Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Made in NY Media Center by IFP

 NY Media Center
Amazing things can take place when various groups mingle together under a given location with new ideas, paradigms and platforms giving rise to entrepreneurs, visionaries, etc.: who are provided with the opportunity to work together thereby bringing about and transforming the creative process in the digital age. The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is a multi-creative space comprising more than 20,000 square feet which has been designed by MESH Architects at 30 John Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The Media Centerprovides an excellent co-working atmosphere together with an exhibition venue with the purpose of connecting artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators; accompanied with events, education as well as industry resources offering dedicated desk space.It has been a home to several individuals and companies looking to expand their businesses in the fields of entertainment, media and digital technology sectors.

The Media Center promotes courses on creativity and craft, career sustainability and cross media strategy. With regards to technology coursework, design and entrepreneurship, IFP has partnered with General Assembly, which is New York’s renowned global education company serving tech as well as creative groups with provision of facilities, workshops and other industry resources. The screening room is the highlight of the Media Centerwhich is equipped with 78 seats, 7.1 surround sound, and other great features for hosting a private screening, panel, and other events.

 Media Center  logo 2
Individuals can choose from four levels of membership on a monthly or annual basis with a variety of benefits as members of the Media Center community.The incubator program for those with full-time projects or companies provides dedicated desk space membership with access to the expansive Media Center network. Special events with discounts on classes are among the benefits offered to prospective members looking for a peaceful place to work.To kickoff their month-long celebration of their 1-year anniversary, members of the Media Center are provided with the opportunity to meet Jon Miller, the former AOL/Time Warner Chairman. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, members need to apply by October 17th to get the chance of meeting Jon in person. For additional information with regards to the 1-year anniversary opportunity, go to this page.

With the combination of the diversity and density of the neighbourhood together with New York City as a whole, the Media Center has the capabilities of attracting industry professionals in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle and Madison Avenue to Wall Street. The Media Center was originally a split-level shipping, receiving, and truck parking space where the lower level eventually tranformed into the Media Center’s large incubator while the upper area became the short-term open workspace. Services include conference rooms, classrooms and editing rooms while shared amenities include a library, cafĂ©, rest rooms and screening room. Whether you are a technologist, storyteller or an entrepreneur, the Media Center provides events, classes and useful resources to enhance your ideas and projects.
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Glacier White Destiny Play station 4

Glacier White Destiny Play station 4
Sony on September 9, 2014 announced the release of its new play station, Glacier white Destiny play station 4. The ultimate experience of this destiny is made possible only on the play station. Sony has been varying its choice of color from time to time. Initially, Sony’s play station used to come in black and then they started varying it to red and blue for play station 3. And now with its new release “Destiny”, Sony has bundled the game completely with a white colored play station.

This is an action thriller game as well as adventure base. It is a smart enabled one as you can get instant access to a world of instant entertainment. All one need to get access to the instant entertainment is connect it to the net and browse movies, listen to numerous of songs, connect with people around world via game and lots of other content. This feature is especially known as NETFLIX.

This is the game where you get more than you need from a play station in order to leave your mark on the world of destiny.

Unfortunately as per the information so far, this game is currently exclusive only in the European market. So if you are nearby to it you can grab a hand on it as soon as possible. But if you still wish to buy a play station 4 then you can opt for the one which is not bundled with the Destiny. The air is still unclear about the availability of the white console in other countries.

According to the Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony will also release later this year the standalone white PS4 in Europe.

This Destiny will be costing around $450 and includes a copy of Destiny, a 500 GB glacier white PS 4, Dual shock 4 controller, and subscription to the play station network for almost a month.

The most exciting thing about this game is that it is an action as well as adventure based game. The player of this game is the guardian of the last city that is still to be protected from getting demolished in the Earth. It provides an exclusive multiple player maps, strike missions and arsenal in order to make you a true legend. Moreover you can even form a team powered with incredible weapons with your friends to defeat the enemies of the Earth and become the legends forever.

PowerPole Another GoPro Mount

PowerPole is another GoPro mount which includes GoPro action camera for capturing your exciting moments during an adventure. It also allows you to charge it in case of low battery.

Attaching a GoPro action camera on a stick while skateboarding, hiking and skiing etc. has become common these days. A stick-mounted action camera is one among the other easy ways to include or film yourself in a video of yours. The biggest disadvantage of this pole-mounted action camera is its battery life. If your adventure lasts longer than the GoPro’s batteries then?

PowerPole with its amazing features: 

Here PowerPole (pole mounted with a GoPro camera) comes into the picture, the main aim behind the creation of PowerPole is to increase the battery life of the mounted GoPro action camera. It allows you not to carry extra batteries during your adventure. PowerPole is provided with a battery of 5400 mAh which provides extra power to the camera and is almost equal to five GoPro batteries. PowerPole is a durable, sleek and equally extendable stick made up of 100 percent aluminum.

The PowerPole not only holds the GoPro action camera, but also allows you to connect your smartphone to it, through which you can control the action camera using the GoPro app. Another interesting feature of this portable power pole is that it is provided with two USB outputs for charging. Using this amazing feature you can charge two devices at a time.

PowerPole is splash-proof in case you face bad weather or get wet. Being splash-proof doesn’t mean that it is completely waterproof, so be careful or prevent it from dropping into a lake, ocean or a puddle.

PowerPole has surpassed its initial funding goal of $ 25,000 and has increased it to $ 50,000.


GoPro formerly known as Woodman Labs, Inc. is an American public corporation based in San Mateo, California, USA that manufactures, develops and markets HD (high definition) personal cameras. These cameras are generally used in acute and intense action video photography.

GoPro cameras are popularly known for being lightweight, mountable or wearable, rugged and compact in amazing places. These cameras capture high quality pictures and videos in HD using a wide-angle lens and can be regulated using other devices like smartphones.

Nick Woodman founded this company in 2002 and sold its first camera system that is a 35 mm film version in the year 2004. Slowly the company started developing the camera quality and reached to digital from 35mm.

Today, the company provides the fixed-lens HD video cameras which uses a wide 170-degree angle. You can also create 3D videos by pairing two or more cameras. Garmin, Sony, JVC, etc. is the GoPro competitors in the market.

HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, HD HERO2, HD HERO, HD HERO 960, Digital HERO 5, Digital HERO 3 and GoPro HERO 35mm (All-season Sports camera) are a few of the latest products released by the company. Based on the shares, views, comments and overall engagement, GoPro company was named as one of the ‘Top 10 Brand Channels on YouTube’ in April 2014.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Spacesuit for Future Astronauts – Safe Pressurized Suit

The spacesuit for the future astronauts, a MIT `second skin’ suit is created from smart material which contracts to hug the skin, with safe pressurized suit which would only support the astronaut, giving them much freedom in moving around during their exploration in space and now for the astronauts the process has become a lot easier wherein instead of getting into a conventional bulky, gas pressurized suit, they can don a lightweight, stretchy suit which has been lined with muscle like coils.

Thereafter they could plug into the spacecraft’s power supply and trigger the coils to contract which would shrink wrap the suit around their body. This skin tight pressurized suit, not only supports the astronaut but also provides much freedom while moving around during their planetary expedition. While taking the suit off, all that the astronaut needs to do is to apply a fair amount of force to return the suit to its looser form.

Comfort of Movement during Space Exploration

MIT researchers are heading closer to engineering an active second skin spacesuit for the astronauts, in bringing about much comfort in movement while in space. A professor of aeronautics, astronautics and engineering systems at MIT, Dava Newman together with her colleagues have created an active compression garment which incorporates small spring like coils that tend to contract due to heat.

The coils which are made from a SMA – shape memory alloy is a type of material that remembers an engineered shape which, when deformed or bent, tends to spring back to the shape when heated. The coils are incorporated in a tourniquet type cuff and applied to a current to generate heat when at a certain temperature; the coils tend to contract to their remembered form, just as a fully coiled spring and tighten the cuff in the process.

While in subsequent test, the group also found that the pressure produced by the coils tallied with that which was required to fully support the astronaut while in space.

Form Fitting & Flexible

According to Newman, who had worked for the past few decades to design a form fitting and flexible spacesuit for the future astronauts, he states that with conventional space suite, one is in a balloon of gas which provides the necessary one-third of an atmosphere to keep them alive in the vacuum of space.

He further added that they wanted to achieve the same pressurization but through mechanical counter pressure, by applying the pressure directly to the skin, to avoid the gas pressure with the combination of passive elastic with active materials with the advantage of mobility as well as a very lightweight suit for planetary exploration. Bradley Holschuh conceived the coil design, a postdoc in Newman’s lab.

Tourniquet System on Battlefield

An array of coils to an elastic cuff, were rigged by the researcher, attached by each coil to a small thread that was linked to the cuff. Thereafter, they attached leads to the coils opposite ends, applying a voltage, generating heat and between 60 and 160 C the coils got contracted pulling the attached thread thus tightening the cuff. T

hese according to Holschuh were basically self-closing buckles. Once the suit was worn, the current can run through and the suit then shrink wraps up and get closed. Holschuh also added that this could be used as a tourniquet system when someone tends to be bleeding out on the battlefield and if the suit has sensors, it could tourniquet the person in the event of injury without the person having to worry about it.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Google Taking Control of OS through Android One

 Android One
Through Android one Google will be able to control their OS just like rival Apple Inc. and a lot of excitement and expectation has been linked with this launch. Currently, hardware partners of Google are not keen into launching any high-end devices for Android One.

If you are among the people looking for great hardware then you will be definitely disappointed. Spice, Micromax and Karbon phones, all have the similar specs and software. These devices will be getting all the Android updates at the same time as that of Nexus smartphones, which are some other hero devices. After a very long time an Android launch is not pertaining to the specifications. Android One is all about Google taking over full control of the OS from both software and hardware viewpoint.

In terms of hardware, all the partners of Android One will have menu of sorts to select the components they want to make the smartphones with and all these components will be selected by Google. In order to get a stock Android, the manufacturers will only have to pick and chose components.

Apart from the three partners which were announced by Google, the other partner includes Alcatel, ASUS, Acer, HTC, Lava, Lenovo, Xolo, Panasonic and Intex. Chipmaker Qualcomm are already onboard with Google on this programme. So this is great push for Android One.

Google is not rattled by the Android forks as far as software is concerned and they can’t have a considerable impact on the revenue of the company. The biggest issue that can be faced is about the vendors choosing the option to ship phones with applications which can replace the current apps of the Google as well. In Indian branded phones, the users have multiple browser options hence they tend to confuse people. With Android One the user will not have any such problem.

Google has been reportedly discouraging the use of alternative application stores. The company was also in discussion with Samsung as some of the apps which are available on Samsung line will allow the users to purchase content from Google Play. This will eat the revenue of Google as any apps purchased through a third party will not let the company any money.

Even though many people might not be impressed with the first wave of Android One device, it will certainly signify a change in the approach of Google. During the early stages of Android development, the aim was to ensure app development to be an easy process; a new feature was expected to be released with every new version released for Android.

This clearly indicates that the Android hardware needs to be upgraded with new OS versions; Google is already focusing on fine-tuning the ecosystem.

According to the reports, Google is working on standardization of hardware and software of the Android devices to a level which has not been seen before. Google is working on customizing their problem with positive approach.