Wednesday 28 December 2016

Google Confirms Two More Smartwatch Launches, Android Wear 2.0

Smartwatches have come and gone within just a few years of existence. It might appear to be illogical statement as a number of tech firms are continuously building up their Smartwatch portfolio with each year but on the sales front it has gone down drastically. The last major launch was that of Apple Watch which didn’t much change over the last year’s version. However Google is all set to reimaging the market with launch not one but two different swatches in the first quarter of 2017 and these devices will feature the support for upcoming Android Wear 2.0 OS.

Google to take competitors head-on

Google has confirmed that it will be launching its two new flagship Smartwatches next quarter which will be first of devices to feature next generation Android Wear 2.0 software. At the moment Google is riding at the successful launch and adoption of its Pixel series Smartphones which were loved both by the consumers and critics alike. Pixel devices are giving stiff competition to the Apple iPhone 7 which failed to attract the interest of the consumers due to minor changes in terms of design and features and subsequently failed to get thumbs up from major tech critics and fan forums.

Pixel devices are also reigning supreme in the Android market by bringing challenge right to the Samsung which is reeling from the backlash of its earlier device failure. Moving into the Smartwatch segment is a calculate move by the Google to establish itself as a major player and bring back the public interest the in the wrist based computing devices. Google isn’t developing the Smartwatch on its own rather it has a silent third party at that job.

Bringing consumer attention back to Smartwatch

The launch of Smartwatch was confirmed by none other than Jeff Chang, product manager at Google in an interview with The Verge. Chang has also stated that the new range of Smartwatches from Google is being manufactured by a particular company which has also developed a number of Android Wear devices in the past. This gives a direct wink at the OEMs such as Sony, Motorola and Huawei. Google over the years has been able to forge great relations with a number of hardware partners which has given it insight into the types of consumers and preferences. Jeff further states that Google is stay long in the products category whichever it forays into like a marathon.

Support for Android 2.0 is an added advantage

None of other Android Wear device is set to feature the support for the Android Wear 2.0 when it will be launch next year. Furthermore it is worth noting that Google has not brought any new software iteration for the Android Wear devices since March 2014. Google upcoming ‘Smartwatches’ will feature the latest software, thereby enhancing the features and potential of the devices. The best thing about Android wear 2.0 software is that it will bring support for the new Google Assistant voice controlled service which was first seen in the Pixel and Pixel XL devices.

Virtual Reality will have Same Mind Bending Effects as LSD: Microsoft

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality or commonly referred as VR is just a few years old technology which made its way into the consumer products. But the level of advancement brought by different tech firms has taken it to a whole new level where people are actively adopting with a hope of getting better upgrades in short while. Microsoft has predicted that in near future VR technology will be able to cause drug-like hallucination as it gets more powerful in rendering articulated reality. One of the top researchers at Microsoft stated that VR technology has become capable of warping reality along with catapulting users into a new and enhanced world.

Virtual Reality will be the new LSD

In the 1960 the use of LSD was widely prevalent in the society to embark on the psychedelic adventures. In such LSD infused reality people use to get naked and enjoy some unabashed sex soundtracked and it also led to the creation of the greatest music we have enjoyed so far. Currently virtual reality offering the first level of virtual wherein people are gradually adjusting to the thought of embarking on virtual reality trips by getting alone in the room, wearing the helmet and feeling the new environment without being touched by any other mortal.

Microsoft believed that by 2027 we will be able develop ubiquitous virtual reality system which will bring a much richer multisensorial experiences to the users. Such an advanced virtual reality system will possess the capability to induce hallucination thereby altering the perceived reality for the users. Furthermore this technology will be redefined to incorporate innovative haptic system which will stimulate touching and being touched feeling to bring a complete realistic trip. Therefore continuous trips to this kind of virtual reality will certainly become addictive for the users in the future.

Virtual reality in future will be a ‘need’

A senior researcher at New England research lab named Nicole Immorlica has elaborated that by the year 2027 the automation technology will reach new heights which will redefine our society and economy. In that time our society will be actively generating a huge amount of data from the use of various technologies which will be generated as they live by. In other words our lives will become dull and people will have less work to do on their won as automation will take care of all their needs.

Automation will help in increasing the efficiency along with decreasing the time required for variety which will ultimately lead to a lonely living cycle. That will be the time when people will actively hook themselves up with the virtual reality to get the thrill and excitement of the next level. In that phase virtual reality will become a new addiction for the society and its base has been developed today which will be enhanced with its each iteration loaded with more feature thereby diminishing the thin line between the reality and virtual reality.

Monday 26 December 2016

Mono-Live Gadget Review: Huawei Mate 9

Huawei Mate 9
Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd is a Chinese company who is an well know multinational networking company and telecommunication equipments and services. This company is the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world; this company has overtaken Ericsson in 2012. Huawei has been quite famous in making smart phones with high tech features. Now in this list joins the new Huawei Mate 9 with an massive 5.9 inch screen and an powerful processor. Before taking about this smart phone we need to understand that every smart phone differs from one other and has different features so while reviewing about a Smartphone we need to check for the quality, display, ram and battery life.

Design of Huawei Mate 9

This phone consists of a big display which would be quite difficult to hold in our hands. The design isn’t quite interesting as this phone is making up of an fully metal body and many people won’t prefer it. The fingerprint scanner has been fitted in the back of the phone which is quite fast and reliable and will rarely mistake your finger prints. The phone has an USB-C connector at the bottom of the phone surrounded both sides with speakers and the head phone jack 3.5 mm is fitted on the top of the phone. Though this phone designs doesn’t attract much but we can be sure that its specs will have an upper hand.

Huawei Mate 9 Display

This large display is very large that is 5.9 inch in size though it may be large but the display quality is quite convincing. This display features an full HD resolution but many Smartphones in market has more resolution and quality than this phone but still the display is not that bad. This Huawei Mate 9 has a pixel density of 373 pixels per inch which will make the pictures or the display look good in our eyes.

Huawei Mate 9 Camera

The Huawei Mate 9 features an Lecia co developed dual lens camera with a sensor. This makes our expectations high on this phone. The software on a phone must be developed in such a way that it can use the phones camera to its potential limit. In the Huawei Mate 9 camera quality is really good and this camera has two lens the top lens has an 12 Megapixel which captures color brilliantly and the second lens which is an monochrome lens which is boosted to an 20 Megapixels. The optical image stabilization will do its job perfectly. This also has a laser autofocus which is quite quick in auto focusing on objects.

Huawei Mate 9 Processor

The new Huawei Mate 9 runs on a Huawei made latest octa Core Kirin 960 processor which has an 4Gb ram. The processor is quite powerful and scores well in the benchmark tests the software change or updating of the phone made is to make the phone or optimize the phone to run on the processor and show its full potential. This Huawei Mate 9 phone manages the background activity and data very efficiently. This Huawei Mate 9 phone is quite easy and really user friendly. The phones loaded apps perform well in the background and doesn’t crash. To be simple the phone looks good for using but only the looks might disappoint a few.

Why Windows 10 Users Have Better Anti Virus Protection?

Anti Virus Protection
Ever wondered why PC users using various versions of windows never trust its operating system with anti-virus issues? Well, the reason dates back a long way and is really insignificant in this case. The significant fact is that as per reports of the Microsoft Security Intelligence, the use of anti-virus software has increased manifold with the introduction of Microsoft Defender. It also goes to show that Windows 10 has improved a lot on the security advancements and can now be trusted wholeheartedly for anti-virus protection.

A bit of History

The scenario now shows rapid development in the security department for Windows 10. In fact, almost all its users are having anti-virus software thanks to the in-built Windows Defender which turns on automatically in the absence of any alternative program. Among all the PCs that Microsoft updates only a meager volume of 3 percent PCs are termed “unprotected” with all of them having up-to-date Windows 10 versions. But such was not the case a few years ago.

As per the history books Microsoft has a reluctance to protect its users partly owing to the anti-trust threats that various anti-virus software providers have issued. Companies like McAfee and Symantec threatened anti-trust lawsuits in 2006 on Microsoft over their impeccable plan which included Kernel PatchGuard in Windows Vista. Its aftermath is quite visible in most of today’s PCs where about 20 percent users of Windows 7 and 28 percent of that of Vista have an unprotected PC.

Why are they unprotected? 

Firstly, above 60 percent users do not have any anti-virus installed in their PCs. Secondly, an added 20 percent have it installed but are reluctant to turn it on. Thirdly, in few cases the anti-virus is turned on yet the signatures and definitions are not updated due to expired subscriptions. In case of Windows 10 most users fail to update the PCs and many turnoff their anti-virus.

What has improved in Windows 10? 

With the huge burden of protecting PCs falling on its shoulders Microsoft has been trying to increase the capability of Microsoft Defender. Better scores in all the group anti-virus tests confirm the positive outcome. Apart from Defender, many other approaches have been used by Microsoft such as Windows 10 SmartScreen which is the filter for “safe browsing” blocks much of the malware.

Added features included from Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit or EMET brings in the following standard features:-

  • Data Execution Prevention or DEP 
  • Address Space Layout Randomization or ASLR 
  • Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection or SEHOP 

Enterprise users have the additional access to Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) providing them feedback after any breach.

Moreover, cloud-based protection included in Windows 10 is automatically turned on in the Anniversary updated version and it works in a fascinating manner. If a unrecognized file carrying suspicion is noticed by the Defender it is referred to the cloud service which takes a decision on whether or not to block it based on automated file analysis, heuristics and machine learning. This process is reported to save the response time to a great extent.

All these improvements have resulted in lesser infection rates in case of Windows 10 users.

Movable Micro Platform Floats on a Sea of Droplets

The popularity of small consumer electronics and ever growing rise of their shipments has brought the need of bringing ever-evolving advancement in the technologies. The production of electronic chips and other devices rely on the microelectronic mechanical systems or commonly referred as MEMs which are essentially are tiny machines which help in enhancing the abilities of those electronic devices.

A team of researchers at MIT had come up with an innovative way of ensuring that the movable part of the machine doesn’t get in touch with each other. This will ensure the major source of wear, tear and eventually failing of the electronic device. In this new invention a layer of liquid droplets were used to support a tiny yet movable platform which helps floating the droplets at top of it.

The movement of the platform can easily be controlled effectively and it can also be utilized to alter the dimensions of the droplets by raising, lowering as well as tilting the platform. Their finding has been published in Applied Physics Letters and it has been coauthored by MIT team which includes Daniel Preston along with six others.


How this new system works? 

In this system the droplets way of interacting with the below them is altered as per the need of the hour and it is governed by a scientific a characteristic which is called contact angle. The contact angle specifically helps in measuring how steep the edge of the droplet when it meets with the surface. The usage of droplets will help in tuning across a whole range of the device by applying variable voltage to the surface.

The research team behind this invention is filled with graduate students from MIT namely Ariel Anders and Yangying Zhu and an undergraduate student by the name DingRan Dai. Their work was extensively supported by the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation.

How this droplet platform was created? 

Researchers came with a smart solution to maintain the position of droplets by allowing them to slide around through the treating the underside of the floating platform. Researchers have created the floating surface with small circles of hydrophilic material. But researchers have been able to get the droplets in their place by securely pinning it to the water attracting surface. This ultimately helps in keeping the platform securely.
During the initial testing of this device researchers found that they were able to keep the droplets in the vertical positioning up to the level of 10 microns.

The future application of the droplets

In practical this approach will help in offering simple and cost effective solution to the manufacturers which is great benefit over the existing techniques present in the industry. One of the assistant professors at Centre for Nano Science and Engineering present the Indian Institute of Science named Prosenjit Sen has further elaborated the best thing offered by the droplets is that it offers a degree of vibration isolation which is sorely missed in the solid stages.

Friday 23 December 2016

Hackers Could Take Control of a Plane Using In-Flight Entertainment System

A major vulnerability has been found in the in-flight entertainment system which can be worked upon by the hackers to take control over the aircraft. The vulnerable in-flight entertainment systems were mainly found in some of the major airlines which include Virgin, Emirates and Qatar. The security hole has been effectively found in the Panasonics branded Avionics which is a in-flight system used in planes across 13 major airlines in the world. This would result in not just taking cover the flight but it will result in leaking passengers’ information. However Panasonic has simply denied any possibility of inflicting damage or causing safety alerts with its in-flight systems.

A reputed researcher sheds light on the vulnerability

A researcher named Ruben Santamarta stated that the vulnerability found in the in-flight entertainment system is a grave concern for the safety of craft and the passengers alike. He further elaborated that hijacking the in-flight system which lends the ability to the hackers to make changes in the critical information related to the altitude and location.

They can even control the cabin lightening and along with possibility of hacking into the announcement system. When all these factors are taken into the question then it will result in a paranoid and hugely unsettling experience for the passenger. In short whether the hackers indulge in driving the aircraft haywire or not but it will certainly end in a traumatic journey for the passengers.

A possible loss of financial details is also under play if a hacker gets into the flight system. They will be able to do away with the credit card details of the frequent fliers which are stored in the automatic payment system. Depending on the security level imposed on the aircraft system hackers might get access to the aircraft’s controls which are an area of huge concern.

How much damage can be inflicted on the plane? 

The real extent of damage which can be inflicted on the plane by making use of this vulnerability to dependent on the security designed for the craft. The more the internal systems are isolated from one another the lesser will be the damage. If passenger entertainment system isn’t connected with aircraft control or passenger device then the damage will be limited but it isn’t the case always.

Rube therefore offers a piece of advice as well as warning to the airlines to remain vigilant with the behavior of their in-flight systems and ensure that it remains aloof from the critical aircraft’s control. Panasonic was alerted in 2015 about the vulnerabilities in its in-flight aircraft system in Mach 2015 by IOActive.

This means Panasonics had enough time to fix all the problems associated with its in-flight but Panasonic failed to do so which allowed IOActive to public with the information about vulnerability. Panasonics has defended itself by releasing a statement where it maintained that the information offered by IOActive is inaccurate and misleading and based on ‘theoretical’ assumption.

Thursday 22 December 2016

Nintendo Switch VR headset Shows Up in Patent

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo is known for guarding its secrets when it comes to building new gaming devices. However in recent past the leaks of patents, images and commercial launch documents or slides have become a common place. This trend has finally touched Nintendo when a patent illustration made its way into the website where it showcased that the console handheld screen will come with a slot to insert VR headset. This means that users will be able to use the detachable hand controller for playing at the same time. Nintendo Switch is one of the most awaited gaming console which is expected to launch in March next year. The effort by Nintendo to introduce support for VR comes right after PlayStation released VR console with support for a wide range of titles.

Details on leaked patents

Nintendo filed for the VR and other patents for Switch console in June this year but it was made public just a week ago on the NeoGAF forum. VR capability is a major reveal from the patents but it also offers insight into the handheld portion and possibility of touch screen on Switch console. Patent explicitly states that the touch panel will enable the device to sense the position, pressure and other characteristics of the user’s touch during gaming. It should be understood all the features being listed in the patent documents doesn’t always makes its way into the final product but a large number of it does come into the play literally in March.

Features of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch can easily connect to a TV when it is mounted on its special dock. When removed from the dock Nintendo Switch acts as a portable gaming device which allows users to play on the go. Switch Controller doesn’t get much improvement from its predecessors. But when users remove the side components from it then it acts as two independent Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo set to make Switch a major hit

Nintendo is trying to enhance the appeal and popularity for Switch consoles by planning to offer great opportunities to pubic to try their hand on it before its launch. Nintendo has already released a commercial video in October which offered the first look of the device.

This video showcased the shape-shifting ability of the console which offers players the ability to switch from indulging in hardcore gaming at home to portable gaming. The transition from being connected with the TV and becoming a portable handheld gaming device is extremely swift and easy. Thirdly the removable ‘Joy-Con’ controllers bundled with Switch are a great addition which allows users to play both single and multiplayer gaming.

Nintendo is hopeful of making big leaps in the console by launching its much awaited Switch in March. Switch system will pave way for enhanced multiplayer gaming wherein a large number of users can set up face-to-face competition by simply their Switch devices. In short Nintendo Switch is expected a heightened level of playing freedom to the users than ever before.

Mono-Live Gadget Review: Powerbeats3 Wireless Headphones

The consumer electronics manufacturers as well as tech firms are working aggressively to build such device which better capabilities and fewer cables when it comes to putting music in the ear. So we got a slew of wireless or Bluetooth headphones coming up each week from variety of labels in amazing range of colors, size and dynamics. All of them share some characteristic feature which includes better sound quality, compact design and smaller batteries which can last longer. But it is Beats which takes all the competition head on with its most authentic and enhanced Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones.

Designed to impress

Powerbeats3 comes with a unique giant adjustable hooks present at both sides which effectively wraps over the ear. This helps in giving a table and comfortable feel to the users. In short users can wear Powerbeats3 wireless headphone for a longer period of time without feeling pain or heaviness on the ears. Secondly Beats has worked efficiently non the inline remote and microphones present in both the buds which are able to pick up calls and can communicate with smartphone’s AI with ease and grace.

Most of the users find it difficult to pair their wireless headphones with Apple devices. In order to overcome this issue Beats has include the W1 chip which allows users to pair with Apple devices in an instant without much hassle. It has a huge battery backup of 12 hours which means users will have to charge just once or twice a week. Beats products are known for bigs and lows and so is true for Powerbeats3 and it doesn’t mean that the sound output is awful rather it has the Beats touch in it.

Ease of use and simple design coupled with amazing sound quality

The best thing about Powerbeats3 is that it can be paired fairly easily than any other available wireless device. Users are simply required to press the button on earphone and keep it closer to the device they wish to pair it with. Powerbeats3 was paired with a huge a number of devices where it acted like an instinct and connected within a relatively short time without any hassles. The play/ pause button works amazingly fine with this wireless earphone as it is able to pick up input without fail.

Sound quality output is the best part of the Powerbeat3 as it offers a refreshingly awesome and sublime experience. It brings the one-of a kind true sound isolation feature which drown all the sound you in a remarkable fashion. The only downside found in this Powerbeats3 wireless gadget is that it charges with MicroUSB when whole the world has moved onto USB-C and Lightning ports.

Powerbeats3 comes at a huge price tag of $199 which is the case with all the offerings from Beats. If you are willing to shell such an amount then you will be greeted with amazingly sound quality, sublime design or else you can go with other offerings available in the market.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Lucid Air a Private Jet on Wheels

Lucid Air
Lucid Motors showcases its latest offering in a remote warehouse which takes away the breath of all at once. It brings a new force in the luxury car segment of high-tech automobiles which is bound to turn heads and give a stiff competition to the market leaders. Lucid Motors has aptly named their latest invention as the Lucid Air which an all-electric vehicle with a price tag of $160,000. Lucid Motors has stated that their new technology loaded sedan is aimed towards becoming a private jet on four wheels which it is when you look at it.

Lucid Motors has launched and began the deposits for the Lucid Air at just $2,500 for the standard edition which will be priced at something around $100,000. While $160,000 model will have a deposit of $ 25,000 and it will feature independent dual rear seats which can be fully reclined right to the back just like airline seating. Lucid Motors also has plans to introduce an edition at just $65,000 in near future.

Lucid Motors takes inspiration from other high end models

Lucid Motors has taken inspiration from three of Mercedes Benz models in order to design and model its Lucid Air. The exteriors can effectively be seen inspired by Mercedes E Class, interior space by S Class and emotion appeal of the vehicle originates from CLS. Quite recently Lucid has announced that it will build its own vehicles from a $700 million facility in Casa Grande in Ariz. Lucid Motors has just 300 employees who work from its office based in Menlo Park. It has future plans of rolling out its vehicles from its own dedicated stores which might sound like Tesla stores.

Lucid Air performance is awesome

During the test runs of the Air prototypes it has been able to achieve the 60 mile per hour speed in 2.5 seconds. This speed is same as it is seen on $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar. Among the features which defines Lucid Air as high-end car includes twin electric motors front and rear which results in 1,000 horsepower. It has a number of Lidar, radar and camera for autonomous driving and it has a range of 300 miles which can be boosted up to 400.

Lucid Motors aiming too big in too short time

We have seen a number of super car manufacturer shutting shops within a short time in recent past. Lucid Motors has plans of bumping up its manufacturing capabilities along with opening stores which will become function from 2017. Fisker Karma started doing the same thing but lost its steam within a year due to lower demand, costs and stiff competition from market leaders. Currently it has the initial production target of 10,000 vehicles and it will be boosted by 60,000 in upcoming years. Lucid Motors prides on its super technology and integration of it in super cars but the major issue would be to get break-even sales in order to move into expansion phase.

Instagram Gets Rid of the Singapore Viral Bug

Singapore tagging
Sometimes social media users explore new ways to get into ‘viral’ spree which doesn’t do justice to the platform. In a similar bid to go viral a number of users started geo-tagging themselves as being present in Singapore when actually they weren’t there. This led to the rise of so called Singapore bug on Instagram which didn’t go well with this social media platform and they decided to take action.

Singapore tagging helped users in getting more likes and attract more followers. Instagram has stated that the Singapore bug has seriously impacted the engagement of the users on global level and it is undermined the experience of the platform as a whole. Instagram has fixed this issue by carefully launching patches over the day. Instagram algorithm is designed to showcase content as per user preference and when user indulge in this kind of activity then their experience is hampered in an unwanted fashion which doesn’t do any justice to the user.

The boost for ‘Singapore Tagging’

The Singapore tagging trend didn’t emerge just like that rather it was a calculated effort of a number of users from across the globe. This began when a wide number of prominent ‘influencers’ starting tagging themselves in the photos with location set as ‘Singapore, Singapore’ despite that they were never there. A number of users make use of trending hashtags and tagging in order to fetch more audience for their content which helps in gaining likes and followers as a whole. Tech Mic has published a report a week before wherein it stated that Singapore tagging was infectiously caught up by the prominent internet stars which includes Christian Collins and King Bach. Without looking any further they started geo-tagging their posts in order to gain wider audience and reach for their content.

The dynamics of Singapore Boost

The steps were too simple and easy to follow for the Instagram users to create the Singapore boost.

  •  Create a post on Instagram and make sure you set location as ‘Singapore, Singapore’. 
  •  Publish the post and it will go on attracting likes and comments from random users from across the globe. 
  •  Once you have generated enough engagement then remove the incorrect location.
The basic reason why Instagram users started making use of the Singapore boost is that it feels good to get higher number of likes and comments on the post. It any user content is too trendy then it will get featured in the Explore which ultimately helps in finding new followers. Though only question which has baffled most of the social media analysts is that why people started geo tagging themselves to Singapore which is a relatively tiny city-state.

Later on it was adjudged as an infectious fancy of the users which came upon them and passed out just like that. However users should keep in mind that the best way of engaging others users and create huge following on Instagram is to generate interesting content on daily basis.

Free Trial of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

The enhancement in technology is bringing ease to our life. There was a time when people used to use large computers, which use to occupy a lot of space and now it’s the time we use our phones as a computer. The size of computer is just 5.5 inch. The same achievement is governed by our software engineers. They have successfully made such software’s which can easily recover our lost data. Yes I am talking about recovery software. Whenever we lost our data from computer file recovery software helps us to recover all the data.

We always try to format our computers when it is running or working slow. Mostly the cause of slowness of computer is virus impact or file congestion. This led to, slow our computers and make our work more difficult. When we reformat our system the perception is deleting of files and programs. Basically the files and programs are not deleted rather they are lost. Now the question here is how the recovery software brings back our lost data?


People mostly save their files and programs on a drive which by reformatting is not affected. And in the end when reformatting is done they use to reinstall all their files and programs. Like all others I am rest assure that you also find this way the easiest one. As you are able to see all your essential documents in a drive and can reinstall them easily.

Do you want more easy way? 

The software engineers are successful in making of an amazing software tool which can make all this easier and less time consuming. You can without any issue reformat your computer without the loss of your important documents.

Software that can protect your files, programs and data is EaseUS recovery Wizard. It helps you even when you reformat your computer and laptops.

It is an amazing file recovery software and protects your files. When you have no other way except for formatting your PC than EaseUS data recovery software helps you in protecting your files and assist you to recover all the lost data. It protects your PCs from viruses and malware.

It is one of the tested and justified recovery software and is used by thousands of users. It also gives you 30 days risk free trial program.

If you want this amazing software all it requires is:

  • Download it 
  • Set up the tool in your computer 
  • Learn how to operate
Final Verdict 

EaseUS recovery Wizard is one of the highly rated software and is used by number of people around the globe. According to the users they had a great experience with it and this software has saved their files as well as time. You can easily download the software from Cnet. Try it today to make your computer safe and easy to use.

How to Choose the Right Project Management Tools for Your Online Business

Operating an online business has become an increasingly viable way to build an income, and many people begin as personal bloggers and then find that their site grows, as does their income.

If you’ve already moved beyond the initial stages of creating a blog that generates income, and you’re now working on expanding and growing, you may be in the process of hiring people to work with you.

When you hire employees, freelancers or contractors for your online business, it’s important to maintain strong communication, clear expectations and to collaborate as you would in a traditional work environment.
While these may seem like challenges in a virtual business setting, there are project management and collaboration tools that simplify this.

The following are some tips for online business owners to choose the right tools and technology for their needs.

What Are Your Goals? 

You may know in general that your goals are to increase collaboration between your content creators and your blogging team, but what are your specific goals?

You should look at technology and PM tools as a way to achieve very specific business goals.

For example, do you want to improve the efficiency of your content creation and editorial team? Do you want more standardization and consistency in your content creation? Do you want more visibility between team members?

Simple or Complex? 

If you’re just starting to really build your income-generating blog and your content team, you might want something simple. If that's the case, a free plugin might be sufficient for your needs. WordPress offers free plugins that can help users manage the workflow of their content creation, and it’s a good starting place for scheduling posts, monitoring progress and publishing.

On the other hand, if you have a larger blog and more team members, you might want a more sophisticated tool, and those options are going to come with a cost. In this instance, your budget is going to be a significant part of the selection process.


If you are going with a more complex project management or content creation management tool, scalability is a key concern.

Your hope is, of course, that your online business continues to grow, so look for cloud-based options that allow you add new users and capabilities as your blog expands and the need arises.

You don’t want to be locked into a product that’s limited and isn’t going to scale up along with your needs.

Digital Workspace

When you’re assembling a team of content creators and managers, it can be important to include the ability to all come together in a digital workspace for brainstorming.

Brainstorm sessions are essential for new content ideas, and managing the overall creative direction of your blog, so try to find collaboration tools that offer the option for everyone to come together virtually and share their ideas.

Something like a virtual “whiteboard” can be a great option, and you want features that store these brainstorming sessions so you can refer back to them later.

Choosing collaborative and project management technology and software is a critical component of building any online business, including a blog. Making the right choice can improve your productivity, teamwork, and the overall success of your site.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Mono-Live Gadget Review:Skybuds Wireless Earbuds

Skybuds is the new wireless earbuds and is made by and marketed by the Alpha Audiotronics Company. The new Skybuds is very unique in design and the music quality is awesome compared with its competitors. The Skybuds earbuds is shipped with a carrying case which is quite big and very bulky to carry it everywhere.

This carrying case can be fitted at the back of your phone and it doesn’t fall of and this case is used for charging the Skybuds earbuds. This carrying case comes as the first disadvantage of the earbuds as this is fitted in the back of the phone and thus making the phone too bulky to be carried and this puts a question mark on whether Skybud is a pocket friendly earbud.

The pricing of the products is fixed at $250 which is really an high price, whereas you can get some more featured or an premium earbuds like Apple or Bragi under $200. Now let’s talk about the sound quality, if you are wearing a wireless earbud what would you feel and what are the features it has! This skybuds is very comfortable when wearing it at first but it feels very uncomfortable while wearing in a long stretch.

The sound quality is quite good compared to its competitors products in the same price range they have a good bass and has a smooth way inside our ears and this earphones does not sound flat. This skybud creates clear and awesome songs and the bass in songs is quite good. The skybud does digital processing which is done by the small sized earbuds which is responsible for giving high quality song and gives us a good feel when hearing an song if you do not want this feature you can turn it off in the Skybuds app and turning this feature off can increase its charge by one hour more.

When the wireless earbuds were introduced the main was to make an active connection between the device and the earbuds and thus pushing the sound quality to the last. Well now we have come a long way of connecting two or more devices and keeping the connection active thus now the sound quality is very important for us now.

The Skybuds is made up entirely plastic type material but it still looks quite simple shiny and smooth in hands and it does not fall of easily. The slim and sleek design is an plus point for this earbuds which is comfortable while wearing and its design prevents it from falling of quickly.


  1.  This Skybuds earphone has excellent sound 
  2.  Though the charging case is big still its quite good for the earbuds. 
  3.  This Skybuds earphone is very light because of its built quality. 
  4.  Overall the earbud is good and still it has to improve its battery life. 


  1.  The Bluetooth drops out quite often and disconnects and interrupts your audio. 
  2.  The Skybuds earbuds is very uncomfortable while wearing for a long stretch of time. 
  3.  The built quality is cheap although it looks like a premium earbud. 
  4.  Price of the earbud is very expensive compared to its competitors.

Monday 19 December 2016

Deep Spacecraft Will Be Guided by X Ray Pulses from Distant Stars


China’s First Satellite Guided by X-ray Pulses

China has launched the first satellite in the world which will not be guided from Earth but instead will be guided by the powerful x-ray pulses of distant stars.In order to support the big strategies for deep space exploration, comprising of a manned Lunar mission together with Martian lander, China has launched its first x-ray navigation system in the world.

 The X-ray Pulsar Navigations 1 - XPNAV1 satellite, launched on November 10 aboard a solid-fuelled Long March 11 rocket from the Jiuquan Space Launch Centre in the Gobi Desert, is said to be the first x-ray navigation system in the world that will go in orbit, that will defeat NASA;s Station Explorer for X-ray Timing and Navigation Technology –SEXTANT, scheduled to be installed on the ISS somewhere next year.

The navigation system is said to be dependent on x-ray pulsars set up in systems with two stars. Basically a dense neutron star’s strong magnetic field tends to pull in gas from the other star and when the gas influences the neutron star, it generates a strong X-ray hotspot.

Millisecond Pulsars Generate X-ray Pulses at Short Intervals

If the spin axis and the magnetic axis of the neutron star are not aligned, while the neutron star tends to rotate, pulses will be generated as the X-ray hotspots move in and out of the view of the observer. This is a beneficial tool for navigation.

Millisecond pulsars have a tendency to generate x-ray pulses at short intervals which by measuring the time differential from multiple known pulsars, such as GPS utilising pulsars rather than satellites, a spacecraft has the tendency of determining its location in the solar system within 5 km, which is good for deep space. The purpose is to find pulsars which tend to offer pulses at a reliable pace. X-ray pulsars frequently speed up or slow down the regularity of their bursts.

If it goes as intended, the XPNAV1 would accumulate data to build the pulsar x-ray database and would then be capable of using the data to verify its location independently. The 529-pound satellite is said to have two detectors for measuring x-rays generated by pulsars. XPNAV1, over the next five to ten years would build a database of x-rays from 26 pulsars which would measure their frequencies against other electromagnetic action in space.

X-ray Navigation – Superior Precision/Reliability

Moreover it would also measure the accuracy as well as its consistency of pulsar x-rays against the background noise in space without the need to worry about atmospheric interference. It would verify the usability of the data by checking the data to see if the same can predict the location of the satellite without depending on other navigation aids.

The benefit of x-ray navigation comprise of superior precision and reliability and the spacecraft would not need to depend on radio signals which tend to take longer in travelling into deep space and miss signal fidelity. X-ray navigation tends to be much cheaper and the spacecraft would not need large expensive ground based radio antennae for navigations signals.

Besides this the spacecraft would also be more autonomous wherein it would save bandwidth for the transmission of scientific data back to earth. The achievement of XPNAV1 would mean that China has not only been successful in achieving a most important milestone in space technology but has also enabled Chinese talkonauts as well as robotic probes to travel more easily further than orbit.

Waymo, Google's Self Driving Car Company

Google has been researching and developing a whole new level of driverless car technology for the past 7 years. Now Google has made their project into a new company named WAYMO. This company is under the Google’s parent company Alphabet. WAYMO is a technology based company which is made with an intention to make the self driving car to be safe to transport people and things and to be put a wide range of use and availability.

The company’s main focus is not to develop the self driving cars but to develop that technology in a effective and efficient way so that it can be widely put to use and easily available for other car developers. Now the testing of the project is made under all different scenario and this technology which is developed must be very useful and very simple to use and shouldn’t be complicated. Thus it can benefit everyone including public transport system. This technology can save time and distance and will be of much benefit. The WAYMO Company won’t be making cars whereas it will be fitting these technology advancement in that car.

The “Koala Cars” is a small car which is currently used by Google for testing and development of its self driving technology. The Fiat Chrysler seems to be the first car to come out with the Google’s software equipped who signed a deal with Google for its self driving technology in the company’s Pacifica mini vans this deal was made between the companies on May.

The development of this technology was started 7 years before in Google lab and now is being made ready to be put into production after a test made for 2.3 million miles in its fully robot controlled vehicle. There will a giant leap made by the company to put its developing technology in an finished car and to make it available to the public. They are in the process of developing more map routes, to make the user enjoy a smoother ride and make navigations very accurate. There must be a proper system to navigate and drive the vehicle in heavy snow covered road and in heavy rain in simple this technology must be able to adaptable in all weather.

On October 2015 it turned out to be a remarkable event for Google when the company gave the first full automatic car ride to a blind man in Texas and no one accompanied him on his journey. He was travelled in one of the Koala cars in Texas travelling through the public roads of Austin.

Google has developed and tested many project and everything is very special and unique whereas compared to this feature Google has been doing a good job and developing us to the future. Many people may ask “is it possible for us to physically not drive a car but to reach our destination safely?” well Google might and will give answers to these types of questions in the upcoming future.

Saturday 17 December 2016

Top 5 Tablets of 2016

Pixel C
The reign of tablet has taken a hit in past couple of years as the popularity and interest in these devices dwindled among the consumers. This trend is directly related to availability of high performing Smartphone with bigger screen which gave direct competition to the tablets. But tablet maker swiftly came up with an innovative idea of turning tablets into computer on a whole new different level within affordable price point. Here are some of the best laptops which you can buy during the holiday sale of 2016.


Apple supremacy in the tablet segment is still here. Apple has launched a slew of updated version of iPad range a while back to keep pressure on the competitors and upholds it supremacy. iPad Pro comes with a beautiful display and it is fast as a laptop and comes in two different screen choices of 9.7 inches and 13.9 inches. iPad Pro has a top-notch quality, high-end specification for faster performance, brighter display for enhanced viewing experience, incredible sound output with great speakers and the support for Apple Pencil & Smart Keyword is added benefit.

Google Pixel C

Google is gradually taking the Android segment with a storm by the launch of its own range of smartphone and tablets. Google Pixel C comes loaded with top-end specification which offers incredible performance. It has a high resolution 10.2 inch display along with a long lasting battery couple with an adonised aluminum frame for elegant look. It also has support for keyword but it has to be bought separately like Apple’s iPad.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro is the best when it comes to detachable devices. It might not have garnered praise or recognition like Google and Apple offering but in terms of design and performance it is way better than their offering. Surface Pro 4 come with 12.3 inch high resolution display, 6th generation of Core Intel processor and an optional keyword with an awesome tackpad. It is the most expensive tablet at the moment with a commanding price of over $1000 and it runs the latest version of Windows 10 OS.

iPad Mini 4

If you are looking for a small, light and sturdy tablet then iPad Mini 4 is the right choice. It comes with 7.9 inch Retina display, impressive camera, faster processor and multi-screen functionality. It is best suited for those who love to grab-and-go and it is powerful enough to run multiple apps at once and users can use two apps at the same time with the built in multitasking functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S Tab 2

Samsung device offers the best display screen with its homegrown vivid AMOLED display. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is one of the lightest and thinnest high end tablet available in the market. It has a an 8inch screen and a high performing speedy octa core processor which runs the latest version of Android. It has a fairly low boot time compared to other tablets and has the cheapest price point.

Friday 16 December 2016

Windows Update Knocks Out Internet Connections

Windows Update
Just a few years back, users used to eagerly wait for the updates which will help them in unlocking the new features on their existing devices or software or programs. However things have changed drastically in the past year because a number of updates and upgrades have resulted in driving people nuts with making some serious affects on the devices as a whole. This has resulted in poor user experience and this ugly trend creeps into Microsoft’s popular operating system called Windows with the latest update.

ISP reports internet connectivity difficulties in European region

A recent update to the Windows OS has brought painful and unwanted internet connectivity issues on a number of devices. This has been widely reported by innumerable internet service providers in European region who has stated that they customers were unable to connect to the internet. This isn’t affecting any particular kind of router box rather its is rampant. On other hand Virgin Media has come with a detailed solution which allows users to connect with the internet and it has been provided to the customers. Microsoft also came into action after this and it issued a guidance to the users in effectively connecting to the internet.

Microsoft comes into action

Microsoft has well noted this development and brought some crucial guidance at dealing with it though it has only affected a certain number of users with Windows 10 OS. At first users are required to restart their system and if it doesn’t help then they can get more detailed alternatives by visiting Microsoft’s website from other device. Microsoft has zeroed out the problem in the system’s inability to connect with the network by automatically picking up addressing system in the broadband routers.

Steps compiled by Virgin Media to get connected with Internet

Here is complete set of guidelines issued by the Virgin Media which will help all the affected users in connecting with the internet in a swift fashion. At first users are requested to restart their system by going to the Start followed by Power and Restart. Once the system is booted up again then try to connect to the internet, if it doesn’t work then you will be required to reset the IP address and here are the necessary steps.

  1.  Click on Start button. 
  2.  Click on Run or press Windows Key along with letter ‘R’ 
  3.  Type ‘CMD’ and press enter 
  4.  A command prompt will appear on the screen. Now type in ‘ipconfig/release’ and press enter. 
  5.  Now users can try to connect with the internet and hopefully this set get them connected.
In case this trick doesn’t work for you then the below mentioned steps which will help in clearing up the DNS settings.

  1.  Click on the Start button 
  2.  Click on the Run or press Windows key along with letter ‘R’ 
  3.  Once again command prompt on the screen. Now type in ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and press enter. 
  4.  Now hopefully your connection will start working and you will be able to connect with the internet.
Later KB3206632 update was released to fix the fault.

Thursday 15 December 2016

Popcorn Time Ransomware Offers to Restore Your Files for Free — If You Infect Two Friends

Popcorn Time Ransomware
Instead of luring users into clicking on the link and then asking for money hackers has come up with an innovative approach. Ransomware has been in vogue for almost a decade where modus operandi has become standardized. This has helped hackers in doing way with billions of dollars in last decade by taking way the control over the files or networks and devices leaving user’s at hacker’s wisdom. Most of the time user decides to pay upfront and get back the critical data or simply lose it by wiping up the machine. With constant campaign against such malpractices and attacks people have vigilant and the ransomware cases started to die down but didn’t went way at all.

Hackers have come up with an innovative alternative wherein the ransomware offers an opportunity to recover the files by simply making your two friends victim of the same.

New Ransomware ‘Popcorn Time’

This new ransomware has been named ‘Popcorn Time’ which offers a lucrative deal to the victims by asking them to infect two other friends in order to safeguard their own data. This ransomware is designed to find all the files present on the desktop along with the files present in My Documents folder and encrypt them using the AES-256 encryption.

Like every other ransomware this one also asks users to pay up in Bitcoin in order to salvage their files and the price is set at just 1 Bitcoin which amounts to $780. Secondly the warning screen also lays down the instruction for paying in the Bitcoins in case a user is not so familiar with this popular cyrpto currency. Even after paying the money users should understand that entering the decryption key wrongly for more than four time will result in losing all the data.

Apart from it this malware also offers an opportunity to get back the files by simply infecting any two of your friend’s system. Victims are simply required to click on the link containing the unique ID which will help in downloading the malware. Simply forward it to your friends and save your files is the modus operandi here.

Hackers living up to their bargain

Most of the promises made by the hackers are not kept but this ransomware originators are showing never seen before honor among the hackers attitude. When a user pays the ransom then he gets a decryption key which helps in restoring the files and it is old school. If ransom is unpaid then that data is lost forever. In a number of cases affected users even after paying up the ransom users were unable to get their data back.

Security analysts and firms are actively working towards finding decryption keys for some of the popular ransomware infections which will offer a free way of getting back the files to the victims. But such initiatives will become obsolete if hackers start using Popcorn Time or its enhanced variants in future which encourage towards making other infected in order to save their skins.

5 Gifts Tech Fans Will Love This Holiday Season

Since it seems the whole world's gone high-tech, it's no surprise that Christmas lists are full of the latest gadgets designed to make life easier and more efficient. From tech jewelry to the latest smart technology, there are scores of gifts that get the adults just as excited as the kids because, in addition to making life run a bit more smoothly, tech toys and gadgets are entertaining regardless of age. Consider all the good girls and boys on your list this year, and if you're at a loss for what to buy, consider going high-tech this holiday season.

Lose the Forgetfulness With a Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Bluetooth technology is extraordinarily helpful, especially for folks who either get lost easily or lose their possessions in the blink of an eye. With a Bluetooth-enabled tracking tag, nothing will ever get lost again. You can attach the tag to your keys, the TV remote, your luggage, your phone, a purse, or a person. There are dozens of brands available that are compatible with every type of phone and operating system. Using the app associated with the tag is arguably one of the best parts, as typically it's like playing Pokémon Go, except you find your own stuff.

Live in the Future With the Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon is serious about allowing people to finally live in a Jetsons-style future. The Echo Dot basically controls the entire house, and it's voice-controlled, which is perhaps even cooler. Imagine telling the lights to go on, and they do it. Picture queuing up your favorite song and having it play through your headset like magic. The Echo Dot can wake you up, remind you to take your biscuits out of the oven, or play the perfect mood music with but a word. Who wouldn't love to live in a home where they never had to flick a light switch again?

Get Smart With the iPhone 6s

There's almost always a new iPhone on the market, but you can give the gift that keeps on giving without a second thought. For example, gifting the iPhone 6s from T-Mobile gives the recipient the opportunity to trade and upgrade whenever they like, as well as the ability to save on accessories and additions, such as extra space, exclusive apps, and compatible gadgets. Mind you, this is the gift you give to someone with whom you don't mind being in a group chat. You're welcome.

Any Type of Wearable Tech

It all seemingly started with the Apple iWatch, but wearable tech is its own niche now. Sleek smart watches still top wish lists, and they're especially popular gifts for guys, but for the most stylish and discerning tech lover, the jewelry choices are endless. Instead of a watch, why not present someone with a sleek unisex bracelet, such as the Misfit Ray? A quick peek at any gadget or tech shop reveals a surprising selection of chic, fashionable jewelry that can count steps, pay for purchases, sync with your phone, receive calls and texts, and surf the web.

Try a 3D Printing Pen

The person who receives this gift will adore you forever. It's ideal for both tech lovers and artists, as well as anyone with an inventive mind and a creative imagination. 3D pens work by putting out a warm thermoplastic material in a stunning range of colors, so whatever you dry basically comes to life. The best part is that, unlike 3D printers, these are easily affordable — you can generally find them for $100 or less. This is one tech treasure that's perfect for kids as well as adults. Anyone who enjoys drawing or creating will love this present.
Tech gifts make it easy to buy something even for the impossible-to-please recipients on your list because there's literally something for everyone, depending on their needs, wants, and hobbies. Keep in mind that there are also accessories and add-ons galore, including Bluetooth-enabled showerheads and app-driven security systems. Have you thought about going the gadget route for your loved ones this year?

5 Common Internet Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Each One

Internet marketing can be a tricky endeavor. There is no official strategy or guidebook that guarantees automatic success. This means it’s entirely up to you to take chances and hope your efforts are rewarded.

That being said, there is one way you can at least guarantee the odds of your success in internet marketing will be higher than they would be otherwise, and that is to avoid simple mistakes that other website owners commonly make. By avoiding these mistakes, your website will be in a much better position to rank higher on search engines and receive more daily traffic.

Here are the five of the most common internet marketing mistakes to avoid:

1. Believing That SEO Strategies Will Have An Immediate Effect

Many internet marketers perfectly understand the importance of SEO and even how to apply it correctly, but the mistake they make is they believe the SEO strategies they utilize will immediately have a positive effect on their website.

The reality is that you need to be patient. If you use proper SEO techniques, you will see positive results, but not overnight. Instead, you will witness those results slowly but steadily as you create more content and continue to use good SEO practices over the next few weeks and months.

2. Researching SEO Keywords Only Once

Many internet marketers also understand the importance of integrating popular SEO keywords and phrases into their content and researching what those keywords are. The problem is they conduct this research only one time and consider themselves good.

Researching SEO keywords needs to be an ongoing process because the specific keywords that are popular today are the not the ones that were popular yesterday. Make it routine to research keywords at least once per week.

3. Not Using an SEO Checker to Analyze Your Marketing Campaign

The old saying goes that there’s always room for improvement, and that could not be more true with internet marketing. Every once in a while, you would be wise to use an SEO page analysis checker, which will provide you with reports telling you each of the errors in your website’s SEO to fix, as well as marketing checklists of what you need to do to improve your site’s rankings.

4. Ignoring Social Media 

Hopefully your website has a page on each of the social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram already. You’ll want to be updating these pages on a daily basis so you can reach out to users you otherwise couldn’t have. Social media provides you with an excellent opportunity to share your articles, gain followers, hold contests, and spread the word about your site in general, so it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

5. Having Low Quality Content 

Low quality content isn’t just content that’s poorly written. It’s also content that doesn’t help or provide value to the reader.

When someone visits your website, they’re doing so for one primary reason: they need solutions to their problems. Not only does your website need to be visually appealing and well written, it also needs to be packed with content that your visitors will find value from.

Get Ahead Of The Game 

By simply avoiding the mistakes that we have outlined and discussed in this article, you will make it easier for everyday internet users to find your website. Since it’s possible that many of your competitors are using at least one of these mistakes right now, the fact that you’re avoiding them gives you a significant advantage.

Quick Draw: Interactive Drawing Game Guess What You're Doodling in 20 Seconds

Quick Draw

Google’s Pictionary Style Experiment – Quick Draw’

A terrifying game developed by Google tends to utilise artificial intelligence to guess what one could be drawing from sketches. The Pictionary style experiment known as `Quick Draw’ tends to prompt users in drawing a famous object or phrase in around 20 seconds by using a mouse cursor on a desktop or by utilising their finger on a mobile device.

 Google’s new AI tools are impressive and the game is built with machine learning according to a tutorial site. It informs that one can draw and a neural network tries to guess what one is drawing though at times it does not seem to work. However the more one plays with it the better understanding they gain from it. It is just an example of how one could use machine learning in an amusing way wherein the computer game adopts artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to assist the user and shows the user how good they can be at it.

The software tends to guess what the player intends drawing depending on machine learning which can be tried by the user. Developed by using neural networks, the software tends to improve as it progresses, functioning in the same way to handwriting recognition software. Performers are invited to draw a series of six sketches and are provided with 20 seconds for each of it.

Impressive Image Recognition Software

The software tends to begin with words or phrases which it presumes the user would be utilising in illustrating till it obtains the appropriate one. These suggestions are portrayed towards the bottom of the screen and it also tends to call them out. Jonas Jongejan, creative technologist at the Google Creative Lab had mentioned in a video accompanying the game that it does not always work which is because it’s only seen a few thousand sketches.

The more one tends to play with it, the more it will learn and improve at guessing.The impressive image recognition software tends to identify also the reduced quality sketches offering a clue at what AI could be capable of.

The game achieved to guess six out of six Mail Online’s sketches that had been of blueberry, scissors, church, squirrel, swan and Eiffel Tower. Jonas Jongejan, Henry Rowley, Takashi Kawashima, Jongmin Kim together with friends at Google Creative Lab and Data Arts Team were responsible for its construction and the challenge has been a part of the newly released AI Experiment site of Google.

Thing Translator

The site comprises of several machine learning experiments which also includes one that permits users to take a picture of something in order to identify how it is said in another language. The intention is that anybody could attempt the experiment though the site also tends to inspire coders to give in their own contribution. Google’s AI ExperimentsQuick Draw had been designed to show the amusing side of artificial intelligence and machine learning to users. Besides this other experiments comprise of the Thing Translator that informs you what the image of the object taken is called in another language together with the AI Duet that enables you to collaborate with the playing melodies on the computer.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

A Camera without a Lens? Hitachi is on It


Hitachi Camera – Without Lenes

Hitachi has been working on developing cameras which does not seen to have lenses and the company claims that the images taken with the camera would be refocused after they are captured. They have announced the progress of a technology for digital camera which has the potential of capturing images without the use of a lens.

The intention is to make cameras much thinner as well as lighter, suitable for cars and mobile devices which could take minimum space. Another aspect is that of the robots – technology and Hitachi would be providing fewer limitations in placing of the cameras. As to Apple’s claim that eliminating the headphone jack permits bigger batteries as well as other parts to be placed in it. Hitachi states that the camera which utilises lensless tech would be much slimmer and lighter.

The lensless cameras are possible due to a pattern development technique known as `Moiré fringes’. Hitachi intends to utilise these cameras that tend to use this technology by 2018. The company also expects to use lensless photography in automated driving, vehicles as well as robotics.

Fourier Transform

With the help of investigation tech like CCTV, the images of individuals often tend to be blurred owing to low focal ranges. For instance, with Hitachi’s lensless camera tech, the still images would theoretically get adjusted on the fly from a range of depths in identifying individuals clearly.

The sensor has a film placed before it comprising of a pattern of concentric and when an image of the pattern is taken, it tends to cast a shadow due to the light which strikes it, on the sensor. Thereafter the shadow is captured by the sensor and overlaid on another pattern concentric just like the one place before the sensor at the time of the image process.

This tends to develop a moiré effect which is a kind of interference resulted by the two patterns touched. There is a possibility of using these data to reconstruct the concluding image by using the Fourier transform.

Capture Angle/Pattern of Light

Hitachi technology also tends to provide other benefits. In fact when the shutter tends to capture all the information connected to depth, it is capable of changing the point of focus after one has captured an image. The design of the Hitachi camera is unique since it tends to do double duty wherein it not only captures the images without the use of the lens but also captures depth information and focus that image after the fact.

Basically it tends to capture the angle and the pattern of the light which comes in the sensor that enables to change what is in focus after the detail by overlaying a another pattern over the captured shadow during processing.

We already other products which tend to provide the same function, for instance, the Lytro Illum and the difference in this case is the size which is more compact. The small range Xperia tends to have a bigger space. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact on offer from Amazon Marketplace to 369 euro or from Amazon at 419 euro.

Monday 12 December 2016

Samsung Set To Remove Headphone Jack on Galaxy S8

It was a big surprise, as well as, made some hue and cry when iPhone have decided to take away the facility of the headphone jack of the iPhone and replacing the same with the headphones, which is connected to the charging port of the handset. While this has created lots of controversies, among the users; it has ridiculously described this awful act or move as a very courageous act. Now it appears that Samsung, the well-known competitor of the Apple, is trying to toeing almost the same line of action and might be removing the 3.5 mm audio port from their flagship set, the very rich Galaxy S8, which has already created some sorts of speculations.

According to industry insider; the most eminent set Galaxy S8 will be made public at the trade show of Mobile World Congress on February in 2017. Most importantly this specific Galaxy S8 phone will come with the unique provision of audio port, using the charging port of the same phone, which will be the exact replica of the action of iPhone 7. This means that users have to listen to the audio impact, either using an adaptor or by using the wireless headphones or with the help of specialized headphone that is connected to the charging port.

Important Issues

This aforementioned facility in Galaxy S8 will not allow the user to do the dual work of charging and listening to songs at a time, as the port of is same, therefore; it can only be done, if there is another external type separate adapter, which is having at least two ports. But it could be a little bit easier for the user of Galaxy S8, compared to iPhone 7 users, as the former will be having the facility of wireless charging, which will replenish the exhausted battery if that placed on the pad.

While the iPhone 7 is lacking a headphone jack, which had raised lots of eyebrows at the time of introduction, but after several weeks of use of this phone has become almost a non-issue for its potential users.

It can be noted that the absence of the extra port in Galaxy S8 allows the company, i.e., Apple to increase the size of the battery; it has improved the vibration feedback of the phone and make the set water resistant, which is considered as great advantages for any phone. It is quite evident that the Samsung will be following the footstep of the iPhone and get rids of the audio jack, which may make the phone a bit thinner than its predecessor.

Final Words

SamMobile has also reported that Samsung will be having stereo speakers in the Galaxy S8, which will improve the external quality of the audio output. It is also claimed that Samsung will remove the home button from the upcoming Galaxy S8 and replaced with a fingerprint sensor implanted in the unique display.

These unique provisions, in association with the curved screen of the device, will be covering the entire façade of the device; a design concept that may be considered by Apple in their upcoming iPhone 8.

NASA’s Double Bubble D8

Double Bubble D8
NASA has long been longing at ways to revolutionize the air travel which has not seen any great technological advancement in the recent past. NASA has come up with a new design which can be fitted right into the aircraft’s wings. This new radical design is related to the segment of Double Bubble D8 which focuses on fitting the plane with extra equipment to increase its agility, speed and performance. NASA study has shown that this new design will help in boosting the fuel efficiency of the air crafts by eight percent through dramatically reducing the drag as well as weight of the future planes.

NASA working on a super project

NASA is actively engaged in testing new fan and inlet design at its Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. Currently the design of jet aircraft ensures that the engines are located quite away from the aircraft body in order to avoid the slow flowing air which usually develops along the plane’s surface. This is also known as boundary layer.

NASA engineers have devised a new way of reducing the fuel burn through embedding the aircraft engine into these surfaces. Doing away with the boundary layer aircraft will generate the propel ability right through its mission with less fuel usage. NASA engineers are currently in testing phase but they are hopeful that the new design and required enabling technologies will help in revolutionizing the air transportation in near future.
How the testing is carried out?

Testing is an integral part of development of new design and its enabling technologies in order to make it safer for wide usage in future. NASA is conducting highly experimental test which will certainly require years of preparation but it will help in removing all the doubts about it in the right fashion. Research team will be testing out the new technology and hardware by pushing it against varying wind speeds and boundary layer thickness as well as the fan operation. This research will also help a number of aircraft design being pursued by the NASA along with other private and academic industry partners.

NASA has plan to get this ‘double bubble or D8’ into a twin hull plane for better fuel efficiency and lesser load and unload time factor. The design for Double Bubble D8 craft was developed in 2008 by Aurora Flight Sciences and MIT. NASA has given a contract worth $2.9 million to a company for developing a scale model of the aircraft. So far in terms of innovation only X planes has made distinct name for itself by breaking the sound barrier.

Benefits of the D8

In a nutshell this new design forwarded with the D8 will bring about a number of benefits which includes increased fuel efficiency, less community noise, improved air quality, heightened passenger experience, greater airport compatibility and faster boarding and deplaning. However the best thing worth noting about the D8 is that it will help in enhancing the efficiency of the planes at transonic cruise speeds.

Saturday 10 December 2016

Google Lets Developers Build “Conversation Actions” for Google Home

Google Home
Google - A household name for the millions of internet users and recognized as one of the most important and useful search engine, which allows people to explore the world with ease and comfort. The massive growth in the science and the technology division have paved the way for the computer and the internet, which have changed the entire social structure and the idea, lifestyle and livelihood of people.

Today, it is quite tough to identify a single item or issue that is not having the touches of digital technology, therefore, the importance of the regular developments of the search engines are considered as a mandatory issue, which helps in obtaining smooth and powerful search results. With an intention to provide useful supports for its users, Google tries their best to develop their service, with new options and access, which are of high quality and relevance.

It can be noted that Google has recently announced that all types of developers, apart from its members of the private preview line up, can start the bringing of their respective services and applications to the very prominent Google Assistant, which will be starting with the all-important “conversation actions” of the Google Home.

This particularly allows the developer in creating backward and forward conversations with users all the way through the Assistant and the individual user can simply initiate these useful conversations just by using the phrase, such as; “Ok Google, Speak to Martha.”

This particular Assistant runs inside the app, like Allo Chat, it is also available on various pixel phones. Google has already made the commitment that it is planning to bring unique actions to these other important “Assistant surfaces” in the near future, although when exactly this will happen, it is still quite unclear.

To provide excellent support for those developers, who intend to build the newly formed Conversation Actions be getting started; Google has been teaming up with some partners, such as; APIAP, DashBot, GupShup, Voice Lab, Notify IO, Assist, Spoken Layer and Witlingo etc. for better assistance.

Google also allowed a very small number of associates / partners in enabling their respective app on the very popular Google Home. It may also be noted that these integrations will have to roll out within a short while, as early as, by next couple of days.

This is worth mentioning that Google made their platform more accessible and of low friction means for the user that helps in getting their voice-enabled services, with a very simple command so that the user can invoke these novel actions and that is also, without any enabling of a specific skill, such as; required on Alexa.

Google will take the final call or control over facilitating of actions on the Google Home. Google also said that they will make possible of deeper integrations across the verticals in their upcoming releases and also provide required support for the booking and purchase, but the time of availability of these assistances is still remaining a very big question.