Friday, 5 June 2015

Google's Project Vault Is a Security System Disguised As a MicroSD Card

The search engine giant is coming up with new project where it is planning to use make phones much more secure than ever by the use of microSD card which will act as the security powerhouse. In present both web and mobile security is the primary concern of consumers and enterprise companies because both have to secure their personal information such as; financial detail, clients detail and other very sensitive data, so it is expected that Google’s Project Vault will be much useful in future.

Recently, at the I/O developer conference, Google unveiled its latest projects. In Project Vault, Google is trying to make phone more secure, without changing the way to manufacture the Smartphones. On last Friday, the company announced its Project Vault, which will enable the microSD card to act as the the digital security system apart from traditional use where computers and phones was recognizing it as the storage device.

According to the statement of Regina Dugan, who is Team lead for ATAP or Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, Project Vault will make your mobile devices more secure than ever which is also known as big security in the small package. Google is trying to cater the need of consumers where due to advanced technology today users are able to get each and every service at on their Smartphones, but still the cyber security is their primary concern. It is expected that Project Vault will be useful for all the platforms such as; Android, iOS, Windows and OS X.

The Vault card will be the secure way to protect the data and personal information of phone or computer users. For an example:- It will be able to encrypt the chat messages which will be on app and by doing this it will provide the extra levels of security or secure authentication, so that device will be able to identify your correctly. In industry, the Google will be the first company to develop this kind of technology for personal use as well as for the use of enterprise companies.

According to Google officials it will easily meet the standards of consumers and high bar of well known companies. The card will have the NFC or near-field communication, chip for communication to contact to the nearby devices and 4 gigabytes of storage as well.

According to experts, unfortunately the consumer segment will not able to secure their mobile or other device anytime soon because in present, Google is developing its microSD card for enterprise companies and later it will focus on the consumer segment.

The idea behind this concept is that enterprise companies need to secure the data of their customers, clients and product information as well. Project Vault will provide the secure way to communicate and store data as well for free services such as; Gmail email service, Google Maps, Chrome Web browser and more. Officially, Google has not stated that when it will launch the SD card as this tech giant is involve in several other projects.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Polaroid Mobile Zip Printer

Polaroid Zip – A Small Box – Photo Printer

Polaroid Zip, a small box which is a little bigger than a deck of cards, is around an inch thick and can be utilised as a photo printer. It is a compact little pocket printer producing high quality photos straight from the smartphone. Polaroid has been in business for instant printing for more than 65 years and there is something amazing about being able to get photos and a physical copy within a matter of few minutes.

The procedure has undergone a tremendous change since the original Polaroid instant camera went on sale in late 1948. Way back then, the film packs were used in the cameras which comprises of sheets of plastic negatives that were covered in reactive chemicals which could develop when they were exposed to light. Currently, Polaroid, digital instant cameras tends to use Zink paper containing dye crystals and when an image is printer, the film is hit with 200m pulses of heat that tends to melt the crystals creating a wallet sized colour photograph.

Its technology is built into some of Polaroid’s products which compriseof the Z2300 instant camera though presently the company has launched a stand-alone portable printer that enables to print off wallet-sized photos from their phone.

Printer Size of a Smartphone

Size of the printer is around the size of a smartphone that measure 2.9 x 4.7 x 0.9 inches with approx. weight of 186 gm. which can be carried around in one’s handbag or else in a pocket. It can connect to phones with the use of Bluetooth or NFC where an app could be used in selecting and editing an image, to apply filters, enhance the brightness, saturation and contract as well as to create collages.

A 2 x 3 inch photo image is obtained within a minute and the Polaroid Zip has the potential of printing around 25 photos with a single charge where the Zink paper is backed with adhesive and once printed, the photos could also be used as stickers.

Bluetooth can be used if one has an iOS or a non NFC phone. For NFC, the same can be turned in `on’ position, on an Android phone and touch it to the top of the printer. This enables the Polaroid Zip app to launch on the phone and thereafter you could take a picture or select a photo from the gallery of the phone. An option to edit the photos or adjust the position, adding text and emojis or embed a hidden message in the form of a QR code is also available.

Appropriate for Events – Weddings/Graduation

Obtaining a print of a photo takes around 40 minutes, once the blue smart sheet passes through the deviceThe prints tend to be a little bit pixelated from the normal print from PhotoBox or Snappy Snaps while the colours seems to be a bit faded, nevertheless the size of the print does not seem to damage the whole effect. The Polaroid Mobile Zip Printer could be appropriate for events such as graduations and wedding which would make it possible to get instant memento prints for any given occasion.

It is recommended that Polaroid could be utilised in creating business cards and the app offers several template as well as the option to add in images together with personal information. It could be a good idea, though a laboured way in the making of business cards. It could also make a nice choice in adding pictures to scrapbook at the time of travelling since the size of the printer enables the user in carrying it along with the ability to print images whenever needed with the sense of spontaneous functions in creating images.

Can Be Connected to iOS/Android Devices 

The Polaroid Zip is priced at £110 and being provided with instant images whenever needed could give the recipient, especially when most of the images in the present age tend to remain only in the digital format. The Zip mobile printer when compared to the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 is priced at $129.99 and can be connected to an iOS or Android device through Bluetooth. With the use of free app, one can change the photos on the phone or tablet into small 2 x 3 inch border less prints.

The firm `Ammunition, which designed Polaroid’s Cube camera, also worked on the Zip and its results can be seen. The Zip seems to be an attractive simple device similar to the Cube, which looks somewhat like a portable hard drive than a printer. Besides, the glossy plastic cover, it picks up quickly hairline scratches and fingerprints but one would want to check down a microfiber pouch to make it more attractive since it is not included.

The only port is Micro-USB for charging and the only button is for power while the battery is built-in which tends to last for around 25 prints, meaning that for a long event, it may have to be plugged in to keep the prints going. The top area tends to slide off easily and reveals a compartment which holds 10 sheets of paper.

Sony to Roll out 'Ultra Street Fighter IV' PS4 Patch

Sony has announced to release patch for its recently launched Ultra Street Fighter IV by next week for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) users. The gamers have already complained about the lag in the game in form of unwanted glitches, lag in inputs and some silly but important shortcomings like the button which starts the screen is non-existent along with other issues. In short this game doesn’t provide optimum level of gameplay experience which Sony games are known to deliver.

The Much Awaited Patch For PS4 Users

A tweet has revealed about the much awaited patch by none other than the Sony Director of Third Party Production, Gio Corsi. Tweet had shared the information that patch had been successfully completed by the game developers and it will be tested to analyse its performance. Once this patch successfully passes in the test it will be rolled out for the all the legitimate game users.

The Problems Faced By The Game Players

Ultra Street Fighter IV was launched in March by Sony with a huge fanfare and great expectations of providing a demanding and adventurous game for the gamers. But it turned out to be plagued by a huge number of bugs along with menu slow down. Play Station platforms are designed in such a way that it offers an exclusive and dominant version which can be easily used for the tournaments and other purposes. Furthermore Play Station 4 offers better graphics and gameplay functionalities over the predecessor PS3.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Fails To Feature In Game Tournaments

Due to the number of reports relating to the glitches and problems along with input lags in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Capcom decided not to include this exciting fighting game for tournament play. Capcom certainly won’t be allowing this game in the tournament for aggressive gameplay until the issue is rectified or resolved from the Sony. Even other tournament organisers are dwelling on their decision whether to use this game on the PS4 platform or not. Sony has maintained that this game is very much playable on the Xbox 360 platform without suffering any glitches or problems. Sony and Capcom are required to address this problem and rectify it as soon as possible; otherwise it will certainly destroy its reputation on the PS4 platform.

Patch Expected To Resolve All Issues

Ultra Street Fighter IV had suffered problems both on the online and offline gameplay which seriously diminished the quality of game in all essential sections of graphics, audio and video retention. Menus happened to load terribly slowly along with jagged textures and numerous technical glitches which were subsequently reported by the game players. Sony has confirmed that it will be releasing patched to fix the bugs present in the game through a synchronized roll out plan. The Ultra Street Fighter IV fans are delighted by this development and they are hoping that Capcom will reconsider its decision of excluding the game from EWO 2015.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Facebook Users Can Now See Biographical Information from New Friends

The messenger application of Facebook has been updated and user will now be able to see publicly biographical information such as job title and current city right above the message thread, from contact they have not even chatted before.

As per sources, the update was launched on iOS Android in the U.S., U.K., France and India.The Messenger will be displaying the information about the sender together with the prevailing Facebook friend that one had not messaged earlier and this latest update is said to fill the gap which LinkedIn as well as other social networking sites seemed to have lagged behind on their mobile applications.

For instance, if a person has received a message form one who is not your friend, Messenger tends to show that they are a `Food Blogger from `Seattle’. This bit of information could help you to recall that perhaps you could have met that person some time back and make you more likely to reply and get on with the conversation. Moreover, Messenger also tends to retrieve this type of information for existing Facebook friends one has never messaged before.

This sort of information could be helpful when messages are received from friend one may have not contacted earlier but on the information provided through the Messenger application, it tends to get easy to get on with the conversation after knowing that you could have met someday, that long forgotten friend.

Whatever may be the situation, whether about non-friends or people already added, Messenger tends to display information that is public or else visible to the user on Facebook, and does not overstep the privacy terms.

The new feature which is referred to as chat ID follows the release of Facebook’s Hello, where Android only caller ID app tends to intercept the phone and are capable of showing the information visible to the user on Facebook with regards to the caller, or block it, if it is from some unknown spammer.

The chat ID as well as the caller ID features displays Facebook’s rising interest in connecting the user and providing context about the people in one’s life and not just friends. This could help in developing new friend connections on the social network.

However it could also place Facebook as a larger tool for professional life also. Earlier Facebook had been sensitive about messages from user who were not friends and in some cases directing them to the often forgotten,`Other inbox’, which was usually filled with spam.

Many are not aware about it and while it protected people from unwanted message it also caused a bit of a problem when the user tends to miss out on a message from a long lost acquaintance due to the message going into the `Other inbox’.

Facebook informs that nothing seems to be changing on how the `other inbox’functions and one has been able to use Messenger in contacting non-friends. Younger generation tend to seem less dedicated to LinkedIn that feels as if it is lagging behind with regards to mobile and messaging and Facebook could be happy to fill in.

Monday, 1 June 2015

5 Things You Can Do By Shaking Your Smartphone

Shaking Smartphone to Get Things Done

There are various things that one can be done with the smartphone though most of them need to go through the user interface in order to get things done. One could do things by just shaking the device and from undoing typos to dating, there are five things which can be done by simply shaking the smartphone or even the power bank. If something is written and there is an error.

 The need of holding the delete key is now not essential and one could just shake the phone and this trick works with the iPhone which enables the user to undo or cancel any action by shaking the phone. Once the iPhone is shaken, a pop up window provides two options of `Undo or Cancel’. On tapping the option on Undo will remove the unwanted text just typed in. Should the need to restore arise; you could shake the iPhone again and tap the Redo option.

Shake to `Undo’ works apps are built in iOS such as Safari, Notes, Mail and Messages. Changing music by sliding down the playlist has become out-dated.

Shake to Shuffle seems to be a handy feature for the iPod Touch and iPhone users to rapidly shuffle their present playlist and the need to unlock the device and navigate through the Music app does not arise. By going to the music settings, this feature could be activated.

Shake to locate the charge available in power bank where most power banks tend to come with a button which indicates how much charge could be left. However the OnePlus Power does not seem to be the average power bank. One could simple shake it and the LED’s light that lights up provides the information on how much charge is available.

Shake to date – We Chat app provides a variety of features such as Live Chat, Group chat , Video calling as well as push-to-talk though the feature known as the `Shake’ feature is not known by many which helps the user to find new friends. To make use of this feature, all that is needed is to shake the phone and the app will be able to help the user to get connected with other individuals who tend to simultaneously shake their phone, at the same time.

Shake to get talktime and freebies – My Airtel’ app of Airtelhas come up with interesting features which enables prepaid users with free talktime, internet data packs as well as other offers. Prepaid subscribers of Airtel have to install the app and get connected with their account to find offers and to locate offers; they have to simply shake their phone when they are within the app. This feature presently functions only with Android.