Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Microsoft would offer a free version of Windows 8.1 with Bing

Windows 8.1 with Bing
Windows 8.1 is currently the latest version of Microsoft's operating system Windows 8. Microsoft currently experimenting with a free version of its operating system for PCs. According to unconfirmed sources, Microsoft could offer a free version or low cost of its OS called "Windows 8.1 with Bing", and integrating key services and applications.

It would be an update designed to attract users of Windows 7. Exactly one year before the Wall Street Journal quoted that Microsoft has decided to lower the price of Windows 8 and Office for OEMs licenses. The Verge now evokes an experimental project of Redmond called " Windows 8.1 with Bing " which would be a free or low-cost version of the update for users of Windows 7 operating system.

The Verge indicates the exact intentions of Microsoft are not yet finalized and that experimentation is part of a series of initiatives to monetize cloud services and applications of the publisher. According to The Verge, the free version called "Windows 8.1 with Bing” and is currently in development. Hence, they also contain the most important Microsoft apps and services and put an emphasis on the search engine Bing. In addition, Microsoft is targeting apparently from it, to win by no or low price more users for Windows 8. Early versions of Windows 8.1 with Bing are leaked on the internet and the familiar Windows Leaks website already published screenshots of the software installed .

The Verge goes on to write that Windows 7 users might get the upgrade to Windows 8.1 with Bing free or very cheap. Another possibility is that the operating system is also available to PC manufacturers on favorable terms. The focus is to get as many new Windows 8 users. This information last week via Bloomberg that Microsoft would charge more for Windows 8.1 license of $ 15 on devices sold in more than 250 dollars. Service Pack 1 for Windows 8.1 is expected in early April.

 Now Windows 8.1 download costs currently around 120 Euros for individuals. It is therefore questionable how Microsoft makes money when it offers (nearly) the operating system and key applications for free. The Verge suspected that the company wants to move to new customers to use its fee-based additional services, such as major cloud storage. Details of these plans of Microsoft may known public at developer conference which will be held in San Francisco on of 2 up to 4 April.

Specialized Audio Components For Custom automotive Sound Systems

Audio Components
Many consumers put a lot of time, effort, and resources into their automobile, and one way that many enhance their car or truck is through enhanced audio components and sound systems. The electronics in a particular vehicle may actually surpass in value that of the car itself, making this an important investment for the owner. Furthermore, there are some savvy shoppers seeking to augment existing systems with very specialized, particular products that might be difficult to find in local retail venues.

There are some dedicated sites and merchants that are most likely to yield a more favorable selection for distinctive buyers, and that offer a wide range of innovative and technologically-advanced products. These items might be offered in a wider range of sizes or styles, or they simply might be goods that are nearly impossible to find and purchase off-the-shelf in an auto or electronics retailer nearby. The access to these fine quality products ensures optimal sound and performance for those seeking uncompromised audio in their vehicle, while also offering competitive pricing to lure and satisfy potential customers.

Many of the sites found that focus on these needs may provide some buyer incentives that make purchasing new and exciting elements more feasible; this may be demonstrated in discounts for first-time shoppers or deferred shipping when purchases meet a required minimum. One site with some enticing offers is, which provides new customers a flat percentage off of their initial order. This makes it viable to spruce-up existing sound systems in time for spring!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Google Chrome 34.0 with Hands-Free Google Voice Search

OK Google
Google has just announced the arrival of the Chrome 34 Beta. With the full support of the Web Audio API, this helps the developers without prefixing their audio tag for the browser. The work of developers will be a little easier with Beta version of Google Chrome browser. The developer may use it or not that is up to them and several features of the version announced by Google in beta, will simplify integration.

In general, advance features are always available on every release of the new version of Chrome. Several new features are announced now also that includes the control "hands” with the simple phrase “OK Google". First, the arrival of simplified images responsive design writing is possible with this new version. We will not repeat the arguments of Google in its entirety - roughly what everyone knows, uses evolve with new appliances and therefore various screen sizes - but there is the arrival of the attribute ' srcset for the image tag. Here is the sample code provided by Google:

<img alt  =  " A rad wolf  . " src = " pic1x.jpg " srcset = " pic1x.jpg 1x, 2x pic2x.jpg , pic4x.jpg 4x ">

This solution, which allows you to easily manage images in responsive design is simple. This new feature was already expected, especially as the Webkit rendering engine incorporated in August 2013. Blink - rendering engine Webkit fork and developed by Google since version 28 of Chrome – hence it was easy to make it possible.

 The attribute can also declare different sources for the image sizes, which will be displayed depending on the configuration of the browser visiting a site. A solution which should also help solve performance problems often encountered with the multiplication of images. Attribute ' src' is now optional. For now, however it will always think the declare fallback for some other browsers that would support not ' srcset. Until now, developers should indeed increase the prefixes for the audio rendering.

The solution validated by the W3C Web Audio via a Javascript API audio decoding. Quite powerful and advanced, it was not supported. Google is announcing that henceforth there will be no need to prefix some API entry points. Exit the 'web kit audio Context' for example, the point specified by the W3C ' audio Context ' in details.

Same for 'Offline Audio Context’. Chrome and Firefox supports the Web Audio API without prefix. Need redundant code for compatibility on both browsers. Note that both methods should continue side by side for the moment, to allow time for developers to change their code. That said that they have an incentive to take the front. Google has already announced that the management of prefixes may be impaired from a future version of the browser, unspecified.

Monday, 3 March 2014

ZTE brings thin Smartphone Grand Memo 2 LTE

 Grand Memo II
ZTE launches its Grand Memo 2 LTE, a new Android Smartphone with a large display in the market. The focus of the manufacturer is to use the Smartphone easily; in addition the device has the latest version of Android and LTE support. The Chinese manufacturer ZTE has unveiled a successor to its Smartphones Grand memo. The Grand Memo 2 LTE has an even slightly larger screen than its predecessor, an improved front camera and the new user interface Mifavor 2.3.

With only 7.2 mm, it is one of the thinnest Android Smartphones available in the market. The 6 -inch screen has a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, giving a pixel density of 244 ppi. Inside the Smartphones Snapdragon Qualcomm processor 400 is there, but it is not clear which model how many cores are working. The clock rate also has not announced by ZTE.

The Grand Memo 2 LTE has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in flash memory. Whether the Smartphone has a slot for micro SD cards, two slots are available in total. One could for the SIM card, and the other may be for a memory card. The device supports UMTS on frequencies 900 and 2100 MHz, and LTE on unknown bands.

Wireless dominates the Smartphone of 802.11a/b/g/n at both frequencies 2.4 and 5.0 GHz; also the new fast standard ac is supported. Bluetooth runs in version 4.0, a GPS receiver and an infrared transmitter are installed. The camera on the back has 13 megapixels and a BSI sensor from Sony. The front camera has been upgraded by ZTE, it is now has 5 megapixels instead of 1 as the first Grand memo and hence it is suitable for self-portraits.

ZTE has installed on the Grand Memo 2 LTE a good camera app with numerous setting options. Good like us have also aids such as the scale at which the user can align the viewfinder image correctly. The quality of the photos we could not be conclusively assessed without an external monitor. The Grand Memo 2 is also known as LTE comes with Android in the current version 4.4.2 Kitkat and runs smoothly through the menus.

The user interface of ZTE is more colorful than that of a pure AOSP - Androids and provides the user with some advanced configuration options also. Apart from a special child mode and a glove mode, there is the possibility to record telephone numbers in a blacklist and block the incoming unwanted calls. Thus, the user is protected against unwanted and annoying calls. About an authorization manager the user also has more control over his data, even an Adblocker is preinstalled.

The housing of the Smartphone measures 161.5 x 83 mm and is 7.2 mm thin. The distance between the display and the edge is very less, according to ZTE; it utilize for the LCD screen of almost 80 percent of the front of the device. The built-in battery has a nominal charge of 3,200 mAh; according to ZTE, the battery consumption has fallen by 30 percent.

An HD video to be played up to 16 hours, which is not clear how this value was measured. The Grand Memo 2 LTE offers some interesting features and a large screen. Especially the camera software and the advanced security features we liked. A price for the device has not yet mentioned by ZTE, the launch will take place in April 2014 first in China.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

5 Best Cross Platform Games

Mobile gaming is a fun and excitement to the most of the people in this techno world, whether it may be a children or an adult, it doesn’t matter. In this post, I have shared few games that can be played over the cross platforms and here it goes;

Star Legends: Star Legends is one of the best Massive Multiplayer online game which allows more number of players to play at a single time, Star Legends is a fair game which allows you to fight various levels of enemies in the space.Star Legends has a wonderful game play and also you need to play the roles of the space marines, and need to eradicate the enemies. By defeating the enemies, you will be finishing the levels of the game. And also the objective is to clear dungeon and move to the next level in the game. The graphics has played an important role in gameplay, and also this game is awesome best platform games available in the internet.

Zynga Poker: Zynga Poker is an online game that allows you to play the online Poker. Zynga Poker is a best cross platform game that leads you to play with your friends very simply.Zynga Poker is an addictive game which has been globally played; this game gets you a real experience of real gambling and also lets you to play in a real time dealing with the other players. Zynga Poker has many levels and also there are many challenges in the gameplay. Zynga Poker is very simple; just you need to understand the game play and play.
Scrabble: Scrabble is an online game that leads you to complete various missions in the game. Scrabble is fascinated by both the old age people and also by the young people too. It has been released by the EA games, and Scrabble is brilliantly designed by the game designer. The game is very smooth and classic. The gameplay is absolutely wonderful, and also provides you a wonderful feel while playing the game. In the latest version, you were allowed to play with the different people around the world and also you need to play with the random opponents.

UNO: UNO is a card game which can be played by the multiplayers and also it is a cross platform game. UNO comes in mobile versions and also it is bright as well as vibrant. UNO has a set of new rules than the ordinary card game, UNO provides huge list of twist and also provides unique way of gameplay. UNO allows you to play with 3 players and also via Wi-Fi, you can play games as you want with your friends.

Modern Combat 3: Modern Combat 3 is a best action game, and also allows you to play with various enemies in the battle ground. Modern Combat 3 game has 6 maps and also it has 7 different game modes which enable you to play randomly with more players. You can play with 12 members in this game.