Thursday, 2 March 2017

Now Google Android Can Compete With iMessage

android rcs
The modern age is filled with so much advancement in the text messaging with the popularity of the social media platforms and core messaging apps that the conventional SMS text messaging has simply gone down the drain. But Apple has been great at enhancing the inbuilt messaging system on its device with bringing quirky updates to the iMessage. Google is expected to roll out support for the Rich Communication Service or RCS which will bring a slew of standard features to the SMS texting for the Android devices. In order to bring about this massive change on the Android platform Google has partnered with more the 27 wireless operators and device makers all across the world.

The mature age of modern day texting

Years after its release text messaging is still one of the most widely used service on the mobile devices on global scale. During the feature phone ear users were restricted to only 160 characters and no extraordinary feature at all. But with the advancement in technology and devices has bought a large number of functionalities, features and powerful attributes to the conventional messaging and texting culture. Currently we have highly sophisticated mechanism which allows users to know whether their text has been read or some is replying to them as well as people can easily leave or join group messages.

Google is late but not obsolete

Google has similar technology in its arsenal which is called RCS but for long it has stopped itself from developing a direct rival to the Apple’s iMessage. But finally Google has decided to come up with its own messaging app for the Android platform and it will be known as Android Messages which is simple and smart name choice. The announcement made by the Google showcases the powerful appeal of the Android platform among the carriers and phone makers who had readily agreed to support the Android Messages on making it the default messaging app on Android.

Features to lookout for in RCS

Android Messages or RCS will bring a large number of enhanced features like high resolution photo sharing, group chatting and read receipts of messages. A number of mobile carriers have come into complete support of the Android Messages which included Globe, Orange, Deutsche, Telenor, Rogers, Sprint and many more. When it comes to manufacturers Google has brought on board Sony, LG, Motorola and ZTE, they will be embedding this technology right into their upcoming range of phones or even making it preloaded on the devices to increase its reach.

For many Android users this might not appear to be great news but it is in many ways. For years users have to rely on the third party messaging apps like Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage and many more. But with Android Messages users will get an inbuilt high performing messaging platform right in their new Smartphone without the need of downloading and installing a third party messaging app.

When Test driving Car Opt for Technology Testing

For long we had been going for test drives while checking out the driving experience and stability of the vehicle but in upcoming people will be indulging in testing the integrated technology as well. Over the years the in car infotainment and the navigational systems has gone through huge improvements in the recent times. A study has indicated that the average cars plying on the US roads are more than 11 years which means that more people are likely to upgrade to upgrade their vehicles in upcoming years. Currently people have inculcated the habit of connecting or pairing their devices in-car entertainment or navigational system to keep track of their movement to play music on the go.

Here are some of the tips which will help in taking out modern cars on a test drive:

Spend more time with car: Taking a good through at the technology present at your disposal will take more than 40 minutes. So spend more time with the car, find out whether your phone is compatible with it or not, check-upon the voice commands, carefully analyze the navigational system and get dig deeper to get acquainted with all the features.

Make sure your phone is updated: It is necessary to keep your phone updated with latest version of operating system when you go out to check new cars. Make sure your apps are also updated so can get easily recognized by the technology present in the cars.

Be sure about your likes & dislikes in technology: Only six percent of the cars sold in last year had touchscreen display along with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but this figure to cross over 50 percent in next three years. Apple CarPlay brings a range of features but it does have some limitation which includes no support for the Waze traffic app or the Google Maps. Therefore a user has to spend some in understanding the different features, functionalities and offering of different infotainment and technology brought by the automobile maker.

Don’t settle on one car: There is no need to blindly settle on the one car you have liked first. Go forward to check other cars available in the market and don’t forget to perform the traditional test drive as the real driving test still matters.

Focus on the safety: Safety is still a grave concern for the automobile so do check the features r technology like lane departure systems, blind-spot system and backup cameras. Different cars have different kind of sophisticated system such as lane departure system comes loaded with different features like some beeps loudly while changing lanes while others simply buzzes the seats.

Opt for such technology which adds value to the amount you are spending: Not everyone wants Spotify or need voice commands to make use of different apps and integrated technology. If someone doesn’t want to be bothered by the slew of technology marvels then opting for a stripped down model will be wiser choice.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Can Internet Beaming Balloons Outmaneuver Shifting Winds?

project loon
The "Project Loon" of the Google company is aiming for giving the true support to their aspiration of providing internet connectivity to the vast majority of people, through huge Balloon and is expecting it can be done with a short period of time.

The internet is a big issue in our daily life today, as the computer and the internet has taken the principal role in the development process, as well as, best possible avenue of communications among individuals and collective discussion.

It is a known fact that the advent of the computer technology, along with the internet, has been considered as the most phenomenal advancement of the science and technology sector and there is some sort of involvement of this technology in almost every product and issue in the current world. With the growing uses of the internet, the requirement of the good quality service and wide range of connectivity has become the need of the hour; various international organizations are trying to get a solution of this huge necessity, with some kind of easy and affordable backups, which could be helpful in providing the service to the end user with great mobility and in a smooth manner.

The digital giant Google has already taken some of the most exciting measures to get the internet at an easier mode and to the remote places, with the quality connection. The "balloon" technology is the most modern method that has been tried by Google, which is having the potential of providing the most encouraging internet support for the vast majority of people, even in almost inaccessible regions.

Important Features

The Project Loon Team, which is a part of the X research lab of the company, has expressed their views that they are now able to try the machine learning for predicting the weather systems to a great extent. This unique claim proves that the company or specifically their research team is now able to control the movements of the balloons and makes it possible to focus on the particular region or area, instead of roaming here and there without any specific purpose.

The "Clustering" of a number of small balloons is helping the team to reduce the cost, which was earlier tried at a very high expenditure that made it almost a nonstarter. Now the organization is able to provide a well-structured service to a remote place, preferably in the rural sector, with the support of clustering ten to thirty balloons, while in the earlier days there was a requirement of hundreds of balloons to provide same nature of internet service.


It is expected that the real user will be able to use the system within few months but the actual rollout place has not been finalized till date. The balloon technology of Google has the potential of reaching the person, who is residing at a remote countryside, where internet connectivity is considered as an unknown word or issue. This tennis court size balloon is able to provide the required support that enables them to get the internet to the rural side and other areas, with the continuous flying ability of the balloons.

Lightvert Echo: How Giant Digital Adverts Could Soon be in Our Cities

Lightvert Echo
The young generation of the present age is now not unaware of digital ads, which are often used by entrepreneurs as a tool for marketing. However, digital advert is going to be introduced in a fresh form. And this is possible with the help of a special technology, ECHO. A giant sized promotional message may not noticed by you in any part of your city. You will be able to view an image of about 200m in height. Though it may be visible to you only for few seconds, you will surely find it to be much attention-grabbing.

Lightvert with the introduction of newest digital ads technology-

It is Lightvert that has given effort for the development of ECHO. CEO of this company, Daniel Siden has informed that ECHO may be defined as a medium of display, which seems to be very useful for advertisers. This newest technology has brought a revolution in the domain of advertisement. It has also become acceptable to tech enthusiasts and many people are now curious to know how this system works. Siden also hopes that property owners may also like to get the chance of turning their structures into digitally operated billboards, which generate revenue.

How ECHO performs its work-

ECHO blends a thin bit of some reflective substance, which is attached at the specific zone of a skyscraper. There is also an integration of special light scanning system, which shoots light rays from the reflector to the viewer. As the images are visually echoing before you, the technology is named as ECHO. Siden has given a clear description of the phenomenon. Images are produced only with one light ray. Thus, they are formed just in the eye of viewer and not in practical world. The full-scale images are subtle as well as effective.

Any risk with ECHO?

Some people have criticized that these pop-up advertisements of Lightverts may be an eyesore to the viewers. It seems to function in a way as if a rocket is leaving a fine light ray on your eyes. But, Lightvert has ensured that it has accomplished some thorough test with the application industrial standards. And in all the tests, the technology has received a grade of success. Moreover, the company has made the innovation by having its target at only the pedestrians. The system is installed at such a height that it is not possible for cyclists and drivers to view at those images easily.

A display, through ECHO, involves application of an effect (PoV) in order to have a print of image safely into the retina of viewers. Some reported that laser projector may be a risky factor.

However, this is to be lifted at a particular height, which is quite distant from common people in the highway. It does not cause any danger to the public. The complete system has integration with several security interlocks to keep away from H&S problem.

Thus, Lightvert has created a link of graphic interaction and technology, and it is highly valuable to the advertisers.

Google Patents Crumpling Car Safety System

Google Car
Google is known for its expertise in every field. It provides various kinds of information over varying subjects within a flick of seconds, because of its efficiency people from all age groups belonging to several different fields are aware of this dynamic search engine called Google; which is worldwide famous. Google have come up with a technology that can control a car’s system so that the risk of car crash can be avoided to a greater extent.

Google has come up with a system that grants the car to get crumpled up from before so that the risk of car crash can be reduced. It has suggested several ways to build up panels on the car’s circumference so even if a crash takes place unexpectedly neither the passengers, nor the pedestrian or any other object is harmed.

They are planning to develop a technology that will enable the panels to get coupled with the help of sensor data that will easily detect the object that is approaching the car and will take immediate measures, so eventually the crash can be avoided. This possibility was seconded by AA, retorting on the fact that several manufacturers of car are on the run to develop ways that will minimize the intensity of injuries even if the crash takes place.

Some details have been provided by the US granters on the different ways to fit in panels related to bodywork on the cars. A section of bumber wings is to be fixed to the cars that can be broken down with the help of actuators on the chassis of the Google Car. Automatically before the impact the actuators on the car’s chassis would give a signal, leading to the breaking down of pins that would enable the panel to halt back.

An alternative was also suggested where the panels would be fixed to the hinges or to the grooves, so the panel could be pulled immediately when it comes in contact with an object. A further note is added to this accident prone car where a control system would be infused to the cars that can run even without drivers.

If any of the parts of the car move out of the way then the force by which the car will collide to the other object that may be reduced, this will in turn reduce the serious damage of life, car and other objects. Henceforth, if this development is seriously carved out then the consequences would always bear a positive connotation.

The data sensors available in the car will check out the size and the weight of the object that is approaching the car and will accordingly take measures so that the crash can be avoided and if not avoided then the risk of injuries can be reduced. This is a very big hike that is being provided by Google that will ensure more safety on roads. The car holders will no longer have to worry for their life’s or their car’s well being.