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How does a QR code work?

What is a QR code? 
 QR code Mono-live

Have you seen ads and visiting cards with these kind of prints imprinted on them?

Well these are known as QR codes (a) Quick Response codes. It is nothing but a matrix barcode (2D barcode) which was designed first for an automotive industry in Japan. Simple Barcodes are used for detecting information through optically by using machines. Barcode is actually an optical machine readable label which is used to retrieve information about the product or an item in which the label is attached. But QR code is totally different from the ordinary barcode; QR code may be developed or designed by four ways such as numberic, alphanumberic, kanji and bytes. They are used to retrieve various level of information about an item.

Comparison of 1D and 2D barcodes:

• These 2D barcodes contains a massive amount of information when compared to 1D barcodes.

• Another major disadvantage is that 1D barcodes needs powerful scanners whereas for 2D your Smart-phones are more than enough.
Some more examples for 2D codes are Maxicode and Datamatrix 

How does it work?

Ok now we’ve seen what’s a QR code let’s see how do they work.

These QR codes have two kinds of patterns namely the

• Finder pattern &

• Alignment pattern

Finder patterns are arrangement of squares that helps the scanner to detect the size of the QR code.
Alignment patterns are another arrangement of squares helps the scanner to detect whether the QR codes are distorted or damaged.

The scanners after scanning the code, analyzes the image. It calculates the ratio of black and white areas and calculates which squares are alignment squares and which squares contain the original information. Then the scanner either directs it to the main information source or the URL in which the main information is at stake.
QR code generators:

Another major ease with these codes are that these QR codes can be generated easily. There are many QR generators online for the access of public.

If you are interested in a simple business at your home then to make it more interesting you can generate your own QR code.

Here are some links that might help you in creating one 

These play a vital role in advertisements and website marketing. QR codes swept 1D barcodes off their feet and brought a big revolution in every major and minor industry.

Basically, QR codes are used for industrail purposes and also for consumer level advertising. Nowadays, a typical level Smartphone has a QR-code reader in it. You can convert your information over QR-code and you can transfer it to your friends and other circles. Even you can denote your URL via this QR-code and when the URL is detected by the reader, it will automatically opened in the browser of your smartphone. Finally, QR-codes are very simple and they are more effective for so many processes.

Lync app for Windows 8.1 gets an update

Lync for windows 8.1
The new version of the suite of communication Lync introduces several features that should improve the overall ergonomics. Microsoft yesterday released an update of its Lync app for Windows 8.1. It provides a series of new features intended to improve the use of the service.

The first allows you to take control of split screens, applications and supports PowerPoint presentation during Lync meetings. Each user can control the volume of a call without changing the overall volume of Windows.

The update also allows you to take or reject an audio or video call from the lock screen where it displays the name and profile picture of the user.

The window of the Lync application can be resized to be displayed side by side with other applications in order to return to an application or a website. Finally; a tool to ease the search for contacts is available now.

How to get Flash Player for Android

Flashplayer for Android
The most recent Adobe Flash Player Apk for Android, with blaze player we can carry the full web with your Android gadget, we can revel in films, applications, amusements straightforwardly on our android cell phones or tablets. Adobe Flash Player for Android gives the likelihood to enter the same rich web content like with your desktop machine, the huge preference is that your versatile is convenient, and you can bring it with you anyplace you need and whenever. Adobe reported straightforwardly that the Android will no more backing Flash Player to the most recent form of the Os and after that Google got back on mechanisms, not only the Flash Player.

This thing means The Adobe Flash Player Is not authoritatively upheld, however we find for you a technique which shows you how to instate Flash player Android Jelly Bean 4.1. That respectable work originates from stempox one xda part and with this article I need too much oblige concerning impart to us the exercise.

Way to download Flash Player for Android

1) First you have to download the most recent variant apk document streak player from above connections.

2) Copy and glue the downloaded records to Android mechanism's Sd card (cell phone or tablet).

3) Install the apk exchanged record utilizing any File Manager (case: Astro Manager).

4) Now, begin your browser from your Android mechanism.

5) Uncheck the choice of Flash Player into your program settings. (On interest or dependably on at your watchfulness).

 6) Now you have commissioned the most recent form of Adobe Flash player in your Android device.


Photon Flash Player for Android application is at long last here! Photon Flash Browser for Android gadgets is the heading #1 program for Flash player plugin help and film streaming that frees your perusing background on Android. Our heading edge engineering permits the client to scan the web quick, runs JavaScript at velocities quicker than Chrome or Firefox on your apparatus (throughout cloud streaming mode).

Clients can play Flash without instituting or downloading any Flash plugin (which is right now additionally not accessible and conceivable after Adobe pulled flash back for Android authoritatively). Photon Flash Player and Web Browser Free helps Flash diversions Flash motion pictures and Flash sites. You can scan locally on the program and when you require Flash help, you recently need to click the lightning jolt bind to initiate Flash back for your Android tablets or telephones. You can utilize Photon Flash Player gratis with ads or buy a yearly premium go to evacuate ads.


As I specified, commissioning Adobe Flash Player is extremely simple. To begin with, head into your Android gadget's Settings > Security and make a point to check the Unknown Sources box. This will permit us to instate the Adobe Flash Player application from a source other than the Play Store.

Next, open up Google on your Android gadget and scan for "Adobe Flash Player documents" (or just hit this connection from your cell phone). After that, hit the first connection on the page. When the page is stacked, you're set to need to span down until you see the Android 4.0 chronicles. When you find it, you're set to need to tap the first adaptation you see to start the download, which is the form that Adobe still overhauls

Lenovo Launches A10 an Android Powered Convertible Laptop

Lenovo A10
Android has made its impart of manifestations on laptops in the recent past, yet today Lenovo declared that its taking a turn the thought with the A10, a 10.1-inch journal with a fold-back touchscreen show. The 2.2-pound convertible, which you can use in smart phone or tablet mode, accompanies a 1.6ghz dual coreRockchip Rk3188 Cortex-A9 processor, a 1,366 x 768 showcase, Android 4.2, 2gb of Ram, 32gb inner space with microsd development, Vga webcam, two Usb 2.0 ports and one Hdmi port. The entire bundle is dual coreelectric storage device existence with constant film playback. We haven't heard items on estimating or accessibility - Lenovo lets us know that it'll shift by district - yet prior bits of hearsay pegged it at about $340. 

Full story of Lenovo Launches A10 an Android Powered Convertible Laptop

Research Triangle Park, Nc– October 18, 2013: Multimode processing guide Lenovo (Hkse: 992) (Adr: Lnvgy) today reported the Lenovo A10, a competitive, ultra-convenient, double mode smart phone and the organization's first to run on Android 4.2 Os. Weighing not exactly 1kg and measuring only 17.3mm at its thickest focus, the Lenovo A10 is a perfect friendly for clients on the set out for some, giving simple access to an extensive variety of applications on an extraordinary, double mode stage, which upgrades the client experience for diversion and Web perusing and in addition gainfulness.

"In smart phone mode," clients can exploit the A10's one of a kind, Lenovo-redid client interface, which gives an application launcher, undertaking bar and status bar for brisk, instinctive access to the application library, and desktop and additionally advantageous multitasking and application exchanging. Index administrator programming, likewise incorporated with the Lenovo redid Os, makes it simple to find and administer a library of records, films and music. In portable computer mode, the mechanism offers a full-measure ergonomic, Accutype console for safe, agreeable utilization.

With the A10's 10.1-inch Hd (1366 x 768) determination screen flipped around 300 degrees in "stand mode," the Lenovo A10 gleams as an unit streamlined for touch-empowered applications and diversion. The stable pivot and "overlap back" outline keeps the unit consistent and averts shaking and bobbing while utilizing the 10-focus multi-touch screen. Stereo speakers and an incorporated 0.3m webcam help clients stay joined with family and companions while appreciating an immersive "sight and sound" experience with media applications, recreations and movie.

The Lenovo A10 is controlled by a Rk3188, dual core1.6ghz, the most noteworthy recurrence for all dual coreArm-based Cpus as of now accessible. The Cortex-A9 processor conveys robust execution for gaming and excitement purposes, and in addition upgrades clients' capacity to multitask and be profitable. What's more, the A10's electric cell upholds up to nine hours of persistent film playback, guaranteeing that it is primed to perform, both out and about and at the work area.

"With the later unstable development in Android-based, keen associated apparatuses, clients are depending progressively on Android applications for both work and play. Why would it be a good idea for them to be obliged to switch and double to utilize their smart phone? Lenovo's A10 carries ultra-conveyability and double mode profits to Android clients at a sensible cost," said Bai Peng, Vp and general supervisor, journal specialty unit, Lenovo and client propelled developments for an extraordinary client experience ... the A10 is exceptionally Leno

How Small Businesses Can Save Money: Software

When most people think of technology costs, they generally think first of the hardware, such as computers, printers, and the like. But the truth is that the greater part of your computing costs are likely to be for the software that runs on your systems, rather than the systems themselves. It is not unusual for a £500 computer to have well over £1,000 running on it, even if all the software is “off the rack” rather than proprietary. The smart business owner will take many elements into consideration when selecting software, realizing that initial purchase price might not be the most predominant factor in determining its ultimate cost. A Payday Loan could provide the necessary funds to purchase the software you require when your monthly budget doesn't stretch to cover additional purchases.
Proprietary programs, commercial software, shareware, freeware, or open-source?
Obviously, there isn’t sufficient space in a short article to address all the factors – much less, all the available programs – upon which you’ll ultimately have to decide. However, there are a few factors that can make your decision easier, as represented in the following questions.
Are you already running proprietary or customized commercial software, such as accounting, materials control, or payroll systems? If so, you’ll likely want to continue with it, so long as the license structure isn’t too constricting or costly. Most small businesses opt for commercial software applications, but even these can be pretty expensive, and there may be restrictions as to how the software is to be used, and how many machines it can be installed on without additional licensing requirements. There are, of course, a number of relatively inexpensive commercial programs that may be readily applicable to your operation. Particularly if your business is a new start-up, you might want to stick with the more popular commercial programs, so as to avoid having to go through a painful emigration to unfamiliar software in the future.
Office suites
Shareware or freeware programs abound in the marketplace, and many users have found them to be a good alternative to more expensive commercial offerings. Just to give one example, Microsoft’s Office Suite© is the de-facto standard for basic business applications. While it is wildly popular and familiar to most workers, a single license of the suite can cost hundreds of dollars, and if you’re looking to maintain compatibility on a number of computers, the cost can skyrocket rather quickly. There are, however, open-source office suites available that are fully compatible with Microsoft’s offerings, offer a similar user experience, and are available for download at no cost. The two most popular examples are the Apache OpenOffice suite ( and LibreOffice ( Both suites are capable of opening, editing, creating, and saving to the standard Microsoft formats, and are continually evaluated, improved upon, and updated by teams of developers who are committed to providing a product that is as good as or better than available commercial offerings.
Antivirus, anti-malware, and security software
Given the increasing efforts of hackers, as well as the prevalence of always-connected networks, system security is a factor that no business or individual can afford to ignore. And while there are a number of good commercially-available products with which to protect your computers and – if necessary – rid them of malicious code, there are also a number of free or low-cost products that are arguably as good as or better than the most popular commercial programs. A couple of examples are AVG Free Antivirus© and MalwareBytes©, both of which do a commendable job of protecting and cleaning your computers, often with a less significant performance hit than their commercial counterparts.
System utilities
The system utilities that come packaged in Microsoft Windows© are adequate, but lack the power and/or versatility that most IT personnel recommend. Once again, there are a number of third-party utilities that offer additional capabilities, and are either low-cost or free of charge. A few of note are Glary Utilities©, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner©, and Iobit’s Smart Defrag©. The only caveat is that since these utilities have greater capabilities than the more generic offerings included in Windows, they also have somewhat greater potential to get the less computer-savvy user into trouble. That said, by leaving all settings at the developers’ defaults, you’ll be pretty safe using them, and will benefit from a more responsive and secure system.