Sunday, 29 April 2012

E-Go2, an ultra-compact car

In the future, cars that run with the fossil fuel will no longer be at the party. To move around the major cities of tomorrow, the designer Jan Dedek proposes the concept E-Go2.

Wake the Super Hero in you - V

The X-Men at the beach

The specialist underwear and swimwear, Pull-in, debuted in the surfing world by imposing its vibrant colors. It now offers the range that allows MalibuPopMarvel from the beach with the X-Men stuck to the body. Prices from 30 euros.

Google Drive

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wake the Super Hero in you - IV

Stark Industries designed the Xbox 360 Slim

By Mark Bongo Major League Mods, Mod this Iron Man for Xbox 360 Slim box stamped with a very successful Stark Industries is offered for sale on the site at a price of 150 euros.

Wake the Super Hero in you - III

An office ready for attack

TomSpinaDesigns, after designing an office a cast including Star Wars life-size Han Solo frozen in carbonite, again with a desk this time dedicated to the heroes of The Avengers. He joined Captain America's shield, the helmet of Iron Man, Thor's hammer, arrows Hawkeye, the container of gamma rays Hulk and Nick Fury's gun. This office is a special order made
​​for the American singer Mark Hall.