Saturday, 18 October 2014

How to Set a Static IP address in Windows 8

Static IP address
Setting of a static IP address on a computer is very essential as it allows your PC to have the same IP address every time you restart the computer. This is basically required if you are about to use port forwarding. This set up allows your router to forward ports to your specified IP address. If you do not do so then the router will not forward the port to your PC to the same IP address every time whenever you start the PC. So for it to work, make sure that you set up a static IP address or else the ports won’t be forwarded to the IP address and eventually this port forwarding set up fails.

This IP address must match with the values of router’s local IP address or the Default gateway. So now let’s see how you can perform this task in Windows 8 operating system.

Setting a static IP address: 

In order to set a static IP address on a Windows 8, you need to simply follow the steps given below:
  • Press the Windows key and open the Windows 8 start screen.
  • Now right click on the network icon that you can find on the extreme right corner of your desktop screen and then click on “open network and sharing centre”.
  • You can even click on the start button on the tool bar and go to the control panel and select “open network and sharing centre”.
  • Select the change adaptor settings from the window displayed.
  • A window is show cased displaying the Ethernet Properties.
  • Here you need to go for Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then go to properties.
  • A window showing IP addresses is displayed. Here you get the option to create your own IP address for which you need to check mark the option “use the following IP address”.
  • The moment you check mark on this field, three more fields appear asking for IP address, Subnet mask, and Default gate. Fill up this provided fields.
  • Assure that the IP address that you are going to enter in this field is similar to the router’s IP address with the last number being different.
  • Below this you can observe “use the following DNS server address” field; here you need to enter the Preferred DNS Server address field.
  • After entering the numbers in all the desired fields, click on OK button and close the window.
  • Your static IP is created.
What can you conclude from this? 

Of all the points mentioned above, we come to the final conclusion that we need to set up a static IP address to PC in order that the router can forward ports to the same specified IP address that we have set each time when we start the PC. And it is the same four sets of numbers that allows computer to identify each other when connected to a network.

Economy of State Reflected Through the Internet File-Sharing Patterns

Person to person file sharing in the form of movie files, music files, television show, book and other types of files has gained immense growth in the world of internet usage. Most often this approach is illicit, but this is the best alternative means for sharing large size for the people. Data obtained from a sample part of the world has indicated that BitTorrent users contribute up to 1/3rd for the total internet traffic in that region. Users can share files even in the absence of broadband connections.

According to the reports, when compared to countries with large gross domestic product per capita (who are into sharing smaller files like that of music and videos), in countries with lower GDP per capita, BitTorrent users share large size files like that of movies over the internet. According to a recent study, a country’s economy primarily has a vital role in the internet sharing patterns of the people of the country. Studies have indicated that poorer countries have reflected that the people there download large size HD files over the internet.

Two very distinct behavioral patterns were discovered by the Northwestern University research team. This was based on the amount of data that was being shared by the users of BitTorrent, which is a very popular file-sharing application. The very first behavior reflected that BitTorrent users are very particular about the type of content they are sharing.

It was found that users tend to share music files more compared to movies. The second behavioral pattern indicated that countries belonging to the same categories as that of the first one lean to download files in a related pattern. According to Luis A. Nunes Amaral, who is a professor in the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering as well as Applied Science at the Northwestern University in the America, looking at the current internet usage pattern around the world, the computer interaction is part of our daily life.

To get an understanding and findings out of the study, the researchers had carried out an analysis of nearly 10,000 users of BitTorrent users around the world. The analysis highlighted that the users shared files which comprised of music, TV shows, small files, books and movies. Nearly 50% of the BitTorrent users downloaded files which primarily fell into two categories, namely not generalist and content specialist.

According to Fabian E. Bustamante, who is the co-author as well as professor of electrical engineering and computer science, this study will be able to provide lots of insights about the functioning of a country. People in a particular country will definitely show an obvious preference for any particular kind of content over the internet. They might even go to content which might to readily available due to the poor communication infrastructure and the laws of the country’s government.

Bustamante and his lab developed an app called as “The Ono app”, which will basically help the users to enhance the performance of the BitTorrent while ensuring that the impact of the same on their internet traffic is minimized.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Google Released Android 5.0 Lollipop

Google  Lollipop
After a long period of preview, Google has declared finally the launch of the latest model of Android 5.0 that will be called as Lollipop.

Accessibility in different devices-

This Android 5.0 Lollipop is appearing on 3 innovative handsets of Nexus, for example

  •  Nexus 6 Smartphone 
  •  Nexus 9 tablet 
  •  Nexus Player streaming device
Later, they will also be accessible on Nexus 4, 5, 7 and10,

To make all the things more improved, Android 5.0 is now headed to some Motorola Smartphone, like Moto X, Moto E or G and so on. However, Motorola has not even said, particularly when the upgrade would be obtainable for those handsets, but it has just confirmed its proposals to do such thing. Now with Google's Lollipop, surely more manufacturers are coming ahead with their own announcement.

Features of Lollipop-

The most noticeable new characteristics of Lollipop come in the shape of visual developments and user interface alterations that Google has called as Material Design. This feature has new, more graceful animations, a clear pattern with a bright color palette and a multi-tasking menu. It also provides new means to interrelate with your voice. Most of the latest Material Design qualities can be observed in the current modifications that Google has launched for its own Android applications for example Google+. This Material Design scheme is meant to combine the software's appearance and feel across a range of aspects, whether it is a tablet or a Smartphone or anything else.

Besides a visual modification, Lollipop brings more than 5,000 fresh APIs for manufacturers to tap into and allows multiple various Android devices with a variety of form factors act better together. In this context, Google states that entertaining things for example music, images, apps, and new searches can be effortlessly coordinated across different Android mobiles.

Lollipop moreover comprises new notification system to control alerts during any meeting or other important time, a new type of battery saver method that can save extra 90 minutes of time between charges, user accounts, methods of guest user, and innovative ways to protect your device through a reliable Bluetooth system. Lollipop will furthermore embrace a defense against resetting the mobile to factory defaults that is intended to make it complicated for mobile thieves to utilize a stolen device. Most of these characteristics have been executed by different Android device producers on their Smartphone as well as tablets for some time. However, Google is currently making certain they are part of the basic Android experience.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is really a big release from Google. This is the most vital visual update to Android device since the launch of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011, and it makes the basis for Android to develop as a platform out of the Smartphone and the tabs. Now Google is much clearly trying to make Android as software for the upcoming days, and it wishes Android to be on all the connected devices. And Lollipop is the foremost step to get there.

Crazy about selfies? HTC Gives you a Grand Opportunity

HTC Desire Eye
The Taiwanese company HTC has now given a thought to the camera of the smartphones they are producing as because they are well aware of the craze in selfies among the public. And if you are one among them, then it is good news for you too. The Taiwanese company is trying to build the camera in a way that the pictures come out clearer almost in an HD form so that you are quite satisfied with the results. For that reason, the companies are trying to inculcate the following features in the cameras of the Smartphones.

Features that HTC is trying to fit in

  • The HTC Desire Eye has managed to bring a 13mega pixel camera and a dual LED flash above the screen where the phone’s speaker is placed. This will give the extra advantage of increased clarity so that the customers are totally satisfied with the picture quality that they are getting. It is one of the highest resolution front facing camera that has been launched so far. 
  • HTC wants to cover the differences between the front facing and the rear-facing camera so that the selfies are as clear and good as the normal other pictures are. And since people are more fond of selfies, this feature will indeed turn out to be one of the most popular of the lot. 
  • HTC has beaten others in the field as to where camera is concerned. With a front camera with strong resolution, it has almost made a great leap in the arena of technology. 
  •  This camera is fully complete with auto focus and 1080p video recording too which means that if you have a party going on at your background, you can record the whole of it without having to exclude yourself from the scene which is a pretty interesting fact as well. 
  •  The dual LED flash is the one, which is responsible for the clarity of the picture. So even if you are in a dark zone, you can always get your picture clear. And yes, the flash has been designed so that the picture appears as if taken from a normal light mode so that the picture does not carry a ghostly white appearance of you, or you do not look pale in it. 
  • The Desire Eye has truly been a smart move for all the selfie lovers and those who are not that much addictive to them will soon be obsessed with selfies if they get hold of this gadget just for once. Now it is just a matter of time to see whether the customers are really happy with this new move or not. 
  • Desire Eye is giving all these features at much cheaper rates than other smartphones. Though these specifications sound costly, yet they are not so. At least not when HTC is the launching company. Not only the price, but also the quality of the specifications is what makes this phone unique.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

NASA Is Preparing Mars Spacecraft For A Close Clash With The Comet

Mars Spacecraft
Comet Siding Spring which was discovered on January 2012, is expected to fly pass just 87,000 miles away which is 140,000 km wawy from Mars. This distance is merely half the distance between the Moon and Earth. This is expected to happen on the 13th of October. According to the NASA scientists, this is the first time any comet has passed nearly 10 times close to Earth. On Thursday, NASA announced in a conference, that they have already prepared themselves for the extremely rare and close encounter by the passing comet. This is will be done from the outer boundary of the solar system.

According to Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, Senior research scientist from Space Science Institute in Rancho Cucamonga, California, it is really hard to plan any mission for Oort Cloud comets, as they are not so sure about the behavior of that particular comet as well as the origin point of the comet. This comet is a very rare and special visitor from the far-away Oort Cloud.

The Oort cloud is a collection of the frozen remnants which were formed during the formation of the solar system. Comet Siding Spring which is supposed to be a first-time visitor in the inner part of the solar system was gravitationally thrown out of the solar system nearly a million years ago by a passing star. The comet is believed to be maintaining a distance from the Sun, similar to that of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and even Neptune.

This first time movement of the comet has been named as water-ice line. During the initial stages, NASA was very much concerned with the fact that the dusty tail of the comet might interfere and become a threat to the spacecrafts orbiting around in the solar system as it passes by Mars.

During the latest assessments, the threat has been confirmed as much as 90% and based on these assessments, NASA has already made changes to the orbits of the satellites to ensure that they are behind the planet when the comet passes by.

According to Rich Zurek, a NASA Mars scientist and also working with Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, during this event, there are high chances that the remnant cloud might be very close to Mars and there are other chances of the comet completely missing Mars and will not leave any kind of particles. NASA’s current curiosity and the perfect opportunity is being protected by the fact that the atmosphere on Mars is very thin compared to Earth. NASA is very curious about this comet as it might lead to triggering of meteor showers.

Apart from India and the European Space Agency spacecraft orbiting the planet, NASA has two rovers apart from their three operational orbiters which are currently orbiting Mars. All of this probe is part of the study, which is based on a grand science campaign focusing on the comet during its contact time. NASA scientists are curious to learn about the impacts of the planet’s gravitational force on the comet and how the comet will be impacting the Mars atmosphere.