Friday, 17 July 2015

Intel Brings Android Users Remote-Control Mouse, Keyboard App


Ever thought of controlling your desktop keyboard remotely by just moving fingers on your Smartphone or tablet? This might seem futuristic but Intel has launched its new a free remote keyboard and mouse app for Android users for this very purpose. Intel Remote Keyboard is up for grabs in Google Play Store which will allow the users to control remotely the mouse and keyboard in Windows 8.1 OS through their Smartphone or tablet.

Features of This Exciting Remote Keyboard App

Intel is long being trying its hand on the remote control keyboard and trackpad apps but this time it has been successful in creating a perfect app. This unique app offers portrait and landscape modes along with arrow keys. A mock touchpad offers gesture control in a simplistic manner wherein a single tap acts as left mouse click while two clicks act as right click. Just sliding figure up and down the app will perform the scrolling up and down work with seamless ease.

How Does This App Works? 

This app brings Windows and Android quite closer than ever before after Microsoft snubbed its X OS platform for Smartphones. Users are just required to pair up there with their Windows 8.1 Pc or laptop after downloading the free Intel Remote Keyboard App from Google play store on their Smartphone or tablet. Once the app is successfully paired with the laptop then user can have complete control over their laptops keyboard and perform different functions from afar.

Swift Operations and Positive Reviews

The user review for this app has found positivity and generally highly favorable response on the Google Play store. Most of the users have found it as a better alternative for turning their mobile into an awesome trackpad. This app acts as perfect remote keyboard and mouse controller for handling little operations without the need of hitting up the real keyboards. Currently the sensitivity level of the cursor is set at higher potential by default which provides quick navigational alternatives.

This app might not be way ahead of other remote control apps but it offers the simple and complex pleasures of handling the remote tasks for free. Being free it is the best app for remotely controlling a PC in the living room or even getting some praise and awe while using it during the presentation.

Intel Remote Keyboards App Aims at Solving Remote Controlling Issues

This app requires Android version 4.0 or above for perfect running. Furthermore for full functioning and perfect syncing it is necessary that both the Android Smartphone and the computer are connected via same WiFi network.

Intel has another spectacular device called Intel Compute Stick which can turn any TV or monitor into a computer. Intel has made it possible by embedding this stick with a quad-core Intel Atom processor along with two kinds of OS to choose from namely Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. These Intel NUC devices can help people in turning any monitor or TV into a fully functioning computer without spending huge amount of money.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Seven Tips and Tricks for Using Your Mobile Phone Overseas

Tips – Using Mobile Phone Overseas/Avoid Huge Bills
Mobiles phones and tablets have been the constant companion for every individual and we tend to get helpless without them. We use them as a means of staying connected with family and friends, wherever we may go, as a map, for clicking images, or audio and much more. When people travel overseas, reducing the phone bill is a great concern for users who may face exorbitant bills during their travel and it is advisable to have some knowledge on the global roaming charges and huge phone charges, which could be quite expensive. To avoid these high fees a little information could be beneficial for those travelling overseas as well as a relief to the expenses on calls charges while away on a holiday.Some of these tips could prove to be helpful for those travelling overseas-

1. Call Your Provider: 

The first option is to contact your service provider and find out the necessary options. Some may offer international calling as well as data plans while others may suspend your services during the trip period to avoid accidental unwanted charges abroad. Still others may also offer rental options to have local phone during the trip. The user could choose from any of the options available accordingly prior to leaving for the trip.

2. Purchase a local SIM at your destination 

This would be helpful if one is visiting only one country like the United Kingdom and SIM cards could be purchased at the airports or supermarkets. If travelling to another country, the user would not be able to use the SIM card without turning on global roaming. Should one be using a local SIM, then they could text or call their family or friends and inform them the number or if you buy a prepaid SIM card, contact details can be given before leaving.

3. Data Roaming Setting to be Turned Off

If the phone tends to have a data roam setting, ensure to turn it off prior to flight take off. This enables the phone to disconnect data networks which are beyond your home network, thus helping in avoiding huge data roaming charges.

4. Automatic Features to be Turned Off

If the phone is set to check for new emails, automatically, there could be a possibility of data usage without being aware of it and could lead to expensive phone bills on returning back. To avoid this, the automatic features which may use data like checking for new emails, could be turned off.

5. Airplane Mode 

One can put the phone on airplane mode in case of doubt which will keep the phone from connecting to local network and thus avoid data charges. One can manually turn on Wi-Fi while in airplane mode which could help in keeping the device connected for free when one tends to be in the Wi-Fi range.

6. Use Wi-Fi

Global roaming can be turned off and staywithin Wi-Fi range like hotel lobby or local cafes where one can communicate through Facebook or apps like Skype, iMessage or WhatsApp.Skype has prepaid credits costing $16 or $40 with calls costing between US$0.025 per minute while iMessage, an Apple program, enables you to text wherever one may be, for free provided the user is in possession of an Apple device. WhatsApp on the other hand enable you to call and text as well and is a cross platform wherein one can use it on Android or Apple device.

7. Use Apps rather than Plans 

Apps like Skype and WhatsApp enables to call and text without depending on phone plan and these could be used on Wi-Fi where many could be used free of cost or for a considerably lower cost than an international call plan.

Google Has Set Its Terrifying, Dreaming Image Robots on the Public

Google’s Images Recognizing Robots

Software engineers of Google has recently revealed the results of an experiment which looked at how computer can think, identify and understand objects, animals and people in images. Google has opened its images recognizing robots to all, enabling users to create strange and horrifying images from their very own images. It has released the somewhat horrifying, half amazing images created recently with pictures.

The company has made the `Deep Dream software available on code sharing website Github wherein users could download the same and run their own pictures through it. The software is said to operate on turning image recognising computers on themselves and by prompting the system to over interpret image, which they would otherwise pick out meaningless things, exaggerating them. For instance like turning clouds into bizarre llamas.

With regards to Google’s own image, it tends to transform thing into animals, with dogs being the favourite and eyes. There is also the possibility of overlaying everything with a swirly rainbow colouring. Google has stated that the technology could enable us in understanding where the creativity of human comes from and the same is being put to the test.

The Day Dream System

The `Day Dream’ system tends to feed an image via a layer of artificial neurons, asking an AI to improve as well as build certain features like edges. Over a period of time the pictures could get distorted which is morphed into something that is completely different or just a cluster of colourful random noise.

With the code for the system made available, user have the option of uploading an image of their choice and watch it metamorphose into a surrealistic image. On being fed with several pictures, the image recognition software developed by Google allows artificial neural network of computer to view shapes in images and creates strange, psychedelic and fantastic images which could be likened to entertainer art.

With immense deal of interest generated from the AI research published together with the generated images, Google decided to make the code for its algorithm available to the public. The source code needs to be hosted on a site and some software developers have hosted the same like Psychic VR Lab and Deep Neural Net Dreams where users can now upload a picture to these sites and run it through the algorithm in creating images of their choice.

Artificially Intelligent Neural Network of Google

Artificially intelligent neural network of Google comprises of 10 to 30 stacked layers of artificial neurons wherein each layer tends to look at images and detects various aspects like a corner or a shape and conveys information to the next layer till the final layer tends to formulate an answer.

At times the network understands shapes and decides to understand mild images such as clouds or faces as animals which portrays unusual effects layered over the images like plenty of creepy eyes staring back at the viewers, fantastic dog heads merged into objects and animals with striking touches. The engineers mentioned that `the techniques presented helps to understand and visualize how neural networks are able to carry out difficult classification tasks, improve network architecture and check what the network has learned during training.
It also make us wonder whether neural networks could become a tool for artists, a new way to remix visual concepts, or perhaps even shed a little light on the roots of the creative process in general’.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Samsung Has Unveiled a New ‘Transparent’ Truck That Promises to Save Lives

Most of people had complained of facing stiff decision making while trying to overtake big semi-trailer on road. In order to get past it driver had to move out of lane from the behind of truck and ensure that the path is clear to perform a safe overtake. On single lane roads it becomes a dangerous issue and driver had to stake their life for it. Samsung has unveiled a technology envisioned truck which will help in reducing this problem to a great extent.

Samsung’s transparent truck is an attempt at making roads much safer for the drivers while trailing behind big semi-trailers. The prototype revealed by Samsung uses affront-facing camera which live streams on its back doors the road ahead in order to offer a plain view of road ahead of over-size vehicles. This will also allow the driver to get a better view and to decide whether it is safe to overtake or not.

How This See Through System Works? 

As said earlier the prototype features a high definition front mounted cameras which has the ability to capture full view of the road ahead with clarity and perfection. This view or rather data is wirelessly sent to a live feed on the transparent LCD screens installed at the back on the truck.

Samsung technological solution is aimed towards transmitting a continuous view of the road to the monitors placed at the rear. In this way the drivers trailing behind the truck will get continuous view of road ahead and can make right decisions for overtaking the vehicle without placing their lives in danger.

This Tech Will Work Day And Night

The steaming of the view of the rear LCD panels will be continuous and it will work even in the night with the help of night vision cameras. This tech will certainly reduce the overtaking accidents apart from providing information road hazards in time. It will also reduce the risk originating from sudden braking or animals crossing the road.

Future Prospects Of This Remarkable Technology

Samsung has conducted extensive tests of this prototype in Argentina to perfect its tech and make it more reliable and strong in every aspect. Samsung had specifically chosen Argentina for running it prototype trials as it possesses two lane roads which are responsible for quite a high number of traffic related accidents. At the moment the prototype is not operational but this technology has shown that it is credible and works with perfection.

Samsung is working with NOGO’s and governmental authorities to perform mores tests in order to ensure that this technology complies with the appropriate road authorities directives for being operational on highways. Samsung had made no announcement related to this technology commercialization prospects and cost at the moment. But there is already been a frenzy among the users to try this new technology for the sake of saving lives and making driving on highways a lovely affair in itself.

New Android Malware Sprouting Like Weeds

If you own Android devices and looking for the way to minimize the risk of Android malware infection, so better to avoid the use of discount app stores. According to Andy Hayter, who is Security evangelist at G Data, “It’s recommended to not to download the apps from unknown app stores, but if you really trust them personally then you can go ahead”. The more he added that its recommended to install a malware scanner and on the same time check the permissions option (in settings of device) before installing any app.

As per the latest report of G Data Security Labs, All the information which are stored on an Android devices such as; smartphone and tablet are vulnerable to more than 4,950 new malware files. From past few years, Cybercriminals are taking much interest in the Android operating systems and according to Andy Hayter, Android devices are the bigger, easier and most profitable target for the bad guys in comparison of other platfroms. According to predication of G Data security Labs, There are more than 2 million new Android malware are about to surface in 2015.

Is it just starting? 

Android OS is a derivative of Linux, which considered as less targeted operating system by malware and viruses. But when it comes to Android devices then reality is absolutely different as Android OS is less secure and less rigorous in comparison of other mobile platforms, as per statement of Rob Enderle, Principal analyst of Enderle Group.

Latest reports as well as 2 million figure of G Data security Labs are realistic because in present much number of user’s are using the Android devices for online shopping and banking transactions. We all are aware about the fact that Android OS has more market share in comparison of iOS and Windows Phones and due to that Cybercriminals, security researchers and malware authors are more interested in Android OS. Last year, Google introduced premium SMS Checks and after that malware models started to spread in much faster way.

Android malware and Cybercriminals: 

If you will browse Google Play Store, so you will find that there are several paid and free apps are available and when it comes to install apps, so as normal user we prefer to use free Android apps. A developer of free Android apps depends on advertising to generate funds for further development, however; bad apps have ability and function to hide them in background. As per the repots of G Data security Labs, malware files are new financial foundation for Cybercriminals and in present more than 50 per cent Android devices are carrying SMS Trojans, Online shopping Trojans, Banking Trojans and other malware components.

In Europe 41 per cent and in US 50 per cent of consumers are using smartphones or tablets for banking transactions, however; 78 per cent internet users are making their purchase online through smartphones or tablets. Malware programs can install apps, steal your personal information or it can also steal your credit card or financial data for additional process.