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Things to know about StrandHogg Vulnerability

StrandHogg Vulnerability
Promon security research has newly found a vulnerability in the Android Operating System, which could allow real-life malware to act as legit apps without the user's consent. In doing so, they could track or target any user without their knowledge. This harmful bug is known as “Strandhogg.” StrandHogg Vulnerability has successfully affected all versions of Android, including Android 10, which released in September. In a statement released by Promon states that the malware gangs have fully utilized the StrandHogg.

What is StrandHogg Vulnerability? 

StrandHogg Vulnerability can enter any Android OS and can switch its processing method according to different applications. The vulnerability makes it easy for a malicious app to ask permission while acting as a legit app. The attack is designed as a "request permission method," in such cases, the hackers portray themselves as an official app and ask for permission from the user. The user naturally thinks that they are giving consent to a legit app, but the truth is they are allowing the hacker to go through their SMS, photos, GPS, etc. They also make a similar clone of your app so that when you click to open your legit app, a malicious version pops out on your screen.

Effects of StrandHoggVulnerability. 

1. Listen through microphone

The hacker can easily hack your phone’s microphone and listen to everything you are saying. They can hear and record your private calls and know confidential things.

2. Read and send messages

Everyone receives numerous messages. Some messages are highly classified, and you should not share them with anyone. However, with the help of StrandHogg, hackers can easily read all your messages from your phone and can also send messages to whoever they want without your consent.

3. Take photos

The hackers can take permission to access your photos and files and use them how they like. They can also use your camera to take photos or record videos from it.

4. Login credentials

They quickly know your passwords, account name, and personal questions to access your social media account and hack them. They can also access your bank details, work details, and other private information just by knowing your login credentials.

5. Get location from GPS

With the help of GPS, they can track you down and spy on you. They will know your every movement.

6. Access contact list

The hacker can easily access your call logs or contact list and use it for their purpose.

StrandHogg Vulnerability: What to do? 

Google has already taken a step to control and address StrandHogg Vulnerability and has removed all the potential harmful apps from Google Play. They have also updated their security that detects and blocks malicious apps. They have also formed a separate research team, who continuously investigate in StrandHogg Vulnerability to improve and protect Google Play from further harm. However, Security researcher Sean Wright states that the threat is pretty significant, and it is actively exploited. So, it is challenging to distinguish that something is wrong with a particular app.


However, for now, Google has successfully removed all the malicious apps, but in the future,those similar apps may reappear because StrandHogg Vulnerability is not entirely fixed. Therefore, it is better to be very cautious before installing any app and giving it any kind of permission to access your phone. You can also read reviews or do a web search about the app you want to install. At last, always install or update your apps through Google Play only.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

10 Best Hybrid Cars of 2019

10 Best Hybrid Cars of 2019
Do you want to find out about the best hybrid cars of 2019? Then you can find them in this special post of best hybrid cars.

Usually, most people love to use hybrid cars, mostly because they suit all the drivers on the road. From standard designs to completely streamlined features, you can get all kinds of hybrid cars these days. These are more powerful than regular cars and come in different eye-catching designs.

With these hybrid cars, you can expect a smooth and quiet ride, so people are more curious to drive these types of vehicles. If you're revved up and excited about the new hybrid cars list, then let's check them out in this best hybrid car of 2019 post.

10 Best Hybrid Cars of 2019: 

As there is a huge demand for hybrid cars, we're listing out some of the best hybrid cars of 2019 in this list. We have sorted this list according to the best-sellers and features. As a result, you can simply check them with ease. So, let's get into the list of best hybrid cars. Toyota Prius:

Toyota Prius is one of the best hybrid cars of 2019. It's the most stylish car which suits for all the users because of its performance and design. Prius has a stunning design, eye-catching hatchback body style and more.

People love this car mainly because of its extra space for your belongings and friends. This car has high power, so it makes the real difference between the old version Prius and new version Prius.

In the previous version, it got an EPA estimate of 56 and a combined mpg because of that it has lesser performance. But in the newer version has more powerful and standard equipment.

New Updates:

  •  Cloth Upholstery is added to the car. 
  • Rearview Camera for Prius is helpful. 
  • 6.1 -inch touchscreen helps users. As a result, they have kept that screen. 
  • Special 4.2 inch information display.

Best Hybrid Cars of 2019- Chevrolet Volt: 

The new Chevrolet Volt is one of the best hybrid cars of 2019. It has a hatchback plugin that was specially designed for electricity, and soon the charge drops enough for the engine then it will kick in. The brand new Chevrolet Volt is one of the most notable cars in 2019 because of its style and performance.

This particular model has made some upgrades to its Chevrolet 2017 model. Previously 2017 version used to have a standard 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine, and that has made it's horsepower to 101.

In the new version, it has added two motor generators with a particular lithium battery mainly because it wants to improve its performance. That makes it's power outlet to increase up to 149hp. So it's proven as the best hybrid cars of 2019.

New updates of Chevrolet volt: 

  • The more original version has 17-inch wheels, so it's proven as the best car. 
  • Remote Power start 
  • Ignition and keyless entry to your car. 
  • LED headlights & taillights. 
  • It has an automatic emergency braking option to stop the vehicle. 
  • The eight-inch touchscreen system is there in volt.

The Ford Fusion: 

The brand new version of the Ford Fusion offers a stunning design and top-class performance hybrid cars for 2019. As a result, we can say, this is a top-class hybrid car of 2019. This ford car has massive 188 hp and has 2 litres of a four-cylinder engine. This car has an excellent pickup, and its powerful motor catches speed effortlessly.

The fuel economy of the ford fusion is 42mpg. In its new version, this best hybrid car has a rearview camera along with active noise control feature. It has lots of other unique features, and those make them perfect for hybrid car users.

New updates: 

  • It has 17-inch wheels with dual-zone automatic climate control option. 
  • You can enter into the with keyless entry. 
  • It has the best and active noise control system. 
  • A newer version of this car has a rearview camera. 
  • It has 4.2 inch LCDs with the nine-speaker system. 

Best Hybrid Cars of 2019- The Ford Fusion Energi: 

While you are striving to check out the best hybrid cars of 2019, you should've come over the ford fusion Energi. This is one of the top hybrids cars you should consider in your best hybrid cars list mainly because of its blazing performance and beautiful design.

The ford fusion Energi version has full of power and has a combined output of 188 hp. If you’re striving to choose the top class model in 2019, then you can consider ford fusion Energi. The latest updates of ford fusion Energi is its rearview mirror.

New updates & Features: 

  • It has a new USB Connection option. 
  • You can easily control Audio and cruise controls on the steering wheel. 
  • Rearview mirror which has an electrochromic system 
  • Front-wheel Drive system. 
  • Anti-lock braking systems to protect you 
  • It also has the regenerative braking option Toyota Prius C, 

Best Hybrid Cars of 2019: 

The Toyota Prius c is one of the best hybrid cars of 2019, and it's the smallest Prius hybrid car which offers lots of cool features. This car was discontinued its manufacturing due to the new Prius C model in 2019, but it has unique aspects so you can choose it. Presently you can find lots of Toyota Prius C models in the market which are unsold.

This version has a 1.5L four-cylinder engine and a CVT as well. Its total power reaches at the 99hp and has an EPA estimate of 46. Its enhanced features with 1.5liter DOHC four packed cylinder is beltless so it's a proven model of best hybrid cars.

New Updates: 

  • USB Connection. 
  • Front-wheel Drive. 
  • Hybrid Synergy Drive engine. 
  • This has speed-sensitive volume control. 
  • It has an FM/AM stereo. 
  • 0.9 kWh Nickel-metal hybrid battery. 

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Car:

Wondering about the best hybrid cars of 2019? Then you should consider Lincoln Mkz hybrid car because it was built in style and has a fabulous performance. It's a primary luxury sedan which is mainly noted for its comfortable space and interior.

This Lincoln MKZ hybrid is the best example for hybrid technology in the luxurious space cars. When it comes to performance-wise, it has a smooth 2.0liter four-cylinder engine mated that adds a particular motor with lithium powered battery.

New Updates: 

  • This car has front seatback storage, so it makes it unique than other competitors. 
  • You can have a leather steering wheel and electric power-assisted steering. 
  • Enjoy the keyless ignition option. 
  • Active Noise Control helps you to reduce unwanted noise. As a result, this has been an excellent option for users. 
  • It has adaptive suspension is good, so it's proven as the best hybrid car. 

Kia Optima Hybrid:

If you are searching for the best hybrid cars of 2019? Then you should check out kia optima hybrid car. It is a unique car which has the traditional kia sedan look with attractive option.

This car has 2.0Liter hybrid engine and a six-pack speed transmission with the power of 192hp. So, you can use this particular packed car because it is perfect for Indian conditions and has a stunning design.

New Updates and Features: 

  • It has 17inches of wheels with 2.4l 4stroke cylinder engine. 
  • 5-gallon gas tank with the matte grey front grille. 
  • Panoramic sunroof with an exclusive shade option available. 
  • It has an eight-inch touchscreen with the navigation option. 
  • Leather seat trim option is helpful as a result you can opt this car. 

Hyundai Sonata: 

The brand new Hyundai sonata looks excellent because of it fabulous in design. This car has the low-slung and a cool hybrid sedan engine which has luxurious space, and it's perfect for your adventure trips. Sonata has the 2.0l hybrid engine which six speed automatic transmission and has the special combined power rating of 193 hp.

This car has incorporated lots of features because to stand out in the crowd. This also has limited trim levels as well. Its comfort and powerful engine make this car stand out in the best hybrid cars of 2019 list.

New updates and features: 

  • This particular car has Bluetooth, USB and other unique options mainly because it wants to compete with its competitors. 
  • Cloth upholstery is covered. 
  • Apple car play and Android Auto compatibility is there in this car. 
  • 60/40 split option and has folded back seat. 

Toyota Camry Hybrid Car: 

The new Toyota Camry hybrid model in more of the best performance hybrid. This car has lots of capabilities, including an electric motor constant torque and other aspects. It covers lots of benefits and gives you the real comfort of the midsized sedan cars.

This Camry hybrid car was powered by a 2.5-litre four-cylinder hybrid engine and had 200 hp with the exceptional fuel economy of 40mpg. If you love to take the best hybrid cars of 2019, you can consider Toyota Camry. This car is available in three variants such as LE, SE and XLE options.

New updates of this car: 

  • This car has a keyless ignition option 
  • It has adaptive cruise control. 
  • Leather and the simulated alloy steering wheel option. 
  • Improved performance and exterior. 

Toyota Prius V: 

Want to enjoy your next great family trip in one of the best hybrid cars of 2019? Then check out the Toyota Prius V hybrid car. Here the V for Prius stands for the versatility and the new Toyota Prius V offers that. This model was, unfortunately, discontinued after 2017 but still, this is one of the best hybrid cars of 2019. It has vast space for keeping your equipment for family vacations. As a result, you can quickly have a great trip.

This hybrid car has all the features and capabilities with a hybrid powertrain. It's a 2017 model which has 1.8liter engine with two electric motors and has the overall 134hp. The Prius v has combined 41 mpg. As a result, it has excellent performance.

New updates: 

  • Its updates are 16-inch alloy wheels. 
  • Keyless entry 
  • Automatic climate control. 
  • Comfortable space with fabulous interior and exterior design. 

These are the 10 best hybrid cars of 2019, hope you all loved this list of best hybrid cars. If you want to have a look at more hybrid cars watch out this blog as I will be producing other list of hybrid cars for 2020 very soon.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

How to install Google Play Protect – Things You Need to Know

How to install Google Play Protect
There are always these applications such as Google Play, Google Play Protect, Google Movies and such varieties of apps preinstalled in our android phones. Most of us have never used these applications. We never even thought about using these applications. We don’t know the functions of these apps. However, we don’t delete these applications too. Today, in this article, we will talk about one such application known as Google Play Protect. We will know how to install Google Play Protect and other essential things about it.

Before we start, What Google Play Protect is? 

Well, Google Play Protect is a security application with the reliability of Google. This security application will protect your device from harmful applications in it. It will scan and verify almost fifty billion apps every day. It will also provide you with cloud-based security for your device. With the reliability of Google, you can now be safe with this fantastic application. We will talk about how to install Google Play protect on your device in the article later. Before that, let us discuss the advantages you will have with the Google Play Protect application on your device. We have provided a list of benefits of the application.

List of advantages of the application: 

  • On Device Protection: The On-Device Protection is divided into the different parts such as the PHA scanning services. Google Play Protect includes the on-device services that integrate with some cloud-based components, which allow Google to push the updates and improve the functionality of the applications. 
  • PHA scanning: The application includes a cloud-based application verification service that helps in defining the Potentially Harmful Applications. Google Play Protect check for the possibility of PHA in the device once every day. A notification will pop up in the device, asking the user to remove it. It can also do it on its own and block future installs of the PHA from the device if it has no benefits for the user. 
  • The offline PHA scan: This PHA scan occurs if the device has lost its connectivity. The Google Play Protect for those cases has an offline scanning that helps in preventing the well-known PHAs from installing. 
  • Cloud-Based Security: All the android applications undergo the testing before appearing in Google Play. Our app, i.e. the Google Play Protect, can scan more than 50 billion applications daily and that way, it makes sure that everything is running great. Now with all this information you know, you may want to jump into the installation process as asap. So here is how to install Google Play Protect? Check out the steps below.

How to install Google Play Protect in simple steps: 

We have derived how to install Google Play Protect in your device with three simple steps below. Check it out.

  1. Turn on your android device. Open Google Play Store application. 
  2. Tap on Play Protect Settings. 
  3. Turn the Scan device security threats on. 


It is that simple. So now you know how to install Google Play Protect on your device and the advantages of installing it on your android device, what are you waiting for? Save the device from the harmful applications now.

Monday, 18 November 2019

How Outsourcing Can Increase Efficiency in Small Businesses

 Practically all small businesses experience growing pains on their quest for success. Not least among these is the ability on a limited budget to hire and maintain enough workers for every job to be done. Outsourcing services can solve such problems more cheaply than the cost of paying employee salaries.

How To Win the Phone Game

With all the other duties needing attention in a new business, answering the phone can get lost in the shuffle. This is more likely when essential employees are required to play the secretary as an extension of their primary positions. Consequently, prospective clients may be unintentionally ignored. The business will be lost as would-be customers give up in frustration.

In this dilemma, an answering service is an answer. These third-party companies have call centers of staff trained to take calls on your behalf and in any manner you like. All messages are then passed on via text or email to be perused at your convenience.

The best answering services employ native staffers who are given detailed instructions per your request. Using a call center is much cheaper than hiring your own receptionist while still providing that professional aura for your clients.

How To Manage Your Brand Effectively

Marketing and advertising is itself a kind of business. If your business isn't in these fields, you may not necessarily be great at generating the exposure it needs to thrive. Those involved in the core activities of a business often don't have time on top of everything else to cultivate consumer contacts as efficiently as possible.

Instead of stretching your finite capital on an in-house publicity department, you could use an expert marketing or ad agency to attract clients to your business. They'll have strategies you've probably never considered. For example, marketing writers can create web content using search engine optimization (or SEO) techniques that direct internet traffic to your website.

How To Outsource Almost Any Business Process

Modern businesses can outsource more than just marketing. There are companies available to assist businesses in any sector with any function they wish. With today's technology and a surging globalized work force, you can pay someone elsewhere to handle your finances, your legal paperwork, or even perform complex technical research. You can contract the work on an as-needed basis, saving you considerable cash compared to retaining full-time employees for these tasks. A quick search online should find you the help you desire.

The rise of outsourcing continues to fundamentally effect business processes. Whatever the process, outsourcing can be a big boon to small businesses.

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Smart Speaker Review: Stay Tuned for the Best Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker Review: Best Smart Speaker Sonos
Many of you might remember the ‘Jetsons’ on Cartoon Network, the stuff of children’s imagination, and the future. Well, now we have a slice of that future too with smart speakers. We may not have a robot butler hanging around to fulfill our every wish just yet, but we are getting there. So, for now, we’ll just have to make do with what we have – smart speakers. Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod are some of the few smart speakers doing the rounds in the market. According to US statistics, nearly 26.2% of the US population owns smart speakers. Smart speakers allow you to switch things off/On with your voice, you can ask questions of it and control almost every aspect of your living space. In this smart speaker review, we’ll be seeing all that there is to know of smart speakers as well as some of the best.

Smart Speaker Review 2019


First of All, What Can Smart speakers Actually Do?

So as the name suggests, they’re speakers. They play music and sound but besides that, they also do much more. Besides involves having a smart assistant built-in. These smart assistants are voice-activated. This means that you’ll be able to tell your smart assistant to perhaps, answer a question, play music or control other IoT devices i,n the house.

On to Look at the Best Voice Assistant to have in your speaker:

We aren’t going to say which is the best. That is completely subjective. But we will tell you some of the trends in this smart speaker review. Apple has always been among the favorites, consequently, Siri has become a household favorite too. But it also helps that Siri has been in the market for quite some time now in other Apple Devices. Some people swear by Alexa. So as soon as Amazon’s echo dropped, people were all on that. But overall, many prefer Google Assistant. Many people feel that the assistant with Google is the most accurate. But of course, these are all people's personal choices; yours may vary.

If you’re going for Sound- Pick the Sonos One Smart Speaker Review:

In this smart speaker review, this is the best sounding speaker you can lay your hands on. This speaker gives you the best of both worlds with the smart Alexa on one hand and Sound Quality with Sonos on the other. On the one side, you get the ever-improving Alexa as a voice assistant and on the other, you have Sonos with its multi-room smarts. This feature-rich speaker has even got AirPlay2. This basically allows the Sonos speaker to communicate with Siri sitting inside a HomePod from another room. So Sonos becomes the most versatile speaker on this smart speaker review too. A disadvantage with this speaker is that Google Assistant is still nowhere to be seen. We were hoping it would make an appearance in the November 2018 update, but we’re still waiting now in 2019 as well. If Google does happen to launch in the Sonos smart speaker, then hands down, we can say this smart speaker is the best.

Apple HomePod- a Merging of smarts with Sound Quality:

Smart Speaker Review Apple HomePod
If you happen to be a die-hard Apple fan and have all its gadgets lying around, then getting an Apple HomePod is a no brainer. The problem with this speaker is not its sound or Siri, it’s the premium you have to pay to get a smart speaker that only fits well into the Apple ecosystem. Is it really worth it? When it comes to sound quality, you can’t really complain but with Siri, you can. Siri seems to work with only the Apple ecosystem when it comes to what some might consider fundamental tasks. That is a bit of a let- down.

Amazon Echo Featuring in this smart speaker review:

Amazon Echo has become a household name for many and with good reason too. Its price makes it an excellent starting point for getting into the smart speaker game. What’s more is that its own voice assistant is more than capable of handling news, podcasts, music and other voice assistant stuff. 2019 new and improved Amazon Echo has taken audio to a whole new level too making it a serious consideration for those looking to enter into the smart speaker bandwagon. This one might be a tad expensive from earlier models but is still way below what you would have to pay to get an Apple HomePod. It softer look too makes it more at home than ever. The assistant too has undergone an upgrade too, with it having voice profile features. It also takes in different voice speeds too. It may not be able to replace your HiFi system just yet but still deserves some serious consideration.

Finally to Google Home:

Best Smart Speaker


Google Home is a great smart speaker but while in some areas it excels it also disappoints in other areas. When it comes to its voice assistant, it can be a little too rigid when it comes to comprehending a language. Plus many of Google's own features are sorely missed in its smart speakers. The list of these smart speakers keeps growing but with no much improvement or improvements that do not impress. For now, it still has a ways to go to compete with Amazon’s echo but if you’re only looking for a smart speaker that can have access to YouTube Music, built-in Google Cast and to turn on and off light switches then this is the speaker for you. Over the years Google Home has undergone some notable updates. It can now be used to call landlines in the UK and also the ability to handle multiple languages. The most recent update has seen Google Home being brought into the Nest Security Systems array. There are some smart speakers that are great only for their music while others can be used for both. The best of them being the Sonos smart speaker.