Monday, 6 July 2015

Lexus has designed a Working 'Impossible' Hoverboard

As there is a havoc development in the communication system, there are lots of changes that have occurred in last few decades in the transportation, personal and public, systems. Hoverboard is such a most modern personal transport solution, which is getting popularity among the young generation. This is such a craze now that it is used in popular film like Back to the Future (in both part II & III) and created interesting impression in the younger folks. But due to confusion of fear among the parents; it has not been marketed so far in commercial manner.

Hoverboard – A Glimpse of Real Thing

The Hoverboard is almost like a skateboard, but there are no wheels underneath like the later and propelled by levitation theory. Many scientists and companies, all over the world, are trying to make the best possible transportation systems by using the levitation theory e.g. “Meglev” rail system but it is not yet commercially run by any entity. The levitation system is nothing but an autonomously fuelled vehicle that runs on the strength of the magnetic power over the ground level, without touching the surface.

Undoubtedly, the Hoverboard is the most modern invention and it is going to be a big success in the personal transportation system. Although a decade ago, it was just like another science fictional issue but now it becomes a reality and already trial runs have been made by Canadian creator Catalin Alexandru Duru and also by Lexus – the famous car brand has developed their own version of Hoverboard and issued a real video of its operation.

Lexus – Its Own Designed Hoverboard

Though there are some instances of “real” Hoverboard videos and news but the authenticity of these claims are yet to be recognized but this time the famous luxury car brand Lexus, has issued a video trailer of their newly developed Hoverboard. It appears from the video clip that it is a genuine product and the company’s brand value cannot be challenged in this issue because the said Hoverboard is realistically run above the ground level.

For last 18 months the company was trying to develop the project in to a reality and only now they are able to prepare the prototype, which has been shown in the aforementioned trailer. While we are talking about levitation; the automatic realization is that the Hoverboard will have a magnet and has to run on a metal track. Lexus has confirmed that they have used liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and stable magnets, the basic product for getting the levitation.

However, as appears from the trailer that it was run on normal skatepark or bituminous road but actually there was a metal strip or layer underneath the road surface, which is confirmed by Lexus. The company has prepared the most convincing prototype and it is very much real with a gorgeous design and look, which will soon be followed by others.

The “impossible” dream has already been translated in to “reality” and made the history by Lexus.

Brain-to-Text Tech Lets Computers Read Your Thoughts

Technology is continuously evolving and revolutionary in nature. A new revolutionary technology has found fame with its ability to construct thoughts into text in the most accurate manner. This technology showed that a person thought can be easily transcribed on the computer screen with ease and grace. This will be great news for the patients who lack an easier to communicate and express their thoughts in the past.

This is for the first time scientist has made a breakthrough in envision and developing a technology which can transcribe brainwaves into text successfully. This means that the people who are terminally ill or are unable to speak can use the system to ‘talk’ with the help of a computer.

People behind This Revolutionary Technology

This technology is a result of collective research done by a group of talented informatics, neuroscientists and medical researchers at Albany Medical Centre. This team has been able to identify the brainwaves which specifically relates to the speech by using electrocorticographic (ECoG) Technology. This technology was utilized to monitor the frontal and temporal lobes of distinct seven participants who were epileptic. During the research needles were used to record signals directly from the participant’s neurons through an invasive and safe procedure of making incision in the skull.

How The Research Was Conducted? 

In the research the participants were asked to read aloud from the given sample texts. In the same time a machine learning algorithms worked out towards finding the most likely word sequence from the signals produced by the participants and as recorded by the ECoG. With the help of existing speech-to-text tools then worked toward transcribing the continuously spoken speech signals from the brain activity of the participants.

The Findings of This Remarkable Research

The error rates during this research were extremely low at just 25 percent which is a positive sign as it shows the potential for this technology is vast. This finding proves to be a boon for the locked-in and mute patients who don’t have any valuable communication method before. The brain to text tech utilizes the decoding approach which offers an ideal option for developing real-time online application on the desktop computers which can easily read the signals and transcribe the thoughts without the need of a keyboard. Apart from this it can also be valuable for the humans in order to communicate directly with the computer in future without need of any intermediary equipment.

Future Prospects of This Technology

At the moment it seems unlikely that the bran-to-text tech can make it in the computer product segment as there is no viable method. Currently it can be done only by the researchers through cutting into brain and accessing the brain waves. But with further improve and research new ways can be found to bring it in the mainstay for public usage and greater good of humanity. It can be easily ascertained that the future prospects of this remarkable technology is endless.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Devialet Wants You to Experience an Emotional Sound Implosion

 Phantom speaker system has finally been made available in the markets around United States last week. This speaker system is capable of giving out sound levels which are claimed to be at the edge of the infrasound spectrum.

The company is based in France and will start meeting the reorders requested in the United States for their hi-fi speakers starting this September. Speaking about the business strategy that allowed Beats to earn their spot in the team of Apple, the company is aiming to provide a new step for the audio and music enthusiasts who are looking for enjoying higher sound levels.

Reports suggest that the marker will be having two versions of the speaker system. The phantom which will have 740 watts and 99db base model will be sold out for US$1,990. The other version which comes with 3,000 watt and 105 dB in silver will be sold out for $2,390.

One awesome machine

The creator of the systems is calling it the best piece of sound making it sound implosive coming out of the world's best equipment. It has been created with two pieces of proprietary technology. The company states that this hi-fi speaker system is the results of their hard work and research for more than 10 years. The system will be drawing nearly 3,000 watts in its Silver model and there is no noise released by any of its components like saturation, distortion as well souffle.

A SAM unit has been used for processing the music and the ADH processing technology has been used for merging the analog and digital amplification. The system can be considered revolutionary starting from the design of the Phantom. This design enables the system to deliver implosive and emotional sounds. The vacuum-sealed BHI unit is used for delivering an output with acoustical density. The consumers will be able to create a stereo set up due to the integration of a Dialog Hub and Phantom.

Devialet's Dream 

If a person is able to experience the speaker in person, they will definitely end up buying one. But making someone curious and getting to buy them is two different things, especially when we look at the pricing of the product. People will start weighing the price of the product before they can buy the product. If a consumer wants a stereo sound, the will need to spend atleast $2000 per speaker making it two. The additional Dialog hub of each unit will cost around $325.

Another roadblock of getting these speakers sold out will be the fact that the market is flooded with seven speaker systems with subwoofers to get theatre experience and Phantom is only combination of two speaker system.

Considering the highly competitive market, it will easy for Devialet to anticipate struggle. When it comes to consumer hi-hi as well as high priced products often becomes a centre of poor attraction. It is not easy to perfectly adjust with these systems. It might not be able to make it to the mass market since consumers are relying on live streaming audios.

Windows 10 Preview Users to Get Genuine Final Release Build for Free

According to the blog post by Microsoft on Friday, there are lot of changes to be expected in the near future before the release of Windows 10 for tablets as well as PCs on the 29th of July. This blog highlighted that there is a hitherto undetailed way for the consumers to get the genuine windows 10 copy and that too absolutely free of cost.

They will be able to stay activated, all they will have to do will be to join the Windows 10 Insider Program. Then they need to install the build 10130 preview and proceed with connecting with their Microsoft Account. On the day of the release f the software, the users will be sent out the final build which will come in the form of regular update. But on Saturday the company has once again updated that they are confirming their stance and the same was confirmed in the blog post.

It details indicated that all the Windows Insiders will be receiving the final release of the Windows 10 build and the good news is that this build will be activated. According to Microsoft's General Manager for Operating System Group's Data and Fundamentals Team, Gabriel Aul, and also the author of the blog, this build will be absolutely genuine.

This change is importance as the users will be able to freshly install the Windows 10 Insider Preview build through an ISO file and they would not be requiring any licensed windows copy. This will allow the new users to get the genuine Windows 10 for free of cost and they do not need to spend a dime also.

Once the users have installed the build, they will be able to clean out the install with the installation of the final media release by the company. So finally it is confirmed that once the user has been running an insider build of the preview and also connected with the registered MSA, they will be sent the final build of the Windows 10 and it will remain activated. However on the flip side we can also understand that one day or another the users will have to pay to be able to remain activated and be able to enjoy all the ranges of the services.

According to the blog even after the release of the final build, the Windows Insider Program for Windows 10 will function and it will continue to receive update. There are no details if any activation is requiring being able to receive updates.

More clarification was given by Aul pertaining to the upgrade being free. It was indicated that people who are running the Genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will be able to run the Windows 10 upgrade as part of the free upgrade. As far as non-genuine Windows copies are concerned, no free upgrade will be provided to these users, they will have to pay to get an upgrade path.

Report on Net Neutrality to Be out Soon: Here’s A Look at the Timeline to Know How It All Started

A confirmed statement was given by the Telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on 27th June 2015, wherein he confirmed that that the government is expected to soon released their report containing all the details about the net neutrality. According to him the telecom department is also waiting for the report from TRA sectoral regulator. He further added that that they are awaiting the TRAI reports and this is the main reason by government has not been able to release its report pertaining to the neutrality issue. Earlier this month, a report has already been submitted to the telecom minister who highlights the details on the net neutrality issue that has been collected by the panel set by the business.

What is net neutrality? 

It means that there should be equal treatment that should be offered to all the internet traffic and the government should give any kind of priority to any entity or a person or even a company based on the amount of payment that have been making. This aspect is being called as a discriminatory factor. DoT has already appointed a 6 member committee in January to look into this issue. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or the TRAI had also sent invitation to the stakeholders to present their opinion on the ongoing issue as net neutrality as well as the regulation of the OTT services like Skype and the WhatsApp.

According to the rumours the TRAI has already received more than 10 Lakhs feedbacks. During this time the TRAI chairman Rahul Khullar's tenure ended and a new head will be appointed for the regulatory. As if now, the telecom minister has not confirmed any details pertaining to this area. In the last couple of month a lot of noise has been about net neutrality and a lot of stir was already created by Airtel by their Zero marketing platform. Outrage was created in the market leading to many entities pulling out of this platform.
Timeline of the events

27th March 2015: 117 page documents were published by TRAI. This document was about the Consultation Paper on Regulatory Framework for Over-the-top (OTT) services. It also talked about the net neutrality.

6th April 2015: Airtel Zero, a new marketing platform was launched by Airtel.

9th April 2015: Flipkart app gets down voted due to tweet about the net neutrality by the company's representative.

11th April 2015: Save the internet video was released.

13th April 2015: Lakhs of support received by TRAI.

14th April 2015: Outrage forces Flipkart to pull out of program.

16th April 2015: Debate over neutrality takes the internet by storm

May 2015: Facebook comes up with open platform for the developers in India. While on one side people are eagerly waiting for the decisions of the government there are volunteer group called as the Savetheintert who have requested that in the absence of any solution from TRAI, telecom companies should be avoided from launching any new plans and services that will ignite the net neutrality issue.