Monday, 4 August 2014

Apple Patent – Routing Based on Detected Stops

A mobile device with some implementation helps in transmitting traffic information to a server for analysis and the traffic information could give indication of movement information which could include the detected stops as well as the duration of the detected stops.

Moreover this traffic information could also be used in analysing and detecting traffic patterns which could indicate the location of stop signs and stop lights. It could also help to determine the duration of stop signs and stop lights wherein the duration could be connected to the time of day or the day of the week.

The traffic information would be helpful in tremendous ways based on the traffic congestion and saving on time while travelling from one location to another. Updated mobile devices comprises of navigational software and hardware enabling users with the assistance needed while travelling from one location to another wherein on input with regards to a desired destination, the mobile device has the capabilities of presenting one or more routes from start to finish indications regarding the desired location.Apple has been granted patent on `Routing based on detected stops’.

Mobile Devices – Capabilities of Transmitting Traffic Information 

The route information would include distance from the beginning of the location to the end of the location and at times the route information would also be inclusive of the estimated time span needed to travel to the said distance which would depend on the distance and the speed.

The user could select the route based on the distance or the estimated time limit though this would not be accurate due to the volume of traffic which may or may not be known or included in the time limit. Mobile devices, in some implementations, also have the capabilities of transmitting traffic information to server for analysis which could include movement information with detected stops as well as the duration of these detected stops.

 Moreover the traffic information could also be analysed in detecting the pattern of the traffic indicating locations of stop signs or stop lights as well as, to determine the duration of stops at stop signs and lights.

Graphical User Interfaces

The duration of the stops can be related with time of day or day of the week and navigational routes in some implementation can be considered based on stop signs or stop light information which may include the delay related to the detected stop signs and stop lights.

Certain implementations provide better accurate travel time estimates which can be calculated when stop signs or stop lights information is included in route information.

 Faster routes with better options are determined when these information are included in the route determination as well as the best time to travel in order to avoid stops, can be determined with the help of this information.

The disclosure explains several GUI - Graphical User Interfaces in carrying out various features, workflows or processes that can be presented on various electronic devices which may include but not limited to desktop computers, laptop computers, computer terminals, tablet computer, television systems, smart phones and e-book readers.

Some of the electronic devices also include touch sensitive surface which can process various simultaneous functions of inputs like processing data related to pressure etc. These processes could facilitate gestures with various fingers inclusive of swiping and pinching.

Google Now Launcher Comes To New Smartphones

Google Now Launcher
Recently the Google Launcher received major update and a small update happened today, and although there is no much new in the application itself, it appears, according to sources, some interesting highlights and few changes in the list of compatible phones.

For now, it seems that changes are still being rolled out, but we can see the devices benefited; they are such as the HTC One M8, One E8, One Mini 2, Desire 816, Huawei Ascend and LG P7 to G3 etc. The Google Now Launcher for Android Smartphones and tablets is now available for devices running on Android 4.1 or higher. So far, the Google Now launcher ran with emphasis on the personal assistant only on Android devices with Android 4.4.

 Few months before, Google launched its launcher as the Google Experience, but it was reserved exclusively for Smartphone Nexus 5 users by that time and other phone users were offended by this and Google retorted that this deployment was that a real test before a wider distribution. The user can also access the Voice Search with keyword "OK Google" anywhere on the home screen.

First, Google had brought the now-Launcher only on the Nexus 5 and later compatibility for Android devices with Kitkat has been extended. The giant had started playing the game by opening the application later, now Google Launcher Now cane be updated for all Nexus phones and Google Play Edition. It is all relatively easy to install tweak 'a bit of other Smartphones and tablets, but now things formalize.

It seems logical that this opening of the launcher starts up, it is already compatible. We already knew by that we could integrate Smartphones with ZTE default launcher. As a reminder, Google Now Launcher is an application integrating the Google Search app to your Smartphone as an accessible page with a gesture and displaying maps and other information to Google Now.

The application allows you to experience the full potential of Google Now, hence the first name that was it. While some consider that this is still a way for Google to have the upper hand in all that we do, others consider it "price to pay" for our Smartphones are increasingly near real personal assistants. The Google Now Launcher competes on the Launcher market with numerous alternatives.

Among the best known alternative user interfaces include the Nova Launcher and Launcher Action, both of which offer significantly more adjustment possibilities. The Google Now Launcher can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

LG Patent Approved For Automatic Recognition And Capture Of An Object

LG Patent US 20140092292 A1
A method, a system and a device to capture an object for automatic recognition are disclosed and according to several embodiments the prevailing disclosure, a set or library on the images of objects has been created in a mobile terminal.

The user has the option of selecting the desired object for instance, a jumping dolphin etc.; for automatic recognition and the image of the expected object could be taken manually or automatically just as in a case of the user attending an event andgetting involved in some picture shoots at various point during the event but these tend to be difficult when the objects move fast in and out during the shoot.

The embodiment of the present disclosure features the mobile terminal which is taught to recognize an expected or desired object and shoot images when they appear.

The mobile terminal consist of a display unit, a camera module, a memory and a controller wherein the controller is configured in order to set at least one image of the desired object with the user’s input thereby receiving an image of the object through the camera module.

It generates a match indication as the image of the object tallies with one image of the desired object which is beyond the threshold value capturing the image of the object and on confirmation of the match indication.

Terminals – Mobile or Stationary

Terminal may consist of a mobile terminal or a stationary terminal and the mobile can be further classified into a handheld terminal or vehicle mount terminal. Since the features of the mobile terminal tend to get more diverse, the mobile terminal is turning out to be a multimedia player with various functions like capturing video and images, playing media files and music, receiving broadcast programs, playing games and much more.

Presently there is more emphasis on mobile terminal which is on the rise but if the need to capture objects tends to move rapidly in and out, it may become difficult to get a good image of the object.

A mobile terminal disclosed here could include a smart phone, a portable phone, a laptop computer, a navigation device, a digital broadcast terminal, a PDA – personal digital assistant, a portable multimedia player – PMP.

The Embodiment – Field of Electronic

However, it can only be understood by those who are skilledin the art and that a configuration according to the given description may be applicable to a stationary terminal as in the case of a digital TV or a desktop computer etc. excluding constituents elements which are particularly configured for the purpose of mobile.

 In the embodiment, the condition of matching is satisfied when the first image matches with the image of the first expected object which is beyond the first threshold value and when the second image matches with the image of the second expected object beyond a second threshold value.

The patent has been granted to LG. The embodiment of the disclosure is with regard to the field of electronics and especially to control methods as well as systems of the mobile devices.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Blackberry Messenger Available For Windows Phone

Blackberry Messenger
Yesterday, another important beta version of software was made available in the store for Windows Phone. This time they are dealing with a known and very well liked by all the users of BlackBerry. Yes a beta version of a BlackBerry application was released yesterday.

Until quite recently, this messenger was hosted only in RIM devices, but when the market is filled with Android and iOS, the benefits of this application was also updated for the use of mobile devices running on Google Android and Apple iOS.

From the Beginning of July the beta version was allowed for the use of closed beta communicator, and after its completion, all users of Windows Phone will be invited to participate in the beta which is already opened application from the BlackBerry.

The application will support the chat between two and more group of people. During this first course, you can carry a conversation of text messages and can add photos, upload content such as voice memos, contacts, and even the location where you are by that time of messaging. During group discussions, it allows you to invite and talk to a group of people up to 50.

It also facilitates communication notification system "read" and "delivered" - that is, delivery confirmation, and read messages. To the main screen the user can pin both types of chat rooms - double and dormitory for rapid switching between them. BBM Feeds allows you to quickly suspected changes in the profiles of people with whom you have contact. The application also allows the user to search for their friends who also using BBM and add them to their contact list.

BBM is belonging to the BlackBerry instant messaging and video chat tool focused mainly on BlackBerry devices. By 2013, it was only possible to use in the ecosystem BlackBerry devices, but in the second half of this year has been released the official version for devices based on Android and iOS. This application is used by 85 million people throughout the world.

After Android and iOS messaging service BBM opens Windows Phone 8 to continue to take the most of the market share. The instant messaging service BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is one of the core values of the Canadian BlackBerry maker on which it can hope to prosper. Once it was reserved only for BlackBerry devices, but now the manufacturer had to resort to open to competing mobile platforms to increase its user base.

IOS Apps BBM has ended up on Android and iOS, with some success, and as expected a strong increase in the number of users, though it remains far from the WhatsApp, the most prominent platform for instant messaging.

Continuing its strategy of openness, BlackBerry announces the arrival of its BBM service on Windows Phone 8, so we will find out which all proposals for BlackBerry, BBM Cats for communications with document sharing, BBM Groups for trade in several (50 people), or BBM Feeds to track the status of contacts gathered in a screen.

You can download this Application for free Here

Friday, 1 August 2014

64-Bit Chrome For Windows In Beta Phase

64-Bit Chrome
After a short test phase, the 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows is now available in a beta. A fianl version will be released later this year. Even though the hardware and operating systems are fit for 64 bit, many software manufacturers do with the switch to the new architecture more difficult. In the browser world, only the Internet Explorer (since version 8) is available as a 64-bit version.

Now Google Chrome is following the suit and is releasing the 64-bit beta version of their fast browser in beta mode which is meant for the Windows users. A 64-bit version of the Chrome browser is available now to users of Windows 7 and 8 and is in beta development mode. This move shows that Google considers this version is stable enough for a wider public, which would most likely to appear as a final version with Chrome 37 in late August or even within six weeks.

What is surprising is that, as compared to Mozilla, very short test phase of the 64-bit version in the so-called Dev and Canary development branches, which had begun in June. For the Firefox; the developers are experimenting with a 64-bit version for Windows Years together, but they have never released a stable one. According to the internal testing the 64-bit version of Chrome, however, is now much more stable than the 32-bit version, which has been confirmed in the two-month test phase as well.

Above all, the crash rate of the rendering process had significantly reduced. Although the main advantage of 64-bit programs rarely comes (more than 3.2 gigabytes of addressable memory) for smaller programs such as browsers to support, but the development should be also applied here in the future. A real advantage is improving the security of Windows-8-users who do not currently have.

 In Windows 8 Chrome can use with high entropy due to the 64-bit Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), which also help to better fend off JIT-Spraying attack. In addition, existing defense mechanisms, such as the heap partitioning is more effective.

According to Google, the larger word width also allows "the use of processor and compiler optimizations, modern instruction sets and calling conventions, which allow more function parameters are quickly passed by the register."

This should be accelerated in particular with the presentation of graphics and multimedia content. Google tells that the average performance increased by 25 percent. In their first announcement of Google promised its users more speed, security and stability.

 The 64-bit beta of Chrome 37 is available for Windows now for download and can be used as a complete replacement for the previously used 32-bit versions.