Monday, 14 November 2011

Telesar V Robot

Keio University, Japan, has developed a robot has sense of touch. The owner, even at the other end of the world can feel what the humanoid touch in real time. The robot is called Telesar V.

The user equips equipment at the forefront of technology to interact with the avatar. The Facilities include a helmet and a pair of gloves. The helmet shows what the camera built into the robot's head films with augmented reality. Gloves, meanwhile, are clad with sensors and can feel the shape and temperature of objects that the robot touches.

Radio Controlled Models

Hello friends! Hope you all doing good :) Now, I am going to tell you about an online site at As a toy lover, I was really felt amazed to view this wonderful online site that is specially meant for the elegant assortment of toys, Radio Controlled Models and various kind of interesting gadgets for the discounted prices. This online site represents a company called STO Models owned and operated by Amax Trading Co Ltd. This wonderful company specially meant for the toys was established on 2002 at Norfolk who still playing the role of the real pro in the field of selling toys and Radio Controlled Models.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Isolation of T cells

StemCell a privately owned company driven by science with their focus on high quality products, have delivered around 1000 products to over 70 countries around the world. Isolation of T cells kits with its detailed description is available at the site to brief the user on its usage. This company is dedicated in providing reagents and tools to be utilized for all stem cell research. The ISO certificate received by them states that the company has satisfied all the criteria with regards to quality management system in medical devices, manufacturing and distribution of, In Vitro Diagnostic products, reagents and laboratory equipments as well as Research Use Only products.

Isolation of B cells

The main cell types in humoral immune responses is B cell which acts as antigen presenting cells, developing antibodies to fight foreign antigens and prepare plasma cells or memory B cells. Isolation of B cells can be done with the help of the cell isolation kits which are fast and easy to isolate highly and purified functional B cells for research purpose. StemCell organization helps to make these researches successful with their high quality product, providing consistent as well as all the required support from their dedicated staff available on board. They have also received the ISO certificate for research, manufacturing and shipping facilities to France, Canada, USA, to name a few.


StemCell Technologies one of those biotechnology companies, has been working in developing new products with intent to perform faster and better experiments. They develop specialty stem cell culture media, ancillary reagents for life science research and cell separation products and have delivered their products to over 70 countries worldwide. They have proved to be successful in all their researches due to their consistency, high quality, cost effective tissue culture media together with excellent support system. They have dedicated themselves in providing standardized reagents and tools for all stem cell research purpose and have expanded towards other sectors of life science.