Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sinus Blue tooth headphones and speakers

Why choose between headphones and portable speakers when you can see both at once? This is what the German designer Tino Klaehn with its concept called SinusSinus is a dual-function concept as often seen in recent times. Posing as a headset design, it can turn into speakers at any time. The aesthetic is at the forefront with this ultra-modern helmet declined in several versions for different reasons.

Latest Updates in Google Docs and Gmail

The Mountain View Company brings some new blood to its Gmail and Google Docs. The main changes are at the interface of the two services.  Google Docs is adorned therefore a button to switch to this new interface or go back. It seems especially thought for the touch pads is much simpler and streamlined than before, and decked out with large buttons and a mode for changing the display of the number of documents visible on screen. We also note more important keyboard shortcuts, and list all back.

E-Castor tells us a story

After the e-books now is the time of "electronic tellers" like the concept Dimi Storybook. Dimi Storybook is a unique device that reads stories, narratives or other stories at the bedside of a person. Although it has been designed especially for children, Dimi Storybook can be interesting for adults wanting to relax by listening to a reading. This is an electronic reading high voice text that can be supported.

Laptop to handle like a book

Real ultraportable notebook is a concept that can be manipulated as easily as a open book. With a flexible AMOLED display, this notebook can be laminated to a browser more "realistic". The term notebook has never been so close to reality for a concept of ultraportable.

Bbest VoIP Providers

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