Saturday, 20 September 2014

Explore the New Features on Twitter Helping You to Initiate a New Episode

Twitter appears as one of the popular social sites that connect the world enabling you to communicate with the persons at any part of the world.

Recently, Twitter announced the change in fonts and the color options that you can explore while using the social site. The users can ascertain multiple color options in their profile which you need to implement properly creating a suitable page.

Moreover, the altered font improves the overall speed along with the enhanced readability features. Alongside, you can find the new buttons that include the suitable opportunities carrying out the profile activities efficiently without any interruption.

Get Familiar With the Changes

Installing the app, you can even use Twitter on Android and other smart devices that allows you to get access to the essential information through the particular social site.

Furthermore, you can comprehend the feasible fonts that reveal the opportunity of the specific options. Therefore, you can gain the popularity on Twitter that conveys your identity online. Therefore, to experience the real time changes you need to log in to your Twitter profile where you can discover the new features related to fonts and colors.

You can pick up a new color for your profile that would enhance the popularity and you can start receiving better responses on Twitter. However, you need to pay attention while creating a new identity ensuring that you choose the right options.

Utilize the new fonts and wrote something new for your profile that would grab the attention of the other users.

Go Through the Online Articles

The new users who are planning to create a Twitter profile can go through the information displayed online knowing the entire process and other useful details. Hence, you can eliminate the doubts knowing the feasible ways through which you need to proceed.

After you acknowledge the important data regarding the features, you create your own profile recognizing the practical benefits on Twitter. Also, you can ascertain the other effective outputs that represent the real usability of the site.

Make sure that you comprehend the complete system and carry out the procedure efficiently recognizing the recent updated features. However, while reading the articles and the comments you can discover both positive and negative feedbacks that may be confusing. So, you need to practically experience the features understanding the outputs that you receive in the recent times.

Know the Functionality of the Buttons

Finally, after you create the profile you should know the accurate functionalities of the particular buttons that you need to use to accomplish the bustles.

Therefore, it is important to evaluate the entire system along with the performance of the buttons that helps you to accomplish the activities at your ease. Get a real time view of the new profile that accumulates the suitable colors and fonts according to your needs.

Ensure that you implement the attributes in the proper way that suits your entire profile. Finally, you are able to connect to the entire world using Twitter as the suitable social platform.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Android Apps Like Vine, Evernote, and Others Arrive on Chrombooks, Google Says

Google has announced the arrival of handful Android apps on Chrombooks and Chrome OS based desktops. These android apps include Vine, Sight Words, Evernote and Duolingo. This is just a start or try by Google and will bring more apps in the future; as it is working with a group of Android developers to bring-in more apps. This move by Google is not only to bring the Android and Chrombooks together, but the aim is to allow the users to operate their Chrombook using their Android device (handset).


Vine is basically a video sharing service founded by Rus Yusupov, Colin Kroll and Dom Hofmann in June 2012. Twitter in October 2012 acquired this company for $30 million. Vine app was officially announced as a free app on 24th January, 2013 for iOS devices and its Android version was released on 2nd June, 2013.

The users can record video clips of 6 seconds long using the in-app camera and share it after editing it on the fly or by creating stop motion effects, if required. The video is recorded only when the screen is being touched by the user. Later in July 2013 the developers added few more features in this app which include ghost and grid image tools for the camera, revine, protected posts and curated channels. Further, the app came up with a new update which shows the number of times that the vine was viewed. This update was named ‘loop count’.


Evernote is a collection of services and software which is designed for archiving and note taking. Stepan Pachikov founded it and its services were made available on June 24, 2008. A ‘note’ can be a web page, a piece of formatted text, a voice memo, a photograph, or ‘ink’ (handwritten) note. These notes can have files attached to it and can be saved in folders, then edited, annotated, tagged, exported and searched as a part of the notebook.

Image capture and voice recording notes are also supported by Evernote. The user can recognize the text written on the captured images using OCR and annotated. Tablet and touch screens with handwriting recognition is also supported by Evernote. Skitch—which allows users to share the image online after adding text and shapes to an image, was acquired on August 18, 2011 by Evernote. This app is made available on Windows 8, iOS, Android and OS X devices for free by Evernote.


Duolingo is a free text translation and language learning platform. French, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Irish and American English courses are offered this app. This app is available on iOS, Web and Android platforms with the above mentioned and other combinations of languages. Its private beta was launched on 30th November 2011 and was made available to public on 19th June 2012 after having more than 300,000 users as waiting list. Duolingo was selected as the iPhone app of the year by Apple in 2013 and also at the 2014 Crunchies it won the Best Educational Startup.

Nikon’s New DSLR D750 Camera

Nikon DSLR D750
Nikon has unveiled its new 24.3 megapixel full-frame digital SLR camera.

Nikon’s D750 is a new one in the line of lightweight, compact and slim Nikon FX-format body which offers the full-scale specifications required for high quality image.

Nikon’s D750 offers almost all the features that a low and high Nokia DSLRs generally provide. The camera contains the newly advanced 24.3 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor which is powered by an EXPEED 4 image processor; as in D4S and D810—high range products of Nikon. ISO (controls the sensitivity of light, of a particular camera or film) ranges from 100 – 12,800 which is expandable up to 50 – 51,200.

Main Specifications: 

  • Shutter speed range of 30-1/4000s.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 6.5 shots/second.
  • 51-point autofocus system.
  • Advanced Scene Recognition System.
  • A variety of movies-recording functions.
  • Highlight-weighted metering.
  • An optical viewfinder with approximately 100% frame coverage.
  • High level of dust and water resistance.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
Nikon’s D750 is the first DSLR by Nikon which has the ability to lock the subjects as small as–3 EV illumination, which allows to autofocus accurately and quickly in dark surroundings.

The camera is provided with high density 51-point AF (Auto Focus) system which enhances the performance of focus detection even at really low light situations. For fast phase detection there are 15 cross type sensors arranged both horizontally and vertically. The combination of AF capacity in low light and high ISO performance has enhanced the freedom of shooting. Nokia has provided the same new group-area AF mode as in D810 and D4S in addition to dynamic-area AF, single-point AF,
auto-area AF modes and 3D tracking.

The photographers can quickly adjust how pictures are captured and exposed using the couple of features provided. The Highlight Weighted Metering feature helps the users to take quality pictures in bright lights (such as public events and stage performances).

Coming to the video recording functions of the camera—it offers the same quality and functions as that of professional D810. Full HD 1920 x 1080 video can be recorded at 60p, 30p, and 24p. All manual controls including shutter speed/ISO adjustments and aperture adjustments are also available. A tilting LCD screen is provided on the backside of the camera.

This is for the first time that the Nikon FX camera has included WI-Fi as one the features. User can connect their Digital SLR to their tablet or phone through which they can control their camera or manage the photos.

In addition to these features the camera includes a pop-up flash, dual SD memory card slots, a shutter lifetime of 150,000 shots, 100% viewfinder coverage, headphone/microphone jacks, simultaneous HDMI output, built-in intervalometer, and Zebra stripes for spotting the overexposed surface.

This interesting and amazing camera will be made available in the month of September 2014 with a market price of $2300. Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4 VR lens will also be made additionally available in the Nikon’s D750 kit by the starting of mid October.

10 Reasons Cloud Computing Is Transforming the World

Cloud Computing
In 2014 an estimated 37% of small businesses use cloud computing, according to a report named Small Business Success in the Cloud from a consulting firm Emergent Research. By 2020 this percentage is expected to rise to 78%.

It is incredible the way that the cloud has taken over our personal and business lives. It has been a surge of transformation in our daily data storage and interaction activities. There is no doubt that we have become more information hungry. We have become more picture and media hungry. We have therefore adopted this technology in our lives across different devices to enable us to interact with our ‘extended knowledge pool’ and share with our friends, families and colleagues.

In this piece we will take a look at 10 of the main drivers behind this absorption of power can be computing into our daily personal and professional lives.

Increased flexibility

Taking on cloud computing as an integral part of our data storage strategy has increased our flexibility to access and manipulate data. We are able to synch up multiple devices and we are able to pass off information to other people with more ease. This flexibility provides us with more dynamic interactivity with data.

Recovery from loss

Perhaps the most compelling reason to backup data to the cloud is for disaster recovery. Both individuals and businesses state that this is a key driver of their adoption of the technology. In our personal lives we have photos that we don't want to lose. In business we have files that we cannot lose. The cloud provides us with an automated way to keep this information safe and secure, and backed up for when we need it.

Software that updates automatically

When we adopt a cloud software company all of the security aspects of the cloud are managed for us. We are outsourcing the entire process of data storage and security. This saves us both time and money. If we buy a new computer new, or even an older PC model from Gumtree or a regional classifieds site.

Faster, easier and more tailored to our needs

Most cloud computing packages are delivered on a pay as you need basis. As you increase the amount of data you consume you are able to take more space. There is no cost in terms of capital expenditure on equipment and you can deploy as fast as you need in a scalable manner. If you need to increase capacity for projects you can do so and then you can drop back again when you return to normal consumption. This makes operating costs as efficient as possible.

The collaboration with data

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing makes it possible to interact with other employees, family members or friends much more easily. You can synch up data so that everyone has the most up-to-date information. You can share files without even having to click a button. You can have shared pools of resources. You can ensure that everything is up-to-date and in real time, which makes your experience much better. Increased collaboration can lead to significantly better returns on investment in business and this is another key driver for the uptake in Cloud technology.

Control of documents

When it comes to documents for use in our companies it is crucial that we have access wherever we are, but also that we have access to the right version of information. Document control is not always easy in organisations.

If multiple people are managing the same information Excel spreadsheets could end up being forwarded back and forth for revisions; Word documents likewise. With cloud computing all of that process happens on a central server, where everything is held together by the document control capability inherent in the cloud.

Cloud computing keeps things in one administrative location and people work from there. People can often also work whilst chatting within documents, which makes the collaboration even better. Anything that increases efficiency can increase the profits for a company. Document control is becoming increasingly important in today's marketplace.

Work from home… Work from almost anywhere

With cloud computing you can access documents wherever you have a decent connectivity to the Internet. This increases the ability to balance one's home and work life and also improves work and collaboration when on the go, whether it be on holiday or commuting to meetings and to work. This ability to work from anywhere has transformed the workplace for ever.

Environmentally friendly business

In the world of today we all want to be more conscious of the carbon footprint that we create. Cloud computing on average consumes 30% less energy than does on-site servers. This is a plus, although not necessarily a massive driver for the adoption of cloud technology. Increasingly people are going to become more incentivised in their businesses by this aspect of cloud computing though.

Data security

Every year an estimated 750,000 laptops are lost in airports alone. Apart from the financial loss of the device there is also a serious problem with loss of data. By utilising the cloud data is kept safe and accessible despite this loss. It is also possible to remove access to data on stole devices using remote tools and wiping.

Increased competition

The packages for cloud computing is set up in a way that is accessible to small and medium sized businesses. Essentially businesses get access to enterprise level software for pay-as-you-go prices. This means that they have the ability to do things that in the past were the preserve of larger organisations. The gap between SMEs and corporate giants can therefore be narrowed as technology improves access to information and flow of information through an organisation.

Cloud computing makes things cheaper, more collaborative, more accessible, more secure and more available. It is little surprise that cloud computing has taken off as it has, and thatthe pace at which it is expanding is so impressive.

Acknowledge the Useful Features on Vimeo that Helps you to Recognize the Better Videos

Vimeo appears as the suitable platform that allows you to watch the videos with a better resolution. Using Vimeo you can even share the videos that inspire you to experience certain new outputs. However, before you share anything know the complete process that would enable you to take the right step. Moreover, you can email the particular pictures and videos to your friends using the Vimeo username.

After Vimeo you can go for the Vimeo Plus where you can obtain other suitable opportunities representing the efficiency of technology. Before you start once follow the online tutorials understanding the how you can continue the entire system.

Know the Process how to Share a Video

Sharing a video comes out as the significant part that you need to accomplish and thus you should acquire ample knowledge on the particular topic. Once, you feel that you are comfortable with the system you can start sharing videos through the share button you can find on Vimeo.

Another useful feature that you can recognize that appears as the Vimeo Pro, utilizing which you can comprehend the suitable technical outputs. You can also avail the Vimeo Pro add-on packages that give you certain additional benefits on Vimeo. Overall, you can ascertain the optimistic features that enable you to acquire a complete different experience on Vimeo.

Install the Vimeo

Going online you can explore manifold places where you have the option to download the suitable Vimeo software. Once, you get familiar with the system you can get the application on your device and operate the features maintain the complete security. While downloading you should know that, you obtain the genuine product accumulating all the feasible outputs, as you need.

Therefore, it is better you can download a complete manual that depicts the entire steps making it easy for you to handle the features on Vimeo. Follow the proper guideline ensuring that you successfully complete the installation process and can use all the features that the software incorporates. Therefore, you can easily obtain the software and even can deice the paid packages with the intention to watch better videos.

Create your Profile on Vimeo

However, it is essential to register on Vimeo incorporating the suitable username and password. After you log in to your profile, you can understand how to manage the entire system along with the optimistic outputs. Make sure that you are able to receive the proper support that shows you the suitable way to reach your destination.

Vimeo therefore can be the suitable platform that provides you the opportunity to perceive the videos accumulating the feasible results. Always remain updated with the new features and the price to include the attributes in your system. Therefore, you can acknowledge a suitable software through which you can explore the videos in a better way.

However, you should also know the features that would allow you to maintain the privacy settings ensuring that you are able to protect the personal and private information you input while registering.