Tuesday 3 August 2021

iPhone 13: Leaked [Everything you need to know]

Everyone has an Eye on iPhone 13. And as per rumors, New Model Launched in a few months. And if you're a big fan of Apple-like me, then you're in the right place. Because in this article, you'll get to know about its Release Date, Specifications, Top Features, and Pricing. All you need to know about Apple new iPhone is here. 


Hold your Excitement, and Let's look at Apple New Launch Variants In-depth details. Let's Begin! The new iPhone is nearly launched in September, but you can get the Complete details about Its Variants, Specifications, Features, and pricing before launching. 


As per rumors, you'll see iPhone 13 Many Variants like iPhone13, iPhone13 Mini, iPhone13 Pro & iPhone13 Pro Max. So many new leaks are coming your way, and New features are rolling out in New Variants.

iPhone 13 Variants Leaks

Now it's time to show you everything you need to know.

#1 Release Date

Apple follows a Particular Pattern for its iPhone Launch. And as per the Report, Apple will launch it's new iPhone in the third week of September. For Apple Lovers, pre-order begins on Friday. When Covid-19 hits, Apple needs to change the Launching date of the iPhone 12, but Now everything starts getting normal, So Apple decides to Launch New Model as per the following patterns in September 2021.

#2 Design

As per the leaks, iPhone 13 has a similar design as the previous model. But some rumors are coming that Apple will try to Trim the upper side of the Camera bump in its Pro Model. Well, the iPhone13 may surprise us with so many changes in this new model. When it comes with the Speaker at the Top, New arrangement of Camera and You'll see a larger Camera. 


Even the Sim card tray shifts to Downside and Power Button too. If you've Seen the Dummy look of the iPhone13, then you can easily understand the new look or concept. Another best rumor is that the iPhone13 Pro Max is slightly more prominent, but it's a rumor that is not confirmed. But Yes, iPhone13 Variants Come with Smaller Notches this time. 


You'll see so many new changes in iPhone13 Pro max like this time. It's Quite Thicker with Large camera size than the previous 12 Pro Max. This New Eye-catching look of iPhone 13 Designed by Ian Zelbo.

#3 Pricing

We're expecting the range of iPhone 13 Variants as near as iPhone 12 range - $699, $799, $999 & $1,099. Apple tries to keep prices near previous Variants.

#4 Specifications

Let's see some Leaked Information about new Variants and all its specifications, but it's leaked information not confirmed by Apple. These are some Highlighted Specifications in iPhone13 Variants.
iPhone 13 mini 13 13 Pro 13 Pro Max
Screen Size   Resolution   Refresh Rate   Camera   Front Camera   Chipset   Battery Storage 5.4 - Inch   2340×1080   60Hz   12MP+12MP   12MP   A15   2406 mAh   Upto 1 TB 6.1 - Inch   2532×1170   60Hz   12MP+12MP   12MP   A15   3095 mAh   Upto 1TB 6.1 - Inch   2532×1170   120Hz   12MP+12MP+12MP 12MP   A15   3095 mAh   Upto 1 TB 6.7 -Inch   2778×1284   120Hz   12MP+12MP+12MP 12MP   A15   4325 mAh   Upto 1 TB

Apple Lovers: What We Want to See in New iPhone 13 in 2021

As per Apple Lovers, we always expect better than the previous model and what Upgrade we're looking for:
  • 128 GB of Storage
  • Improved Camera Zoom
  • 120Hz Display
  • Improve Battery Life
  • Big Camera Upgrades

Final Verdict

Apple finally came with the new iPhone 13 Variants Launch in September 2021. It can be a Heart throbbing feeling for Apple lovers because this time, New Changes, Updates are coming in these Variants. Its new look, Sleek design, and Small Notch make it more attractive. So, I hope this article is helpful for