simply stayed away from confirming any news or updates related to the Windows 10 Cloud. But it is being widely believed that Microsoft will be launching the Windows 10 Cloud in the annual Build conference for developers in May. This move of bringing a lite version of the Windows OS to larger audience which can easily run on low specification based machines in future will certainly help in enhancing the market penetration and reach of the Microsoft. But such OS can also fail if Microsoft isn’t able to bring large amount of quality within a short succession.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Microsoft Wants to Bring HoloLens to the Consumer Market

Microsoft HoloLens was launched about two years ago but it was available only for the enterprise users or for those who can afford it for research purposes. Microsoft has been right on top of the augmented and virtual reality frenzy since the time of its inception as it wanted to position as the Next Big Thing in the consumer electronic market. Microsoft released the HoloLens among much fanfare and critical acclaim years ago but it was available only for the developers and enterprises with limited numbers, application support coupled with a massive $3000 price tag.

The history of HoloLens

When Microsoft first launched the HoloLens in 2015 it was positioned more as a set of software applications, AI as well as operating system rather than just being a headset. This has helped Microsoft rising above the competition of slew of headsets which emerged in later years which focused on the battery life, user experience and application support. A number virtual reality focused gadgets came up offering different and interactive game or application but they didn’t even tried to change the computer-user interaction paradigm.

On other hand Microsoft focused on augmented reality or mixed reality which allows users to experience as they wish. This has resulted in close synchronization between the data gathered from multiple sources, analyzing of the behavior pattern and having a operating system in place which actively binds them together. Microsoft is currently prepping its system rather the components which will ultimately helps in developing such products that satisfies the needs of the masses.

Can Microsoft successfully bring HoloLens to the consumers? 

Microsoft is trying to avoid the problems which Kinect has to face in its early days. Kinect was Microsoft one off beat project which used to translate sign language into text which will ultimately help in building cost effective three dimensional maps. These maps can in turn be used by the robots for efficient navigation and in the final it will enable robots in understanding the needs of the humans by carefully translating their gestures into meaningful tasks. Microsoft even brought a smarter and updated version of Kinect called Kinect 2.0 which appeared to be extremely cool but failed to fathom anyone’s interest.

In just past two years a number of environments and cases have emerged for the HoloLens to take advantage. But Microsoft has been right in focusing only on the enterprise during the initial years as it will be dangerous to bring such a technology right to the wide amount of consumers. A simple case study of the wearable that make use of the VR and AR has simply failed to show huge sales figure as consumers doesn’t find much benefit coming to them at the end. Therefore Microsoft is spending its time bringing a wide range of apps and environments which will help consumers in testing out the full capabilities of the technology in a smart way rather than being restricted to few things which can be done which such a capable device.

Facebook Tunes Into Television’s Market

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
Facebook started as an advertisement free social media platform and it stayed true to this thought for a relatively longer but very soon the reality caught up with them. Currently Facebook earns millions of dollars each day through a very carefully installed ad network on its social media platform. Facebook ambitions are growing by leaps and bounds as it looks forward to enlarge its ad revenue in upcoming future. As per the report published in The Wall Street Journal Facebook is set on building a TV app which will work with the set-top boxes just like Apple TV.

Advantages of developing TV app

This particular TV app will help Facebook in encouraging the users in watching longer videos which has been eventual goal of the company. Facebook has plans to start testing of themed-roll ads which will play right in the middle of the videos present on its network. In similar fashion these kinds of ads will appear in the TV app as well over the time. Facebook has not made any official confirmation of going into the TV network with an app or bringing its own advertisement in such a manner for now.

Facebook plans to bring longer videos in the News Feed

So far Facebook has ensured that the users on its platform are not bothered with the longer videos on their News Feed but very soon this will be thing of past. Facebook will start prioritizing the longer videos right in the News Feed to generate more ad revenue. In order to bring longer videos it will first weigh on the percent completion or how much video is watch was user before they go away. In this manner the longer videos which are able to keep users engaged for large amount of time will find its way in the News Feed.

Facebook is actively making a series of tweaks in the News Feed algorithm which will help advertisers, content developers and publishers to push their content in the News Feed. Facebook is effectively trying to understand the user’s behavior or community as whole to bring more engaging content on the platform rather than indulging in penalizing the longer videos.

Why Facebook is developing a TV app? 

Facebook is expected to establish itself as YouTube video streaming platform wherein it has plans to first populate the platform with large videos then encourage content developers in delivering quality content on regular basis. It has been reported that Facebook has been in talks with a number of media companies to develop as well license a number of long form or TV style content which will range from scripted shows to entertainment as well as sports videos.

In simple words this app will establish Facebook as a serious leader in the streaming market wherein it will be able to distribute its new content along with the TV style advertisements in future. Facebook will certainly go ahead with its plans of asking higher price from the content developers, advertisers and other in future for displaying ads on the users news feeds.