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Mapping the Effects of Crystal Defects

Crystal Defects
A crystal seems to be flawless because almost all the cells have perfect configuration of molecules or atoms. Every cell is also positioned in a 3D space without any distortion. Many cells have more than one atom. However, when there is any imperfection, it is considered as crystal defects.

Dislocation types in a crystal-

Dislocation is one of the common defects that you may see in many crystals. It is such as aspect, where atoms do not remain in proper place in a structure of crystal. In fact, dislocation may be caused due to the application of stress.Dislocations can be of two types- screw and edge defects. Some of the defects are also a combination of these two extreme levels of dislocation. These imperfections have considerable impact on the phonons and on the crystals’ electrical features. Edge dislocation may be observed very easily. Locus for imperfect points in any lattice is placed next to the line. The bonds of atoms are highly distorted.

Screw defect is little harder to be identified. Its motion is caused because of some stress. However, movement of the line is vertical to the displacement of atoms. Some atoms do not get shifted from actual place, while others are transferred to a new site. Many other atoms may also be engaged in the moving process. Just a part of bonds gets separated at particular time. This kind of movement does not need much amount of force.

Data collected by studying about dislocations-

Some experts at MIT have discovered significant data on the working of all interactions. Such efforts may be helpful to create thermoelectric tools and many other advanced electronic structures. All the details from research have been issued in a journal (named as Nano Letters). Li, who is associated with the journal, has considered dislocation as a kind of atomic defects in standard crystal.

How to know about crystal dislocation-

In fact, there’re two different techniques, which are useful to clarify the dislocation or defect of phonon. With the explanation of Li, some queries have been solved. MIT members have detected a fresh statistical process in order to evaluate the systems. With the use of quasi particle, these experts have created dislon in order to have a clarification of all the mysteries.

The latest theory may start differently because this mainly depends on thorough quantum theory. Perhaps, it settles many issues, which cause a dispute on static and dynamic scattering system. It has been seen that these are two acute cases in a same framework.

Li as well as his associates have led to some progress as they have dealt with the facts about the field of dislocation strain. A professor of Missouri University has said that dislocation may lead an intense impact on composition of any material. However, the field of strain with longer range may prevent any direct measurement of the effects of dislocation. Quantization, related to a research paper, can solve the problems, and such approach may also develop the perception of the results from dislocations.

Smart Antenna- A Versatile System Suited for all Laptops

Smart Antenna
Smart antenna system has now become one of the hot topics in the field of research. This is such a system of antenna, which has some circuit components, related to the radiating parts. The signal that is received may control more than one property of antenna. A well-designed antenna for laptop and Smartphone has been launched by British engineers, and it extends the life of battery with the use of less amount of energy. Thus, it is more advantageous than the traditional antennas.

Smart antenna- Know about its major concept-

This smart antenna comprises a number of antenna parts, and their signals are thoroughly processed to develop a space of channel for Smartphone radio. Technology, which is related to this technology, may significantly recover the performance of wireless structure. It also allows PC operators to understand an enhancement of the quality of signal, coverage and capacity of network.

The latest design of Smart antenna, created with the experts at Birmingham University, has led to the introduction of SAT. It also gathers all the present antennas of mobile into a single unit. Nowadays, Smartphone needs maximum 7 antennas separately for Bluetooth, GPS system and Wi-Fi because of the constraints in physics.

In the United Kingdom, this new set Smart antenna may replace almost five individual antennas of any regular laptop. Sampson Hu (CEO of SAT) has stated that in the past, the antennas were separated physically because of some difficulty in attaining positive isolation of signal among antennas. Investors have contributed £3.3 million in order to this newest system of Smart antenna. In the present PCs, Wi-Fi antennas should be kept separate in order that there may not be any frequency interference.

Some challenges in placing antennas-

When your laptop is stored within a metal case, it seems to become impractical to insert antenna system on motherboard or on screen. So, it is to be placed within a hinge opening. But, this opening is not enough to add two traditional antennas- for your 3G LTE and Wi-Fi.

While these antennas have been placed together, their interference hampers the efficiency level and boosts up the usage of battery. However, the issue may be solved with the MIMO system of antenna. Every antenna is to be combined to each other to form only one system.

SAT- As one of the latest and most sophisticated inventions-

According to Sampson Hu, the new Smart antenna is the foremost model, which integrates all the functions to create a simple unit, with the reduction of size and price. Another problem, to be noted, is that it restricts any antenna, while you place your hand on laptop.

Thus, it is a comprehensive solution that may settle the issues, and avoid interference, which is common for any standard or average design of antennas. SAT, in fact, has increased the grants of British government, and thus, it may allow the development of significant business. The subsequent phase of development will lead to considerable production in UK.

Top 10 Mobile App Design Inspirations

 App Design
If you're designing a mobile app, you should look at some of the most successful, popular apps on the market today for design inspirations. This will help you incorporate visually pleasing design elements and functional user-interface ideas into your app. Take advantage of the major market and development research large companies perform to give your mobile app a boost in performance and design.

  1.  Facebook 

  2. Perhaps the most popular mobile app in the world, the Facebook app has many well-designed elements that should inspire your next mobile application. The first being a secure, SSL login and an open API that allows third party applications. Consider offering an API for your mobile app to encourage third-party cooperation and marketing. Secure login is a must if you are hosting any sensitive user data.

  3. Snapchat

  4. Snapchat was one of the first mobile apps to implement the slide-up and slide-down navigation, where users can slide entire screens to move to the next page. Try using this on any app that has a modern, younger audience, as they will be used to this kind of navigation. The app also has a feature to delete sent messages, which is great to add privacy to your mobile application. Let users know you have professional web hosting, and care about their privacy by including features like auto-deleting messages and transparent logging policies.

  5. Periscope

  6. This mobile app is innovative and has many inspirational design elements. It features live streaming capabilities for users, and extensive user profile options. Periscope is complex with many menu options and side-scrolling screens, which work well for any mobile app with a lot of content. Consider using side scrolling pages on your mobile app if you want to condense a lot of content in a simple, easy to view manner.

  7. BIGO Live

  8. Another live-streaming service, the BIGO Live mobile app has unique design elements ready to be replicated or inspired by. This app takes the opposite approach from Periscope, which makes it interesting considering its shared category. It has a very simple, three-button menu that can get you to any part of the app. Consider using a simple menu to avoid loosing new users to steep learning curves. Even though BIGO isn't necessarily outer space related, it uses planets and spaceships for its icons, showing that trendy icon sets work well even if not entirely niche-related.

  9. Capital One

  10. With one of the world's largest banking apps, Capital One has created an inspirational and useful application for new and potential customers. The main feature that stands out in this app if the pattern-based login. This allows users to login by drawing a familiar pattern on a 9-dot grid. Use this type of login if you want to let users create unique passwords that are easy to remember, and easy to type.

  11. Instagram

  12. This is perhaps the most artistic app on the list. Instagram has many design inspirations that you can use on your own web hosting to give your app an artsy, modern feel. Not only do Instagram's filters allow users to customize uploaded content, the company has been a front-runner in developing methods for users to interact. Recently Instagram added the ability for users to 'heart' each others’ comments. Use this technique on your mobile app to encourage users to interact amongst each other more.

  13. Flinch

  14. This viral app is popular on iPhone and Android marketplaces, and has inspired several major mobile apps to make innovative games using live video streaming. The Flinch app offers a fun way for users to connect to one another, and have digital face-off contests. If you're making a mobile app with any type of social component, take a look at the Flinch app's profitable system of gift items. Users can purchase gifts to display for other users, allowing for a pay-to-play system that works for everyone.

  15. eBay

  16. The eBay app is the most downloaded mobile app in the eCommerce category. This app has design elements that should inspire any commerce-based application. eBay uses filters to let users find the exact products they want. This way users never have to resort to leaving the app and going to a desktop version of the website. Include filters in your in-app searches to ensure users can shop, from purchasing to checkout, simply by using your app.

  17. Netflix

  18. The Netflix app brings a web application that's typically designed for desktops or smart TVs to the mobile platform. If your website is designed to be viewed on desktops or large screen laptops, remember that Netflix has accomplished millions of downloads for a similar product on mobile, where screen size is often under 5 inches. The Netflix app uses a responsive design to accomplish this, meaning the video and menus being displayed automatically conform to the detected screen size. Use responsive design on your own app to garner a wider user-base.

  19. Amazon Seller App

  20. The Amazon Seller App is designed for Amazon sellers to list their inventory and check on orders from any mobile device. It has inspirational and cutting-edge technologies and design elements. The most prominent of these is the in-app camera that can read bar codes. Consider downloading a bar-code scanner to install on your own web hosting to allow users to scan for items when out shopping. This works great for mobile apps that let users keep track of purchases, or compare prices and other features of items live while in a store or at home. The user interface is simple with well-defined content areas and readable text.
Use ideas from these top 10 mobile app design inspirations to create a stunning, useful app that you visitors will readily recommend to others. Use social media integration, quick payment links, and intuitive navigation buttons to make the most of your company's mobile platform.

Friday, 24 March 2017

FaceBook Building a Safer Community With New Suicide Prevention Tools


Facebook Utilising Artificial Intelligence to Avert Suicides

Facebook intends utilising artificial intelligence and updating its tools and services in order to avert suicides among individuals. This social media network which is the largest in the world had informed that it intends to integrate its prevailing suicide prevention tool for Facebook post in its live streaming feature namely Facebook Live together with its Messenger service.

The company had mentioned in a blogpost recently that artificial intelligence would be utilised in supporting spot users having the tendency of suicides. As per the New York Post, a 14 year old foster child in Florida had broadcasted her suicide on Facebook Live, in January. In live video stream, Facebook has been utilising artificial intelligence in monitoring offensive material.

Recently, the company had expressed that the latest tools would be providing a choice to users viewing a live video in reaching to the user directly and report the video on Facebook. Resources would also be provided by Facebook Inc. which comprises of reaching to a friend and get a help line to the individual broadcasting the live video. Among individuals in the age group of 15 -29, suicide is said to be the second leading reason of death.

Suicide Rates Escalated by 24%

As per a National Centre for Health Statistics study, in the United States from 1999 to 2014, the suicide rates had escalated by 24 percent after a period of almost steady decline. Suicide among youngster seems to be the final ultimatum in stepping in and ending their life when help and proper counselling is not available to the victim.

 Facebook has provided advice to individuals who would be at risk of committing suicide for years though till now it seemed to depend on other individuals in bringing about awareness by clicking a report button on a post. It has now progressed pattern-recognition algorithms in recognising if an individual seems to be stressed by training them with examples of the posts which could have been earlier identified.For instance, dialogue of sadness and pain could be an indication and responses from friends with comments such as `Are you ok’, or `I am concerned about you’, could be of some help.

System Being Rolled All Over the World

When a post has been recognized, it could be sent for quick review to the community operations team network. When someone who would be viewing the live stream tends to click a menu option declaring that they are concerned about the individual, Facebook then provides advice to the viewer with regards to how they could render help to the broadcaster.

The stream is also identified for instant review by the team of Facebook who in turn overlaps a message with a suitable recommendation whenever possible. This latest system is being rolled out all over the world. Presently, a different choice in contacting various crisis counsellor helplines through the Messenger tool of Facebook seems to be limited to the US. Facebook has mentioned that it needs to check if the other organisation would be capable of managing with the demand before it intends to develops the facility

The Spy Device in Your Pocket

mobile phone

Well-known Smartphones/Televisions – Remote Spying Devices

Volatile claims done by WikiLeaks recently stated that the CIA have the tendency of turning well-known smartphones as well as televisions into remote spying devices, emphasizing how unwitting consumers have enabled their passion for electronics in making them susceptible to concealed scrutiny.

According to Tyler Cohen Wood, former senior U.S. intelligence office, states that `it is a boon for the good guys as well as the bad guys. There is just so much information which is out there and everywhere one goes, our politics, when they are at home or not, their health, their pattern of life is out there which is owing to these devices’.

The accusations made by WikiLead along with the releaseof thousands of documents, claimed to be robbed from the CIA, has not been confirmed though officials state that they seem to be reliable.Presuming the accuracy of the documents, the leaked documents draws attention to how the consumers have unknowingly made themselves susceptible to hacking via the widespread utilisation of smart mobile devices. For the past 10 years, smartphones had overtaken the consumer electronic market. As per a research of November 2016, by the Pew Research Centre, around 77% of the people in the U.S. now tend to be in possession of a smartphone.

Procedure Enabled CIA Evade Encryption

This is a noticeable increase from 2011, when about 35% of the Americans had owned a smartphone. WikiLeaks had claimed that CIA spies had 24 exploits for smartphone which had been controlled by Android operating system of Google together with various exploits for iOS operating system ofApple.

The procedure seems to be further than wiretaps together with spooks probably with the ability of secretly activating the microphone on the smartphone or smart TV without any clue to their target. Moreover WikiLeaks also claimed that the procedure enabled the CIA to evade the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, and Confide together with Cloackman by hacking the smartphone which they tend to run on, collecting audio as well as message traffic before applying the encryption.

Apple had mentioned in a statement to ABC News that `while their initial analysis indicated that many of the issue leaked were already patched in the updated iOS and that they would continue to work to address any identified vulnerabilities rapidly.They would urge customers to download the latest iOS in order to ensure that they have the most recent security updates.

Spy Software Capable of Scooping Messages

After the original publication of this, the Director of Information Security and Privacy at Google, Heather Adkins had mentioned in a statement to ABC News that as they had reviewed the documents they are confident that security updates as well as protections in Chrome and Android have a tendency to shield users from several of these alleged susceptibilities.

 Their analysis seems to be on-going and they would implement any future essential protections. They have always made security a top priority and would continue to invest in their defenses’. As reported in August by ABC News, cybersecurity researchers had found at the time three main weaknesses in the operating system of Apple iPhone which had affected users all over the world, provoking the software company to release a security update. In that case the spy software was capable of scooping up messages of any number of apps inclusive of encrypted chat applications such as WhatsApp due to its sophistication.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Robots, Exoskeletons and Invisible Planes

Our body may be compared to a weak machine, which is equipped with fragile bones and sinews. However, with the invention of electrically operated exoskeleton, we often wish to get our humanity outfitted with some robosuits, which are intended to provide strength. Again, another technological invention is effective to make any airplane completely invisible to our eye and also radar. Recently, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has expressed everything about these high-tech innovations, which are best for military.

Director of DARPA, Steven Walker has said that while starting any project, they want to ensure whether it may bring about a significant transformation in the present world. On the decade of 60s, the agency had made a plan for linking computers in such a way that there may be a development of good communication. After that, ARPANET had been introduced before the invention of internet, which is used by us in the present day. The researchers have tried to make use of revolutionary technologies in order to help the soldiers.

Exoskeleton gives more comfort to the soldiers-

If we talk about the technologies, related to national safety, DARPA is now at a prominent position. And it is believed that the only things to give defense to a country are robots and invisible airplanes. At present, DARPA is also engaged with the project of creating an intricately programmed exoskeleton, which may transform a fighter into powerful soldier.

Often, the soldiers need to march through an extensive distance, and they carry weighty equipment or packs. Such lightweight, soft exoskeleton reduces the amount of weight, by lowering the load on the body of a soldier. This system makes use of power-driven cables in order to offer a mechanical help. Muscles of the users do not need to spend much energy.

Exoskelton has been created by Harvard University researchers, who have a deal with DARPA. The model of exoskeleton is going through a performance test. Soldiers put on the sample beneath a complete gear for battle and move through a path of about 3 miles. The technicians check the length of strides of the soldiers, activity of muscles, and use of energy. The main objective is to help soldiers in walking more distances, when they are holding heavy burdens with limited effort.

In the creation of invisible airplane also, DARPA has made lots of contributions. According to the director of this agency, those, who have been engaged with them, got a chance to implement their own ideas. An ex-director dealt with Air Force for the development of stealth aircraft for the first time.

Other projects for the benefit of fighters-

There are many other grand projects of DARPA. For instance, as lots of soldiers lose arms in wars, the scientists have created arms. And one of these arms has been approved by FDA. This arm may be stretched and bent also. A mechanical arm is also going to be developed by connecting it to the cortex in our brain.
Thus, technologies in the military world may amaze all of us in future.

MIT Media Lab Disobediance Prize Worth $25000

MIT Media Lab

How Breaking the Rules Could Win You $250,000

The M.I.T. Media Lab has thrown everyone I a frenzy by laying down a proposition which is as simple as it can get. It is offering prize money worth $250,000 inch to those who are willing to go ahead, break the rules or indulge in shaking up the status quo. There are literally no rules attached to this offering and certainly it isn’t a joke purported by some people rather M.I.T. Media Lab has opened the nomination for its new Disobedience Award for all. In short it can be said this lab is aiming at congratulating the people for their courage to remove the shackles of the society or institution which results in bringing good in the society.

The reason behind launching this award

It has been said that there are huge number of people who actively doing really important things for the betterment of the society which usually results from either breaking the rules or simply sticking to their beliefs. Those people know that they will be punished for this but yet they move forward without fear of repercussions and punishment. Our world is filled with such exceptional people but most of them go unnoticed or endure hardships on their own without any financial help. This award will help in recognizing such individuals or groups who gives us courage just like Malala and others.

M.I.T lab further points out they had found out that in most of the large institutions there are basically two ways of making progress. It is either by following the rules and working as per the stated process or in some extreme cases taking radical approach which does away with the process and rules and helps in opening a new road towards success. Apple not giving a backdoor to the government agencies can be taken as a prime example of doing something away from the rules even knowing that it can lead to punishment.

All you need to know about the MIT Award 

M.I.T has not suddenly launched this prize money for an award out of the blue rather than had announced it last year but the nomination process has been established just now. The prize money in cash is being funded by the Reif Hoffman who is popularly known as the co-founder of the largest professional website called LinkedIn. The entries for this award will be reviewed by a panel of judges comprising of scientists, activists, engineers and designers. All the living individuals and eligible to participate in this award and the submissions are open from this week and it will end on May 1. The recipient of this prestigious and ambitious award will be announced by the M.I.T on July 21.

As stated earlier this award created a certain level of excitement among the people. The Executive director of the Albert Einstein Institution named Jamila Raquib has stated that she would like to someone gets benefitted by the prize. She further elaborates that kind of award will help in bringing varied kind of structures, knowledge and resources to the individual or group which is not easy to get in this age.

For Nomination Follow.

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Google Develops Invisible Web Security Captcha Form

Captcha Form
Privacy has become a huge concern for the social media platform and large tech firms which deals with horrendous amount of private data. Google has come forward with a noble solution in form of developing such website security checks which isn’t visible enough to be tampered by the hackers. Currently usual internet users had to prove they are human through giving a click on the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox or checking the pictures on the screen but Google new system will simply make them go away.

A new system of proving you are ‘human’

Currently websites heavily rely on the ‘captcha’ which usually asks users to complete a puzzle displayed on their screen and this captcha is designed in such a way that a computer will struggle to complete it correctly. Captcha came into being to thwart the attempt of the bots from accessing and using the websites. Now Google has developed a system which essentially helps in tracking how users interacts with the website in order to prove that they are human, this will be mean that puzzle are no longer necessary on the website if this system find everything is fine with users activity or behavior.

The puzzles developed by the companies in designing the Captcha has helped them in developing a number of things like Google has utilized it train its artificial intelligence algorithms. An example will help in showing how Google is making its AI smarter with the use of captcha puzzle. If it AI is unable to recognize the house number present in the image by the Streetview car then it will through that image in the Captcha system in order to get human input.

Google set to secure the websites with reCaptcha

Google has long ago introduced that reCaptch system which helped in simplifying the process of making users check certain puzzle in order to prove they are human. Nowadays almost all the websites are relying on it safeguard themselves from hackers and surge of attacks on their servers against the barrage of information feed by scammers. The box utilized for the Captcha helps in monitoring how each person is interacting with it and it then helps computer in understanding the human clicks from the bots.

A example will help in illustrating this fact when an automated script used by the hackers for getting though the captcha then computer notes that it has taken a second to fill up the form and there has been not movement of the mouse at all. All these activities are enough to give it a red flag.

Google has went ahead to improve this system which has done away with the check box as well. Now the system will focus on analyzing the how users has interacted with the other elements on the website which includes the ‘submit form’ button. If this system finds that there has been suspicious activity on the website then it will trigger puzzle on the screen for the user or bot to solve.

FRED: Unconfirmed Change in How Google Ranks Web Pages Is Freaking Some People Out

Google is the most widely used search engine on global level which is utilized by the users to search for almost anything. A better rank in the Google results search page means millions on visitors on the website. In simple words higher the rank the better chances are for businesses to put forward their products and services and at the same time generate more money. Page ranks on the search engine is a thing of great concern for the business as it the only way of getting found online in the most humble fashion.

Why SEO companies matter? 

This is basic reason behind the flourishing of the search engine optimization (SEO) service provider companies. These companies helped business in gaining traffic to their website through fetching better results in the search engines and most importantly on the Google using the White Hat techniques. The experts working at such firms are entrusted with the task of enhancing the online visibility as well as search engine visibility of the businesses which helps in gaining website traffic, attracting leads and increasing the brand awareness which ultimately results in growing the business revenue. Even a slightest change in the Google website ranking algorithm could wreak havoc in the online ranking of the business on global scale.

The update is called FRED

It is being speculated that Google has quietly launched the FRED update which basically focuses on the link quality. Most of the SEO experts relying on the link building practice which help in linking websites to other channels and in return guaranteed a huge surge of traffic to the website. With the FRED update Google is not looking at the number links built by the website but it is also accessing the quality of the links in order to give rank to the website in question. FRED isn’t a major update but it can seriously undermine or enhance the rank of the website of the search in a single go.

Rapid increase and decrease in the ranking is worrisome

Google has formally announced any changes in the website ranking algorithm though SEO communities suspect it has already begun and Google will make everyone aware in upcoming days. A number of SEO experts have stated that they are getting significant volatility and fluctuation in their automated tracking tools which essentially signify that an update has been made in the Google website ranking algorithm. Secondly not just the SEO experts even the webmasters are worried with rapid decline and increase in the website which clear indication that a Google update FRED has been made to the search engine without notice.

Those businesses that rely on the website for lead generation and branding will get to see change in their results within a short while of the change in the website ranking. It is better to talk with SEO consultant and get to the root of the cause which will help in making the necessary in the website to ensure you don’t keep on losing the customers and business with the dramatic change in the website rank.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Google's New #myAndroid Taste Test

Change is inevitable in every phase of life. So you need to be ready to accept the change. Whether it is with your daily life or it is with the gadgets, you need to update yourself to be at the best. So if you want to give a new look to your android set, then here is best chance. The #myAndroid Taste Test is the latest app to be launched by the android and is easily available. The target for the #myAndroid Taste Test is the new users or who are not so friendly with the android technology and are willing to customise their new android handset.


Well, the app boasts of some extra-ordinary features which will take the users by surprise. This #myAndroid Taste Test once installed will let you answer few questions and then it will be able to identify your choice. So, it will save your time by not wading through the millions of customisation apps in the play store. And moreover, you might not be satisfied with the apps that you download. The #myAndroid Taste Test will ask you a bunch of questions ranging from your likes of “abstract” or “modern”. It will also ask you to choose between the “organic” or “normal”.


Once you are done with the answering the questions, you will get to see the change. The android will get a change over and the new look will surely mesmerise you. The #myAndroid Taste Test available for free download in the Google play store. You can see the cool wallpapers, icons which will get a new look. This is indeed exciting if you just got yourself a new handset. Google itself will cook some new designs for you based on your choices you have made while answering the rapid fire round of questions. The widgets, launcher, keypad – everything will get changed.


Sometimes we get bored with the monotonous look of the handset. So, the #myAndroid Taste Test is the perfect app for you to taste something new. It will not only refresh the look of your phone but also will change the mood of yours. You will feel all the more enchanted to use this cool app. The #myAndroid Taste Test helps the new users to get accustomed to the Google way of things to do. The Google play store is a huge treasure chest, so it becomes often difficult for the layman to pitch in the right track for choosing the applications for their android sets. The #myAndroid Taste Test is short, fun intended and helpful for the users.


In the round of questions, you will find yourself puzzled but that is to come to a decision. The questions are pretty simple and you get to know your choices better. Isn’t it wonderful that your choices of life are getting mapped in your android handset with the cool and stunning graphics which is sure to blow your mind? So, brace yourself and taste the #myAndroid Taste Test .

The Raspberry Pi Zero W Is a Wireless Computer for $10

Raspberry Pi Zero W
Computer and laptop prices are always in flex wherein we have to shell out more money for advanced feature while the devices at the bottom are too bad to even try. Five years $35 computer was launched called Raspberry Pi which was so cheap that it seemed unbelievable and simply a publicity stunt. Here comes 2017 and we are greeted with an even cheaper computer offering at a price of just $10 called Pi Zero W. If you think this is cheapest then you will be surprised to know that Raspberry has launched Pi Zero last year which had a price tag of just $5 though Pi Zero didn’t had any wireless capabilities. Pi Zero W comes with wireless capability which will allow it communicate with any other hardware r devices with ease without the need of wiring it up.

Features of Raspberry Pi Zero W

At just $10 Pi Zero W brings support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which is a great feature in an entry level board. This can be great tool in the hand of the tech enthusiasts and the developers in building their own Internet of Things and other gadgets can connect with the internet and interact with other devices. If you thinking Pi Zero is the first to bring such cool feature at such a jaw dropping price point then you will be surprised that there is another competitor. A KickStarter device called C.H.I.P computer brings similar features on to the tablet couple with Wi-Fi support at just $9 a package. Raspberry has sold out within few hours of its announcement and it is not expected to be brought back for sale within a short time.

Why does Raspberry Pi Zero W matters?

Raspberry Pie Zero W simply offers a wide range of potential for the learners, tech enthusiasts and others in broadening their knowledge through experimenting without spending a huge amount of money. In the past a number of users have been able to develop robots, laptop, lightsaber and Polaroid camera using the original Zero hardware. In order to make use of the Raspberry Pie users are simply required to possess a desktop PC having the official Raspbian OS which brings a horde of completely free software which aids in learning about the computers & programming.

Now the latest iterant of the Rapberry Pi comes with wireless capability which will allow users to do more as they system will be able to connect with internet & other devices with ease. The built in support for the Wi-Fi will help in connecting Pi with other computer present on the local network with its intuitive command line. Users will be able to hook up keyboard or mouse with ease than before or they can opt for wireless devices with the support of Bluetooth. The base specs for this device includes the same first-gen Model B features which are 512 MB of DDR2 SDRAM and a ARM-based processor clocked at 1GHz.

Intel May Cut Prices in Response to AMD Ryzen 1700 Launch

Sometimes companies cuts the prize for its product to boost its sales or sometimes it is forced by the competitor. Intel is gradually cutting down the price for its popular Core i5 and i7 chipsets processors in order to remain competitive in the market after AMD launch of new processor line up. AMD Ryzen has simply taken the industry by storm with highly competitive pricing which can do a lot more damage for the Intel within a short while.

New Pricing for Intel Core processors

Intel has slashed the prices for its Core processor range in a dramatic fashion. The Core i7-7700K has fallen from $380 to $300, Core i-7600K from $270 to $200 while Core i5-6600K dropped to $179 from $270. The adjusted price after the launch of the Ryzen series has emerged on the Micro Center but there is no confirmation it has been done by Intel or is it a part of Micro Center promotion. This pricing can only be seen on the Micro Center website but same isn’t true for the Amazon website where prices had remained unchanged.

Currently AMA has seized multiple spots on the Amazon’s top selling microprocessor lists which were earlier populated with the Intel Core series offerings. In the month of October last year Intel had as many as 12 microprocessors in the top 15 list with an average price of $264. AMD only had three slots for itself during the same time with its X-6300, FX 8350 and FX 8320 processors. Today AMD holds 6 slots in the list while Intel is having just 9 for itself. This shows that the competitive pricing followed by the AMD is helping it in improving the sales on the Amazon.

Pricing plays a crucial role in the sale of processors

The pricing present at the Micros Center can be stated as the new normal or stable pricing for Intel processor for some time to come. Apart from a number of factors comes into play when something thinks about a particular bran do processor. As per user need it can be easily assumed that people will go for the Ryzen 7 1700 when they have to deal multi-threaded applications and parallel workloads. If the user is looking for a single threaded performance along with gaming then Core i7-7700K is the best choice.

Intel has been quick to cut the price of the Core i5 series which suggests a pre-emptive move before AMD launches the new Ryzen 5 counterparts. If a customer is looking for a processor which can offer credible multi-threaded performance along with a decent single threaded scaling then Core i7-6800K is a better option. But on the pricing front people might get tempted to opt for Ryzen 1700K as it is $40 cheaper than Intel’s $550 pricing for 6800K variant. Quite interestingly AMD is keeping a strong hold over multiple slots in the top-selling CPU lists which are certainly going to show in its Q1 earning at the end of March.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Top 10 services Google killed off

Google Answer
Google so frequently launches so many products in the market that after introducing the service they forget about it completely and sometimes launches something new that comes out to be corresponding to the latter, giving it a tough competition. Where, the people too forget about the previous services as they get swayed away with the new one considering it to be the best, just because it is a new introduction so it will definitely comprise of some new technologies that might give them some added value. Here, is the list of some common and the most loved services that Google has struck off over the years.

  • Google Buzz – This was launched in 2010 and was killed off in 2011. This was a Facebook clone that also attached to your email. Due to the service, you could easily share photos, videos and also links straight away to your contacts or to others as well. It died because it was considered as an unprecedented service and was not specific in terms of its utilization. 
  • Picnik – This was a photo editing tool that was available for free in online. Making changes in your photos became easiest with this option as you were not required to different software to adjust the brightness, color, resolution etc. of the photo you intend to upload. 
  • Picasa – Google decided to kill these tools in 2016, but it was a very beneficial tool where you can actually make necessary changes in your digital photos without any trouble. 
  • Google answers – In 2006, Google struck off Google Answers. They did this to attract payments in lieu of providing better answers. 
  • Google Wave – This tool was available between 2010 and 2012 and was killed off for genuine reasons as it lead to certain discrepancies that required an immediate termination and in its place several other features like Google Drive, Dropbox or Office came up that grants a much constructive work. 
  • Google Helpouts – This feature enables seekers to get connected with experts and videos that too live. But, it lasted for only 2 years. 
  • Google Notebooks –This was called off in 2012. It was an online notebook, where you could store notes and even important video clips provided that you use it with Firefox or Explorer. 
  • Google Labs – This feature enabled the common people to use different types of features and apps that too in variety of services, starting from Google Calendar to Google Chrome. Though, the feature no longer exists the spirit of it has still retained its character. 
  • iGoogle – This was the personalized startup page of Google. This did a good marketing from 2005-2013, and when it got disappeared not only its users but the entire internet world was effected by it. Here, you could do anything you want. 
  • Google Reader – Google Reader was one of the favorite companions of the internet that got lost in 1 July, 2013 and instead of it radio waves has taken the position.

This Smart Condom Measures Performance, Warns about STIs

The world depends heavily on technology these days whether it is buying something online or tracking your schedule of sex. Much to the relief of the people smart condom has come into the lives of the people and these can rate your sexual performance. It as a whole is a collection of many other attributes.


The statistics says that almost more than 50 percent people lose their virginity before marriage and this is almost regularly happening in the western country. Everyone wants to make out with his or her soul mate or partner. The smart condom would help you to track where you went wrong while making out. It may be due to low on energy or something else.

Smart condom will help you to track how much you lose calories in the bedroom. It is really incredible to think that the smart condom are on the way and would make your physical relationships even more interesting. Smart condom will help you detect the sex positions each time. So each time you change your partner, you can just check the stats for better positions and give your partner the ultimate satisfaction.


With the smart condom being developed by a British company, the common people are way too excited to grab these. The report states that the smart condom uses a Nano chip which helps to keep track of everything of your sexual activities. It is named as i.Con which costs around 74$ and has already been booked. But the company has not revealed the delivery or the shipment details of the smart condom.

It is an USB charged device which will keep you active for many hours and will provide you live usage of close to six to eight hours. It also keep tracks how many thrusts you make as well as the speed, frequency, duration, speed of the thrusts. Needless to say this wearable technology will bring a change in the bedroom.


This Nano chip present in the i.Con has sensors placed in it to track all the sexual activities. This includes the penis girth, average velocity, speed of thrusts and many more. Well, it will also keep a check on your health too. It will measure how much calories are burnt in having sex. The i.Con will also record the temperature of your body and how it changes while having intercourse.

The technology is so advanced that it will filter the antibodies which are harmful. It will alert the user when detected. The material is made up of synthetic rubber and contains waterproof carbon unit. How wonderful will it be if you have the log of your sex in the phone? Well, the i.Con will make it available for you once you are done with your deed. The data gets transmitted to the phone either by the app or USB cable. Just sit back for a few days, the pleasure is on its way.

Monday, 13 March 2017

iPhone Spying Bugs Revealed By Wikileaks Have Been Fixed, Apple Says

Apple iPhone is revered as the most secure device which even government security agencies can get into. But Wikileaks has revealed a number of vulnerabilities in the iPhone which can be easily utilized by the agencies to launch ‘zero day’ attacks. Apple was quick to swing into action which resulted in fixing all the vulnerabilities before can think about using it against millions of iPhone users. Wikileaks also pointed that a number of hacking tools were exclusively developed by the GCHQ which is the infamous British spy agency.
Apple has released an statement where it confirmed to fix all the vulnerabilities present in the 8,761 pages long documentation published by the Wikileaks. These vulnerabilities were not just limited to the iPhone but also the iPad and iOS as a whole.

Some tips to secure iPhone from hackers

  • Make use of PIN or fingerprint security: This will help you in securing the smartphone against unwanted individuals getting inside your phone. 
  • Make use of longer password: Simply going to the settings followed by ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ and turn the ‘Simple Passcode’ off. Now indulge in creating a complex and longer password for your phone which consists of upper and lower case letter along with numbers & symbols. 
  • Boost your privacy settings: Carefully allot the privileges for different apps by simply turning them on/ off by going to the Settings followed by ‘Privacy’. 
  • Don’t forget to activate the self destruct: When someone tries to break into your phone then you can set it for self-destruct where all the data will be deleted instantly. This feature can be activated by simply going to the Settings followed by the enabling the ‘erase data’. This will ensure that your iPhone turns the device cleans after ten incorrect PIN guesses. 
  • Turn of the notification: One doesn’t need to unlock the device in order to read the notification and this can result in revealing too much about you than you wish.
Apple has worked towards fixing the 14 different iOS vulnerabilities and it has been found that most of it was linked to the older version of the operating system. When compared against the Google’s Android operating system Apple iPhone is always considered to be highly secured and protected device. Secondly Apple tends to offer or bring over-the-air security updates to the iPhone more quickly than Google. Android platform isn’t known to be hyper active when it comes to operating system version up-gradation and updates.

Wikileaks has given a dramatic revelation to the world wherein it stated that CIA has dedicated the whole specialized unit of the Mobile Development Branch for the iOS devices. The reason behind is pretty simple as most of the prominent figures in the field of entertainment, politics and business tend to use iPhone than the Android device. Quite incidentally Apple has been in fierce battle against FBI over creating a backdoor in it device which will help agencies get into iPhone.

Time Crystals Created, Suspending Laws of Physics

Time Crystals
With the ever-increasing folds of science and technology, the did acticism it brings is liable to grant you a huge exposure in terms of the respective field. The field of science is very reducing as it droops everything that comes under its spectrum by deducting it to matter, electrons and many more. The Scientists have now succeeded in formulating a different kind of matter that is identified as a time crystal and it has the capability to reduce the laws pertaining to thermodynamics. This is something very innovative that has been introduced by several years of research and dedication.

You must be wondering that what is this time crystal all about, it is nothing anything much or big it is just a combination of atoms or icons that are generally far apart but still when brought together it has the power to interact with each other. All this collection of matter are liable to tickle that too at a desirable frequency without owing to any heating or entropy, the general state of disruption that always accelerates in the entire world. The Time Crystals show their spell because of the undiluted effect of the quantum or it can also occur due to the rules that propagates the bizarre menagerie of some very small subatomic substances.

This novice creation of matter that tends to join a host of some different elegant matters of state like superconductors, quantum-spin fluids and super liquids. A theoretical physics graduation student at Harvard University, Soonwon Choi who is a co-author has tried to solve this mystery by founding a new state of matter that is an innovation in itself, it is also capable of paving the way for quantum computers that will guarantee you protection from safeguarding all the information from being leaked which is a very big advantage.

The whole idea of Time Crystal was first coined by Frank Wilczek, who is a Physicist. During his research he came across this matter that is genuinely responsible for different variations in time, which will be a revolutionary symmetry with respect to time. This whole study depicts that if you do something now it would provide the same result as that would give if the thing is done in future i.e., even after a single minute. Provided all other conditions are kept equal.

The Physicist says that the interaction that takes place among particles, like the ions or sub atoms, creates a state including matter that is moves to and fro repeatedly with respect to time very much similar to the crystal that has a structure that oscillates in space and in this way, it helps to get the same result even if the act is performed in future. Recent researches depict that these time crystals do not persist in thermal equilibrium. But, after prolonged efforts the scientists and physicist have come to a conclusion that these crystals would survive in dynamic states, when the systems are frequently changing and are still thriving to reach up to thermal equilibrium.

Five WhatsApp Hacks You Should Know

WhatsApp has taken the era of messaging to another level. Starting from text messages to voice call and now video chat. It has magnanimously brought the entire world at the tip of your fingers. People opt for Android phones just to avail WhatsApp for themselves. You can even share photos and videos using this application. Other applications may not be there on everyone’s phone, but this is an application that is common to all. It is very addictive and you are liable to get charmed under its spell. The application has rigorously taken the notches high by introducing new updates and features after being taken under by Facebook. Here, are some enrapting tips that will give you a much advanced use of WhatsApp.

  • How To Hide Your Chats – You can now hide all your chats so that no third person can get the hue of your personal life by just archiving them. In order to avail this option you need to go to the chat area and just tap and hold on to the chat you want to archive. Once the entire chat that you want to archive is selected, you will find that a button with a down-arrow will be visible on the left side of the screen. You just need to tap on that arrow and your chat will be archived and when you want to access this chat, just scroll down towards the end of the chat page and tap on the archived chats option. 
  • How to Doodle on Images – You can now play with your photos and modify them the way you want as WhatsApp has upgraded itself to provide its users the benefit of Snapchat, due to this feature you can doodle the image before sending, i.e., you can add stickers or crop the image the way you prefer. 
  • Text Highlighting – This is completely a new feature that is used during group chat or long compiled texts. The user will now be able to highlight the text by just tapping on the arrow on the top right corner of your skin. 
  • You can also Tag People on WhatsApp – This feature is really beneficial in a group chat, as using this feature you can tag people in the respective group by using @. This enticing feature was previously available only on Facebook but now with the upgraded version of whatsapp you can use it in your group chat to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding in denoting people. 
  • You can Mute Group Chats – WhatsApp might be very interesting, but it is a fact that we are not always free to entertain text messages. So, now you can avoid getting disturbed by frequent messages from any group. You just need to tap on the chat that you want to mute by pressing the mute button that appears on the top of the screen. A pop-up will immediately appear and will ask you that for how long you want to mute the conversation for eight hours, a week or a year. Just choose your desired time period and the feature will be applicable.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dark Net is More Resilient to Attack than the Internet

Our reliance on internet for day to day activities is growing exponentially with every passing month. Internet is regarded as a robust and complex network which happens to fail quite a lot even though the technological evolutions are upgrading it capabilities at break neck speed. A research conducted by the scientists has revealed that the dark net which remains hidden from the regular internet as well as invisible to the common search engine happens to be less vulnerable to the cyber attacks. Given the fact it has low visibility and not everyone knows about it keeps it secure even though it works on the same foundation of the commonly used internet.

Decentralization is the major reason for attacks on common internet

The regular is extremely decentralized which is known to become extremely stable in normal circumstance which makes it easier to wreak it. Internet is just an amalgamation of sites and servers which are millions in number and works fine even when you take out few sites or servers from this complex network. That is why it becomes more vulnerable and can easily be used to launch a coordinated attack and this is what exactly happens when someone launches a distributed denial of service attacks or more commonly known as (DDoS). Dark Net is less vulnerable because of its unique structure.

Lack of rick club effect safeguards dark net from attacks

Their study has found that the powerful network nodes in the regular internet tend to connect with the powerful nodes with ease. This helps in forming what these scientists describe as network elites. Therefore launching an attack on single such node results in triggering the failure of the other nodes and this ultimately results in failure of the whole network. Dark net simply does away with the high level connectivity among the powerful nodes present in its network.

When it comes to network elites in the dark elites then appear to avoid each other which ensure its robustness against the mitigated attacks. Dark net in essence creates the ‘small world network’ which is filled up with the heavily connected nodes link which is a part of the smaller local nodes. It can be easily visualized as the major traffic hubs and how they connect with the smaller airports spread across the region. Scientists are still to figure what makes the dark net so much touch against the attacks when they happens to very much similar to regular internet in the way it works and interacts with different node in many ways.

Scientists have put forward the thought that completely reconfiguring the internet is the only resort toward infusing the robust toughness in the regular internet. This method of reconfiguring the complete internet will certainly be a giant momentous task that would be expensive beyond imagination but this will help in bringing highly secure environment for the next generation of the users and large companies.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Google Head Confirms Second Generation Pixel Phone

This year might have just have begun but we are already moved by the reports of Google and Apple. Probably this year would bring a dynamic change in the world of cells. Google is trying its best to compete with it’s one of the top rivals –Apple with Second Generation Pixel phone. Well, Apple has always maintained the trend of releasing iPhones each year ever since its inception and now we may see Google just following the same trend. But the catch is whether Google will be able to match up to the expectations of the users and also whether it would take everyone by surprise. The rumours of iPhone 8 have already been spread but now the question lies whether Apple would be able to be deliver those features without any glitches like the 3-D selfie camera which is supposed to map your face.


With the news being confirmed that Google is set to launch the second version of Pixel which can range around 900$. So be prepared to shed a bit more for the wonderfully crafted design of Pixel 2. The previous Pixel boasts of an enormous charging facility and battery backup which is the major concern for the normal consumers. Well, it was able to give seven hours of standby charge when it was charged for just fifteen minutes. Needless to say, the design was superb with the storage capacity of 32 GB or 128 GB. The video calling app like DUO may get a newer look or an upgrade in the Pixel 2. The ALLO app for messaging was a huge success. The design may be a sleek a bit and may use cutting edge technology to beat the likes of Apple in the top smartphone market.


With the passage of time, the technology has got more advanced and with more exciting features, it is just icing the cake. The latest report says Google is planning to ditch the headphone jack just like the iPhone 7. It is planning to take over the market in the broader way. Well, this report might not be true as it was an internal Google document and hasn’t been verified still. But within a short span of time, the picture would be clear. The processor for the Pixel 2 would be Snap Dragon. Probably it would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC. It is supposed to be water resistant as well as dust resistant.


Google’s main focus would be on photography just like the predecessors. And for this they have decided to stay premium in the market. Well, we have got to have patience before any final news is confirmed about the product and release date. It is now time to see whether there would be any better feature than the Gorilla glass or not. The display is said to be HD with latest features which will be quite cool when coming to the photography part. The year surely promises to be awesome with respect to the smartphones.

Protection Against Android Malware

Some tips could always be useful irrespective of the user being new to Android who would be eager to explore new available options on the screen. Some of them could also be annoying which tends to come with the daily functions and operations. These tips could be helpful to the user since every few months there seems to be some security vulnerability in Android which could affect many users of Android smartphones, for instance in recent years, Quadrooter together with Stagefright.

 These two security vulnerabilities were considered to be different. In regular life, how secure would Android be and what would be helpful against the dangers from the internet? Numerous security holes had been exploited by Quadrooter, in Qualcomm drivers in the summer of 2016 wherein nine hundred million Android devices had been affected.

This had been presented by those who had identified the gaps. But in order to take the benefit of the Quadrooter exposure, the invader needs to be capable of installing and running an appropriate designed app on a smartphone. The Stagefright susceptibility seemed to be different which was unseen in the functions in processing of streams or media files and the issue was that when even a video would be sent as an MMS there was a tendency of it being misused.

The invader had the capability of sending a file to the user where the dangerous code could be accomplished. Beginning with Android 4.0, it seemed difficult to exploit the susceptibility owing to the system intervention, though it is not difficult. The dissimilarity between the two security breaches is evident. While Quadrooter tends to need few steps from the user, Stagefright can be exploited remotely without the need of interaction of the user. Android tends to have various means of safeguarding the security of the users. The most significant methods are:

1. Prevention of installation of unfamiliar apps 

There is said to be a setting in the Android system which enables or disables installations of apps of unfamiliar source wherein the option gets deactivated on the device in its delivery state where one can install apps only from the Play Store. Some of the companies tend to have their own app store preinstalled like in the case of Samsung, with its Galaxy Apps. The capability of limiting the option is not relevant for these and this option tends to protect the user against malware spreads through an unfamiliar app store or simple internet pages. News regarding malware in the Play Store seems to be quite rare since these disreputable apps are eradicated rapidly from the Play Store. However, unknown sources need to be activated in using app store of Amazon or perhaps for another like F-Droid.

2. Virus Scanner of Google 

The second line of defense of Google does not seem to have compatibility issue but provides security against malicious apps – virus scanning. Beginning with Android 4.2, this has been made available and is now a part of the services of Google Play. It has also been activated by default and should be left that way. The setting is said to enable apps to be scanned for likely malware before the installation. However if malware tends to be discovered, Android rejects the installation.

Quadrooter Malware 

Google had confirmed with Android Central some few days after discovering that Quadrooter malware cannot be installed while the corresponding setting had been set. Adrian Ludwig, security chief of Android had declared that it was identical to Gooligan, the malware which had hacked Google accounts in December 2016. As of April 2016, Android Security Report, in 2015 states that with this procedure, the threat landscape for users of Android could be considerably less and with this feature the malware apps does not have any chance against Google. Essentially the verification of the app tends to function by calculating the fingerprint – hash value of an APK which is compared against the database of Google comprising of likely threats. Google tends to scan apps on the Play Store, as well as APKs which are accessible through the web.

Alerts against Ensuing Manipulation

This system seems to be quite effective since around 90% of the apps connected outside the Play Store seemed to be well-known to Google which had been scanned for probable security concerns. Besides this, Google is also capable of extracting specific features from the apps subjecting them to identical process which enables Google to identify dangerous feature. Thus it warns the user if essential and also prevents the installation of such a kind of app. Google, in the meantime tends to scan the installed apps during the process and can also alert against ensuing manipulation of the app, which is already installed. In the case of extreme condition, there is also the likelihood of removing apps from the smartphone if these have been permitted by a device administrator.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Google Fights Online Trolls With New Tool Perspective

In the past couple of years the internet has turned into an ugly place which is filled with name calling, harassment and in some extreme cases with threats of violence. The extent of the online violence or trolling or abusive barrage is so much that half of the internet users in United States have stated that they had experience such intimidation.

Almost a third of those users has confirmed that they restraint themselves from posting anything online simply out of fear. This data has been generated by a non-profit Data & Society Research Institute and a gruesome has fact has emerged from this study which points that the young women and women of colour are targeted specifically by the trolls.

Google is coming up with a noble solution for this by releasing an artificial intelligence tool named Perspective. Perspective is designed to scan the online content and define its ‘toxicity’ purely based on user’s ratings.

How Perspective works?

Perspective works in a simple and dignified fashion wherein a user can feed an online comment board eight into the Perspective to understand it toxicity level based on the user’s responses. This score will help the users in deciding whether they should participate in the conversation or to stay away from it. This tool will be a boon for the publishing houses as they will be able to monitor their site’s comments boards in a more effective manner.

Quick scan of ugly words on Perspective

Perspective support rating for specific words and phrases as well wherein a quick scan is conducted and results are shown to the user. Perspective has thrown an insightful report based on a quick scan of the ugly words. This report has shown that the words with n-letter has toxicity of 82 percent, k--- which is a derogatory word for the Jewish person had toxicity of 39 percent while c--- which is a slur for Chinese origin person had toxicity of 32 percent. When phrases like ‘you are a’ is thrown at Perspective then the toxicity score goes up wildly.

The future applications of Perspective

The use of Perspective is free and open for everyone and it is up to the publishers whether they wish to showcase the results to public or not. Currently the online publishers rely on the crowdsourcing methods in which readers are required to flag the offensive language in the comments to the human moderators. Perspective can even be utilised by the website owners in cleaning up the language on their sites.

Some have suggested that Perspective can lead towards censoring the free speech in the long run. In a response Google has stated that this tool has been designed to flag the ‘low hanging fruit’ which can be later on adjudged by the human moderators whether it should be removed or not.

Google attempt towards fighting the troll and abusive content in the online arena is very similar to the efforts of Twitter and some other non-profit organisations.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

MWC 2017: Samsung Unveils Two New Tablets

Mobile World Congress at Barcelona is an esteemed event which is followed closely by the consumer electronics industry and fans worldwide. Samsung has always indulged in showcasing its Galaxy S Smartphone at this tech show since 2013 but this year it has given it a miss by simply bringing two tablets and a virtual reality headset. The particular VR headset unveiled by the Samsung comes with a remote control which is weird but exciting at the same time. It is hard for any major Smartphone maker to do away with the Smartphone complete at MWC therefore Samsung briefly teased one new Smartphone right at the end of its presentation. Samsung however left the presentation at a happy note by stating that the new Smartphone will be unveiled on 29 March in New York later this year.

Samsung will lose onto rivals

Samsung has already lost the crown of most selling Smartphone brand in the world to Apple this year in terms of shipment. After the Note 7 debacle last year Samsung has lost a considerable market share to rivals and not bringing any successor to the S7 at MWC will simply become a boon for the rivals especially Huawei. However signaling to the fans that a new device is expected to make its way to them soon is a good thing from Samsung point of view as it will make potential buyers to wait for some time.

News tablets doesn’t excite anymore

Samsung has launched two new tablets the Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book and both of these devices are targeted at the consumers who are more into gaming and video playback. The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a 9.7 inch screen and boasts of the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. While Galaxy Book will come in two different sizes of 10.6 inch and 12 inch and it will be running in the Windows 10 OS. Galaxy Book is being targeted at the on the go professionals and it also comes with additional accessories in form of snap-on keyboard and S Pen stylus.

Tablet sales are going down on global scale for all the manufactures as the initial popularity for the larger devices has depleted. Consumers tend to favour the larger Smartphone instead of tablets but Samsung is looking forward to ignite popularity in larger device through bringing better specs coupled with features. Both of these tablets boasts of the organic light emitting diode (OLED) and displays and brings powerful specifics which will help in reigning over the competitors.

Samsung presentation marred with Greenpeace protest

Samsung days are going rough since its recall and effective demise of the Note 7. Sadly its presentation had an unexpected appearance of the Greenpeace activist staging a banner stating ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ which is direct wink at the Note 7 handsets. Quite a number of protestors started gathering around the building where this press conference was taking place and they displayed varied banners on the same lines.

Three Layers of Graphene Reveals a New Kind of Magnet

You can’t bring a pause to two of the main parts of this world and that is time and the invention. Time and again science and technology has made our lives more comfortable and cosier.Well, recently there was a great and astonishing discovery in the field of magnetism. The discovery will make our future more resourceful as the scientists have found magnetism in the three layers of graphene. Now, the electronic devices as well as in other applications, this theory can be used which will be a great help for the digital world that has moulded our lives into something better.


Graphene being an allotrope of carbon is two-dimensional structure which forms a vertex. The structure of graphene is a bit different of that of graphite but the density of the electrons can be easily changed with the help of a transistor. Then the wave nature of the graphene can be easily observed and further studies can be made. The speed of electrons in graphene is higher comparatively than other metals like copper. They can cover a distance of 10micrometre. Well, to the common masses, this distance is almost less than 10 times the diameter of a human hair. When you place the graphene in between boron nitride, you get to listen to the whispers what the scientists say. The layers of the boron nitride which has some defects cause some sort of hindrance in the flow of electrons.


As the imperfections in the structure lead to whispers which means that the electrons are talking to one another in the structure. Well, the study reveals a great deal on how to use the magnetism that has been shown by these electrons when they were sandwiched at a temperature of -272 degree Celsius. The three levels of graphene holding such an important and massive property will not only be helpful in the field of electronics but will also have a huge impact in the nature and the natural resources for the years to come. This wonderful and astonishing discovery was done by the renowned professors at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.


Graphene holds some extra ordinary properties which have made it to make an edge over extra atoms or semiconductors as well as other allotropes of carbon. Well, given the credit for the properties of graphene, it is the lightest, strongest and also a good conductor of heat and electricity. It is thinnest as well which makes the scientists do the research in the most convenient manner.


Graphene promises to bring a revolution in the years to come with its outstanding features. From the field of computers to the area of car tires, it promises to change everything with its remarkable characteristics. Well, the magnetism property has just added to the feature basket. Now, we need to wait for the applications where this property may come handy. But one thing is pretty secured, that the chemical industries, automobile industry as well as the electronics industry are going to be benefitted a lot from this allotrope.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Google Will Let Gmail Users Receive 50 Megabyte Attachments

File sharing is a breeze for the users but sharing large files is still a headache for most of the users. A number of cloud sharing services has emerged in the recent past like the Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox which allows us to share large files with other across the globe with ease. But when someone tries to send a large file through email and most importantly through Gmail then get to a roadblock. However Google has finally decided to do something about this problem by increasing the cap on the email attachment size.

Rom this week onwards Google will users to send up to 50 MB files in the emails. Google had also released a statement wherein it stated that Google Drive will remain the penultimate mode of sharing large for its users but in order to fulfill the need of sending large files even on the mail they had decided to bump up the size allotted for email attachments. Now the entire Gmail user will get a chance to receive up to 50 MB directly to their email account with no frills attached.

Gmail Malware attack report

Quite recently Google has brought a malware report which essentially offers a breakdown of the Gmail users receiving spam content. This report has revealed that the users from the real estate sector happen to be the prime target of the emails filled with malicious content and links.

Google has failed to explain why most of the businesses from the real estate background have been the target of the spammers. But the Boston division of the FBI has also released a similar warning in the month of December where it stated that surge has been seen in the business email compromise emerging in the real estate sector. The frequent targets were the real estate agents for the fraudsters and the spammers.

Google report also revealed that the science related firms from the EU region and more specifically Germany has received 9.6 times higher number of phishing emails against US counterparts. The numbers shown in the report reveals that spammers have generally targeted the firms in the entertainment, IT and housing sectors.

Google decision of increasing the cap on the email attachment for Gmail will not just help the users but it will also make it easier to send large files with malicious content.

There is a hitch

Google doesn’t want its users to go on the spree of sending large files on the email therefore it has not done away with the existing 25 MB cap on its outgoing messages in the Gmail. Gmail or Google users can always make use of the Google Drive to share large files with others but the new size limit will come to all the G Suite editions in upcoming three days which will help Gmail users in receiving oversized files like the spreadsheets, videos or any kind of attachments from other email providers.

Why the Nintendo Switch Game Cartridges Taste Revolting

Nintendo is working towards bringing its latest consoles to millions of users across the world with Switch. But there is a one quirky advice for all the players which is ‘do not lick the games’. It might seem awkward but game cartridges come with an unsettling which is designed to ensure that no player indulges in ingesting or licking it. Some of the reviewers of the Nintendo Switch have stated that the taste of new console’s game cartridges tastes extremely revolting. Nintendo has laced it games cartridges for Switch with the denatonium benzoate which is known as the most disgusting chemical in the world.

Why Nintendo is using this chemical? 

It was later revealed that Nintendo has made use of denatonium benzoate intentionally in a bid to stop children from eating or swallowing the game cartridges. It should be noted that the denatonium is widely used in the antifreeze as well as rat poison which stops human from consuming it. Sometimes it is even applied to the nails of children to thwart them from biting it persistently.

One of the Nintendo spokesperson has released a statement wherein it was revealed that the company has done this in order to avoid the possibility of accidental ingestion. This will ensure that kids will stay from eating the game cartridges and still the card should be kept away from the young children. Secondly the denatonium benzoate is a bittering agent which is non toxic in nature so there is nothing to be worried about.

What makes Nintendo Switch unique? 

The upcoming Nintendo Switch will be nothing like the rival consoles such as the PS4 and XboxOne because it will make use of small game cartridges instead of the discs. This will be Nintendo’s first home console in 20 years which will support game cartridge. Cartridge will be simply the size of postage thereby raising the caution of being swallowed by the children. Nintendo decision to make use of bittering agent on the game cartridge was designed to prevent this act but it has not stopped adult from licking it and spewing venom about it on the social media.

The reason why Nintendo has opted for game cartridge instead of the game discs which had become a norm in the modern gaming society is pretty simple. Nintendo is light weight and small and owing to its size opting for the game cartridge is a sensible choice. Nintendo Switch has the ability to switch between a ‘handheld gaming consoles’ to a ‘TV mode console’ with pretty ease. On Nintendo Switch games will lad relatively faster which isn’t the case with the disc based consoles which has a painfully lengthy install times.

Nintendo is gearing up to launch the Switch console on Friday at a price point of £279. So far reviews have been favorable and it has been appreciated for its innovative design and detachable controllers which makes game play experience refreshing and entertaining in every manner.