Friday, 28 December 2018

Planning a Group Tour of Silicon Valley Campuses

Silicon Valley
Planning a group tour of Silicon Valley Campuses can be quite hectic given that they are so many important and notable campuses to choose from. From Apple to Facebook to Google, once you name a tech giant that has created a niche for themselves in the industry over the last decade or any tech brands that are basically household names worldwide, all of them have their headquarters as well as campuses based in the Silicon Valley. It is no easy feat to plan an itinerary around the Silicon Valley, not only owing to the number of major tech campuses situated there, but also the fact that the transportation around the Silicon Valley is an issue given the classic valley roadblocks one has to face. The best solution would be to undertake a group tour and take a bus rental. Palo Alto group tour bus rentals are quite popular and usually a favorite in this matter. However, there are quite a number of variables and specifics that we have to decide on while planning a group tour along the Silicon Valley Campuses.

The Strength of Your Group

Numbers are an important factor when it comes to deciding on group tours along the Silicon Valley Campus. It is in fact, highly advisable that you go in large numbers, as not only will that profit you when it comes to the cost-benefit analysis, but also the fact that given the valley traffic situation, you would need to spend quite some time chatting up to your group or playing games with them while you are travelling from one stop to another. If you do not know most of the people in your bus, rest assured, by the end of the day, you will know their stories since you will get a lot of time in your hands if you plan to incorporate multiple campus sites on your itinerary for a single day.

Campuses That You Must Visit


Location - 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California

Situated in the Mountain View HQ Campus, the flock of buildings here is colloquially called the Google Plex after the tech giants that have set up shop here. The central campus here, however, is situated in front of the #43rd building and you can take a tour around the area here.


Location - 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California

Though visiting the central area of the campus is strictly off limits, once you visit the premises of this major tech brand , you can walk up to the main campus sign and you are totally allowed to take a couple of selfies here and upload it on Facebook itself.


Undoubtedly, Apple is the brand that has come of its own in the last decade and is the pioneer of industry changing brands and if you visit Silicon Valley, this is a campus that you must take a tour of. Modelled on the retail stores of the brand, the look of the place was changed back in 2015 when the campus underwent a major renovation.

Apart from these, from Intel to eBay, from Netflix to Yahoo, every major tech brand has a campus here and it would only be a folly to miss these ones.

Group activities

As mentioned earlier, the time between the stops on a campus tour might take a while and it would do you a whole world of good if you are prepared for that and go packed up on the bus with board games or group activities in mind.

All in all, if you are crazy about tech, Silicon Valley is surely going to be one of the most important highlights of your life whenever you look back.

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