Friday, 6 January 2017

Mono-Live Gadget Review: Gear S3 Frontier

Gear S3 Frontier
After the success of galaxy gear S2, the Samsung Company has again released a smart watch. Yes it is the all new Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. Samsung has offered two designs for the all new Gear S3, especially for their beloved customers. So, the two designs are the outdoor type and classic type. The outdoor type is being tested by the official and the classic type is the luxuries one. There may be difference between both the smart watches but also both runs on Samsung’s own operating system, Tizen. And also the rotating bezel is welcomed among all the users again.

So let’s take a look at its design. As I said before the watch is available in two different designs -- Frontier and the classic. As we are going to talk about Gear S3 doesn’t bother about the Classic one. As we all know that classic means Luxury there is no matter in talking about what we know already.

Well. The watch is quiet bold and has a king sized design. If you are a person who wears dainty, thin strap watches then this watch is not for you. The S3 looks like as if it is built to survive SAS mission with rugged metal design. Therefore, the designing does not satisfy most of the users. Because of its thick strap, no color option and also it does not have many designs as Apple smart watch has.

Then about the rotating bezel. Even though there are many disadvantages about the design. All the users and reviewers are pleased with the comeback of the rotating bezel. Yes this was first come up in S2 and now it is in Gear S3 Frontier . It is an amazing way of accessing data on this small screen. You can check your mail, fitness data, messages and a lot more by just rotating the bezel. It is so easy to access the watch with the help of this bezel.

So, now about the screen. As I said before that the screen is big. With this you can imagine that it is bigger than the Apple Smart watch. But surprisingly Gear S3 Frontier’s the screen is only an inch bigger than the Apple watch. In AOD screen the contents are looking good with crisp, clear and full packed color. You may think, what I will do if there is any annoying scratches on my brand new watch. Don’t worry; the Gear S3 Frontier  is covered with Gorilla Glass which will prevent your watch from those scratches.

Let’s discuss about the new features that is introduced in the all new Gear S3 Frontier . Samsung has introduced many ways for you to interact with your friends and family from anywhere, anytime, with anyone. The most noticeable feature is you can respond the message you receive by your voice or by writing with your finger on the screen. So, the watch has voice recognizer and in built speaker. You can also view all your social media networks like Twitter, Face book, Instagram, Whatsapp, Hike, Messenger, Etc in your watch. You can also use this watch as a music player if you need.

Last but not the least; we shall take a quick look at Gear S3 Frontier ’s battery life. As we all know battery life is the main problem that is faced by all the smart watch users. Usually the battery of any smart watch will run low at the end of an average day. So, Samsung has tried its level best to solve this problem. By adding 380 mAH battery to the watch which makes the last longer than other smart watches.

Taxi Sharing Could End Traffic Jams

Taxi Sharing
It is highly believed and studies are there to support it that the concept of taxi sharing, if applied could result in a reduction of traffic which is a major concern of today’s day and age. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have studies done has that project statistics that taxi sharing could result in a massive 75 percent decline in traffic that is present currently on the roads.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concentrate found that an armada of 3,000 four-traveler cabs could do an indistinguishable employment from the present armada of 13,000 yellow taxis in New York City. In any case, it would imply that individuals would need to travel with people they are not familiar with, in other words strangers which could not be appreciated by all. This review has been drawn together after gathering information from a massive 3 million taxi rides.

Most scholarly individuals suggest that among the many urban situations faced, congestion is one of major concern and it needs to be taken into control and seem to be in aid on the taxi sharing concept. Studies have proven that universally individuals squander 7 billion hours every year sitting in traffic, which is indeed a lot of time and the impacts on nature are additionally extreme - with cars in movement smoldering an additional 3 billion gallons of fuel.
Taxi Sharing

"Rather than transporting individuals each one in turn, drivers could transport two to four individuals immediately, bringing about less outings, in less time, to make a similar measure of cash," composes Prof Daniela Rus from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT's) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab.

The group built up a calculation that could reroute cars in light of real time requests. "A framework like this could permit drivers to work shorter shifts, while additionally resulting in lesser of traffic, cleaner air and shorter less unpleasant traveling as there will be much lesser traffic on the roads," said Prof Rus which would clearly be beneficial to all if applied and accepted. Such a framework would be especially suited to autonomous cars, she included.

Legal action

Ride-sharing plans are developing in prevalence, with entrenched firms, for example, Uber and Lyft driving the way. As indicated by Lyft, half of rides taken in San Francisco in 2015 were shared. There are likewise heaps of new choices on the scene, for example, DriveNow, a car sharing administration worked by BMW, which has around 200,000 clients in Berlin, or a pilot from Toyota that was as of late propelled in Dublin.

However it is not necessary that all these ventures are a success, for example, Car2Go as of late declared that it was ceasing administrations in Stockholm, a city quick to advance option methods of transport and cut contamination, because of absence of interest.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Sony Launching a New Slim PS4 Bundle With Two Call of Duty Games

Call of Duty
Virtual Reality or VR as we know it, is the newest form of reality that Hollywood sci-fi films had promised us and it is finally here. Samsung and Google has taken the leap in the world of mobile VR technology. In the high end tech world HTC Hive and Oculus Rift were the sole representors of the future tech, but not anymore. Sony had revealed the prototype for the ‘Project Morpheus’ as long back as 2014, and now the dream is finally here shaped in the form of Playstation VR headset.

It is designed to be paired easily with Sony PS4 console, which had a seen a whooping demand of 40 million sales worldwide. It requires to be connected with a few wires, switch on the power button on the headset and you are good to step into the virtual world.

The headset is considerably heavy, weighing at 645g but it is designed in a clever way so the weight is distributed proportionately along the head mount. This reduces the claustrophobic feeling along with headache and a neck pain that arises by balancing heavy weight and that too wearing it on your face. Also it is equipped with a re adjustable dial that modifies its dimensions according to your head size and will take approximately 10 seconds to fit you snugly. Hive and Oculus are the heavier counterparts and their clumsy bulk dilate gaming involvement.

Hardcore techies are frowning at the 1080p display that Sony is offering. Playstation-VR is designed to patch up with PS4 as PC and therefore it does not adjust to the screen resolution like Oculus and Hive. Sony engineers explain that low-resolution display is not bound to distract the immersive experience due to the extremely high refresh rate of 120fps and gives a much vibrant and proportionate red,green and blue light emission to the pixels thereby reducing screen door effect. The pixels are much softer and give off an overall vibrant glow which is enough to mask the absence of HD for the time being.Also it comes with a big eye box that doesn’t force the necessity to divert from the game screen to find the sweet focus, reducing performance lag.

Able to support all the games that PS4 console does, gamers are awed at the quality of immersion which had not been experienced before. This however is restricted for children under 12 years.

Playstation VR is selling in the market for a mere $399, the full console and VR costs approximately $700 which is anytime a lot cheaper than counterparts which are quite costly at $1200 tag. A high end VR product coupled with cheap price is making headlines as few shops in Japan and China are running out of their supplies by the end of the day.

Sony CEO sounds hopeful about the future of VR as he plans to expand it’s reach to paradigms of medicine and job training. IT and graphics companies are looking forward to the waves of innovation that will come riding on the success of Playstation VR which has been hailed as the greatest innovation since the advent of television by Time.

The Car Of The Future Will Be Electric, Led By Tesla

One of the most predictable outcomes which are sure to happen in the near future is the prevalence of electric cars over petrol and diesel cars. The reasons to that being simple: Electric cars prove to be more efficient than any other cars and also the fact that they are the ultimate multi-fuel cars.

The reasons behind the forthcoming dominance of electric cars

  • The decreased cost: - Let us analyze a small example to emphasize the point we are trying to make. Popular Mechanics in its May, 2006 issue published an article about bio-fuel comparing various technologies in automobile development such as ethanol, methanol, gasoline, Compressed Natural Gas, and even electric cars. Taking a cross-country drive in each of the cars of identical sizes they compared their costs. A drive in a Honda Civic cost them $212, the VolksWagon diesel Golf followed at $230. The cost in an E85 ethanol was $425 and that in a methanol car cost $619. The CNG car looked fascinating at $110 but guess how much the electric car cost, a staggering $60. And remember it wasn’t even an article about electric cars. 
  •  Convertibility: - The best aspect about electricity is that it can be converted from almost any fuel that can be burned. Barring a few inefficient and old power plants, the modern ones have state of the art technologies which enable coal to be gasified and burnt in a very clean and efficient manner. Considering the large amount of coal reserves we have, this is a very helpful thing.
An advanced natural gas generator, known as the H-System Generator has a 60 percent efficiency and can easily burn biogas which is produced from the biomass. An electric car powered in this way has the transportation capacity of four times as much as one which is powered by ethanol made from the same stuff.
People can even put on solar panels on their rooftops which will hence power their electric car and therefore reduce our dependencies on oil to power our cars.

Tesla will be the leader

Tesla, the Silicon Valley disrupter has been successful to show the increased consumer demand for electrically powered cars that are well-designed. A powerful catalyst working in this favor is lithium-ion batteries whose prices are decreasing fast. Mobile computing and its growth has caused immense investment in the area which has further resulted in improving the range of electric cars and decreasing their costs.

Global trends unmistakably hint at the takeoff of electric cars in the international market. In the coming few years, petrol and diesel cars are going to face strong competition from the flurry of electric car launches from Chevy and especially from Tesla. In general, electric motors are much easier to produce and most importantly cheaper. That brings us to the inevitable conclusion that the future of cars will certainly be electric. With Tesla assuring $100 per kWh by the end of 2020, battery costs are sure to decline which means lower prices for electric vehicles.
Vehicle electrification is perhaps the most important change in automobile industry and Tesla the most significant leader.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

5 Cool Gadgets Coming to CES 2017

With each year Consumer Electronics Show has only gained more and more popularity. Thousands of people across the globe fly annually to Las Vegas to witness the up and coming projects in the world of technology. So if you are a technology aficionado or merely a budding enthusiast, here are the five extremely cool gadgets that you need to keep a lookout for at CES 2017:

  1.  PowerUp FVP: drones have been the cool kid in the block for quite awhile now. While they have found multifarious uses and purposes, aerial drones have become an ardent favourite with avid travellers who like a 360-degree aerial view of their current location. So when you combine an extremely powerful air bone drone with an even powerful camera, then mix in your childhood fantasy of flying an aircraft while sitting inside the cockpit, you have the concept of PoerUp FVP. This they hope to achieve via the head mounted display with the support of Google’s VR cardboard viewer. The live streaming camera helps you to see everything your drone witnesses, while the motion and movements of your head controls the drone itself. 
  2.  Sanbot: it has been awhile since robotics gave us new hope. And Chinese robotic firm Qihan Technology Company, is going to unveil at the 2017 CES, a robot enabled via cloud technology which can learn to do anything if programmed accordingly. Moreover, this particular robot is said to be able to function on android based applications which would allow the user to enhance the learning capabilities of the machine. It can be used to assist in education, nursing homes and even function as extra security in homes. 
  3.  Bullguard: in the past few years, smart homes have become all the rage. And it is a no brainer that people are always looking to upgrade their security standards. Though in the average society smart homes are but a niche, yet dojo labs have come up with an extraordinary solution to home security that they reckon would be the it thing of 2017. The system known as Bullguard runs on cloud based platforms and the device which is an interesting pebble shape, actually adopts to the general environment of the home and becomes quicker at detecting and defending the home against security breaches. 
  4.  Orah 4i: 4k videos are all the rage right now and Orah 4i is bringing 4k resolution content capable of live streaming. This very powerful camera comes with four lenses for an all round 360-degree vision and four microphones and specially designed for professionals. It has built in 3D ambisonic sound capacities and is said to be able to deliver over 30 frames of 4k resolution footage in real time, which can be uploaded to YouTube without additional equipment. 
  5.  Link: CES 2017 promises to be the year to showcase multiple wearable technology for humans, so why should your furry friends be left behind? Link has been awarded the best innovation award and is essentially a dog collar with a built in GPS for easy tracking in case they get lost. Moreover, it also has a wellness tracker feeding in information about the well being of your canine and the level of exercise he is getting. It also tracks vet appointments and lets you capture your special moments with your best friend with digital albums and time stamps.