Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Two Security Holes Filled In VLC 1.1.11

The renowned reading software has a multimedia update. The program goes into 1.1.11 and fills two security holes opening up the possibility for a malicious file to execute code without the consent of the user. The organization states that VideoLAN AVI and Real are affected by this fix.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

iPhone application available in Google+

Already available for several weeks on Android, the Google+ social network application  appeared on the AppStore. Owners of iPhone and can download the application free to share their post to their circles. Not very original, five tabs are available: Stream to view its flow, Huddle to discuss the form of a cat Pictures, Profile and Circles to see his circles of friends. The notification system is identical to the version of Android, as a banner at the bottom of the screen.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Plantbook, a futuristic laptop based plants

Plantbook laptop is a totally revolutionary concept. As the name implies, it was inspired by the plants, mainly bamboo. The biggest feature of this laptop is that it uses water from one hand to charge the battery and the other to produce oxygen. Indeed, Plantbook has at its hinge device retractable cylindrical in shape. The latter is to be inserted into a container of water. According to the designers, the battery of the ultraportable is powered by hydrogen in the water. 

Cord mimicking the shape of a leaf is present at the end of the cylindrical stem. This cord also serves as LED. Outwardly Plantbook has a screen and an ultra-thin keyboard and semi-translucent. Although the concept is striking, it is unlikely that such a laptop is achievable. Pantbook was designed by Seunggi Baek and Kim Hyerim.

iPhone: the first antivirus available on the AppStore

Apple products are known to suffer fewer attacks than other OS. Yet in recent months, many flaws were uncovered, most often used to allow the terminals iOS jailbreak. A publisher has ever since the first virus for iPhone available on the AppStore.

The Mini, a bag that recharges the iPad from the sun

Smartphones, tablets or portable, high-tech gadgets to current successes have in common: a battery that is weak. For the tablet stamped Apple, the case is "in the bag" with Mini L. The Mini is, as it were a bag to recharge the iPad at any time when it is not used. The Mini is a solar bag specially designed to load the slate of the brand to the bitten apple. Compatible with the iPad iPad and 2, this accessory will be of great use to the major users of these two tablets. It was manufactured by the Swiss company Element5.