Friday 31 March 2017

Interesting Advantages of a Career in IT

The current landscape of the job market is interesting, to say the least. As technology grows and people become more reliant on their phones and computers, it creates new needs in regards to business. Unfortunately, the current demand for professionals with a strong understanding of information systems exceeds the number of people with the right backgrounds. Luckily, this can also be great information for people searching for a new path in life. When you get a master’s in MIS from UAB, for example, you will find that there are some exciting career opportunities in front of you.

Gaining a little bit of insight on why this is a good option can help you to formulate an opinion on whether or not it is for you. There are many benefits that you can expect when you make the decision to explore this choice. Look at some of the more interesting advantages that can come along with a career in IT to gain a better perspective. You might find that heading back to school to study information systems is the right choice for your future.

Financially Positive

When considering your path in life, it is important to think about how you plan on supporting yourself. Having the right career will be beneficial for anything you try to accomplish because it will provide you with financial security. Careers in IT are a wise choice because they tend to pay very well. As companies take on newer and more complicated technology for their operations, they have begun to invest a good amount of money into hiring professionals who can keep everything running.

This means that you could potentially find a position with any kind of industry that you might be interested in. The need for educated information systems professionals is growing each day. This trend does not appear to be ending anytime soon and many business experts predict that the need will only increase over the course of the next few years. Getting in on this now can help you to land a position with a company that you really want to work for and introduce you to plenty of opportunities for growth.

Plenty of Opportunities

The corporate world isn’t for everyone. Working long hours and dealing with forced interactions with coworkers can be a monotonous and crushing experience. The interesting thing about working in IT is that you don’t really have to limit yourself to these environments. Many years ago only companies of a certain size could afford the equipment that called for an IT representative. Nowadays all businesses utilize some type of tech to boost productivity, keep track of sensitive data, and take care of a number of other important tasks.

If the corporate world isn’t for you, then take a look at what other options you have. You might find that a local startup has an idea that you’re fascinated in and they require the help of a proficient information systems specialist. There are many options worth considering in this field. When you make the choice to pursue a higher degree in this area, you will find that you can make some fascinating moves for your future.

A Brighter Tomorrow

Paying attention to the shifting job market can help you to see which industries offer the most. There are many new fields that require intelligent people to fill the growing number of positions involved with each. If you are trying to find a career that stands to gain you a lot for your future, then it can be wise to explore IT. Take a moment to look at some of the programs available for a degree in this area. Get started down your path today and you will be on your ways towards a brighter tomorrow filled with interesting opportunities.

Car Genie: AA Device Predicts Car Breakdowns Before They Happen

Car Genie
It is quite risky if our car suddenly collapses or breaks down. Most of the car owners know that it is not possible to detect any potential breakdown in advance. But, now, you may be able to get rid of such risk, while you are driving your car. With the significant development in automobile industry, there is an introduction of a special tool, Car Genie. It helps in predicting the breakdown prior to anything happens to you.

You know that many of the modern car engineering experts have tried to reduce the risk of breakdowns, while manufacturing the vehicles. However, Automobile Association of the United Kingdom has attempted to give the utmost assistance to the car owners with its new tool, Car Genie. This company works with the aim of reducing the incidents of car collapse as much as possible.

Use Car Genie in a simple way-

The latest device Car Genie, allows self-installation process, and it is to be plugged to the on-board diagnostics point of a vehicle. Users have to install software, which enable them in realizing the probability of breakdown. The system has an ability to interpret EOBD of a vehicle instantly. Then, it delivers all the data to the related software. It also gives notification, which may be seen by driver after or before operating the car.
Car Genie has turned out to be the most advanced product of AA. The company has taken the right step to prevent customers from vehicle breakdown risk. This device will be accessible exclusively to AA associates from May in 2017.

Trials arranged by AA to test the product Car Genie-

Almost 10,0001 car drivers have been involved for the trial of this new tool. AA may also show much data to prove that they are striving to assist drivers in making out the faults at a very early stage. These faults include battery degradation and overall condition of vehicle.

At the time of making experiment, all the faults are tracked in cars of users, and they are related to ignition system, EGR and also air flow. With the identification of faults, it is also possible to analyze the system faster and find out the remedy immediately.

It may save the car owners from hazards and inconvenience, while they are on the highway. Moreover, after sending notifications and recommendations, the company may also provide support by calling their members. They help drivers in repairing the issue.

Within few minutes, as the users can get advice, they may continue the trip again. The outcomes of trial have revealed that almost 49 percent of drivers comprehend problems with vehicle. 66 percent of the vehicle users know the way of driving automobile economically. However, 47 percent of the car owners have informed that Car Genie is good to make their driving safer than before.

As the app collects data on location and driving mode of users (such as, speed, acceleration or braking), some skeptics may consider it to be a privacy risk. But, it is hoped that most of the car drivers will accept it in future.

Printable Sensor Laden Skin for Robots

Gold Bug robot skin
According to several studies this decade has seen maximum technological advancements in the past 50 years. The radical positive changes in technology have made this the age of tablet computer and Smartphone. This is the era of touch sensitive surfaces and they’re so fragile that anyone with a cracked Smartphone screen can easily attest to the fact. While touch sensitive phones or TV devices seems possible, covering a bridge, airplane or a robot with sensors would require technology that’s both lucrative and lithe to manufacture.

Creation of a new device 

However, our world-renowned scientists are known for their superficial capability and unending endeavors to create something new. A group of dedicated scientists at MIT’s CSAIL or Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have devised that 3D printing could make the work possible. The researchers tried to demonstrate the viability of printable and flexible electronics that combine processing circuitry and sensors. The amazing fact is that the researchers were actually able to create a device that would react to mechanical changes by altering its surface color.

The scientists found as their inspiration, ‘goldbug’ or more commonly known as the golden tortoise beetle that changes its color from golden to red, when prodded or poked. This reaction in both the beetle and the new device is caused by the mechanical stresses. MIT graduate Subhramanium Sundaram says, that the network of interconnects and sensors are called sesnsimotor. Sundaram, who led the project, said that their attempt was to try and replicate sensimotor pathways and install it within a 3D printed project. So, in their attempt to make their vision possible, they considered testing the simplest organism they could find.

Several scientists made it possible 

To demonstrate their new concept and design, the researchers presented their concept in Advanced Material Technologies. Along with Sundaram who is the first author of the paper, were his senior associates like professor of EECS Marc Balbo, and associate professor Wojciech Matusik. Others who joined the paper include technical assistant in MCFG David Kim, an EECS student named Ziwen Jiang, and a former postdoc, Pitchaya Sitthi Amom. A type of plastic substrate is used to deposit flexible circuitry on printable electronics and for decades this has been a major area of research. According to Sundaram the range of the device itself greatly increases once the print in put on the substrate.

However, he also says that the types on materials on which the print can be deposited get limited by the choice of substrate. This happens because; the printed substrate would be created by combining different materials, interlocked in complicated but regular patterns. Hagen Klauk who is a world-renowned scientist at Max Planck institute is quite impressed by the creation of this concept. According to him, printing an optoelectronic system that too with all the components and substrate by depositing all the liquids and solids is certainly useful, interesting and novel. Further, the demonstration of this method makes the system functional and proves this novel approach is 100% possible. This approach will lead to improvised manufacturing environments, and dedicated substrate materials will no longer be available.

Thursday 30 March 2017

Best Web Design Agency for Small Businesses

Magicdust – Web Design Agency for Small Businesses

Magicdust is one of those web design agency for small businesses who are need of a website in Melbourne. From the start their purpose was to bring the power of the internet into the hands of the consumers. The agency in question has been functioning since 2006 and has so far designed around 6,000 websites. Their trademark is affordable, high quality web design where they interact with small businesses in Melbourne and all across Australia. Their focus is in assisting small business owners in promoting their business through the internet. With their dedicated services to these entrepreneurs they have effectively been one of the most leading web design and expansion establishments in Melbourne. The websites created by them is said to be outstanding enabling the entrepreneur to progress in their business which is done by keeping updates on the prevailing online marketing trends together with amazing web designs. The Website Design Melbourne ensures to take into account the details pertaining to their business and their objectives as well as attempting to obtain some insights with regards to their competitors. With these details in mind, the website has been designed which is said to be appropriate for the said business. At the onset the website comes with an online strategy based on small business goals. It begins with the brand moving towards the expansion of the website and then followed by the marketing support.

Website Built in WordPress

The website is built in WordPress, which is an appropriate platform in presenting business content, newsletters and blogs, menus, subscription memberships, prices together with industry detailed functionality and much more. If ecommerce is needed, a strong full-function online storefront is created which is designed especially in managing and selling the products online. The website is thus created as per the entrepreneur’s decisive vision in mind making it easy to tread on the right track. Equipped with a team comprising of account managers, developers, designers, marketers together with strategist based in Melbourne, they tend to be highly professional in planning a website for the progress of a business. WordPress which is a search engine friendly is said to be in-built as well as easy to be used and is considered to be helpful in enhancing the business. Utilising WordPress content management system – CMS, they offer easy options in managing the content which can go on the site, while regulating the same from time to time.

Unlimited Guarantee

Their unlimited guarantee comprises of-

  • Unlimited pages 
  • Unlimited design revisions 
  • Unlimited products 
  • Unlimited technical support 
  • Unlimited email forwarders and accounts
The agency is said to have a great repute wherein they have catered to over 1000 Melbourne miniature businesses to come on-board in their business. With the help of unlimited design revision, they tend to provide designs to the complete satisfaction of their consumers with great quality web designs. The content management system enables the entrepreneur to have complete control of the website. Another added benefit is the affordability wherein besides providing quality websites, the pricing seems to be quite reasonable. Great customer support is rendered from their experienced and friendly team based in Australia whenever the need arises.

Stanford Scientists Reveal How Grass Developed a Better Way to Breathe

Stomata – Holes in Leaves of Plant – Take in CO2, Give Out Oxygen

When we recall our first lesson in photosynthesis we think of the stomata, the holesin the leaves of plants which tend to take in carbon dioxide giving out oxygen together with water vapour. During the 400 million years from the time the plants inhabited the land, these holes seemed to stay unchanged but for one main exception namely grasses.

The plants that tend to make up around 60% of the calories which people consume all over the world is said to have a modified stoma which experts are of the belief that it makes them capable of withstanding drought or even high temperature.

An increased productivity of grass stomata has now been confirmed by Stanford University scientists who have gained some knowledge on how they tend to grow. Their discoveries, conveyed in the issue of Science of March 17 could be beneficial in cultivating crops that would flourish in a changing climate.

Professor of biology and senior author of the paper, Dominique Bergmann, stated that eventually they have to feed people and the climate is changing, regardless of the cause, they still tend to depend on plants in order to survive irrespective of the climate they may have.Grasses that comprise of corn, rice and wheat tend to develop various stomata that could have been helpful in spreading at the time of prehistoric era of improved global dryness.

Food & Agriculture Taken for Granted

Stomata tends to have two supposed `guard cells’ having a hole in the centre which opens and closes based on how the plant requires to steady its gas exchange. Should the plant require more carbon dioxide or needs to cool with the release of water vapour, the stomata tends to open and if it needs to conserve water they then are inclined to remain closed.

The unusual structure of the grasses improved on recruiting two extra cells on each side of the guard cells, enables little additional spring with the opening of the stomaalso tends to respond much more quickly and sensitively to changes in light, temperature or humidity which occurs in the course of the day. Scientists expect that by being aware on how grass developed this system, they would be capable of creating or selecting edible plant which could endure dry as well as hot environments that would probably be more predominant with the changes in climate.

According to Michael Raissig, a postdoctoral research in the Bergmann lab and lead author of the paper commented that they take food and agriculture for granted and it is not something the `first world’ had to deal with but there were still large areas of the world that suffer from famine and this would be on the rise.

Unusual Stomata of Grasses – Extra Efficient `Breathers’

Moreover the human population would be exploding in the next 20 to 30 years, most of which would be in the developing world which is also where the changes in climate would be having the major effect.

As per the scientists, the unusual stomata of the grasses tend to make the plants extra efficient `breathers’. The researchers, however urged by curiosity together with a desire for developmental biology, planned to test that theory. They located a mutant of wheat relative Brachypodium distachyon which had two celled stomata. In association with the Berry lab at the Carnegie Institution for Science, the team then compared the stomata from the normal four celled stomata to the mutant.

They not only confirmed that the four-celled type seems to open wider and faster but identified which gene had created the four –celled stomata, though it was not the gene they were expecting. Raissig stated that since it was a grass specific cell type they were of the belief that it would be a grass specific factor also. Rather than depending on a totally new mechanism, the recruitment of the additional cells appears to be organised by a well-studied factor known to switch other genes on and off.

Wheat Brachypodium

That factor in other plants seems to be present in guard cells where it is involved in their progress. The team discovered that in grasses the factor migrated out of guard cells and directly into two surrounding cells, recruiting them in the formation of the four-celled stomata.

From the evolutionary period, humans have produced and propagated plants which had produced the types of food they desire and which could survive the extreme climate. Dominique Bergmann, also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator commented that they were not consciously breeding for stomata though they had been unconsciously selecting them.

He further added that they wanted something which is more drought resistant or something which could work better in higher temperature, or something which is just capable of taking in carbon better and often what they tend to actually do is select for numerous properties of stomata.

In the research led by Bergmann, the researchers utilised a relative of wheat Brachypodium in demonstrating that all grass stomata having four-cell configuration inclusive of two subsidiary cells were more responsive to changed environmental condition, having a wider range of holes for opening and closing of pores and it was this sensitivity which probably improved the performance of the plant especially in high temperatures or famine conditions.

Gene – BdMUTE

Moreover, the team comprising of lead author Michael Raissig together with the others, utilised sophisticated research techniques in identifying specific gene which enabled Brachypodium to form the imaginative subsidiary cells. The gene known as BdMUTE, encodes a protein which is said to be a `master regulator’ of cell behaviour by turning on and off the other genes which tend to give the cells their exceptional properties.

Deprived of the master regulator, Brachypodium stomata looks like the primitive two-celled stomata which is located in other plants. According to the scientists, due to the flexibility together with the productivity of grass, it seems to make the understanding of this plant family dangerous for the survival of humans.

Irrespective of genetic modification or selective breeding, scientists someday would be capable of using these discoveries in producing the other plants with four-celled stomata. Besides, this could also be one of the several changes, to chloroplasts or enzymes, for instance which would be helpful for plants photosynthesize much more in an efficient manner in feeding an ever growing population.

The research had been financed by Swiss National Science Foundation, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation together with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Is Robotics a Solution to The Growing Needs of the Elderly?

Robots – Nurses/Caretakers for Elderly

At the reception of Institute of Media Innovation, at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, you will find a smiling brunette receptionist known as Nadine.One would not find anything unusual with regards to her appearance but on closer scrutiny you will get to know that she is a robot. Nadine is said to be an intellectual robot with the potential of autonomous behaviour and for a machine, her appearance and behaviour tends to be amazingly natural.

 She has the tendency of recognizing people together with their emotions and utilises her knowledge database, her thought in order to communicate. They have still been fine-tuning her receptionist skills, at IMI and shortly Nadine could be the nurse for your grandma. Study in the use of robots as nurses or caretakers have been mounting and it is not difficult to know the reason. Global population is getting old which is being a strain on the systems of healthcare.

 Though most of the elders in the age of 80 may need a companion to chat with or someone to take care of them in case they tend to stumble and fall, more and more of the elderly tend to suffer from serious disorder namely dementia.

Quality Care – Needs of Elderly

Several experts are of the opinion that robots could be the solution in providing the much needed quality care in addressing the needs of the elderly. Nadine is being designed by a team which is headed by Prof Nadia Thalmann who have been working on virtual human research for several years. Nadine is said to exist for three years.

According to Prof Thalmann, she seems to have human like potential in recognizing people, emotion while simultaneously remembering them. She will automatically adjust to the person as well as situations she may tend to deal with thus making her perfectly suitable in looking after the aged, according to Prof Thalmann.

Moreover, the robot is said to monitor the wel lbeing of the patient and in case of an emergency can call for help. Besides this, she can also chat, read stories or even play games. Prof Thalmann commented that the humanoid is never tired or bored and it will just do what it is devoted for.

IBM Multi-Purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant

However, Nadine is not perfect and tends to have trouble understanding accents. Her hand co-ordination is not the best. Nonetheless, Prof Thalmann states that robots could be caring the aged within 10 years. IBM, the US technology giant is said to be occupied with robo-nurse research in association with Rice University, in Houston, Texas who have developed the IBM Multi-Purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant – Mera.

 It is said that Mera can monitor the heart and breathing of a patient by analysing video of their face. Moreover it can also view if the patient had fallen and convey the information to caretakers. But not all would be prepared for a robot caretaker, admits Susann Keohane, global research leader of IBM, for the strategic initiative on aging.

 This opinion has been supported by research by Gartner which had found `resistance’ to the usage of humanoid robots in the care of the elderly. Kanae Maita, principal analyst in personal technologies innovation at Gartner Research had commented that people did not seem to be comfortable with the idea of their parents being cared by the robots, in spite of evidencethat it provides value for money.

What to Consider When Choosing SA Mobile Phone Service Provider

There are different cell phone providers in the UK and most of them are similar in lots of ways, but at the same time, unique in others. Here are some facts that you should consider when choosing the mobile phone provider you need.

Coverage in your region. 

Each service provider has their own exclusive network and the coverage varies in each one. Take a look at the service provider’s coverage map to ensure that you will have reception where you are likely to use your phone.

You can look at the coverage of your potential service provider by logging into the website of the provider and looking at their coverage in your area. It is always available online.
Another option is to go directly to the nearest store and ask for a brochure or pamphlet that has a map that shows the coverage in your country. This will show you the areas that are covered and those that aren’t. You also get to know what services you will be able to get. Internet services, text messaging and/or voice coverage.

Network coverage.

If you are a person who travels a lot, you don't want to be restricted to making or receiving calls at a certain location and having no signal in another location. Be aware of how far or near the network of your service provider goes.

Take note that a good service provider should not have roaming charges.
Currently, 4G LTE networks are something that should be considered when selecting a mobile phone service provider. So, if the potential service provider has a 4G LTE network, take a look at the network that your service provider is offering and compare it with the rest.

The length of the contract. 

Getting a good cell phone and a good deal that goes with it isn’t so hard. The tricky part about these deals is the fact that you may have to sign a contract that goes for 3 years or more.

The catch is, the moment you try to get out of them before time, there are harsh financial penalties involved.

A good mobile phone service provider will give you a good deal with a contract that isn’t really hard to get out of. There shouldn’t be a hidden agenda in a good deal.


You could be under a really tight budget, meaning you have to be careful about how much you are going to spend on your mobile phone bill. Do your research on the available cell phone providers and look all the plants they have. The minutes available, what’s included in the package, and what the monthly prices are. With most mobile phone service providers, you will have to sign a contract of about two years unless you select a prepaid mobile phone provider. Companies like Vodafone have prepaid packages. This way you avoid getting locked up into a contract and avoid paying a penalty if you have to move to a place where there is no coverage, or out of the country to a place where your current provider won’t be efficient. However, with a prepaid option, your choices could be limited.

Company reputation. 

If a company has been in the market for so long, then it is probably because it has a good reputation. If it didn’t, then it wouldn’t have been in the market for that long. Therefore if they have been on the market for long, their service is probably really good.

Good customer service. 

One way or another, you will need some assistance from your service provider. This means you will have to call customer service for help. There is nothing more annoying that calling customer service and being made to wait on the line for long periods of time. Find a mobile phone service provider that provides customer friendly services and makes customer satisfaction a priority.


If or when you decide to buy a new phone, you want to have a chance to buy the best cell phone (that your money can buy) from the world's biggest brands. However, not all service providers have a large selection of phones and if do, maybe the deals are not so attractive. This is also something to keep in mind.

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Howard University Opens a New Campus at the Googleplex

Howard University
It is an unaltered reality that novice and emerging minds have always exposed top-notched versions of technology that comes up with a lot of dynamism enrapt in it. Previously, almost a decade ago there was hardly any attempt was made in the field of the technology but, one must remember that it is an undenied fact that it is rigorously imperative to reflect that how innovative the working groups of Howard University are, which is generally termed as the Black institution since time immemorial.

It is the time to feel proud of one’s institution that has groomed us to stand at the position where we are. Students who pursued their undergraduates from Howard University in Computer Science, are being recruited by a renowned tech support organization i.e. Googleplex.

The unhindered service that they have received from the students of Howard have enforced them to recruit more employees from Howard West which has now become the central zone of Google to employ extraneous Black Software Engineers from different institutions like the esteemed colleges and Universities. Besides, providing them with thehighest order of perks and pays; they also ensure that the employees are given the best working environment so that they feel at home, though physically far away from it.

Peter Drucker, a consultant at the managerial post said that the only way by which one can predict their future is by creating it, and this is what the students from Howard University is bent proving it. The students are the harbingers of values loaded with diversity and Google has taken the initiative to include diversity in its curriculum.

They are thriving to develop an another version of campus Googleplex that was till now denoted only to the physical space, but now the students on campus can mingle and coordinate with several creative and innovative minds across the universe on this unique platform provided by Googleplex. This initiative to bring the entire world to a single space is sure to churn the whirlwind by enfolding every new aspect of creativity that was undoubtedly not thought before.

The Googleplex program is designed in such a manner that everyone whether a junior or a senior from Howard University pursuing Computer Science will get the opportunity to be a part of it by attending the program for a period of three months, but only for once. An added advantage to all the participants would be that they would be supervised by Senior Google Engineers and Faculty members from Howard University.

They will always be there s instructors so that they can provide their best support to all the emerging talents. The program is said to have been started in summer this year and they are also thinking of incorporating students from other Black Universities who would be the perfect example of best minds travelling across space and geographical boundary. This is a revolutionary initiative taken by Google which would definitely give a proper platform to the fresh and emerging talents.

Looking for the Next Boost in Rechargeable Batteries

An Alteration to Lithium-Sulfur Battery

The USC researchers have come up with a solution for rechargeable batteries. In the January issue of the Journal of the Electrochemical Society, which had been published by Sri Narayan and Derek Moy of the USC Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute, outlines how they had designed a modification to the lithium-sulfur battery which could be more competitive with the industry standard lithium-ion battery.

The lithium sulphur batter which was presumed to be better in energy storage ability than the well=known lithium-ion counterpart had been vulnerable due to its short life span. The lithium=sulphur battery, presently can be recharged 50 to 100 times, unreasonable as an alternative energy source in comparison to 1,000 times, for several rechargeable batteries in the present day market.

The solution planned by Narayan together with lead author and research assistant Moy is what they call the `Mixed Conduction Membrane’, or MCM. This is a small piece of non-porous invented material inserted between two layers of porous separators, soaked in electrolytes which are placed in the midst of two electrodes.

MCM – Essential Movement of Lithium ions

The membrane acts as a block in decreasing the transporting of dissolved polysulfides among anode and cathode. This is a process which tends to increase the type of cycle strain makes use of lithium-sulfur batteries for the purpose of energy storage an experiment.

The MCM enables the essential movement of lithium ions, imitating the procedure as it takes place in lithium-ion batteries. This innovative membrane solution tends to preserve the high-discharge rate ability together with energy density without losing the capacity over a period of time. The researchers had discovered that the lithium-sulfur batteries which have a tendency to make use of MCM at several rates of discharge, had led to 100% capacity retention and had around four times longer life in comparison to batteries without the membrane.

According to Narayan, senior author and professor of chemistry at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Science had stated that this progress removes one of the major technical barriers to the commercialization of the lithium-sulfur battery, enabling them to realize improved options for energy efficiency.

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries/Lithium-ion Batteries

It is said that lithium-sulfur batteries tends to have a lot of advantage over lithium-ion batteries and are made with plenty and cheap sulphur. They are two to three times denser making them both smaller and better at storing charge.

According to researchers, lithium-sulfur battery could be appropriate in saving space in mobile phones as well as computers. Moreover, it would also reduce weight in the forthcoming electric vehicles inclusive of cars, together with planes thereby further reduction in reliance on fossil fuels. The real MCM layer developed by Narayan and Moy is said to be a thin film of lithiated cobalt oxide but future alternate materials may produce much improved effects.

Any alternative material utilised as an MCM, according to Narayan and Moy should satisfy some vitalstandards. The material should be non-porous and should have mixed conduction properties and it should be electrochemically inactive.The research had been financed by USC together with the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute.

Tuesday 28 March 2017

A Future With Robots as Companions Could Be Closer Than You Think

Robot Companions
Robot & Frank the 2012 movie had defined a `near future which would enable us to spend our golden years living `co-dependently independently’ that would be fulfilled by robot companions which would watch for loss of balance and falls, encouraging us to perform constructive household chores such as gardening as well as tend to be something like like best companions. The future could be something we could speculate on or something what the USC Professor Maja Mataric has in mind. After much testing and researching, the progressive effects socially assistive robots could have on helpless population, Mataric visualizes how she could help in speeding this technology into the living rooms and care services.

At the onset in that walk, The vice dean of research of the USC Viterbi Scholl of Engineering and USC Interaction Lab director co-founded the Pasadena company Embodied Inc. that had been functioning in the development and bringing about reasonably socially assistive robots to market. The first `Embodied robot’ would start its testing during the year for consumers. Mataric, a professor of computer science, neuroscience and paediatrics at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, had stated that she would prefer to take the robots out of the lab.

Motivating/Brightening Days of Patients 

She further added that this was essentially important since the users she intends to focus on have special need and the faster they are inclined to help them, the better. The research robots of Mataric had already begun motivating and brightening the days of the patients in the cardiac ward of Los Angeles County + USC Medical Centre, which is the autism clinic at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and the Alzheimer’s care unit at Silverado Senior Living together with the special education together and public elementary schools and Be Group retirement homes.

The living presence of a robot - `Embodiment’ is said to be the main difference between the assistive technology Mataric seemed to have designed together with various screens which tend to include our prevailing machine aided lives. The research of Mataric has portrayed that with the presence of human like robots but not so human taking us into `weird areas’, could be adequate in encouraging the elders in exercising in a way which they would not with screen prompts. Moreover it could also be a discussion section which would enable children suffering from autism in relating better to their peers.

Social Element – Make People Change Behaviour

Mataric had informed a recent national gathering for the American Association for the Advancement of Science – AAAS, that social element is said to be the only object which tends to make the people change their behaviour. It makes them lose weight and recover faster.

There is a possibility that screen tend to make us less and not more social and it is here where robotics could make a difference – the fundamental embodiment. The AAAS appearance of Mataric signified something of a target, which came almost 10 years since she had been inducted as a fellow and 20 years after she had stated at USC.

Socially assistive robotics as created by Mataric together with her then graduate researcher David Feil-Seifer 12 years ago, tends to represent a type of mixture of two other areas of development in robotics namely assistive robotics, robots which tend to assist the disabled through direct physical interaction and social robotics which socialize with people.

Intel's $15 Billion Purchase of Mobileye Shakes Up Driverless Car Sector

Inventions of new technologies have seen the rise in the production of self-driving cars. Leading tech companies have been in a constant battle with their inventions to grab the top spot in autonomous driving technology. Amidst all of this, Intel has made a clever and significant move that can mark the company’s venture into the automotive market a huge success.

Intel Corp has been in agreements to buy over the Israeli driverless technology firm Mobileye for a sum of 15.3 billion US dollars. For a while Intel has been trying to expand its market from the computer business. The acquisition of Mobileye can very well push this US chip making company into the frontlines of driverless automotive market with equal footing against rival firms, Nvidia and Qualcomm.

Although the current market for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems can see a potential rise in the next 10 to 20 years, some people are still skeptical about Intel buying Mobileye. Most companies are promising to deliver fully automated cars in the next 4 years but the depth of the promise is questionable. Intel has not been very well known in the automotive industry but however they have funded numerous startups that are developing different components of self-driving automotive.

What does Mobileye offer?

Mobile specializes in developing sensor chips, networking systems for cars, navigation systems, cloud software, machine learning and other data management systems that aid in developing a fully automatic vehicle. The technology offered by Mobileye is critical to the development of driverless systems and with the tie up with a huge company like Intel; it can increase their business opportunities by entering into the global market.

The deal in question 

Experts and analysts from industry are speculating the deal might be an exaggeration as the price involved is too much. The money paid by Intel to acquire Mobileye is apparently 21 times more than the average expected revenue of the firm in the year 2017. Since more and more companies are popping up in the self-driving technology scene, the market is becoming congested and it may be hard for Intel to get back its investment with the final released product.

The fight for supremacy

Intel and Mobileye are already holding talks with popular German automobile manufacturer BMW to produce some 40 odd self-driving test cars and release them. Mobileye has also made progress to manufacture its fifth generation of chips after teaming up with Intel which is to be released in market by 2021. These chips are to be used in full self-driving vehicles.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm has made its move to acquire the largest chip supplier, NXP with a deal of 47 million US Dollars putting immense pressure on Nvidia, Intel and Mobileye as well.

It is only a matter of time before we can see autonomous self-driving vehicle systems on the road at full swing and whether Intel has made a wise decision in buying Mobileye.

Google Maps Users Soon Can Broadcast Their Movements to Friends, Family

Google Maps
Google is known for its highly developed features that provide its users wide varieties of features. On March 2017, Google has launched a privacy detector feature, where its users will actually be able to share their movements with their friends and relatives. Google Maps is that very feature that is ensuring this facility to its users. In these days the act of sharing every detail on social networking site with your friends and relatives by posting pictures and videos has become very common.

So, Google by introducing Google maps have taken a step forward in this regard where people can easily share their exact location with whomsoever it concerns.

This feature is already installed on almost every smartphones and there is an update from Google that says this feature will also be available on personal computers. With the help of this enticing tool it will be more easy for people to let others know where they are without having to opt for text or call. This is a very big advantage as any emergency situation can be avoided.

To this Ruth Glenn, executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has seconded that this application has both positive and negative connotations. All emergency situations can be avoided being easily able to catch up with people. On a humorous note this can create drastic problems for those who are in relationships, married, as they might have to be constant under the supervision of their partner. Even parents can be sure of where their teenage children are putting up by asking them to turn on the application when they are going out. So, this can be really a boon or a curse for different individuals.

Vice President of Google Maps has accepted that they are not the first brand who have tried to create something like this. As several tracking applications are available on different devices. Glympse which is introduced by Microsoft have been offering this facility to their user since a long time. Apple also puts forward an option called find my friends on their iPhones, iPads, and even watches and this is probably why Google is not expecting any criticisms especially from them who do not want their near and dear ones to locate them. A very intelligent tactics Google have used to camouflage themselves to be on the safer side of the table.

It is very simple to use as the users of this Map will just have to activate the location sharing option by pressing a button available near the search bar and then they can select the person from their contact list whom they want to address their location. They will automatically be informed via a text message. If the receiver does not have the Google Maps application downloaded on their phones, then they will get a link through which they can view the location using a browser.

The one who are unwilling to disclose their whereabouts they can make the desired changes in their setting due to which they can determine for how long their location can be traced.

5 Business Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

Business technology is constantly evolving, and with every new advancement, business owners have the opportunity to improve the way they run their companies. From machine learning to communication innovation, new products are emerging every day. If you want to make these new technologies a part of your business plan this year, there are a few technology trends to watch for this year that may help you reach the goals you have set for your company.

1.     Mobile Payments

Gone are the days when customers had to rush to the nearest ATM to pull out cash for a purchase. Mobile payments are almost everywhere now, from small, locally-owned businesses to larger companies that allow their customers to pay with an electronic signature when goods or services are delivered to their homes. Some businesses are using popular apps, such as Apple or Samsung Pay, while others have adapted other means of letting their customers pay with the touch of a mobile app.

Allowing your customers to take advantage of mobile payments may have several benefits for your business. The biggest advantage is that can boost buying convenience for your clients, which is usually high on the list of customer priorities when it comes to making purchases. It can also help you collect data about the types of purchases your customers are making and which goods and services you may want to promote or scale back.

2.     Smart Apps and Devices

Smart apps are evolving and can do more than ever. While these apps are used for a variety of personal purposes, they can also help organize and prioritize your business. For example, if you run a small business, smart apps and responsive devices that can listen and perform tasks as they are requested may help you save time by digitally ordering supplies and sending messages for you. This could help you streamline duties that might otherwise take up much of your time during the day.

Connecting your employees to new technology may give your business a boost as well. Apps that allow them to communicate a variety of information to you and to their coworkers or to upload it into a secure system that can only be accessed by certain personnel could improve employee productivity, especially for those who work remotely. If your company is located in a major Canadian city, such as Toronto, a business that offers Canadian office phone systems may be able to provide you with communication solutions for clients and remote employees to improve the way you communicate with both.

3.     Data Collection

If you run a small business, you may think that tracking big data technology might be a waste of time. However, even the way you organize your customers’ data can directly impact your sales numbers, and the way you protect it can affect how much trusts your clients put in your company. Being aware of new data trends may allow you to give your customers a more humanized customer service experience and make them feel less like a number and more like someone who matters to your company.

Services like cloud security may help you keep customer information safer than it might be when stored in your company’s main database at the office. Even smaller businesses might be targeted by data thieves, so it may be worth your time to research new technological storage options.

4.     Voice Over IP

Voice over internet protocol is not a brand new technology, but it is one that has changed and evolved since its introduction a little over a decade ago. This type of communication service allows you to make and receive phone calls over a broadband service, whether you are in or out of the office. A VoIP service provider can help you review the needs of your business and what kinds of services you might require.

VoIP technology means much more than making and receiving calls, however. Depending on the nature of your business, a provider could offer you call waiting, conferencing options, and video options that would allow you to communicate with employees and clients over broadband. Many companies are offering more access points than ever, which could result in greater mobility for you and anyone in your company who uses the technology.

As business technology continues to change, you may find that some products and services are a better fit for your company than others. However, staying aware of new tech trends can allow you to pick and choose certain technologies with more confidence and make the best decisions possible for your company.

Monday 27 March 2017

Research Leads to a Golden Discovery for Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology
With an improvement of wearable technology, it is perhaps not impractical to think of a wonderful wearable device, which works as your mobile and your earring or your wristwatch. However, the newest thing that you may now see is the application of pure gold on these wearable devices, and this has been accomplished by Missouri S&T researchers.

Coating of gold on silicon-

In one of the journals, the scientists of S&T have talked about an option to develop thin golden layers on a crystal silicon wafer. They have to take out the golden foil to apply them just as a kind of substrates. Other available electronic stuffs may be developed on them. The new discovery of researchers may bring about some transformation in the field of wearable items. Moreover, it also proves an improvement of similar electronics on the coming days.

One of the leading scientists, Jay Switzer has said that a significant amount of study has been conducted in the domain of wearable technologies with the use of polymer-based substrates. Some substrates also comprise crystals. They are placed into semiconductor in order to bring the flexibility. However, there may be a loss of order, maintained by silicon. As there is more than one crystal, they may have grain limits, which restrict the functioning of some electronic systems.

If we consider a semiconductor, there are holes and electrons, opposite to each other. They may also blend the stated boundaries in order to produce heat. Most of the electronic appliances are manufactured with silicon as this is more affordable item. In addition to it, the performance of this substance is also good. There is a perfect alignment of all atoms. However, while only one crystal is present, the level of flexibility is not much high.

What positive features gold mar bring to a foil-

The scientists have, at first, started their work with one silicon crystal, and after that, they have considered golden foils. As gold is present in the foil, both flexibility and durability are high. The system may be twisted almost four thousand times. But, the level of resistance cannot get altered.

Some challenges have been faced by the researchers at the time of unpeeling the thin foil layer. The bolding between silicon and gold is very strong. To get rid of the problem, photo electrochemical process is used for silicon oxidization. In this oxidization, light allows semiconductor for promoting the reaction. Several golden foils may be designed with single silicon.

The overall research is really a pleasure to the scientists, who wanted to get an affordable way for creating distinct crystals. Many people, who like to deal with such materials, may have some interest in this matter. Moreover, it also gives important data to those, who desire working on these crystals. The team of researchers, who are involved in this issue, includes expert in the field of chemistry and engineering. And with the efforts of all these professionals, the research has been successful.

Furhat Robot Eavesdrops on Men and Women to See How Much They Talk

Robotic systems, created by scientists in the modern world, are really amazing to us. We cannot imagine how a complicated task is easily accomplished by robots. Obviously, it is the intelligence of scientists that may allow robotic structures to get programmed properly to do any work. However, one of the latest innovations in this field is a robot, which is equipped with the capacity of overhearing something. When the robot is installed in a place, it may find out how all the existing people interact with each other.

Different level of conversations among various people-

To describe about the look of this small robot, it is to be said that the researchers have covered its head with a hat, lined with fur. Lots of experimental studies have been done on head of robot that is termed as Furhat. These are intended to know all the disparities in the participation of every person, while dealing with a project or any other activity. The scientists want to make out whether this Furhat robot is able to maintain a balance. From the analysis, it has been observed that while there is a pairing of two women, they speak considerably. However, if it is a pair with male member, she does not speak much. Again, the pairing of two guys does not involve more conversation than that of 2 women. The above things are true only in case of adult persons. For teenage girls or boys, the same reaction is not seen. But, sex is not an importance factor to create a difference.

How the experiment is done with Furhat robot-

The Furhat robot has made an interaction with more than five hundred people in an experiment, which continues for 9 days. At a table, 2 persons have taken their seats at particular time, and a Touchscreen is placed at the opposite side. These people have played one game, in which some virtual cards have to be sorted.

Furhat Robot has interacted with them to do a task, and its sensors have recorded the duration for which a person speaks to another one. Female pairs communicates for almost 45 % of the available time, while for males, it is 26 %.

In the pairs of kids and adults, the latter one converse more. But, the gap is increased, while a man is coupled with a girl. While it is the turn of a Furhat robot to speak out anything, it presents some random behavior. At this point, one may realize the way a robotic system may affect the communication.

The complete research and observation has been exhibited at a conference in Austria. Same type of trials has also been done in laboratory. Thus, the results seem to become more exciting, while everything is done in a normal setting. However, these outcomes may differ vary according to various cultures. But, the effect of Furhat robot on conversations can assist in improving educational aspects. It also helps to bring about behavioral changes in a person.

Saturday 25 March 2017

Mapping the Effects of Crystal Defects

Crystal Defects
A crystal seems to be flawless because almost all the cells have perfect configuration of molecules or atoms. Every cell is also positioned in a 3D space without any distortion. Many cells have more than one atom. However, when there is any imperfection, it is considered as crystal defects.

Dislocation types in a crystal-

Dislocation is one of the common defects that you may see in many crystals. It is such as aspect, where atoms do not remain in proper place in a structure of crystal. In fact, dislocation may be caused due to the application of stress.Dislocations can be of two types- screw and edge defects. Some of the defects are also a combination of these two extreme levels of dislocation. These imperfections have considerable impact on the phonons and on the crystals’ electrical features. Edge dislocation may be observed very easily. Locus for imperfect points in any lattice is placed next to the line. The bonds of atoms are highly distorted.

Screw defect is little harder to be identified. Its motion is caused because of some stress. However, movement of the line is vertical to the displacement of atoms. Some atoms do not get shifted from actual place, while others are transferred to a new site. Many other atoms may also be engaged in the moving process. Just a part of bonds gets separated at particular time. This kind of movement does not need much amount of force.

Data collected by studying about dislocations-

Some experts at MIT have discovered significant data on the working of all interactions. Such efforts may be helpful to create thermoelectric tools and many other advanced electronic structures. All the details from research have been issued in a journal (named as Nano Letters). Li, who is associated with the journal, has considered dislocation as a kind of atomic defects in standard crystal.

How to know about crystal dislocation-

In fact, there’re two different techniques, which are useful to clarify the dislocation or defect of phonon. With the explanation of Li, some queries have been solved. MIT members have detected a fresh statistical process in order to evaluate the systems. With the use of quasi particle, these experts have created dislon in order to have a clarification of all the mysteries.

The latest theory may start differently because this mainly depends on thorough quantum theory. Perhaps, it settles many issues, which cause a dispute on static and dynamic scattering system. It has been seen that these are two acute cases in a same framework.

Li as well as his associates have led to some progress as they have dealt with the facts about the field of dislocation strain. A professor of Missouri University has said that dislocation may lead an intense impact on composition of any material. However, the field of strain with longer range may prevent any direct measurement of the effects of dislocation. Quantization, related to a research paper, can solve the problems, and such approach may also develop the perception of the results from dislocations.

Smart Antenna- A Versatile System Suited for all Laptops

Smart Antenna
Smart antenna system has now become one of the hot topics in the field of research. This is such a system of antenna, which has some circuit components, related to the radiating parts. The signal that is received may control more than one property of antenna. A well-designed antenna for laptop and Smartphone has been launched by British engineers, and it extends the life of battery with the use of less amount of energy. Thus, it is more advantageous than the traditional antennas.

Smart antenna- Know about its major concept-

This smart antenna comprises a number of antenna parts, and their signals are thoroughly processed to develop a space of channel for Smartphone radio. Technology, which is related to this technology, may significantly recover the performance of wireless structure. It also allows PC operators to understand an enhancement of the quality of signal, coverage and capacity of network.

The latest design of Smart antenna, created with the experts at Birmingham University, has led to the introduction of SAT. It also gathers all the present antennas of mobile into a single unit. Nowadays, Smartphone needs maximum 7 antennas separately for Bluetooth, GPS system and Wi-Fi because of the constraints in physics.

In the United Kingdom, this new set Smart antenna may replace almost five individual antennas of any regular laptop. Sampson Hu (CEO of SAT) has stated that in the past, the antennas were separated physically because of some difficulty in attaining positive isolation of signal among antennas. Investors have contributed £3.3 million in order to this newest system of Smart antenna. In the present PCs, Wi-Fi antennas should be kept separate in order that there may not be any frequency interference.

Some challenges in placing antennas-

When your laptop is stored within a metal case, it seems to become impractical to insert antenna system on motherboard or on screen. So, it is to be placed within a hinge opening. But, this opening is not enough to add two traditional antennas- for your 3G LTE and Wi-Fi.

While these antennas have been placed together, their interference hampers the efficiency level and boosts up the usage of battery. However, the issue may be solved with the MIMO system of antenna. Every antenna is to be combined to each other to form only one system.

SAT- As one of the latest and most sophisticated inventions-

According to Sampson Hu, the new Smart antenna is the foremost model, which integrates all the functions to create a simple unit, with the reduction of size and price. Another problem, to be noted, is that it restricts any antenna, while you place your hand on laptop.

Thus, it is a comprehensive solution that may settle the issues, and avoid interference, which is common for any standard or average design of antennas. SAT, in fact, has increased the grants of British government, and thus, it may allow the development of significant business. The subsequent phase of development will lead to considerable production in UK.

Top 10 Mobile App Design Inspirations

 App Design
If you're designing a mobile app, you should look at some of the most successful, popular apps on the market today for design inspirations. This will help you incorporate visually pleasing design elements and functional user-interface ideas into your app. Take advantage of the major market and development research large companies perform to give your mobile app a boost in performance and design.

  1.  Facebook 

  2. Perhaps the most popular mobile app in the world, the Facebook app has many well-designed elements that should inspire your next mobile application. The first being a secure, SSL login and an open API that allows third party applications. Consider offering an API for your mobile app to encourage third-party cooperation and marketing. Secure login is a must if you are hosting any sensitive user data.

  3. Snapchat

  4. Snapchat was one of the first mobile apps to implement the slide-up and slide-down navigation, where users can slide entire screens to move to the next page. Try using this on any app that has a modern, younger audience, as they will be used to this kind of navigation. The app also has a feature to delete sent messages, which is great to add privacy to your mobile application. Let users know you have professional web hosting, and care about their privacy by including features like auto-deleting messages and transparent logging policies.

  5. Periscope

  6. This mobile app is innovative and has many inspirational design elements. It features live streaming capabilities for users, and extensive user profile options. Periscope is complex with many menu options and side-scrolling screens, which work well for any mobile app with a lot of content. Consider using side scrolling pages on your mobile app if you want to condense a lot of content in a simple, easy to view manner.

  7. BIGO Live

  8. Another live-streaming service, the BIGO Live mobile app has unique design elements ready to be replicated or inspired by. This app takes the opposite approach from Periscope, which makes it interesting considering its shared category. It has a very simple, three-button menu that can get you to any part of the app. Consider using a simple menu to avoid loosing new users to steep learning curves. Even though BIGO isn't necessarily outer space related, it uses planets and spaceships for its icons, showing that trendy icon sets work well even if not entirely niche-related.

  9. Capital One

  10. With one of the world's largest banking apps, Capital One has created an inspirational and useful application for new and potential customers. The main feature that stands out in this app if the pattern-based login. This allows users to login by drawing a familiar pattern on a 9-dot grid. Use this type of login if you want to let users create unique passwords that are easy to remember, and easy to type.

  11. Instagram

  12. This is perhaps the most artistic app on the list. Instagram has many design inspirations that you can use on your own web hosting to give your app an artsy, modern feel. Not only do Instagram's filters allow users to customize uploaded content, the company has been a front-runner in developing methods for users to interact. Recently Instagram added the ability for users to 'heart' each others’ comments. Use this technique on your mobile app to encourage users to interact amongst each other more.

  13. Flinch

  14. This viral app is popular on iPhone and Android marketplaces, and has inspired several major mobile apps to make innovative games using live video streaming. The Flinch app offers a fun way for users to connect to one another, and have digital face-off contests. If you're making a mobile app with any type of social component, take a look at the Flinch app's profitable system of gift items. Users can purchase gifts to display for other users, allowing for a pay-to-play system that works for everyone.

  15. eBay

  16. The eBay app is the most downloaded mobile app in the eCommerce category. This app has design elements that should inspire any commerce-based application. eBay uses filters to let users find the exact products they want. This way users never have to resort to leaving the app and going to a desktop version of the website. Include filters in your in-app searches to ensure users can shop, from purchasing to checkout, simply by using your app.

  17. Netflix

  18. The Netflix app brings a web application that's typically designed for desktops or smart TVs to the mobile platform. If your website is designed to be viewed on desktops or large screen laptops, remember that Netflix has accomplished millions of downloads for a similar product on mobile, where screen size is often under 5 inches. The Netflix app uses a responsive design to accomplish this, meaning the video and menus being displayed automatically conform to the detected screen size. Use responsive design on your own app to garner a wider user-base.

  19. Amazon Seller App

  20. The Amazon Seller App is designed for Amazon sellers to list their inventory and check on orders from any mobile device. It has inspirational and cutting-edge technologies and design elements. The most prominent of these is the in-app camera that can read bar codes. Consider downloading a bar-code scanner to install on your own web hosting to allow users to scan for items when out shopping. This works great for mobile apps that let users keep track of purchases, or compare prices and other features of items live while in a store or at home. The user interface is simple with well-defined content areas and readable text.
Use ideas from these top 10 mobile app design inspirations to create a stunning, useful app that you visitors will readily recommend to others. Use social media integration, quick payment links, and intuitive navigation buttons to make the most of your company's mobile platform.

Friday 24 March 2017

FaceBook Building a Safer Community With New Suicide Prevention Tools


Facebook Utilising Artificial Intelligence to Avert Suicides

Facebook intends utilising artificial intelligence and updating its tools and services in order to avert suicides among individuals. This social media network which is the largest in the world had informed that it intends to integrate its prevailing suicide prevention tool for Facebook post in its live streaming feature namely Facebook Live together with its Messenger service.

The company had mentioned in a blogpost recently that artificial intelligence would be utilised in supporting spot users having the tendency of suicides. As per the New York Post, a 14 year old foster child in Florida had broadcasted her suicide on Facebook Live, in January. In live video stream, Facebook has been utilising artificial intelligence in monitoring offensive material.

Recently, the company had expressed that the latest tools would be providing a choice to users viewing a live video in reaching to the user directly and report the video on Facebook. Resources would also be provided by Facebook Inc. which comprises of reaching to a friend and get a help line to the individual broadcasting the live video. Among individuals in the age group of 15 -29, suicide is said to be the second leading reason of death.

Suicide Rates Escalated by 24%

As per a National Centre for Health Statistics study, in the United States from 1999 to 2014, the suicide rates had escalated by 24 percent after a period of almost steady decline. Suicide among youngster seems to be the final ultimatum in stepping in and ending their life when help and proper counselling is not available to the victim.

 Facebook has provided advice to individuals who would be at risk of committing suicide for years though till now it seemed to depend on other individuals in bringing about awareness by clicking a report button on a post. It has now progressed pattern-recognition algorithms in recognising if an individual seems to be stressed by training them with examples of the posts which could have been earlier identified.For instance, dialogue of sadness and pain could be an indication and responses from friends with comments such as `Are you ok’, or `I am concerned about you’, could be of some help.

System Being Rolled All Over the World

When a post has been recognized, it could be sent for quick review to the community operations team network. When someone who would be viewing the live stream tends to click a menu option declaring that they are concerned about the individual, Facebook then provides advice to the viewer with regards to how they could render help to the broadcaster.

The stream is also identified for instant review by the team of Facebook who in turn overlaps a message with a suitable recommendation whenever possible. This latest system is being rolled out all over the world. Presently, a different choice in contacting various crisis counsellor helplines through the Messenger tool of Facebook seems to be limited to the US. Facebook has mentioned that it needs to check if the other organisation would be capable of managing with the demand before it intends to develops the facility

The Spy Device in Your Pocket

mobile phone

Well-known Smartphones/Televisions – Remote Spying Devices

Volatile claims done by WikiLeaks recently stated that the CIA have the tendency of turning well-known smartphones as well as televisions into remote spying devices, emphasizing how unwitting consumers have enabled their passion for electronics in making them susceptible to concealed scrutiny.

According to Tyler Cohen Wood, former senior U.S. intelligence office, states that `it is a boon for the good guys as well as the bad guys. There is just so much information which is out there and everywhere one goes, our politics, when they are at home or not, their health, their pattern of life is out there which is owing to these devices’.

The accusations made by WikiLead along with the releaseof thousands of documents, claimed to be robbed from the CIA, has not been confirmed though officials state that they seem to be reliable.Presuming the accuracy of the documents, the leaked documents draws attention to how the consumers have unknowingly made themselves susceptible to hacking via the widespread utilisation of smart mobile devices. For the past 10 years, smartphones had overtaken the consumer electronic market. As per a research of November 2016, by the Pew Research Centre, around 77% of the people in the U.S. now tend to be in possession of a smartphone.

Procedure Enabled CIA Evade Encryption

This is a noticeable increase from 2011, when about 35% of the Americans had owned a smartphone. WikiLeaks had claimed that CIA spies had 24 exploits for smartphone which had been controlled by Android operating system of Google together with various exploits for iOS operating system ofApple.

The procedure seems to be further than wiretaps together with spooks probably with the ability of secretly activating the microphone on the smartphone or smart TV without any clue to their target. Moreover WikiLeaks also claimed that the procedure enabled the CIA to evade the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, and Confide together with Cloackman by hacking the smartphone which they tend to run on, collecting audio as well as message traffic before applying the encryption.

Apple had mentioned in a statement to ABC News that `while their initial analysis indicated that many of the issue leaked were already patched in the updated iOS and that they would continue to work to address any identified vulnerabilities rapidly.They would urge customers to download the latest iOS in order to ensure that they have the most recent security updates.

Spy Software Capable of Scooping Messages

After the original publication of this, the Director of Information Security and Privacy at Google, Heather Adkins had mentioned in a statement to ABC News that as they had reviewed the documents they are confident that security updates as well as protections in Chrome and Android have a tendency to shield users from several of these alleged susceptibilities.

 Their analysis seems to be on-going and they would implement any future essential protections. They have always made security a top priority and would continue to invest in their defenses’. As reported in August by ABC News, cybersecurity researchers had found at the time three main weaknesses in the operating system of Apple iPhone which had affected users all over the world, provoking the software company to release a security update. In that case the spy software was capable of scooping up messages of any number of apps inclusive of encrypted chat applications such as WhatsApp due to its sophistication.

Monday 20 March 2017

Robots, Exoskeletons and Invisible Planes

Our body may be compared to a weak machine, which is equipped with fragile bones and sinews. However, with the invention of electrically operated exoskeleton, we often wish to get our humanity outfitted with some robosuits, which are intended to provide strength. Again, another technological invention is effective to make any airplane completely invisible to our eye and also radar. Recently, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has expressed everything about these high-tech innovations, which are best for military.

Director of DARPA, Steven Walker has said that while starting any project, they want to ensure whether it may bring about a significant transformation in the present world. On the decade of 60s, the agency had made a plan for linking computers in such a way that there may be a development of good communication. After that, ARPANET had been introduced before the invention of internet, which is used by us in the present day. The researchers have tried to make use of revolutionary technologies in order to help the soldiers.

Exoskeleton gives more comfort to the soldiers-

If we talk about the technologies, related to national safety, DARPA is now at a prominent position. And it is believed that the only things to give defense to a country are robots and invisible airplanes. At present, DARPA is also engaged with the project of creating an intricately programmed exoskeleton, which may transform a fighter into powerful soldier.

Often, the soldiers need to march through an extensive distance, and they carry weighty equipment or packs. Such lightweight, soft exoskeleton reduces the amount of weight, by lowering the load on the body of a soldier. This system makes use of power-driven cables in order to offer a mechanical help. Muscles of the users do not need to spend much energy.

Exoskelton has been created by Harvard University researchers, who have a deal with DARPA. The model of exoskeleton is going through a performance test. Soldiers put on the sample beneath a complete gear for battle and move through a path of about 3 miles. The technicians check the length of strides of the soldiers, activity of muscles, and use of energy. The main objective is to help soldiers in walking more distances, when they are holding heavy burdens with limited effort.

In the creation of invisible airplane also, DARPA has made lots of contributions. According to the director of this agency, those, who have been engaged with them, got a chance to implement their own ideas. An ex-director dealt with Air Force for the development of stealth aircraft for the first time.

Other projects for the benefit of fighters-

There are many other grand projects of DARPA. For instance, as lots of soldiers lose arms in wars, the scientists have created arms. And one of these arms has been approved by FDA. This arm may be stretched and bent also. A mechanical arm is also going to be developed by connecting it to the cortex in our brain.
Thus, technologies in the military world may amaze all of us in future.

MIT Media Lab Disobediance Prize Worth $25000

MIT Media Lab

How Breaking the Rules Could Win You $250,000

The M.I.T. Media Lab has thrown everyone I a frenzy by laying down a proposition which is as simple as it can get. It is offering prize money worth $250,000 inch to those who are willing to go ahead, break the rules or indulge in shaking up the status quo. There are literally no rules attached to this offering and certainly it isn’t a joke purported by some people rather M.I.T. Media Lab has opened the nomination for its new Disobedience Award for all. In short it can be said this lab is aiming at congratulating the people for their courage to remove the shackles of the society or institution which results in bringing good in the society.

The reason behind launching this award

It has been said that there are huge number of people who actively doing really important things for the betterment of the society which usually results from either breaking the rules or simply sticking to their beliefs. Those people know that they will be punished for this but yet they move forward without fear of repercussions and punishment. Our world is filled with such exceptional people but most of them go unnoticed or endure hardships on their own without any financial help. This award will help in recognizing such individuals or groups who gives us courage just like Malala and others.

M.I.T lab further points out they had found out that in most of the large institutions there are basically two ways of making progress. It is either by following the rules and working as per the stated process or in some extreme cases taking radical approach which does away with the process and rules and helps in opening a new road towards success. Apple not giving a backdoor to the government agencies can be taken as a prime example of doing something away from the rules even knowing that it can lead to punishment.

All you need to know about the MIT Award 

M.I.T has not suddenly launched this prize money for an award out of the blue rather than had announced it last year but the nomination process has been established just now. The prize money in cash is being funded by the Reif Hoffman who is popularly known as the co-founder of the largest professional website called LinkedIn. The entries for this award will be reviewed by a panel of judges comprising of scientists, activists, engineers and designers. All the living individuals and eligible to participate in this award and the submissions are open from this week and it will end on May 1. The recipient of this prestigious and ambitious award will be announced by the M.I.T on July 21.

As stated earlier this award created a certain level of excitement among the people. The Executive director of the Albert Einstein Institution named Jamila Raquib has stated that she would like to someone gets benefitted by the prize. She further elaborates that kind of award will help in bringing varied kind of structures, knowledge and resources to the individual or group which is not easy to get in this age.

For Nomination Follow.

Saturday 18 March 2017

Google Develops Invisible Web Security Captcha Form

Privacy has become a huge concern for the social media platform and large tech firms which deals with horrendous amount of private data. Google has come forward with a noble solution in form of developing such website security checks which isn’t visible enough to be tampered by the hackers. Currently usual internet users had to prove they are human through giving a click on the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox or checking the pictures on the screen but Google new system will simply make them go away.

A new system of proving you are ‘human’

Currently websites heavily rely on the ‘captcha’ which usually asks users to complete a puzzle displayed on their screen and this captcha is designed in such a way that a computer will struggle to complete it correctly. Captcha came into being to thwart the attempt of the bots from accessing and using the websites. Now Google has developed a system which essentially helps in tracking how users interacts with the website in order to prove that they are human, this will be mean that puzzle are no longer necessary on the website if this system find everything is fine with users activity or behavior.

The puzzles developed by the companies in designing the Captcha has helped them in developing a number of things like Google has utilized it train its artificial intelligence algorithms. An example will help in showing how Google is making its AI smarter with the use of captcha puzzle. If it AI is unable to recognize the house number present in the image by the Streetview car then it will through that image in the Captcha system in order to get human input.

Google set to secure the websites with reCaptcha

Google has long ago introduced that reCaptch system which helped in simplifying the process of making users check certain puzzle in order to prove they are human. Nowadays almost all the websites are relying on it safeguard themselves from hackers and surge of attacks on their servers against the barrage of information feed by scammers. The box utilized for the Captcha helps in monitoring how each person is interacting with it and it then helps computer in understanding the human clicks from the bots.

A example will help in illustrating this fact when an automated script used by the hackers for getting though the captcha then computer notes that it has taken a second to fill up the form and there has been not movement of the mouse at all. All these activities are enough to give it a red flag.

Google has went ahead to improve this system which has done away with the check box as well. Now the system will focus on analyzing the how users has interacted with the other elements on the website which includes the ‘submit form’ button. If this system finds that there has been suspicious activity on the website then it will trigger puzzle on the screen for the user or bot to solve.