Thursday, 6 June 2013

ARM Cortex A-12 for higher performance!

With its new chip for Smartphones and tablets called Cortex A-12, ARM is entering into the mid range segment of devices that will continue to grow. In the preamble to the Computex show which opened in Taipei, ARM recently presented its new Cortex A-12 chip for Smartphones and tablets midrange. It is advertised as 40% faster than the Cortex A-9 that is used especially in the Tegra 3 SoC. The chip Cortex A-12 is compatible with technology developed by MRA to associate it with a powerful processor and juggle both depending on the performance required, to save battery power. The first devices featuring Cortex A-12 are expected in mid-2014 to serve as a mid-range offering that will, grow strongly; according to ARM. The British company has also unveiled a new graphics processor, the Mali T622 that supports 3D display via OpenGL ES 3.0. It can be coupled with the Cortex A-12, but also intends to set-top boxes and other video players.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

With Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard Experience The Best!

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Haswell, Intel’s Fourth-Gen Core Architecture Core i7-4770K

Intel has introduced the fourth generation of the processor Core i-series "Haswell". Is it have everything is new? Not at all! Tested the Core i7-4770K "Haswell" has as its predecessor 3770K from the "Ivy Bridge" series four cores on board, working with exactly the same clock: 3.5 GHz. It can be utilize Turbo Boost technology, a single core with 3.9 GHz clock - such as a grueling task as you shrink a video for Smartphones. Haswell Intel processors manufactured with advanced 22-nanometer process. Advantage: In a small area, many circuits (transistors) can be accommodated. Haswell has a whopping 1.4 billion transistors on a very small area of only 177 square millimeters. The operating system pretends the 4770K as its predecessor by Hyper-Threading to eight cores.

Windows can allocate parallel programs running on multiple (virtual) cores. The cache (L3) is very generous with eight megabytes. A genuine innovation: Intel has incorporated the voltage converter into the Haswell CPU. In the previous models sat still on the motherboard. Advantage: for example, even in energy losses it can be contained and the processor is operating efficiently. Intel launches Haswell recently with a new processor generation. That's for normal desktop PCs, but also Laptops, Ultrabooks and tablet PCs Convertibles. Anyone who wants to upgrade his PC with a Haswell CPU needs a new main board: The 4770K has now 1150 pins at the bottom. The work rate of 4770K is only slightly higher than that of 3770K. For this, the Haswell CPU is playing 27 percent more nimble than the previous model. The testers were certainly not surprised that the Haswell Office and internet tasks completed only minimally faster than the older 3770K.

 The performance advantage laid with the Haswell processor only six percent. Instead of the lame HD4000 graphics chip, the newly developed HD4600 is used. Although it is good for games but still demanding games like "Battlefield 3", but enough for a smooth playback of titles such as "The Sims 3". In the test, it delivered almost 12 frames per second - about 27 percent more than the 3770K. New generation of processors, Is it less power consumption? No! The Haswell even approved in the test a little more juice than its predecessor 3770K. The cause: If the stronger graphics chip called the current processor, it needs more energy. In pure mode, the Office Haswell CPU is significantly more economical than the Ivy Bridge processor: instead of 38.30 watts, there were only 32.8 watts - nearly 20 percent less!

Razer Blade Pro A Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade Pro provides the high demands of the mobile gamers. The portable computing monster will suck not only your dull time but also to work. Razer provides gamers for years with mobile computing power. With the new notebook model "Blade Pro", the manufacturer goes one step further again. The portable computing machine, in addition to a speedy i7 quad core processor, the new Intel Haswell generation, a 17-inch screen and a computationally powerful GTX 765m graphics card and again the Switchblade User Interface on board. It consists of ten assignable buttons and a touch screen and will in future serve not only for games-related applications, but also support work programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere by their own apps. Thus one might be aimed at gamers who want to not only play but also on the way to work creatively. The Blade Pro comes standard with eight gigabytes of RAM and a 128 GB SSD hard drive on board and is extremely slim and just 1.7 centimeters and cost of the simplest version is less . Pre-orders are from 6 June 2013 available in the U.S. and Canada, a date for other countries is not yet finalized. Razer is also announcing a new austerity program, the design students and developers to enable the purchase of Razer products for a special price.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Google Working On Smartphone Moto X

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has confirmed that the mobile phone manufacturer purchased by Google is working on a new Smartphone called the Moto X and wants to produce it in the U.S. itself. At the tech conference Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside was sitting on the podium. In an interview with journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, he confirmed rumors that they are working on a Smartphone called Moto X. It should appear in October, along with other mobile phones by the manufacturer. He also did not provide any details on the technical equipment, so that here the speculation can go on.

 After all, Woodside announced that the Moto X is assembled in a factory in Forth Worth, Texas. The items would not completely come from the U.S. The processor, for example, comes from Taiwan and the OLED screens from Korea. In addition, the Smartphone should have numerous sensors and remember, for example, when it is pulled out of a pocket or force in the car at around 100 kilometers per hour by the driver to a safe use.

TechRadar suspected Motorola introduced the Moto X will not be available on the Google developer conference I / O in May. So remains uncertain whether it will be the first device to the next version of Android (codenamed "Key Lime Pie" lime pie). The mobile phone with at least a 4.5-inch touch screen according to the report would not belong to the Nexus devices, but mark the beginning of a new sub-brand of Google. However, the graphical user interface should be designed similar to the Nexus models. In addition, the Moto X would have new features that occur, for example in competition with S-Beam and S Voice of Siri from Apple or Samsung.