Thursday, 16 October 2014

Windseeker – A Malicious App


A malicious app dubbed Windseeker has been detected by security experts at Lacoon Mobile Security that utilizes a rare injection in hooking techniques to spy on the users. It is one of those dangerous Android apps which have drawn the attention of experts at the Lacoon Mobile security and the main features of the app are its injection and techniques to spy on mobile users. The techniques are very rare in mobile ecosystem wherein Windseeker operated on rooted Android devices enables attackers to probe on popular instant messaging apps in China, WeChat and QQ.

Lacoon noticed Windseeker in third party app marketplace though an attacker would need physical access to the device to get installed and to register the app. In a recent interview with SC Magazine, Avi Bashan, CISO at Lacoon Mobile Security states that the app’s injection and hooking techniques are a focal point of the threat wherein the techniques has two sections.

The first being the injection that occur on the native file which uses ptrace procedure and is also used to inject a second file to target instant messaging app while in the second section, the injected native file loads a java file which enables to monitor the activity of the messaging app through the API hooking.

Threat – Cause for Worry

This discovery is a cause for worry and Bashan explains that these types of treat could be utilized in spying data of any kind of application. In his blog he has also mentioned about the threat that it was `important to understand that this type of threat could be implemented anywhere’. Bashan further states that `hooking over an API code would mean that each time the app calls to the API, instead of going directly to the system, the data is intercepted by the attacker and when it is on the device, it is called “hooking” and when it is over the network it is known as a man-in-the-middle attack which PC malware has been doing it for years. Bashan has also highlighted in his blog post that the hooking techniques does not seem to be a common attack method in the mobile field.

How Does the Windseeker Functions

Initially the Windseeker checks if the device is rooted since it is essential for the app to run and if rooted, it performs the following process:
  • Creates a process monitoring thread which is used to identify if IM apps such as WeChat or QQ are active. 
  • Request the user to register with its management server through SMS 
  • It injects a malicious code which in fact is the hooking process that enables the Windseeker to spy on WeChat and QQ 
  • It directs the monitored data back to the threat actor’s controlled server where the details from the IM chat could be viewed conveniently from a web interface.
The target gets the opportunity of viewing the Windseeker app that is installed but will be unaware of its capabilities of monitoring their instant messaging chats. According to Bashan, till now commercial mobile surveillance apps sought an app’s data through a file system or a memory dump and the hooking techniques indicates a new step in the evolution of threat in mobile resembling the way PC based malware evolved all through the years.

Steps to be taken for Protection - 

  • Avoid rooting the device since it exposes the device to these kinds of threats. 
  • Avoid installing application from unreliable application marketplaces or unknown sources. 
  • Ensure to review your list of installed applications frequently to see if there is anything that is unfamiliar.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Internet Revolution: Now to Get the Speed of 1 Gbps

With the increasing number of people relying on the internet and the increase in the demand of high speeds, one should be expecting new applications which will change the complete face of the online era. According to the research conducted by Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center and US-based think-tank Pew Research Center, by the end of 2025, huge changes are expected in every aspect of life.

This new speed era wherein internet is touching the speed of 1 Gbps, positive impacts is being expected in the fields of education, health, business and science. According to industry experts people will be able to carry out Hyper-personalized interaction within their surroundings with the help of video and Telepresence. There will be extreme dependence o the machines and the life will become virtual, people will be able to tap into information about others as they would have done without the internet.

Although, the Gigabytes connections are faster when compared to the traditional fixed line internet, they are still limited in America. According to the reports from Akamai (cloud service provider), 3.9 Mbps speed was recorded until the first quarter of 2014 around the globe. While countries like America and South Korea are the leaders, India is far behind in the list in terms of usage as well as peed.

Things that can change if increase in popularity of Gigabyte connectivity:

  1.  A simple interaction with friends, family or even doctors will no longer be limited to email. Without any set-up requirement, a user will be able to have video interactions. 
  2. Until now we have been documenting each moment of our lives through different medium, but with this connectivity, live streaming of our lives itself can be very much possible. 
  3. People will be able to buy health monitoring systems and it the monitoring of the patient will be much easier and cheaper when compared to the inside of the hospital. Robotic surgery will become something very common. 
  4. 3D imaging will be used for designing clothes every day. 
  5. Schools will be able to divide the classes and session between home and school. Interaction with the tutors and teaching will become much simpler. 
  6. People will no longer divide themselves into groups based on race and finance, the new division will be based on the fact who has the technology and who doesn’t.
Google initiated a project for building their Google fiber network and among the 1100 communities; Kansas was one of the chose city for the running of 1 Gbps. The company is now focusing on carrying the same project to cities like Texas, Austin and 34 others.

According to Rex Troumbley who is a research assistant at the University of Hawaii, people shouldn’t be comparing the bandwidth they are receiving with others as it can’t be equally distributed. On a low side, if a person is not getting high speed, they will have to settle down with low speed and bandwidth. This can give rise to a completely new divergence.

United States Hospitals Will Use Robots to Kill Ebola

Ebola Bot
With the increasing number of cases of the Ebola virus all around the world, it has been able to create an extreme level of panic in every person. Ebola being one of the deadliest viruses can kill a person within a few days after the symptoms appear. If people being informed about various precautionary measures, there is no doubt that this virus can spread as quickly as a wildfire.

With the remote decontamination service market expected to have a good growth, many countries are leaving no stone unturned to handle the virus. Authorities in Madrid have already declared that they will euthanize the dogs of the people who contract Ebola outside Africa. Dogs seem to be showing the symptoms later on. WHO has already declared this situation to be completely unavoidable with increasing number of Ebola cases in Europe.

What is the robot all about? 

With the recent incident of emergency landing of the US Airlines Flight 2791, it has again given rise to the fact that Ebola can be highly infectious in airplanes. Hospitals around the world are taking measures to tackle this virus and they have gone to the extent to using a robot, called Ebola bot or little more. This robot was made by texas-based Xenex Disinfection services, which is basically a UV bulb being moved around on wheels. Although the machine costs around $115000 also, nearly 250 hospitals in America have already started using the device. This robot is being used to treat the first person who was diagnosed with the virus.

The robot emits UV lights which can kill the bacteria, destroys virus, bacteria and other infectious bugs, where ever the light practically falls on. This virus has the tendency to survive for 6 days on solid surfaced and spreads through faces, urine, vomit and blood. The aim of this robot is to eliminate any potential source for virus spreading.

This robot has the capability to clean an entire hospital within 5 minutes and also destroy the Ebola virus. It has the capacity to scatter 1.5 pulses every second in every direction to kill the virus.

Uses of this Robot: 

This robot will be mainly used to protect the healthcare workers in the hospitals, so that they are healthy to treat the ailing patients. According to Mark Stibich, Xenex’s chief science officer, they are ultimately aiming to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread outside the hospital. The company is in touch with government and other agencies to find out ways to tackle the situation in Africa.

What is the Advantage? 

Currently, most of the hospitals are spraying chlorine on these workers, but it can’t guarantee complete disinfection. UV rays will ensure that nothing is missed out. Although currently this robot requires manual operation, the company is hoping to make it automatic so that it can send to infected areas to handle the situation. Recent reports have claimed that the use of this robot has reduced the number of infection cases bay nearly 50 percent.

The Death of Rogue Applications in the Latest iOS 8.1

date trick
Change is the only thing constant. That proverbial phrase is true in all its senses. Recently, there has been a change made by Apple in the latest version of iOS 8. This upgrade has proved to be a hindrance which can’t be overcome by the so-called 'rogue' applications.

What are the “Rogue Apps”? 

The rogue applications are nothing indecent, But applications which has been installed by tweaking with the operating system. The "date trick" allows the installation of unapproved applications, which can be done by manually altering the date to one in past and then download the particular application with the Safari's mobile browser. This procedure permitted various retro gamers to install games without worrying about the copyrights and enjoy playing their favorite games even in their iPhone.

Super Mario

This video game had been developed and published by Nintendo. The man behind this amazing video game is Shigeru Miyamoto. He is the director, designer as well as the producer. This series of Super Mario had been released in the year 1985. It can be played in both single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode, as Mario overcomes all the hindrances in its path. This game has won the hearts of many.


Zelda is another video game with similar Japanese origin. Nintendo is one of its developers, as is Shigeru Miyamoto one of its creators. Launched a year after the Super Mario, This game is no less popular by any means. The main focus of this game is on the character Link and his operation to rescue Princess Zelda and Hyrule from the lead antagonist. The latest game of this series of the Legend of Zelda has been released in 2014. In total there are around 17 officially launched games in this series.


Sonic the Hedgehog had been created and designed by Naoto Ohshima from 1991 to 1997. This video game character has been features as a cartoon and an anime character. This character had been initially created as a mascot for Mario, but gained immense popularity on its own as well. It’s a blue hedgehog with supersonic speed, can evade obstacles and destroy enemies.

The Hindrance

Apple corrected the small malfunction in the latest beta version of iOS 8.1, which allowed the download of such games and applications, which could be downloaded by the alteration of date and time, and eventually result in unapproved emulators. Now these games invoked nostalgia can no longer be downloaded in the iPhones with the latest version of iOS 8.1.So, you can understand the suitable features that Apple develops along with the positive approaches.

Irrespective of the negative features, the fresh version of technology from Apple represents the optimistic features. It gives the users manifold opportunities that inspire them to obtain the particular product. Make sure that you receive the authenticated stuff accumulating the customized attributes.

Finally, you are able to recognize all the outputs that help you to experience the new innovation from Apple.

Be the Cop Who Goes the Extra Mile

Speed Gun
In this day and age, technology is everywhere and it's no different if you are a cop. You need to embrace the modern world and use every advantage you can to serve others. That means using the latest advances to ensure you do your job to the best of your ability every day.

Keep an Eye on Speed

When you have a traffic beat, speeding is at the top of the list of all traffic infractions. As you perform surveillance at your designated area, you'll want to pay attention to every detail. Make sure radar speed limit signs are posted prominently in the areas of greatest need, whether it is a location that is prone to accidents or a point where the speed limit suddenly transitions to a slower level.

A police speed gun will be a trusty tool that will help you to accurately pinpoint anyone who is violating the traffic laws. High tech monitoring equipment can make your life easier as well in order to capture the speed of drivers traveling through your location, log speed information, and analyze all of your data that is clearly displayed. You can rest assured that you make the right call when you are on duty. Not only will your tickets stand up in traffic court, you could save lives.

Remember Physical Fitness is Key

You pay attention while you're on the job. You need to give yourself the same courtesy and take good care of your body. If you are going to perform to the best of your ability, you need to be in good shape. You can use a variety of monitors to keep track of your heart rate, pulse, the number of steps you walk a day, and your weight.

Use a calorie counter as well to ensure you are controlling your daily intake. Check out exercise equipment to create a home gym that will always give you a place to work out. With advanced technology, you can get connected to online exercise regimens or enhance your session with digital music. Treat your body as a temple and know that you are maximizing your physical potential each time that you are on the job.

Use Your Mobile Device to Track Your Progress

With a cellular phone at your side, you can pull everything together, from work to entertainment and personal health goals. Use it wisely, finding the apps that can help you to be all you can be.