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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Glacier White Destiny Play station 4

Glacier White Destiny Play station 4
Sony on September 9, 2014 announced the release of its new play station, Glacier white Destiny play station 4. The ultimate experience of this destiny is made possible only on the play station. Sony has been varying its choice of color from time to time. Initially, Sony’s play station used to come in black and then they started varying it to red and blue for play station 3. And now with its new release “Destiny”, Sony has bundled the game completely with a white colored play station.

This is an action thriller game as well as adventure base. It is a smart enabled one as you can get instant access to a world of instant entertainment. All one need to get access to the instant entertainment is connect it to the net and browse movies, listen to numerous of songs, connect with people around world via game and lots of other content. This feature is especially known as NETFLIX.

This is the game where you get more than you need from a play station in order to leave your mark on the world of destiny.

Unfortunately as per the information so far, this game is currently exclusive only in the European market. So if you are nearby to it you can grab a hand on it as soon as possible. But if you still wish to buy a play station 4 then you can opt for the one which is not bundled with the Destiny. The air is still unclear about the availability of the white console in other countries.

According to the Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony will also release later this year the standalone white PS4 in Europe.

This Destiny will be costing around $450 and includes a copy of Destiny, a 500 GB glacier white PS 4, Dual shock 4 controller, and subscription to the play station network for almost a month.

The most exciting thing about this game is that it is an action as well as adventure based game. The player of this game is the guardian of the last city that is still to be protected from getting demolished in the Earth. It provides an exclusive multiple player maps, strike missions and arsenal in order to make you a true legend. Moreover you can even form a team powered with incredible weapons with your friends to defeat the enemies of the Earth and become the legends forever.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Ultimate Sea Adventure on Phone- Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn even though seems to be inspired from Zelda; it is fantasy story full of adventure, battle and exploration. It is completely an interlaced story.

What you need to know about the game:

This game is about the story of a boy, who in search of his missing father is exploring everything about a monster named Oceanhorn. The game has exceptional narratives and has the capacity to draw the complete attention of the player and provide them with enough motivation for the actions that needs to be taken by the characters in the game. The game has been laced with high quality graphics and music to keep the player engrossed. Currently the game has been made to be compatible with every iOS and has been priced at $8.99 US.

What’s the story of Oceanhorn:

This is game all about a boy, who has been send to a completely different world with only his father’s book of his travel and a necklace of his late mother. The boy is in search of his father, who has gone missing after he went searching for Oceanhorn. The game starts with the boy meeting a hermit who guides him about collecting 3 sacred and holy emblems. In order to collect these emblems the character will be travelling across different islands and enters the exciting part of sailing and surfing.

The character can sail across different islands my developing a course of sail in the map and following the route. The water journey has been kept exciting with constant entry of attackers and enemies and other hazardous conditions. Just like most of the other games, it’s about shooting all the enemies in order to save your lives and health.

So what’s exciting?

Being a game based on adventure, exploration becomes the main exciting part. It’s up to the player to select their course of action. The choice can be difficult task as the game has not been designed to give any hints of which course or path to consider. In order to collect the emblem, player might have to repeatedly come back to same areas again and again. Interaction is the only means to collect ideas and information. These hints will enable the player to search a new area of probably complete a new task.

Puzzles have been incorporated to test the mind of the player as solving them can help to either collect treasure or get into a new location. Getting a puzzle solved is an exciting task but if it takes lot of time, might even frustrate certain players. Players need not get confused with puzzles to be main problem solver as they might to be even there just to confuse.

The enemies in the game has been developed tactfully like boss battle is about skills, player need to use their skill to kill these boss as they have to attack them for a long time and in the end can even get helpless.

What could be different?

The controls have been given well but the swipe control might occasionally trouble you and frame rate issues need to rectify.

In the end, this game will give you all the excitement you need to restore the empire of Arcadia when compared to other games at much higher costs.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Done with candies? Have a soda – says King

Candy Crush Saga
Sequels are the rage these days. The sequel to the most loved and hated game – Candy Crush Saga from King – has arrived on Google’s play store with a soft launch – Candy Crush Soda Saga. Only this time, there is some soda as well to go with the gummies. So is it different or all the same with a new package?

Initial Impression: 

It seems like King is following the “don’t change the winning mantra” rule by the book. The overall look of the game is almost identical to its predecessor and has gaudy colors and a cartoonish look written all over it. In fact, it might well be taken for a clone of the original game, only it is not.

It seems like King wants to cash in on its candy crush saga popularity while it is still there and is apparently milking the cow to the end. Therefore, instead of hard candies and chocolate, they are now selling soda and gummies.


The original gameplay is largely retained and so is the general feel about the sequel. If you are a fan of earlier editions, you feel right at home and can start climbing up the ladder. In fact, only the hard-core fans might able to detect the differences between this and its predecessor – where gummies float in soda unlike dropping candies.

The catch – it is still a match-3 puzzle game with the annoying energy system retained in most certainty. There is also a purple block which lets you create new combinations, match possibilities, and can make for more challenging levels.

As this is a King game, in app purchases run rampant and loud in-your-face type. There are all in all 75 levels to grind through with these purchases significantly making the progress less of a burden.

Early Preview: 

Early adopters in play store are already complaining about a lack of daily bonus wheel and overall lack of challenging levels, however some have stated that level 55 in particular is hard to overcome with some difficult moves, though others do not agree.

There are also reports that the exit button on Android is fixed. As for early preview, crashes, force closes and logging-in troubles remain though these kinks will most likely be ironed out by King come release time.


So King is out again with another sequel based on the same formula that led to the widely popular original game in this series and the overall gameplay being largely similar gives it a milking the cow feel, but then who doesn’t. Should you play it? If you have fetish for match-3 puzzles or just want something to pass your time, pick it up, chances are it will do just fine.

On the other hand, diehard fans of the series are sure to play this and complete it without sparing a thought. While there are preview versions already available for Android and AppStore and release is imminent now, other platforms are going to miss the title yet again it seems. King has no interest in the rising platforms such as WP8 or BB10 and they will be skipped.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Gamble Against iOS Players Now In Google Play

Google Play Games
Many mobile games appear both in Android and iOS. Now bring Google to provide users of the competing camp playful together. Google Play combines Android and iOS gamers in multiplayer games so that they can bet and play together.

Google is celebrating the launch of this year's Game Developers Conference with new features for the Google Play Service. As of now, Android users give virtual game items to their Google Plus friends and look forward to a more detailed categorization of games in Google Play Store.

In addition, you may gamble against users of Apple's iOS platform in future. The new Google Play Services version 4.3 is now available and allows cross-platform multiplayer game between Android and Apple operating system.

That was already in individual cases previously possible, there are game developers now but apparently as a standard option. In this case, the official announcement, according to both the turn-based interaction as well as the online brawl in real time is possible.

If you want to directly challenge an iPhone user in his favorite game now. The game developers must implement in their titles individually. The same is true for cross-platform leader boards, trophies and cloud storage items that also allow the update.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Secret behind popularity of online games

online games
Wanna know why online games are so popular? Let me list the 5 reasons for the popularity.

1. Comfort zone: 

In the current trends of stress generation everyone needs some kind of stress buster. Online games provide you the ease of relieving your stress. There is no need of any accessories like connecting additional joysticks. All you need is net connection.

Another advantage of online games is that they are easily accessible. You don’t need a desktop pc alone. A small laptop or tablet is more than enough. It provides more comfort than all other gaming zone which is present in your personal computer. If you have a laptop with an internet connection is very enough for these kinds of Gaming zones. You can feel very comfort with online games.

2. Cost: 

First and foremost reason behind the popularity of online games is their cost. There’s no need to pay hundreds to play poker on net. Many sites offer you to play games for cash too. You can put in some cash and bag loads of prize money too.

Some sites need registration and you need to pay only small amount.

3. Appearance: 

Most of the online games come with great graphic technologies. It has a great compatibility with all types of OS’s. There are most popularly played games and it comes with an option of sharing your highest score through your social websites.

Online racing games have been always above the mark of our expectations. They give you a variety of options that are not given by the ordinary games too.

4. Multi-player capability: 

It gives an international arena to play with. It gives a variety of opponent to play with all across the globe. It allows communication across the globe just like any social website. It gives option of chatting with your opponents too.

It gives a world level stage where you can expose your talent. You can easily compete with anyone who is playing this game online. It gives you an ultimate chance to show your performance and even you can gain more tactics as well as experience from these kinds of online games.

5. Updates: 

Main reason for their still existing popularity is that the games are updated from time to time. There are updated versions of each and every game available in net. A variety of games are available ranging for each age category ranging from cooking and for kids too. They also have mind boggling puzzles and loads of brain teasers that help you to improve your intellectual skills. You can even unlock various ranges of characters from your online game if you succeed the levels. This gives you a right choice to play with more fun and enjoyment.

They also implement a wide variety of updates such as implementing most famous cartoon characters in the kids section etc.

These are the most prominent reasons for the existence of popularity of online games.

Still waiting, open an online gaming portal and start playing.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Best Top 5 Mission Based Games

Nowadays lots of games are released and most of them are very much attracted by the children as well as the adults. Most of them are attached to the storylines and also with various progresses with so many missions. The mission based games are looks more interesting and also they are attractive. In this article, you can get information about the best top 5 mission based games and they are as follows;

1.Grand Theft Auto 5:

 Grand Theft Auto 5 is a very popular game which is known for its missions as well as its role playing.Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently not available for the PC but soon it will available for the PC. It is available in the PlayStation which brings you inside a wonderful story line of a gangster. Other than Grand Theft Auto 5, no one have the criteria to take the first place in this list. Grand Theft Auto 5 has a brilliant eye-popping animation and also the graphics. Grand Theft Auto 5 allows you to play with three different characters and you can link with these three characters to each other.Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the top selling games of all times.

2.Max Payne 3:

Max Payne 3 is another mission based game which is renowned for its Hollywood movie “MAX PAYNE”. Max Payne 3 allows you to play a mission based role in which you need to finish off the villians who were responsible for the death of his child and his wife. After the 9 years of waiting, Max Payne 3 has been released that makes it very famous and awesome. Max Payne 3 is too violent and you will get a heavy block buster action in this movie. Max Payne 3 comes with cool graphics and also a perfect story line.

3.Hitman Blood Money:

Hitman Blood Money is a popular game which is based on the movie titled Hitman. In this game, you will be hired as an assassin and you need to assassin the targets by maintaining the stealth mode and you have to escape from the securities and also with the guards.Hitman Blood Money allows you to use a wide range of weapons which ranges from small maelee to snipers too. Once completing this game, you will experience a better gameplay in the Hitman Blood Money.

4.Call of Duty Black Ops II:

Call of Duty Black Ops II is a best person shooting game which allows you use awesome game play with wide range of weapons. You will able to use list of cool weapons andCall of Duty Black Ops II has a list of cool missions. Call of Duty Black Ops II has filled with hard and rough challenges missions with multiplayer support too.

5.Far cry 3:

In Far cry 3, you will start with a tropical island where there would be no support for you. Far cry 3 allows you to form allies with some people and you need to eliminate the enemies. Finally you need to rule the entire island.