Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Phoenix UPS Maintenance

      Every industry tries to maximize their asset performance to reach their goal for that they have to keep their electric power distribution system and UPS in a perfect condition. Therefore it is very important to keep their electric system maintenance more reliable and efficient. The company which is taking care of power distribution and maintenance be well versed in both preventive and corrective maintenance so that the overall performance of the company is more. I would suggest Titan Power for this, because they are one of the leaders in this field. Their combined treasure of knowledge enabled them to be the leader in all types of power equipments including sales, replacement, and installation and even after sales services. They are the licensed contractor hence they can provide the best results for their esteemed customers. They expertise in handling all kind of critical power equipments, they can manage, plan, design and install UPS power system. And Their Phoenix UPS Maintenance can take care of startups and ongoing maintenance of your UPS power system. They offer a complete line products and services to meet their customer’s unique requirements and application needs. Since their maintenance division includes experienced and certified mechanical, electrical and UPS field engineers; those who work together to provide their customers a superior quality service the customer can relax more with a satisfaction that a most reliable company is backing up the power provision.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Air Racer X - Car Remotely Operate with iPhone

This is the product of Parrot AR Drone who launched the first flying machine piloted by iPhone. This time they offer a remote control car for your iDevice (no matter the model). The Air Racer is neither more nor less than a big car. lt roughly weigh 850 grams on the scale and about 40 cm in length. With perfect design of wheels and gear system it can better move on the stony paths and steep slopes. It comes with a battery that can take care of charging before use. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge the battery for the first time. Once charged fix it in the car and now you can drive the car for a long hours. In the first few minutes of drive itself you can understand its swiftness and fastness of the care. Its speed is roughly 30Km per hour I am damn sure that thrills. There are three driving modes are available via the application. With the keys up and down left and right with the steering wheel you can maneuver the car. You can steer the car with the finger else you can do the function with the gyroscope built into the iPhone. Very cool isn’t it? The car meets all the guidelines of conduct. It runs on the rough road, on the ups and downs, steps. On the technical side this monster uses the Wi-Fi i.e. The car emits a signal that the iPhone detects the Wi-Fi up to the range of fifty meters. I found the car and operated it and I was quite comfortable with it. Very easy to handle. The car is mounted on good suspension and the wheels toothed for the good grip on the floor and its acceleration thrills. It is price 79.90 Euros. Not quite bad right?

Friday, 7 December 2012

First photos of IPhone 5S surfaced!

    Apple had already upgraded the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S. Some of the snipers smelt that Apple has repeated the company's method for iPhone 5 too. Recent rumors indicate that the device is already in the work plan. Of Latest the first photos of a possible 5S prototype have surfaced in the internet. CNet reports on photos of an iPhone Prototypes that have surfaced on the Internet. They showed a slightly different iPhone 5, and in which a few screws inside the telephone are placed different.

    In addition, parts of the product are replaced by X. An indication that it is the photographed Apple phone is an iPhone prototype. Already in November 2012, a Chinese newspaper reported that Apple is planning to bring out a revised version of the iPhone 5 in December 2012. According to the newspaper, Apple could rechristened the device as an iPhone 5S and introduce in the market, writes DigiTimes. The name is indicative of better hardware and maybe a surprise one or two – similar to that time the iPhone 4S. To start, there are probably 50,000 to 100,000 units, the serial production will start in the first quarter of 2013, it said. Further details are not yet known.

Windows 8 OS not up to the gamers demand!

      Not only Microsoft, the peoples of the gaming industry also had great hopes in Windows 8 but after one month of its release the gamers found that the new operating system have little response to their choice. Despite the novel design and latest features are there in Windows 8 but it is lack of gamblers expectations. Really Windows 8 is a revolution for Microsoft and for the first time they have applied the cross platform principles of Apple and the Smartphone, tablet, console and PC are linked through a unified user interface.

     The Windows 8 has to face a lot of criticism from the gaming industry even though it’s initial sales displays a good start. Even before the release of Windows 8 Newell commented negatively about its operating system and described the OS as a disaster. He quoted the following reason for it: Windows 8 is different from its predecessors and it is designed as a closed as similar to that of Apple. This implies that Microsoft controls fully on which users can install and what should not. Hence any one selling online games on Windows online store is subject to abide by the Microsoft’s controls and requirement as similar to that of the Apple, it believed.

Streaming Media

Renowned service providers have been catering high performance media server and video streaming software to large organizations, enterprises, and media properties interested in video digital screen to home television, mobile or computers. The company, a media server software company originated in the year 2005 and felt the need to provide products in the media server market. Towards early 2007 with the company’s focus to lower cost alternatives to Adobe Flash server, they experience rapid growth in the market and in the year 2009 introduced Wowza Media Server 2 server platform. The award winning Wowza Media Server 3 was introduced in 2011 as the next generation of streaming media software with value added components and single extensible foundation for screen delivery. Wowza Media Server 2 came out with simpe and cost effective features like adaptive bitrate (ABR), time shifted playback streaming as well as digital rights protection. With the help of Wowza Server Media, users were now capable of streaming expanded screens without the need of expensive infrastructure upgrades.

 With further upgrade in their quality of products in Wowza Media Server 3.5, it now became affordable and easy for users to deliver high volume of video and audio content from IP network to computers, (laptop or desktop), tablets, mobile phone or IP set top boxes. Due to its remarkable features and value added components et al, their products have made its niche in the market with excellence and cost effective factors and over 120,000 satisfied users in around 150 countries. The plus point of Wowza Media Server 3 is the high performance which is powerful multi threaded software that can deliver up to 10 Gbps per server video streaming on demand as well as live streaming on standard hardware. For further enhancement, protection, transformation, to deliver and manage the media streaming for live or on demand performance, a variety of free and attractive Add ons are offered which are Wowza Transcoder, Wowza nDVR, Wowza DRM and Streamlock Addon. Its unique features are designed to help users and give them an opportunity to reach wider audience, creating and engaging viewer experience, developing exceptional video messaging services and applications.