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Monday, 23 November 2015

Chrome for Android vulnerability Discovered by Researcher


Chinese Researcher Discovered Susceptibilities in Android Operating System

Google, over the past few months had been busy crushing security susceptibilities in its prevalent Android mobile operating system, though several tends to remain undiscovered and some could be easily misused. Guang Gong, a Chinese researcher from Qihoo 360, demonstrated at MobilPwn2Own at the PacSec conference in Tokyo on how an Android device running the latest version of the operating system could be hijacked by exploiting JavaScript v8 vulnerability through Chrome browser.

 Gong observed JavaScript v8 susceptibility in Chrome for Android enabled him to install a random application on the affected device, a BMX Bike game in this case, without the need of user interaction. Dragos Ruiu, PacSec organizer had explained in a Google+ post. V8 is Google’s open source JavaScript engine and V8 is written in C++, used in Google Chrome which is the open source browser from Google.

Google security engineer on site had received the bug. Spotpedia had informed that `a Google engineer instantly got in touch with Gong after his presentation and rumours were on that the Chrome team had already got it fixed. Gong had commented on 9to5Google that the exploit was created by someone whose job was to find vulnerabilities and not a hacker with malicious intentions.

Vulnerability in JavaScript Engine in Chrome

As long as Chrome is utilised in navigating to a malicious site an attacker has set up, the device could be infected.This was demonstrated on a Google Project Fi Nexus 6 operating the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow build with all applications updated. The vulnerability was also demonstrated by the researcher which could provide an attacker with total control of the device and success of the exploitation does not need chaining in multiple susceptibilities.

Ruiu informs that this particular shot exploit had been exposed after three months of work, though the exact details on the security flaw had not been publicly known. The exploit had been tested on other devices too and worked on all of them, according to Ruiu.Considering that the vulnerability is in the JavaScript engine in Chrome, it is said to affect the entire Android version with the new version of the browser which is installed. Ruiu had announced through Twitter that the details on the vulnerability had been handed over to Chrome engineer at the conference.

Series of Critical Android Vulnerabilities Observed

However, unfortunately for Gong, his presentation at the conference did not gain him an immediate reward for his efforts though probably Google would reward him for the discovery of the vulnerability, since the company has a bug bounty program set up for Chrome and Chrome OS. According to The Register, Ruiu would fly Gong to the CanSecWest security conference next year.

Google would most probably handle this vulnerability soon, even though the details on the exploit have not been made public so far. A series of critical Android vulnerabilities have been discovered by security researchers this year comprising of the Stagefright flaw which has affected almost a billion devices and a Stagefright2issue alleged to have affected devices running all Android version, began with the initial release.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Android Wear Smartwatches Now Work with the iPhone


Android Watches To Connect with iPhone 
Google has plans of introducing an application which could connect Android smartwatches with Apple’s iPhone, mounting the battle among rivals to strap their technology on people’s wrists. This move has shoved Google to Apple’s field in an effort to boost the sales of watches running on Android Wear software.

 The program combining the devices running on various operating systems would be released soon in Apple’s app store. Android watches, as of now, tend to work only with smartphones powered by Android software, similar to the Apple Watch which is designed to be fastened exclusively to the iPhone.

The Google’s new app would however, empower the latest Android watches to connect with the iPhone, in order that users could quickly glance at their wrists for required directions, fitness information as well as notification with regards to events, emails, and Facebook updates. The devices would not be capable of being tied together in a way which would permit the Android watches in communicating with the other apps, that a user would have installed on the iPhone.

This could probably discourage several iPhone users from changing over from Apple to purchase an Android watch unless Google tends to find a way of overcoming the obstacle according to Ramon Llamas, IDC analyst. Android watches for now are expected to appeal to iPhone owners unwilling to spend extra money on a device which would be more of a novelty rather than a needed gadget.

Google is expecting the prices of Android watches to be well-matched with the iPhone ranging from $100 to $400 and Apple having a long history of challenging premium prices on its products tends to charge a minimum of £299 for Apple Watch even though its luxury products tend to cost thousands of pounds. Llamas commented that the Android watches will not be bought by `the fan boys and fan girls which should have everything with an Apple logo on it. He is referring about going after people who tend to be open to other options with what they could do with their devices.

Apple who had been a late applicant in the smartwatch market has quickly come to the forefront of the pack after its release in April. Apple Watches of around 4 million had been sold during the three months ending in June to control three-fourth of the smartwatch market, worldwide on the estimates from the firm Strategy Analytics and the combination of sales of Android watches which have been made by various device developers during the same time amounted to 600,000 units for an 11pc market share.

 Samsung watches on the other hand, running on Tizen software told hold of most of the rest of the market with 7.5pc share. Google is speculating that the next wave of Android Wear watches would assist in shifting the tide in their favour.

The Android watches coming up which would be functioning with the iPhone comprise of Asus ZenWatch 2 and the Huawei Watch. LG Electronic already develops Android Watch, Urbane at £175 which is compatible with the iPhone.

Functioning with the new app, the Android smartwatch would be compatible with iPhone which dates back to the 5 if their operating systems tend to have been updated to the iOS 8.2.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Android Marshmallow: Google Reveals Name of Android 6.0


Google’s Android Marshmallow

Google has revealed its latest version of its operating system which was earlier known as Android M and will now be called Android Marshmallow. The tech giant usually names its operating systems after sweet treats like Jelly Bean, Lollipop and KitKat featuring in the past and hence there is speculation about what the latest release, earlier known as Android M would be called.

Jamal Eason, Android product manager had written on the Android Developers Blog - `whether you like them straight out of the bag, roasted to a golden brown exterior with a molten centre, or in fluff form, who doesn’t like marshmallows? We definitely like them’.

The announcement coincided with the release of the final developer preview update for Android Marshmallow that comprises of the official Android 6.0 software development kit and developers can also publish their app on the Google Play store for Android Marshmallow. The updated operating system that had been first unveiled at Google 1/O on 28 May 2015 is estimated to be launched to the public by the third quarter of 2015.

New Features - Doze

Google states that the Android Marshmallow is the most powerful release so far wherein the update brings in hundreds of improvements, though several of them are very incremental and will be almost invisible to most of the users.

For instance, new features by the name Doze tends to detect when the device’s motion sensor is inactive and cuts down on the level of background app activity which Google states can double the battery life of the device.

Android Marshmallow also supports a new type of USB connector known as USB-C which charges devices three to five times faster than the present microUSB chargers according to Google. The USB-C charger similar to the Apple’s Lightning connector, can be plugged either way round which will save the user from struggling in the dark in trying to plug in the charging cable.

A new permission system tend to be easy for users in deciding what information the apps on the phone could use by providing them with the opportunity to confirm or deny access in context.

Google Now Personal Assistant

For instance, if one tends to download WhatsApp on Android device, you would be asked for permission for WhatsApp to access the contacts, location, calendar, photos, camera, microphone and much more which could be very intrusive.

 In the case of Android Marshmallow, users will not be requested to grant permission at the time of download. It is only while sending voice memo, for instance that they would be asked to grant access to their microphone. Permission could also be withdrawn to access certain informationthrough a new option in the setting menu.

Owing to Android Marshmallow release, Google would be updating its Google Now personal assistant enabling users to access information anywhere on the device irrespective of what they intend to do. On holding and tapping the home button, user could put up a query without the need of leaving the app they are in and could also use Google Now on Tap in order to locate new apps and in-app content.

The Android Marshmallow update would be bringing in support for Android Pay, Google’s answer to Apple Pay that enables the user to pay for things in stores with the use of Android Smartphone.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Google, Samsung to Issue Monthly Android Security Fixes


Google/Samsung to Release Monthly Security Fixes

Google Inc. as well as Samsung Electronics Co will be releasing monthly security fixes for Android phones due to the increasing target for hackers after the revelation of a bug that was designed to attack the world’s most known mobile operating system.

 This change came up after Joshua Drake, a security researcher exposed Stagefright hacking software which enables attackers to send special multimedia message to Android phone and to get hold of sensitive content even if the message is not opened. Adrian Ludwig, Android security chief had commented at the weeks’ annual Black

Hat security conference in Las Vegas, that `they had realized that there was a need to move faster’. Earlier Google had developed a patch and had distributed it to its own Nexus phones after getting to know about the security flaws but other manufacturers would wait till they wanted to update the software for various reasons before making a fix, exposing several of the over 1 billion Android users to probable hacks as well as scam till the fix. Ludwig has informed that Google has also made other security changes.

Google – Regular Weekly Security Scans of Russian Phones

He had informed Reuters, in an interview that earlier this year, the team had broken out occurrence rate of malicious software by language and the rate of Russian language Androids with possibly harmful programs seems to have spiked suddenly to around 9% in late 2014.

Google had made its weekly security scans of Russian phones more regular and was capable of reducing the problem, close to the global standard. Ludwig had also mentioned that improvements to the recent versions of Android would also limit an attacks’ efficiency in more than nine out of ten phones. However, Drake informed that the attacker could keep on trying till the ploy tends to work.

 He also said that he would be releasing a code for the attack by August 24, and put pressure on the manufacturers in order to get their patches out before then. Ludwig has said that the Nexus phones are being updated with protection and most of the major Android handset makers will be following suit.

Stolen Files – Hacking Team Indicated Key Avenue

Rick Segal, Vice President of Samsung,had agreed that his company could not compel the telecommunication carriers who purchase its devices in bulk to install the fixes and some would probably only do so for higher-end users.

Segal had mentioned in an interview that `if it is your business customers, you will push it’. Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of Android phones. Ludwig also stated that several Android security worries were overblown and added that only about one in 200 Android phones Google could peer into have any possibly harmful applications installed at any point.

Drake had also observed that those figures had excluded some products which included Fire products from Amazon that utilise Android. In the case of Apple’s iPhones, the main security risk comes with apps which have not been downloaded from the official online stores of the two companies

The files stolen from Hacking Team – an Italian Company that sold eavesdropped tools to government agencies across the globe, indicated a key avenue which was intended to convince targets to download legitimate seeming Android as well as iPhone apps from fraud sites

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New Android Malware Sprouting Like Weeds

If you own Android devices and looking for the way to minimize the risk of Android malware infection, so better to avoid the use of discount app stores. According to Andy Hayter, who is Security evangelist at G Data, “It’s recommended to not to download the apps from unknown app stores, but if you really trust them personally then you can go ahead”. The more he added that its recommended to install a malware scanner and on the same time check the permissions option (in settings of device) before installing any app.

As per the latest report of G Data Security Labs, All the information which are stored on an Android devices such as; smartphone and tablet are vulnerable to more than 4,950 new malware files. From past few years, Cybercriminals are taking much interest in the Android operating systems and according to Andy Hayter, Android devices are the bigger, easier and most profitable target for the bad guys in comparison of other platfroms. According to predication of G Data security Labs, There are more than 2 million new Android malware are about to surface in 2015.

Is it just starting? 

Android OS is a derivative of Linux, which considered as less targeted operating system by malware and viruses. But when it comes to Android devices then reality is absolutely different as Android OS is less secure and less rigorous in comparison of other mobile platforms, as per statement of Rob Enderle, Principal analyst of Enderle Group.

Latest reports as well as 2 million figure of G Data security Labs are realistic because in present much number of user’s are using the Android devices for online shopping and banking transactions. We all are aware about the fact that Android OS has more market share in comparison of iOS and Windows Phones and due to that Cybercriminals, security researchers and malware authors are more interested in Android OS. Last year, Google introduced premium SMS Checks and after that malware models started to spread in much faster way.

Android malware and Cybercriminals: 

If you will browse Google Play Store, so you will find that there are several paid and free apps are available and when it comes to install apps, so as normal user we prefer to use free Android apps. A developer of free Android apps depends on advertising to generate funds for further development, however; bad apps have ability and function to hide them in background. As per the repots of G Data security Labs, malware files are new financial foundation for Cybercriminals and in present more than 50 per cent Android devices are carrying SMS Trojans, Online shopping Trojans, Banking Trojans and other malware components.

In Europe 41 per cent and in US 50 per cent of consumers are using smartphones or tablets for banking transactions, however; 78 per cent internet users are making their purchase online through smartphones or tablets. Malware programs can install apps, steal your personal information or it can also steal your credit card or financial data for additional process.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Google I/O Rumours: Android M will Aim to Improve Battery, RAM Usage

Google I/O began on 28th May and a lot of rumors have started making its way out in the open. Most of it center round the new development and features integration in the Google’s latest and upcoming Android iteration which is termed as Android M. Rumors have indicated the effort is given towards boosting battery usage and RAM performance in the upcoming Android M.

Better Battery Life and Flawless Multi Tasking For Android Users In Store

These reports had been first publishing on the Android Police which has maintained that Google has some extraordinary plans to impeccably improve the battery in Android OS along with improving the RAM performance. The battery performance will be improved through cutting the number of “location checking.”

Google is focusing its energies towards reducing the RAM usage, which will bolster the multi taking on the Android devices. Improved RAM usage will make the device to run a wide number of apps with ease at the same time without any glitches and freezing. Google is also seeking to keep the activities to minimum when the device’s screen is off in order to save the battery for a longer period.

Set Privacy Controls In New Android M

An earlier report has affirmed that Google also has plans to bring new advanced feature in its Android OS to make it more secure and user friendly. Google will be reintroducing the feature to tweak the privacy controls in Android M. This feature will give the users the much-needed option of deciding what information they are willing to share with apps.

Apple’s prominent and much popular iOS already possesses this feature which allows its users to control which app will get access to which permission. Google’s plans of bringing a similar kind of feature will make Android OS at par with Apple’s iOS. But currently Android OS doesn’t have any such feature to restrict permissions like locations, contacts, messaging etc. during the installation of the app.

Android M To Make Debut In August 2015

The latest Android OS will make a debut in August, which is quite early by the Google’s standards. Moreover, it should be noted that new OS rollouts for the Android devices that do not come underway much earlier than the December. So most probably Android users will get the taste of the advanced OS no sooner than next year and it even depends on the manufactures to bring in updates after its release. This inconsistency in getting updates over a longer period of time rather than quick deployment can be blamed upon the fragmented ecosystem of Android.

However, one should not get too excited about these reports and rumors at the moment as it might even end up being a hoax. If these rumors happens to be true then Android users will be sure-shot winners wherein there device will become much more powerful and robust with its given specification. Users should wait for the time when Google Android M is revealed and launched. And it might happen the name of the Android may change at the last moment just like in case of Lollipop.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Year-Old Android Security Flaw Puts Millions at Risk

When it comes to Android phones, nearly fifty percent are still prone to security bug which provokes the attackers to either replace or modify these apps by using malware without the knowledge of the users. The same information was reported by the researchers at Palo Alto Networks.

Even though the security flaw was discovered a year back, the Android 4.3 distributed by some of the vendors are still vulnerable to the flaws. Vendors have already been altered by the Palo Alto Networks research team about the potential flaw and its vulnerability which includes Amazon, Google and Samsung handsets. Nearly 89% of the Android devices were prone to the exploit when it was first discovered in Jan 2014. As if now Android 4.4 has managed to get a fix to this flaw through proper upgrading.

Malware distribution with Arbitrary Permissions: 

Phones which are still running on older Android versions are still at risk. According to the security researchers they were able to duplicate the attack on the Samsung’s Galaxy S4 phones and calling this as the Android installer hijacking. According to the researchers from the Palo Alto Networks, they have ensured that an app has been available on Google Play that will help the people to scan their phones to check out for potential risk and vulnerability. The team has ensured that this app is on open source and the code is available on a GitHub repository.

Companies who are concerned can take actions to mitigate these risks. Researchers state that companies should withhold permissions from new apps that seek access to their log-cat making space for potential exploitation. Companies can stop further risk by avoiding employees from using any kind of rooted devices.

Even though exploit does not rely on any kind of rooted devices for causing any harm they make these devices more susceptible. The exploit is based on the susceptibility in the Android OS which makes the hijackers to take over the Android APK installation process. They can spread the malware with illogical permissions.

Application developers need to be beware: 

These vulnerabilities can be used in different ways by an attacker. Simple example is the prompting of a person to install an application that is false but might seem legitimate. The main reason being the app does not require any special kind of permissions.

Whenever a user downloads an app from a third part app store, it opens up the chances of attackers to use malware while the permission screen is still being displayed. Application developers are required to get cautious about these attacks. Since mobile ads and apps do not rely on Google play making to save apps in an unprotected storage.

This will allow the attackers to replace the current apps with malware. There are instances where in the first app might be prompted to advertise about another app in itself. When the user will try to download the second app, the first app will modify itself and potentially open up the space for malware attacks.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Few Tricks Every Android User Should Know

Most of the phones with the android system in the market are very easy to use but there are some easy tricks, which can be used for making these phones, not only efficient but more enjoyable as well. Android being an open platform gives lot of opportunities for customization. Apart from personalizing the phones, these tricks can be used to keep the phones neat and can be practiced for keeping them organized. This will allow plenty of battery to survive all day long.


Google is one such application, which is more like a personal assistant. User’s have to open the Google app, click on get Google now and fill all the necessary preferences. To get personalized notifications from Google, you need to tell the app about your favorite sports team, stocks among others. Google can be given direction about the Google Maps transportation in the user’s preferred mode.

Make use of lock screens and launchers replacements: 

Not everybody can stare at the same weather widget every day. Google play store now provides the user with changing interfaces for the android phones.

Power saving mode: 

User should turn on the power saving mode on their phones by going to the setting menu. Some of the android phones also have the option of higher-level battery-saving mode. Unfortunately, not all the phones have battery saving mode option.

Always keep an extra battery: 

Always remember, the battery can die anytime and it is not possible to be beside a store. If your android phone has the option of replaceable back, then you can keep an extra battery that can be used when required.

Google Chrome: 

Using Google chrome to login to the Google account will allow the users to carry over all their bookmarks and preferences automatically.

Create folders for apps: 

Users can divide all their apps into different folders and keep it organized. This not only reduces the time to search for application but also minimizes the clutter from the screen. To create a folder, you need to press and hold on any app and you will get an option to create folder on the top left hand side. Some of the phones have the option to dragging and dropping one app on another to create folders. This is the perfect example for iOS.

Third party keyboard: 

Users now have the option to choose different types of keyboard and they do not have to be restricted to the Google standard keyboard. Google play store provide plenty of option, one such app is the Swype, which allow the users to swipe between the letters rather than type.

Bandwidth management: 

One can cut down on the amount of the data usage but turning on Reduce Data Usage in the Google Chrome. This will ensure that all the unnecessary whitespace is removed and large images are reduced to a smaller size.

Google Authenticator: 

Google account can be verified through this app. Through this app, the user has to enter the security code apart from the login password to access the account. This allows no stranger act on your phone.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Best Games for Your New Android Phone


There are lots of arguments pertaining to the lack of games on Android based phones and tablets when compared to the ones with iOS. Even though Android is working hard to get these gaps filled, still there are lots of games which are worth playing and having on the phone. The games for android range from monster-punch madness to a Zen like strategy games. The list is endless. Some of the favorites among market experts and players are:

1 Rymdkapsel: - This game is a space-age strategy game, which has been set in a strange, pixel-perfect world. In this game, the player has to control many white rectangles as they keep on gathering resources, food stores, fire lasers at intruders and research unexplained monoliths.

2 Smash Hit: - This game is known to elevate itself into a total art form and is well known method of stress relief. The players have to go through a path wherein they have to face Glass walls, pyramids, windows, and even DNA-like helixes in their path. The players have to destroy these obstacles before they can do any damage to them. This game is very simple and addictive and can be a player’s delight.

3 Badland: - This game explains more or less about the evolution of human genome through time. In this, the untitled protagonist species keeps on shrinking or multiplying many times in a single level. The immersive 2D aesthetic and the puzzles make this game a pleasure to play.

4 Plants vs. Zombies: - The game is about strategically positioning the plants on the game board to avoid the legion of zombies, which are ready to overtake the game board. New challenges and increased number of zombies make this game more than one can handle.

5 Hearthstone: - At present this game is accessible on phones and tablets with more than 6 inches screen. This can be full of thrill of one on one fight and quickly made the player addicted.

6 Jetpack Joyride: - The game is all about getting the highest score through some of the basic cartoon animations of the game.

7 Super Hexagon: - In this game the player is in the form on a triangle and moving across on a pulsating hexagon, which keeps on throwing obstacles at the player. It is difficult for the players to be alive for more than 60 seconds but, this is what makes the game so addictive.

8 The Room 2: - This is a sequel to The Room and the developers have already taken the game to a new level and made it even more exciting. The puzzles are much more complex this time and it will not be easy for a player to get out of the room so easily.

9 Kingdom Rush Origins: - This is one of the best tower defense game that anyone can get on their phone or tablet. Origins are the latest additions to the Kingdom Rush series and it has everything to excite the fans of the previous game.

10 Minecraft:- Pocket edition: - This game carries out the essence of the main mine-craft game very well and sure to keep a beginner happy.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

How to Stop Android Handset from Lagging?

Every android user must have come across a situation where they find their device to be slow after regular usage. Every user has their own hating reason against the lagging of their android device, a gamer hates it because it interrupts their fights and strikes, a developer hates lagging as it cuts off and interrupts their thoughts and every other user hates is as they need to reboot their handset in order to get back their device’s speed.

This lagging issue really becomes an irritating factor after which sometimes people tries out weird stuffs to speed up their device but they might fail to do so. Today in this article we will highlight couple of amazing techniques to speed up your android device both by accessing third party apps and without apps.

Without utilizing any third party app

Software upgrade 

Always keep your software and firmware upgraded which uses the system resources orderly. Most of the time people use degraded software which results in the low performance. Always updating the software or keeping the software up to date is a good habit for the perfect and best device’s performance.

Regular reset 

Due to continuous and long usage of varieties of apps the devices are affected with different malwares which may not be identified by the users externally, so regular reset in a year or after every 6 months will bring your device to a state just like a brand new device. While you reset your device just keep in mind to back up all your data and documents so that you can reuse it later in the future.

Memory status 

The internal memory provided by the manufacturer of an android handset is very limited which is the main reason behind the lagging up of android devices as the apps that you install gets stored in the internal memory of your device, so always keep an eye on your memory space (available space).

With the use of third party apps 

Most of the times due to busy schedule we may not get time to go through above mentioned tips to provide our android device from lagging, so using a third party app is a smart move. There are several device speeding apps in the market which can take care of your android device and one among them is “Advance mobile care from IO bit.”

The amazing advantages and features of advance mobile care that makes it preferable than any other applications are as follows.

  • You don’t have to root your device to use or make the most use of this application whereas most of the apps in the market require rooting of phone. 
  • Not only speeding up your device, the application comes with additional features like anti theft, antivirus, privacy locker, task killer, battery saver, game speeder and app manager for free. 
  • Regular update of the app keeps it updated with latest threats and antivirus patterns. 
  • The application is easily handled and so it is user friendly. 

So it is up to you how you protect your device from lagging, either with the use of third party apps or without any apps.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

How to Delete Your Data From Your Android Phone Safely

There have been numerous ways through which a user can delete their data when switching between iPhones, but what about the users relying on Android phone. If you are looking to sell your phone or even to lend it to a friend, then you need to make sure that all your data is deleted from your phone. The steps might vary depending on the type and model of the Android phone and also the device manufacturer. There have been changes in the settings and name of certain menus in different models of the Android phones, but at the end the basic steps of deleting the personal data will mostly be the same.

1. Data from the MicroSD card:

The first thing that comes to our mind when changing a phone is the data available on the microSD. Usually if one inserts their SD card from the old phone to the new phone then the data like videos, photos and music should be easily migrated over. In case your latest phone doesn’t have any slot for SD card or by any reason you don’t want to carry over the card then first thing you need to do is to backup all the data and then format the card. The simple steps are:

1. Connect your phone to computer and you have necessary application available for data transfer

2. Now click on my computer and navigate through your phone and copy all the data to your computer

3. Unplug your phone and reformat the SD card.

One can even format the card on their phone by going to the settings and clicking on erase the card. However there are people who can trace your data from your card. To avoid this, one should copy some other data about the size of the SD card and delete it. This will replace the old data and your old data will be gone forever.

2. Back up data on the phone:

Apart from deleting the personal data, you might to back up your contacts and other information. Google account has been a benefit for Android users as they automatically back up your data but one can manually do this by going to the setting options and choosing back up my data. This will lead them to Google account to further back the different types of data available on your phone.

3. Deleting everything

Once the data has been back up, completely delete all the data from the phone. Carrying out a simple factory reset will ensure all the data on the phone is deleted. Users will just have to go to setting and they have the option of Factory reset.

4. Restore data to another phone

If a user has followed all the above mentioned steps then they will be able to restore their data to another device. If you have your microSD, just insert in the new phone and all your music, photos and videos will be automatically restored. If not you can just sign in you Google Account and get all your contacts and photos that were backed up.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Now GPS Support And Free Music With Android Wear Updates

Android Wear
With many companies venturing into the wearable game, Google has kept up their promise they had made last month. The company has started rolling out their first few major updates for the android wear. This is Google’s operating system for the wearables.

What’s the advantage of the update?

The newest update from the company focuses on the fitness features and will allow the Android wear powered smart watches to also support a built in GPS sensor, music playback as well as music storage. The latest update will allow the users to connect with Bluetooth headsets independently to listen to the music. With the addition of GPS function, the Android wearable devices will be able to track the user’s activities like distance, route, and even speed without the need to be connected with any smartphones. The device users will be able to not only re-sync their fitness stats, but also transfer all the data from their wearable devices to their smart phones.

The users of the wearable devices will be able to  store music on their smart watches and also will be able to connect to a Bluetooth device and listen to them offline now. They will no longer need to rely on smartphones to listen to music. With the latest version of Google Play music supporting this function, Moto 360, LG G watch and even Samsung Gear Live users will also be able to draw benefits from this functionality. Apart from Google, Sony’s Smartwatch 3 also comes with GPS sensor for their Android Wear smart watches. These are now available throughout USA for purchase. Apart from this latest update, Google has now promised to come up with another update which will allow users to download watch faces from the Google Play store.

This update has certainly calmed down the speculation pertaining to the wearables for being merely useless devices when away from the smart phones. Battery life has been an added advantage since their launch. Apart from this update the company has also developed 8 new apps for the Android wearable collections, which is available in Google play. This includes apps for travelling, social as well as health and fitness applications.

The new update brings out the music experience that a user wants to feel without the burden of carrying a handset while walking or exercising. Initially the device which had to rely on a companion for this function will now will be able to perform the function and moreover will be able to pair up with another Bluetooth device and the music can be played on the paired device as well.

If you are among the people desperately waiting for this update to be rolled out worldwide and soon, then you might have to wait for some more days. The company is rolling out the latest update in the devices stage by stage. But at the end the user will be able to enjoy music by using Google Ecosystem and by giving refined controls to other apps of the device as well.

Chrome and Android Merger Coming Close To Reality

Chrome Android Merger
The talks regarding the merging of the Android and Chore Os into one single platform is nothing new and it has been expected for a long in industry.

The Tech enthusiasts and analysts were apprehensive of the merger from the very first day Google introduced its cloud-based operating system. The Google co-founder SergyBrinhas also admitted to their merger in a single platform as long back as 2009.

Only now the reports are filling with show with positivity towards much waited merger news. The Wall Street Journal has reported that such a merger is looking extremely likely due to the change in the management structure inside the software giant technology department.

The Change In The Google Management Structure

The Vice President of the Google’s Android Division named Hiroshi Lockheimer has been appointed to overlook the task of Chrome engineering team. Earlier this job was performed by Linus Upson.

How Tech Analysts View This Change

The Tech analysts are of view is that this move should be seen in isolation rather than it has meaning hidden behind him. They have finally begun to see some synergy between the two platforms. Last month Google has even brought the first batch of Android apps which could run effectively well on its clod Os i.e. Chromebook.

These Android apps are Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words and Vine. These applications could easily run on the Chrome by using the App Runtime for Chrome (the beta version); this project was announced by Google in June this year.

A Secret Project Called ‘Hera’ Points Towards Imminent Merger

The rumours suggests that the search engine giant is running an ambitious project inside named ‘Hera’ which would represent a huge step forward in effectively integrating the Google’s popular mobile-based operating system ‘Android’ with its web based operating system ‘Chrome’ and it powerful search platform.

The Merger of the three distinctive services will give a new kind of advanced experience for the users. Google is expected to do this by using a special Chromium build which is meant to run on Android and execute tasks through the web both for the Google and third-part apps as well.

There are rumours that this merger would allow the users to call functions from third-party apps without having to open the app. It is touted to be a great feature for enterprise users juggling multiple tasks on a small mobile screen.

The Future Prospects of the Merger

As of now the search engine giant is working with a select group of Android developers for adding more of the popular app on the Chromebook. It is also working towards developing such apps which would work seamlessly on both the platforms and could provide a unique and beautiful experience to its users.

Some even suggests that this project looks more like an Androidfication of the Chrome than just a merger of two services. Google wishes to introduce us toward a world where Chrome is the computing platform of choice for users and it would be able to run across various operating systems and devices flawlessly.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Google Released Android 5.0 Lollipop

Google  Lollipop
After a long period of preview, Google has declared finally the launch of the latest model of Android 5.0 that will be called as Lollipop.

Accessibility in different devices-

This Android 5.0 Lollipop is appearing on 3 innovative handsets of Nexus, for example

  •  Nexus 6 Smartphone 
  •  Nexus 9 tablet 
  •  Nexus Player streaming device
Later, they will also be accessible on Nexus 4, 5, 7 and10,

To make all the things more improved, Android 5.0 is now headed to some Motorola Smartphone, like Moto X, Moto E or G and so on. However, Motorola has not even said, particularly when the upgrade would be obtainable for those handsets, but it has just confirmed its proposals to do such thing. Now with Google's Lollipop, surely more manufacturers are coming ahead with their own announcement.

Features of Lollipop-

The most noticeable new characteristics of Lollipop come in the shape of visual developments and user interface alterations that Google has called as Material Design. This feature has new, more graceful animations, a clear pattern with a bright color palette and a multi-tasking menu. It also provides new means to interrelate with your voice. Most of the latest Material Design qualities can be observed in the current modifications that Google has launched for its own Android applications for example Google+. This Material Design scheme is meant to combine the software's appearance and feel across a range of aspects, whether it is a tablet or a Smartphone or anything else.

Besides a visual modification, Lollipop brings more than 5,000 fresh APIs for manufacturers to tap into and allows multiple various Android devices with a variety of form factors act better together. In this context, Google states that entertaining things for example music, images, apps, and new searches can be effortlessly coordinated across different Android mobiles.

Lollipop moreover comprises new notification system to control alerts during any meeting or other important time, a new type of battery saver method that can save extra 90 minutes of time between charges, user accounts, methods of guest user, and innovative ways to protect your device through a reliable Bluetooth system. Lollipop will furthermore embrace a defense against resetting the mobile to factory defaults that is intended to make it complicated for mobile thieves to utilize a stolen device. Most of these characteristics have been executed by different Android device producers on their Smartphone as well as tablets for some time. However, Google is currently making certain they are part of the basic Android experience.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is really a big release from Google. This is the most vital visual update to Android device since the launch of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011, and it makes the basis for Android to develop as a platform out of the Smartphone and the tabs. Now Google is much clearly trying to make Android as software for the upcoming days, and it wishes Android to be on all the connected devices. And Lollipop is the foremost step to get there.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How to Stop Android Devices from Lagging?

Android Devices
As we all know, now-a-days most of the people use Smartphone’s or Android devices for their daily use. Most people spend time playing games on handsets, develop new apps or very useful for developers and for many more purposes. For this reason, all people hate if their smart phone lags or get slower as it interrupts them from their routine work. People have become more impatience now-a-days, so they can’t tolerate a slight delay in their work and the same is going on with the android devices.

There are many reasons causing the Smartphone’s to lag from their original speed. To cope up with this, the user must first know about the cause of lagging and then be able to fix it for the better functioning of their handset as it used to be before.

With time every the smart phones slows down, so it’s important your devices by following these simple and easy steps and boost your device speed.

Updating the Firmware: 

Your Smartphone’s firmware plays crucial role in fixing up some lags, and other issues without your awareness. So having a regular update of your firmware may help you fix the lagging of your handset ensure its user with better performance.

Put apps into Hibernation: 

Your handset may have tons of apps out of which you might use hardly few. Others may be used occasionally by you. These apps not in use consume more of battery and causes lagging of your device.

So you can put these apps into hibernation and whenever you need them just tap on the app and they will wake up and perform as normal. You can perform this task by using Greenify app.

Once you install this app, click on the + button and tap the apps that you wish to put to sleep and then select Accept button.

Resetting your device: 

Resetting your device is a temporary solution. It helps you to erase everything and brings your phone to the original condition same as you received in the box. But after some days when you start using it, the same lagging problem arises.

Assure that you backup all your important contacts and other important data before heading towards resetting of your device.

Low internal memory: 

Having low internal memory may be the reason behind lagging of your device. So you can use some external storage device like SD card to store media files like songs, videos and other files. This will free your internal storage and prevents your device from lagging.

Some low-end phones come with low internal memories, so they might not observe much difference with this solution.


Even rooting up your phone can help boost the speed of your Smartphone. This might be a risky one as unsuccessful rooting may brick your phone and if rooted successfully, it might void your handsets warranty. Voiding of warranty might not be the point of concern as you may enroot your phone and restore the warranty again.

After rooting you can over clock your phone’s processor which will boost up the speed of your device but will consume more battery than before.


Before performing any of the above steps, it is advisable that you backup your mobile data so that you do not lose any of them during the process.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Google Taking Control of OS through Android One

 Android One
Through Android one Google will be able to control their OS just like rival Apple Inc. and a lot of excitement and expectation has been linked with this launch. Currently, hardware partners of Google are not keen into launching any high-end devices for Android One.

If you are among the people looking for great hardware then you will be definitely disappointed. Spice, Micromax and Karbon phones, all have the similar specs and software. These devices will be getting all the Android updates at the same time as that of Nexus smartphones, which are some other hero devices. After a very long time an Android launch is not pertaining to the specifications. Android One is all about Google taking over full control of the OS from both software and hardware viewpoint.

In terms of hardware, all the partners of Android One will have menu of sorts to select the components they want to make the smartphones with and all these components will be selected by Google. In order to get a stock Android, the manufacturers will only have to pick and chose components.

Apart from the three partners which were announced by Google, the other partner includes Alcatel, ASUS, Acer, HTC, Lava, Lenovo, Xolo, Panasonic and Intex. Chipmaker Qualcomm are already onboard with Google on this programme. So this is great push for Android One.

Google is not rattled by the Android forks as far as software is concerned and they can’t have a considerable impact on the revenue of the company. The biggest issue that can be faced is about the vendors choosing the option to ship phones with applications which can replace the current apps of the Google as well. In Indian branded phones, the users have multiple browser options hence they tend to confuse people. With Android One the user will not have any such problem.

Google has been reportedly discouraging the use of alternative application stores. The company was also in discussion with Samsung as some of the apps which are available on Samsung line will allow the users to purchase content from Google Play. This will eat the revenue of Google as any apps purchased through a third party will not let the company any money.

Even though many people might not be impressed with the first wave of Android One device, it will certainly signify a change in the approach of Google. During the early stages of Android development, the aim was to ensure app development to be an easy process; a new feature was expected to be released with every new version released for Android.

This clearly indicates that the Android hardware needs to be upgraded with new OS versions; Google is already focusing on fine-tuning the ecosystem.

According to the reports, Google is working on standardization of hardware and software of the Android devices to a level which has not been seen before. Google is working on customizing their problem with positive approach.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Android Studio

Android Studio
Android Studio is a fresh Android development platform or you can say it is Android developing environment which is based on IntelliJ IDEA. It delivers new concepts and features and also it gives new improvements over Eclipse ADT and soon it will be the official Android IDE once it is completely built. On top of the proficiencies you expect from IntelliJ the Android Studio has some amazing built-in features which provides:
  • A very flexible Gradle-based framework system.
  • Build modifications and numerous APK generations.
  • Comprehensive template provision for services like Google Services and numerous device types.
  • It also provides great layout editor with supporting feature of theme editing.
  • It also offers amazing lint tools to track the presentation, version compatibility, usability and other such problems including interface.
  • One of the best features that it provides is ProGuard and app-signing abilities.
  • It provides integral provision for Google Cloud Platform, which makes easy to assimilate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine together.
But before you start with this amazing Android Studio please note that it is currently available in beta version. So it is possible that some structures are not yet applied in it and there is a possibility that you may find some errors and bugs. So if you feel that you are not relaxed in using this partial product then you can continue Eclipse platform with ADT.

Android studio beta v0.8.6 download package:

  • Includes the Android Studio Beta.
  • It also includes all the Android SDK Tools that are used to design, develop, test, and debug the application created.
  • The download also contains a flavored version of the Android platform that will help you to compile the applications that you will develop.
  • The package will also include a version of the Android system image that will allow you to run and test your developed app in the emulator.
In case you previously have Android Studio installed in your system so what happens is that in most scenarios you can possibly upgrade to the advanced or latest version by simply downloading and installing a patch. Just go within Android Studio and simply choose and select Help > Check for updates to keep track and monitor if any update or advance version is available. In case if an update version does not exist then simply click the top button displayed above to download and substitute your current installation package.

But guys there is one caution that you all must be aware of and it is that by substituting your current installation of Android Studio will eliminate any extra SDK packages that you have mounted. The examples of such packages that can get deleted are target platforms or user system images or model applications. Soto reserve these simply copy them from your existing SDK manual under Android Studio to a momentary position before mounting the update. Then simply move them back once the update gets successfully completed. And if by chance you flop to copy these items and tools then you have only one option left i.e. you can download them again with the help of Android SDK Manager.

So if you have any good experience of using Android Studio beta version then please comment below and let everyone know and in the later posts we will discuss about some more features of this tools so till then stay connected.


LiveCode is a software development platform which allows creating applications for any platform like apple or android or windows. Developing applications in LiveCode is very easy and very simple hence it’s a flexible platform to develop apps. Today lots of people from all around the world are using mobile applications that are developed using LiveCode.

With the capability to organize your apps to all the general platforms LiveCode provides infinite possibilities for developing mobile applications. Whether it’s an application that is developed for making life simpler and easier or whether it’s related to improve your business stats or solving a problem or just an experiment LiveCode is no doubt the best and perfect tool to construct or develop your remarkable app.

LiveCode consist of three key concepts for the application development process. They are: the user interface, the coding language and lastly the live coding part. You have to first start with the interface section. Simply open a new project and then by dragging items onto it on the required area.

You can also add a button or a field or even a scrollbar without actual coding. You can alsogive it different styles like color, shadows, resizing etc. with just a single click. So thus you can make your app look jazzy in just the same way you want it. So it’s all about imagination that will come true with this LiveCode.

LiveCode is filled with bunch of features and functions. What this actually means is it provides you accurately hundreds and thousands of objects,functions, hooks, commands and before-made functionality to do just anything and everything you might want to do with your next app.

You can also link and connect apps to your databases i.e. you can simply add your videos and images with simple steps or you can work with different websites and you also have tool to fetch content from above your application. Lay out grids and creating tables, fantastic text, animating objects is also possible here without much coding. And the list of functionality provided by this tool is very long list.

LiveCode is open source software meaning that it is available for free for basic use. It is existing under a dual license and these two licenses are GPL3 and Commercial license. Basically it means that any person can download and access LiveCode for free and start developing applications.

You also have right to contribute to LiveCode by accessing and observing the source code of it. You can also fix bugs; add more fantastic features or building different components. The open source version of this LiveCode software allows you to redistribute the software that you've created as long as that software is also developed as open source under the terms and conditions of the General Public License or GPL. If in case you want to develop a closed source version of this software then you can simply purchase a commercial based license. And then you can term it as closed source version.

So I think all the developers must try LiveCode at least once. Maybe they will feel more comfortable with this software as compared to others because this tool is really very simple to use. If you want then you can share your experience with LiveCode here with everyone so that all may get deep insight about this amazing developing tool.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tips to Consider When Switching From Android platform to iOS platform

 switching from android to iOS
Even though there are many people who find the android and iOS platforms to be similar, there are some significant similarities between these two in terms of features but there are considerable amount of differences also. So, what one should be doing if they are planning to switch over to iOS platform. This transition doesn’t need to be as traumatic as one might feel, switching from android to any iPhone model or iPhone 6 (after its released) can be easily achieved by following these below mentioned tips: There are extensive lists of tips that have been given by many people which can help you in this easy transition. Some of the major ones are:
  1. New Keyboard: If planning to switch to iPhone 6, then you should be expecting android based keyboards. Android users have been blessed with multiple options for including wallpapers, widgets etc when compared to iPhone users (limited access) which include the iOS keyboard since its launch. This new keyboard will enable the apple users to type in entire sentences with fewer touches and even might hint to complete the sentence.
  2. Widgets: These are extremely handy when coming to get information about stock, weather etc. Users of this app can wait for a complete revamp in the coming apple models.
  3. Acompli App: Even though initially the searching mails in iOS was more difficult when compared to android, but now with the planning of Acompli app, the users will be able to only send email from the sent and received section but also will be able to send the locally saved files without any issues.
  4. Notifications have been given priority in iOS as every email will get highlighted. If has been divided into different times and different days to enable an easy access. For professionals iOS is highly recommended because it features all business requirements.
  5. Restricting access to apps: When it comes to android, restrictions are created by creating different user profiles but in iOS, restriction has been given importance. Apps can be controlled through password protection.
  6. iOS is planning to enhance the sharing and linking option in their phone which was not given priority before.
  7. If you planning a switch reverse way around then a voice search might give a bit of encouragement. Android comes in with a exceptional voice search app which is still a shortcoming in the iOS.
  8. For a customization features fan, it is boon to switch to iOS as their permission control feature is totally missing in android.
  9. The users of iOS will find the home button an easy option when compared to android phones, in which the back button is the only advantage in comparison to the iOS phones.
  10. iOS phone users have nothing to envy about as they get an easy option for upgrading to a higher version by paying maybe a higher price but when it comes to update that can received from Google play can only update apps and not the android version.
So, if you looking to switch from an android platform to iOS; iOS8 the latest version from Apple is something to wait for.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Android L: The Invention in the Technical Era

Android L
Today Android emerges as the most sophisticated operating system that incorporates multiple smart features serving as the source of entertainment for the users. Android L appears as one of the new launches that accumulate the beneficial feature with a smart approach. However, it is on the way and is recognized as the feasible attribute that supports the smartphones with a better outlook.
However, Google does not reveal the entire information but it is on the way coming up with the useful aspects for the benefits of the users. The Android L incorporates a complete new interface that would grab the attention of the users.

A New Form of Android

Android L therefore comes out as the new identity for the Android operating system. Once, you start utilizing the feature you can understand how it implements the advanced attributes representing the efficiency of technology. Acknowledge the smart technical outfit ensuring that you are able to achieve a desired position in the contemporary civilization. A particular Company comes up with the outstanding idea that gets familiar as the Android L. Furthermore, it would accumulate a new sandboxed user profile that appears as a total new aspect in the world of technology.

Go through the Technical Journals

If you really want to know the real features of the new Android L you can read the periodicals and the journals where you could explore the useful information regarding the new form of Android technology. So, you can get acquainted with the operations and would face any difficulty after you install the new technical suit. Pick up the ideal periodicals that depict the information on the particular topic and thus you are able to maintain a sophisticated technical milieu. Read the information carefully that helps you to gain adequate information about the new release Android L.

Know the New Design

Furthermore, you should get familiar with the new design that the Android L accumulates as the advanced operating system. So, if you are able to gather ample information on how the design will look like it could help you to install the feature in a better way. You can improve the overall functionality of your smart phone utilizing the new Android L that is yet to release. Once, it comes up you can experience the real time benefits that you can operate through your smart device incorporating the Android operating system along with the new format.

Final Views

Overall, the users are really excited to get the new Android L on their smart phones accompanied with the modern attributes that they can explore. Therefore, you can browse the optimistic views regarding the new release and the users wait to grab the opportunity. The Android L includes multiple useful features as revealed by the Android Authority. Therefore, you can understand that the entire world is preparing to welcome the new feature that would bring certain complete smart approaches for all the Android users. Moreover, Google is trying to put up a short overview on the features that the users would receive installing the Android L.