Friday, 1 April 2016

Iron Nitride Transformers Could Boost Energy Storage Options

Iron Nitride

Energy storage is one of the greatest problems faced by the researchers in the modern advanced society. A simple example will help in illustrating this point, if you have solar panels installed on your roof but it has limited energy storage capabilities, which can’t be enhanced unless you are willing to spend some extensive amount on the moderation. A group of researchers has found a smart way to develop magnetic materials, which can act as a cheaper but immensely greatly performing transformer of high frequency. This can help increasing the widespread adoption of the renewable energy on the global level, which will help in getting a cleaner planet for our future generations.

How this particular material has been created? 

Researchers at the Sandia’s Energy Storage Technology and Systems Department have created iron nitride, which has the potential to be easily deployed on the modular system with ease and perfection. Iron nitride is manufactured by carefully ball mining the iron powers in the liquid nitrogen and at later stage in ammonia. This power is later brought in the consolidated state by performing one of a kind low temperature field assisted sintering technique, which is also known as FAST. This process helps in converting the power into solid material, which sometimes even require application of pressure and heat.

Using the FAST manufacturing method researchers was able to create transformer core within few minutes. Researchers have asserted that this particular can be utilized at creating high frequency powerful transformers, which happens to 10 times smaller than the currently available transformers.

No machines will be required

FAST manufacturing method also paves a way shape the parts as per the need. In simple words iron nitride powers can be effectively utilized to form specific sized parts with ease and simplicity. Creating transformer core will be lot easier with the FAST method and it will certainly require the use of heavy and complex machinery also. Transformers made up of iron nitride will be more compact as well as lighter than the currently available transformers. They will also have much better efficiency and power handling capability, which is mostly needed today.

Future prospect of these high frequency transformers

This great invention by the team of researchers at the Sandia’s laboratory can help in boosting the renewable sector. Renewable energy products sector is going through lukewarm success period due to higher costs and lower returns. It will take years before one will actually start seeing the benefits of the renewable energy due it expensive installation and onset costs. Having these high frequency transformers made up of iron nitride will help in getting more juice out of the renewable energy products, which will ultimately help in getting better returns within a short along with immense power generation.

It will also help in bringing improved power electronic power systems in future. These system will be able to perform exceptionally well at the higher temperatures and frequencies alike. Researchers had already filed a patent application for the materials used in the synthesis process.

Microsoft 'Deeply Sorry' After AI Becomes 'Hitler Loving Sex Robot


Microsoft Compelled to Retire Chatbot Tay

Microsoft has extended an apology after an innocent Artificial Intelligence chat robot became a loving sex robot of Hitler, within a span of 24 hours after it had been introduced to society. The software giant had been compelled to retire the chatbot called Tay, an AI that was modelled to speak `like a teen girl’ after generating prejudiced and sexist tweets. The account of this illuminating though abandoned millennial focused project had been conveyed most briefly by The Telegraph newspaper in a headline stating `Microsoft deletes teen girl AI after it became a Hitler loving sex robot within 24 hours’.

The removal seems like a good move considering the transformation in question. Microsoft’s chat-bot Tay, big eyed, cute and artfully pixelated could represent the future. Chat-bots, AI powered phony people which tend to interact with customers through text messages are becoming a big focus across several industries. Chatfuel of San Francisco helped in creating bots for messaging-app Telegram also tends to work for Forbes and Techcrunch. According to Business Weeks, it recently received funding from one of the biggest Internet firm Yandex NV, of Russia.

Bots – Official Accounts for Chat Apps

Dmitry Dumik, founder of Chatfuel informed the magazine that `they are simple, efficient and they live where the users are, inside the messaging services. Forbes reported that a company, Outbrain, which uses behavioural analytics for determining which set of peculiar stories tend to appear low down on several news websites, will be talking to several publishers about building chat bots to send their news through text.

According to Forbes, these bots would become like official accounts for chat apps to whom one can text keywords like `sports’ or `latest headlines’ for bringing up stories. Artificial intelligence begins with human intelligence and the AI are naturally fed big data and the result of some of the world’s finest brain, Google’s AlphaGo system which learned from millions of moves is played by best players of the difficult board game. The bots then take in communication as well as data from the users in order to interact in an informed and helpful manner specific to the user.

Designed to Engage/Entertain People

The company mentioned in their announcement of the chat bot project, that Tay has been designed to engage and entertain people where they link with each other online via casual and playful conversation and Tay learns language and ideas through the interactions. The project is said to be focused at young millennial American between the ages of 18 to 24, Microsoft states `the dominant users of mobile social chat services in the U.S’.

The chat bot tends to interact with users through text message on Twitter and other messaging platforms. Microsoft recommended that users ask her to tell jokes, horoscope, and stories, play games and also comment on photos. The company has informed that the more one chats with Tay, the smarter she gets. On gaining more information which Tay took in from members of the public, the worse her character seemed to be and she got more precise in her dislikes - `I [bleep]ing hate feminist and they should all die and burn in hell, she tweeted on Thursday noon. Several minutes later, she widened her hatred, tweeting – `Hitler was right I hate the Jews’

How to Stay Safe from the biggest JEE blunders

Whether you are appearing for the first time or have appeared before, you already are aware regarding the utmost importance of JEE examinations whether Mains or Advanced. Most of the students prepare by heart and work very hard to clear the examination in first attempt. Are you too sailing on the same boat this year and all set for the big test? With hardly a few days left you must have done the preparing and now busy in revising your topics. However, it is very difficult to keep everything in mind. The Joint Entrance Examination isn’t a cakewalk! You will have to leave no stone unturned for successfully qualifying jee mains 2016 with best scorecard.

However, to err is human! JEE aspirants do commit some serious mistakes or rather blunder during the course of preparation which needs to be avoided so as to succeed in the examination.

Taking adequate nap before the exam eve

It was found through a study and research that most of the examinees who are appearing for the Joint Entrance Exam do not get enough sleep on the eve of the jee mains 2016 date primarily due to stress and tension. They keep on studying the entire night or sleep very late which should be avoided. Most candidates do feel dizzy during the examination hours because of which they are either not able to complete their paper within time or do tend to forget important facts which they have to write in the paper. Moreover, adequate sleep also helps you to remain fresh.

Pay Thorough Attention to the Instructions Part

When you have downloaded jee mains admit card from the internet, it is extremely important to go through each and every instruction written there. You have to follow all the said instructions very strictly. The common instructions are-

  • Reaching the test center well in advance and according to the reporting time mentioned in your card 
  • Not carry calculators and other such devices inside exam hall 
  • Not to adopt any unfair means to get the answers to questions 
  • Carry an Identity proof along with the admit card 
  • Not to smoke around the exam center
Ignoring these instructions can lead to expulsion of candidate from the hall

Read the Question Paper Twice Thoroughly

Another common and huge mistake which most of the candidates commit is not reading the question paper carefully. Usually the examinees start solving the paper as soon as they get it without spending time on which questions to attempt. Of course, you should always choose to answer the part first which you have well prepared but select the questions wisely in case of subjective paper. If you are attempting MCQs then think twice before choosing the correct answer. Focus not on jee advanced cut off but on completing the paper within time.

Spending Much Time on One Section 

This mistake is committed due to poor time management. There are candidates who fail to properly access their total allotted time and hence in the end they find that they will not be able to complete the paper if even they know the answer. Here are a few tips to overcome this problem

  • Do not go for the lengthy process and complicated calculations in mathematics 
  • Do not do the calculations hurriedly • Attempt all questions first which you are quite confident of 
  • Do not sit back and think if you do not know the answer. Move on to next question.
This problem can be sorted out by taking mock test and solving jee mains and advanced question papers.
Solve paper with Cool Head

Always try to solve jee mains 2015 question paper with a cool head without panicking much about anything else. This will certainly give your more confidence and better result.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Six Questions About Your Phone's Battery Answered


Guidance to Phone’s Battery

One of the constant problem faced by smartphone users is the battery life and while the handsets tend to be quite faster and powerful, its batteries tend to last for a shorter time in a day due to heavy usage or even moderate use after a period of time. The lithium-ion battery seemed to be around for over two decades and has not changed since Sony began developing them in 1991. Inspite of great efforts invested in replacing them, these batteries seem to be with in use for several more years. The following guidance could be helpful regarding phone’s battery:

1. Do I need to charge the phone when I get it?

It is not necessary to charge on receiving the phone. Earlier battery types like nickel cadmium had memory effect which meant that the batteries could maintain some capacity depending on how they had been charged and discharged. This would mean that electronic products usually come with advice to charge them completely and keep them plugged in for hours prior to use. But in the case of modern lithium-ion batteries, several people tend to agree that there is no such effect and the batteries seem to be dependable. A smartphone is fine to run out of box without filling in, beforehand.

2. Does battery life get worse over a period of time?

The battery tends to weaken over time. Modern lithium-ion batteries have been designed to withstand a certain amount of cycles, a full drain of the battery and a cycle is equal to a battery fully draining though all this does not have to be from one charge. As per Apple, one could use 75% of the battery’s capacity one day and then recharge it fully overnight. If one uses 25% the next day, one would have discharged a total of 100% and the two days would add up to one charge cycle. The lifetime of batteries measure in cycles seems to vary between various devices, though naturally have between 300 and 500 full cycles prior to reaching 70% of their original capacity. That is equal to a couple of years of usage, but the graph shown from Battery University indicates that capacity tends to begin to drop down quickly.

3. Does leaving the smartphone charging damage the battery?

Generally it does not damage the battery. There have been recommendations that keeping the phone charged overnight or continuously could force the battery to weaken since it tends to receive more power than needed. New battery systems nevertheless knows to reduce this to a trickle and only tops up a battery with the power needed. The exclusion is in very hot situations since heat tends to cause lithium-ion batteries to deteriorate somewhat reducing its performance. Since charging a phone tends to heat up a bit, combining this with the hot temperature could cause the damage. You could keep the phone comparatively cool while charging by placing it out of the sun for instance.

4. Can the phone be charged often or should wait till the phone battery has gone well down before charging it?

New lithium-ion batteries tend to gain nothing by being powered down and long charging cycles tend to be worse than short ones. Incomplete discharges and charges seem to prolong battery life, 50% discharges tend to occur between 1,200 and 1,500 times prior to capacity drops of 70% of its original span when compared to 300 to 500 for 0-100% charges. This efficiently would mean running the phone down 50%, charging it up again and running it down to 50% again would be better than a complete discharge.

5. Does turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth improve the battery life? What about airplane mode?

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not power hungry as they tend to be or as the phone’s cellular radio. Keeping them on would not possibly drain a vast amount of battery, though if one wants to completely maximise efficiency, it could help somewhat. Having the cellular radio look for signal in location where there is no signal, could be draining. You could activate airplane mode if the mobile signal is not needed. If you can connect to Wi-Fi go ahead – using 4G or 3G tends to drain the battery quicker than Wi-Fi.

6. How else can battery be saved?

Various things can be done to decrease how much power the phone could be utilising that will keep your battery lasting for a longer period of time and would deteriorate more slowly which include:
  • Turning down the screen brightness 
  • Disabling location as well as background app refresh for apps which do not tend to need it 
  • Not closing the apps in multitasking – they are idle and opening them later on would tend to use up more battery 
  • Disabling push notifications for email, Twitter and Facebook

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Google Makes its Machine Learning Platform Available to Developers

machine learning
Google has taken everyone by surprise when it announced to open its machine learning platform for the developers. It is worth noting that Google has gradually advanced its Cloud Machine learning Platform which was made to be used by the set of apps like Google Photos, Inbox and Translate. This machine learning platform has been detrimental in the popularity of the Google apps as it provided various features to the apps such as speech recognition and reply capabilities in the Inbox app.

At this conference Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has stated that the machine learning in next big thing in the field of technology and opening the door to the developers will help in bringing more powerful features to the end users.

Breakdown of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Platform

Cloud Machine learning platform principally has two parts wherein one offer an opportunity to the developers for building machine-learning replicas based on their personal records and another brings a pre-trained replica for the developers.

Google will be providing wide range of tools such as Google Cloud Datalab, Google Cloud Dataflow, Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage from which data can be harnessed to train the machine learning models.

Once the data has been fed by the developer then all the necessary aspect of creating models will be taken by the Cloud Machine learning on its own. As Google opens its platform, any kind of application will be able to get benefits of the deep learning methods to increase its potential.

On other hand, Google even offers pre-trained models which come loaded with existing API such as Cloud Vision API & Google Translate API. Apart from these two API developers will be able to make use of the coveted Google Cloud Speech API. Google has made it clear that with opening up the cloud platform for the developers it is aiming at bringing the great technologies, which it has developed within, to the developers. This will allow them to embed new features and improve the functionalities of the apps in a more complex manner. It is worth mentioning that Cloud Speech API has been powering its voice search along with speech enabled apps for a really long time which has translated into huge popularity of the apps.

Google isn’t the first to open up its cloud platform

Google is simply following the footsteps of Amazon and Microsoft as both of these companies launched their own cloud based platform namely Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services in 2014 and 2015. Amazon Web Services has become quite popular among the commercial segment due to its great services and products at a competitive price points. Microsoft Azure has also found great success with its cloud platform which brings as much as twenty percent of the revenue. Google is simply bringing an edge over its competitors by opening up the platform for the developer who will actively help in improving the features along with feature rich apps to the consumers.