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Friday, 15 December 2017

Horrifying macOS Bug Lets Anyone Become Admin With No Password

macOS Bug

New bug found on macOS giving Admin Access to anyone without password input

All the users with a Mac should note that a new bug has been discovered on the latest version of macOS High Sierra. This particular bug can jeopardise your security as it allows anyone to get into the system that also as an administrator by simply typing ‘root’ in the username section. This bug is so dangerous after giving up the name as ‘root’ users are not even required to put in the password.

Taking the Twitter by storm

This dangerous bug has been found by a software engineer going by the name Lemi Orhanm Ergin. He claimed that this bug has the ability to grant admin access to anyone of any mac system within few seconds. The most horrifying thing about this bug is that it even allows anyone to login to the system just after the reboot. He described his finding in a series of tweets which were picked by a number of tech enthusiasts and soon the Twitter was flooded within huge number of users replicating the acts of the bugs.

It became apparently clear to millions of macOs High Sierra users that simply typing the ‘root’ in the username will help in bypassing the Apple security in no time. Some of the experts had stated that this bug is eerily similar to the Apple’s very own ‘root user’ login feature. It seems like this bug is actively making use of this feature which happens to enabled by default on the macOS. If you are whether your system is affected by this bug or then check your macOS by giving a click on the Apple logo present on the left top left corner of the screen. Now select the option “About this Mac” to know your device macOS version.

Bringing updates in quick time intervals

Apple has claimed that its macOS is simply the most secure operating system in the world but that doesn’t mean it is free of bugs. Apple is known to offers patches and fixes as quickly as possible which isn’t the case with other operating systems where users have to wait for months to get the incremental updates.

Just a few weeks ago Apple brought a massive supplemental update for the macOS High Sierra which helped in fixing a wide range of bugs along with improving the installer robustness and along with other issues. Some of the major issues resolved with this update include the fixing of the graphical problem associated with Adobe InDesign and issue related to addressed in the Yahoo accounts.

Apple has been quick at coming up with the fix as well this time around. Apple has even issued a statement where it stated that security is always been a top priority for every Apple product. It even clarified that the Apple engineers have found this issue in the Tuesday afternoon and they had started immediately working on patching up the security hole.

Now this big has been squashed in the macOS High Sierra for good and it shows why a huge number of are fan of the Apple products.

Monday, 13 March 2017

iPhone Spying Bugs Revealed By Wikileaks Have Been Fixed, Apple Says

Apple iPhone is revered as the most secure device which even government security agencies can get into. But Wikileaks has revealed a number of vulnerabilities in the iPhone which can be easily utilized by the agencies to launch ‘zero day’ attacks. Apple was quick to swing into action which resulted in fixing all the vulnerabilities before can think about using it against millions of iPhone users. Wikileaks also pointed that a number of hacking tools were exclusively developed by the GCHQ which is the infamous British spy agency.
Apple has released an statement where it confirmed to fix all the vulnerabilities present in the 8,761 pages long documentation published by the Wikileaks. These vulnerabilities were not just limited to the iPhone but also the iPad and iOS as a whole.

Some tips to secure iPhone from hackers

  • Make use of PIN or fingerprint security: This will help you in securing the smartphone against unwanted individuals getting inside your phone. 
  • Make use of longer password: Simply going to the settings followed by ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ and turn the ‘Simple Passcode’ off. Now indulge in creating a complex and longer password for your phone which consists of upper and lower case letter along with numbers & symbols. 
  • Boost your privacy settings: Carefully allot the privileges for different apps by simply turning them on/ off by going to the Settings followed by ‘Privacy’. 
  • Don’t forget to activate the self destruct: When someone tries to break into your phone then you can set it for self-destruct where all the data will be deleted instantly. This feature can be activated by simply going to the Settings followed by the enabling the ‘erase data’. This will ensure that your iPhone turns the device cleans after ten incorrect PIN guesses. 
  • Turn of the notification: One doesn’t need to unlock the device in order to read the notification and this can result in revealing too much about you than you wish.
Apple has worked towards fixing the 14 different iOS vulnerabilities and it has been found that most of it was linked to the older version of the operating system. When compared against the Google’s Android operating system Apple iPhone is always considered to be highly secured and protected device. Secondly Apple tends to offer or bring over-the-air security updates to the iPhone more quickly than Google. Android platform isn’t known to be hyper active when it comes to operating system version up-gradation and updates.

Wikileaks has given a dramatic revelation to the world wherein it stated that CIA has dedicated the whole specialized unit of the Mobile Development Branch for the iOS devices. The reason behind is pretty simple as most of the prominent figures in the field of entertainment, politics and business tend to use iPhone than the Android device. Quite incidentally Apple has been in fierce battle against FBI over creating a backdoor in it device which will help agencies get into iPhone.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Instagram Gets Rid of the Singapore Viral Bug

Singapore tagging
Sometimes social media users explore new ways to get into ‘viral’ spree which doesn’t do justice to the platform. In a similar bid to go viral a number of users started geo-tagging themselves as being present in Singapore when actually they weren’t there. This led to the rise of so called Singapore bug on Instagram which didn’t go well with this social media platform and they decided to take action.

Singapore tagging helped users in getting more likes and attract more followers. Instagram has stated that the Singapore bug has seriously impacted the engagement of the users on global level and it is undermined the experience of the platform as a whole. Instagram has fixed this issue by carefully launching patches over the day. Instagram algorithm is designed to showcase content as per user preference and when user indulge in this kind of activity then their experience is hampered in an unwanted fashion which doesn’t do any justice to the user.

The boost for ‘Singapore Tagging’

The Singapore tagging trend didn’t emerge just like that rather it was a calculated effort of a number of users from across the globe. This began when a wide number of prominent ‘influencers’ starting tagging themselves in the photos with location set as ‘Singapore, Singapore’ despite that they were never there. A number of users make use of trending hashtags and tagging in order to fetch more audience for their content which helps in gaining likes and followers as a whole. Tech Mic has published a report a week before wherein it stated that Singapore tagging was infectiously caught up by the prominent internet stars which includes Christian Collins and King Bach. Without looking any further they started geo-tagging their posts in order to gain wider audience and reach for their content.

The dynamics of Singapore Boost

The steps were too simple and easy to follow for the Instagram users to create the Singapore boost.

  •  Create a post on Instagram and make sure you set location as ‘Singapore, Singapore’. 
  •  Publish the post and it will go on attracting likes and comments from random users from across the globe. 
  •  Once you have generated enough engagement then remove the incorrect location.
The basic reason why Instagram users started making use of the Singapore boost is that it feels good to get higher number of likes and comments on the post. It any user content is too trendy then it will get featured in the Explore which ultimately helps in finding new followers. Though only question which has baffled most of the social media analysts is that why people started geo tagging themselves to Singapore which is a relatively tiny city-state.

Later on it was adjudged as an infectious fancy of the users which came upon them and passed out just like that. However users should keep in mind that the best way of engaging others users and create huge following on Instagram is to generate interesting content on daily basis.