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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Howard University Opens a New Campus at the Googleplex

Howard University
It is an unaltered reality that novice and emerging minds have always exposed top-notched versions of technology that comes up with a lot of dynamism enrapt in it. Previously, almost a decade ago there was hardly any attempt was made in the field of the technology but, one must remember that it is an undenied fact that it is rigorously imperative to reflect that how innovative the working groups of Howard University are, which is generally termed as the Black institution since time immemorial.

It is the time to feel proud of one’s institution that has groomed us to stand at the position where we are. Students who pursued their undergraduates from Howard University in Computer Science, are being recruited by a renowned tech support organization i.e. Googleplex.

The unhindered service that they have received from the students of Howard have enforced them to recruit more employees from Howard West which has now become the central zone of Google to employ extraneous Black Software Engineers from different institutions like the esteemed colleges and Universities. Besides, providing them with thehighest order of perks and pays; they also ensure that the employees are given the best working environment so that they feel at home, though physically far away from it.

Peter Drucker, a consultant at the managerial post said that the only way by which one can predict their future is by creating it, and this is what the students from Howard University is bent proving it. The students are the harbingers of values loaded with diversity and Google has taken the initiative to include diversity in its curriculum.

They are thriving to develop an another version of campus Googleplex that was till now denoted only to the physical space, but now the students on campus can mingle and coordinate with several creative and innovative minds across the universe on this unique platform provided by Googleplex. This initiative to bring the entire world to a single space is sure to churn the whirlwind by enfolding every new aspect of creativity that was undoubtedly not thought before.

The Googleplex program is designed in such a manner that everyone whether a junior or a senior from Howard University pursuing Computer Science will get the opportunity to be a part of it by attending the program for a period of three months, but only for once. An added advantage to all the participants would be that they would be supervised by Senior Google Engineers and Faculty members from Howard University.

They will always be there s instructors so that they can provide their best support to all the emerging talents. The program is said to have been started in summer this year and they are also thinking of incorporating students from other Black Universities who would be the perfect example of best minds travelling across space and geographical boundary. This is a revolutionary initiative taken by Google which would definitely give a proper platform to the fresh and emerging talents.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Googleplex in the San Francisco Bay

Recently Google has unveiled a preview of Vanity Fair's new headquarters, which will have an area of 1.1 million square feet or 102,000 square meters. It will be slightly larger than London. It valued about $ 1.6 billion when the construction is completed. This is the first complex built entirely by Google from scratch. So far elsewhere in the world, the search engine has always occupied buildings that already existed.

The local Silicon Graphics in Mountain View or those port authorities in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Of course, the company has all the improved and expanded but none had so far signed by the firm of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This will now be done through the collaboration of the architectural firm NBBJ. Construction has already begun and the complex will be completed in 2015, one year ahead of Google UK. The premises will be divided into 9 sections and have up to 4 floors. Each employee will be maximum distance of 2 and a half minutes walk from the employee later.