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How to Send Self-Destructive Message along with Google Docs

Self-Destructive Message
Interest in sending mail, text, or even audio or video in an encrypted so that it self-destructs after a certain amount of time once the user has read and just vanishes. Facilities like this are provided by many apps, but now provided by Google Docs. Since this is going to be provided by Google your messages will be in a more secured way.

Google Docs

Want to try it with your friends, here send a tricky message to person who has a Gmail account. Make up with a self-destructing spread sheet to share with them whenever you needed. Now you may arise a query that how long this message will appear to the person who reads this. Professional explains this query just by a simple Google Apps Script, which will make clear that how much time you need them to appear.
If it is hard for you to create a spreadsheet with script already embedded, you visit some sites and make a download to it. Plans to do on your own, codes are available you can download in websites.


If your recipient is not using Gmail don’t worry, some other option are available to perform this magic. Plenty of services are available on the web to perform self-destructive in private links. And this is not usually available to everyone at ease. Some of the sites that avails this is At this site you can perform your take at ease. Just type the content you want to send and don’t forget to determine how long the message should prevail and clack on created link.

This will opt to encrypt your message and provide you a much secured link, through which you can share your recipient. He can view it only once. Analogous to this site that’s got additional point of password protection that is properly named as This Message Will Self Destruct (TMWSD). Here you can also make to have an avail a screen shot.

Not satisfied with secured measures available? Then it is better to move on with Burn Note. Burn Note not only offers a self-destructive message but images are tend to broke up while taken a screen shot. Spyglass display featured in Burn Note so once you move your cursor to that only shows the content. Once the message are burned means that message is deleted from Burn Note server, then it’s liked to be never existed.

Mobile Phone 

Email may be little tedious process to make up with. You can also make through a message. Usually these are not an option to perform it before, but upcoming upgraded mobile offers you these kinds of messages through some Apps. One among several App is Wickr, available only for iPhone. Wickr in iPhone uses a military-grade encryption that gets rid of time stamp, location and even device type. This term may on whole described as Metadata message.

Haven’t yet installed Wickr yet? Go to iTunes App Store there you will find and upon installing you can play with. Unfortunately Android version has not yet been released. Hope releases soon and all Smartphone lovers can make use of it once available in Android Market.

Benefits of Hard Drive Encryption

Hard drive encryption is a process that renders the contents of your hard disk virtually unreadable to anyone who does not hold the so-called key to unlock it. No, there's not actually a lock and key. Rather, data protection software is used to encrypt and de-crypt the data. Once encrypted, your data will look like meaningless gibberish to unauthorized users such as thieves and hackers.
Why use data protection software to encrypt your hard disk? Hard drive encryption can deliver numerous benefits. Below are just a few:
  • Peace of mind - Knowing that a thief can steal your laptop but can't touch your data can bring you peace of mind should your computer become lost or stolen.
  • Regulatory compliance - Depending on your business, hard drive encryption may help you to comply with various security and privacy regulations.
  • Corporate data protection - What types of corporate secrets do your computers store? From trade secrets and client lists to confidential financial information, your company's computers hold a wealth of information that should be protected from thieves and casual users alike. Hard drive encryption can ensure that your company's most confidential data remains private.
  • Accidental data disclosure - Have you ever dropped off an old laptop at the local e-recycling facility? If so, did you destroy the hard disk by wiping it clean with data protection software and then physically smashing it with a sledge hammer? Unfortunately, recycled hard disks can make their way into the hands of unsuspecting consumers (or data thieves). You can avoid potential problems with hard drive encryption.
  • Reputation management - You've likely heard horror stories of stolen company laptops containing sensitive customer information such as credit cards or passwords. Not only can hard drive encryption protect customer information, it can protect your company from embarrassment and bad publicity. If your company is subject to regulatory compliance, hard drive encryption may protect you from liability and penalties as well.
Protect your data with data protection software that encrypts the contents of your hard disk and enjoy the benefits.

Daniel's a Network Administrator at Intel, and enjoys sharing his passion of network security products from WinMagic with his readers. For more updates follow him on Google+.

How to write a Twitter Bot

Twitter Bot
Professional who to use twitter would have come across this term Twitter Bot. To common folks whodidn’t know anything about this, can learn what Twitter Bot while reading this further is.

Writing a Twitter Bot isn’t that tough, you can make it up in 5 minutes. A little bit of JavaScript may let you to know about Twitter Bot, but that is not certainly going to be a requirement just to make a basic Twitter Bot.
Bot is usually termed as an essential program that is always running at background. While running so whenever a command given to them especially tweets, it tends to process them number of tweet and provide a reply to the tweeter usually not in the same but a different tweet.

At earlier stages of development you would surely need a web server to run the Bot, while Bot is written using languages like PHP, Perl or phython. These language’s are not know by everyone so let’s make it simple. So let’s try out in Google Drive.

Step’s to write Twitter Bot

• To perform this Bot the first and foremost step is to create a Twitter account, that’s tends to be the Bot at later on stages. Have you ever come across, go to that sign-up with Twitter account and create Twitter app. Provide app name, description, website URL and how to get back named callback URL. Finally on processing everything at last Agree terms and conditions, fill the CAPTCHA and submit the form. Now you can create Twitter Application.

• Now Twitter app will be created and clack on settings tab and click on Read and Write under the Application Type. This will help since we want to read tweet and also to re-tweet or post tweet. After completing these steps click on update button to save your change.

• OAuth tool tab is an option available in Application and try to switch over. Then make a note of the customer Key and consumer Secret, because these things will be later on needed in Google Apps Script.

Proceed to Step B: Create a WolFarm Alpha App

• Twitter App will monitor the tweets and have a respond to tweet, while Wolfarm App used to find out answer that user tends to post to your Twitter bot.

• To work out with Wolfarm you have to create an account. For this procedure visit Generate an account and then choose Get an App ID to generate new app.

• Nothing proceed now will go in vein. Creating new account in Wolfarm will help later on in Google script. You can purchase a full or free version, on free version it works only a non-commercial purpose, so you have to make a note of this.

Guidelines for creating Twitter Bot with abcd is that 

• You have a send a mail to to deal up regarding license. Queries can be made to @DearAssistant at the rate of 2,000 per month.

Proceed to Last Step: 

• Clear to have a copy of Twitter Bot in your device. And re-enter the values of Twitter Consume key with Twitter Consumer Secret and also the Twitter Handle.

• Initialize the Twitter Bot through Run. On Authorization access to Google Script Service provide yes.

• At last Go to Run and upon authorization it will lead you to the Script access to Twitter account.

What is Google Drive? How to get started with Google Drive?

Google Drive
“Google Drive’’ is online cloud storage where you can store a large amount of data in your own website. It not only enables file storage but also allows file synchronization, file sharing and collaborative editing.
It allows 15GB of data for free. It supports important documents, Spreadsheets, presentations and many other audio and video formats.

Many may think online storage can be hazardous and does not provide safety for data. Google has the links to US intelligence agencies. Data are stored in a safe manner by encryption technology, Data isolation, Data segregation techniques are used. By using the Google Drive, you can store your data online from any region of this world. Simply you need to create a Google account only. You might have heard of many online sites such as Dropbox, fileshare and so many cloud services. Likewise, you can create an account in the Google and you can use that account in Google Drive for better use. The storage space offered by the Google Drive is ultimately free of cost. They offer 15 GigaBytes of memory in which you can store anything.

Now Google Drive has been introduced into smartphones. By using Google Drive mobile application, you can easily access various information found in your Google Drive accounts very easily. So now there’s a way to remember the groceries needed.


• A powerful search similar to Google search engine.
• If you mail your documents the next time you need to send it to them you don’t need to upload them from your PC again. Just drive in your drive.
• In a similar manner any document/photo/audio/video that has been mailed to you can be directly stored to your Drive.
• Offline feature allows you to create, edit, comment and view your docs. So these basic features doesn’t need a network connection
• A collaborative approach for creating presentations. You don’t need to stay together for a presentation. You can stay at your homes and can discuss with each other while creating your presentations.
• If your free 15GB is not enough for you, then you can also extend your memory. You can get 100 GB per month only for $5.

How to get started? 

Creating a Google drive is simple as it. It can be created with the help of your mail id.

Download the Google drive to your PC. And create an account in it.

Besides that it also provides Apps for the ease of operating in your Drive. Here’s the link for downloading the Drive

You can create your own document in it.

Google Drive also has many inbuilt tool which can be used for several purposes. Even you can edit your spreadsheet with formula function in the Google Drive itself. Likewise, it offers various tools for viewing the presentations, editing a word document and also lot of features were found in the Google Drive. Hope you find this article useful about the Google Drive.
Now get started and get going.:-)

7 Easy and Free Ways to Repair Your Computer At Home

Repair Your Computer At Home
Do you have to repair your computer but don’t have the money and time it takes to be a professional? That’s alright—this can help you fix the seven most common problems for free using the resources that are already available at your home.

1—Run the Anti-Virus

A large number of the problems exist in the modern computers that are caused by viruses slow performance, stalled downloads, and strange errors are all symptoms of the modern computing.
If you already have an anti-virus program installed, it is not guaranteed that it will catch each and every virus before it infects your system. Just like virus in the real world, sometimes computer viruses build enough resistance to get past your defenses.

However, the manufactures of anti-virus software are updating their software to find latest virus constantly, if you run a full disk scan using the anti-virus software, you may find some any active infections.

2—Clean Your Registry

This piece of advice applies especially to the old versions of Windows and computers which had seen a lot of change over the last year.

Each and every time you make an important change in your computer, Windows will update the Registry such as Installing programs, Uninstalling programs, modifying major settings, and a few more things will add information to the Windows Registry without even cleaning it.

As your Registry gets full, it stops to perform well. It slows down the computer, it also gets confused and also even causes conflicts, and it can even crash and take your computer down.

Cleaning the Registry is an easy task and there are plenty of freeware programs available which help you.

3—Safe Mode

Most of the people I’ve talked on this subject seem to have no idea what a safe mode is for. Do you know it? The solution is to fixing major problems with Windows by shutting down some default / primary actions.

Suppose for Instance:
• It prevents programs from starting up automatically, if the problem exists in one of them, you will get to know it immediately.

• It also won’t load any drivers for the most non-essential hardware, if the problem exists in hardware, you will get to know it immediately.
• It can also help you discover the damage caused by the virus, I hope your anti-virus software is well equipped to deal with them.

To enable safe mode, press and hold the F8 key when your computer starts to boot.

4—Blame Windows

Most often the problem with your computer is the operating system, Windows. It does not mean Microsoft has messed it up—it could be that a virus had deleted an important file.

Diagnosing a problem in Windows from within Windows can be challenging task. What you will need is an outside authority—such as Linux.

You can also download it from “Live” Linux CD which will not install anything on your computer but will boot the Linux from the CD (or DVD) which is in your disc drive. I suggest you to use Ubuntu:

Go to the Ubuntu website using a computer, download the current CD or DVD, whatever you prefer (DVDs have more tools but take longer to download), burn the CD or DVD, and insert it in your computer. Reboot your computer and check if it works.

If Linux can get your computer working, then there is nothing wrong with your hardware—then there is something wrong with your Windows, then try the next step.

5—Reinstall Windows

In Windows 95 and 98 days, we usually used to reinstall Windows once a year to keep things going smoothly. The great thing about Windows XP was that it was stable for much longer periods. If a problem occurs in Windows which you cannot be fixed by any way, reinstalling Windows was the best option.
It is necessary to backup all of your important data before you start reinstalling the Windows. If the computer does not boot Windows, use the Linux method specified above to access your data and copy them to an external HDD, or remove the hard drive out of the computer and use an external HDD adapter to copy the data to another computer.

After backing up the data start the reinstallation of windows by inserting the disk in the disk drive and follow the instructions to reinstall windows.

6—Blowing Your Problems Away

If the problem exists with the computer hardware and not the software, there is not much we can do. Most of the modern electronic equipment’s are non-serviceable, so if it’s broke it is just a piece of junk. But there is one way is to bring them back to life is to blow them away.

Blow them away means is to blow the dust of the equipment. Dust is one of the powerful insulators similar to that of wood which is used to retain heat inside the home by not letting the cold into the home in winter season.

When dust holds the heat inside the equipment in turn it makes the equipment’s to malfunction and eventually fail. Most of the modern equipment’s are designed to work only up to 35 Celsius or 110 Fahrenheit before automatically shuts off to prevent fire or severe damage.

Getting rid of the dust will help the parts to function properly. But the parts that have severely damaged due to heat will eventually fail, so don’t expect miracles to happen by blowing the dust away.

To get rid of the is to cover your eyes with a handkerchief and blow air to get rid of the dust without spitting but if you have a vacuum cleaner at home put the cleaner into blow mode and blow the dust away.

Alternatively, you can also buy cans which have compressed air to blow off the dust of the equipment’s.

7—Your Last Resort

If any of the above mentioned advices helped you then it is necessary that you call the manufacturer. Most of the manufactures have a toll free number and it would not cost you a penny for the call. Feel free to call them and get the help of the technical support and even after that the problem persists then they can service your computer for free.