Thursday 30 June 2011

The Touch clock Arash Karimi

The revolution is not just multimedia touch devices and communication devices remotely. The proof for this concept is this touchscreen clock. The clock in question can be placed on a bedside table or on the wall. Not having much to do with the wall and table clocks usual, this is a digital clock. It displays a very contemporary design, and even avant-garde. Dark, smooth and polished, it has a modern look and elegant.

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Sony Unveils New Vaio Z

Sony continues to try to compete with Apple and its MacBook Air in the market for ultra-portable. The Japanese manufacturer has unveiled a new ultra-compact laptop is expected to begin shipping the end of July. With 1.18 kg only for particularly small dimensions (210 x 16.6 x 330 mm), it does not skimp on the part performance: Intel graphics card HD 3000 Graphics, Intel Core i7 running at 2.7 GHz , DD3 8 GB and 256 GB SSD.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Lightsaber keychain or key ring of the Jedi

To give a little balm to the heart of fans of the Star Wars saga, the Firebox site introduced on its website a key ring inspired by the legendary lightsaber in the film. Key rings are named "Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain." Available in three models. These are actually torches emitting bright lights. Choose from: Yoda model with a green light, the model Luke has a blue light and the model Darth with a red light.

Pottermore: the site of the future of Harry Potter

The aim of Pottermore is to Combine community and business aspect. On this site devoted to Harry Potter fans will be able to navigate the character, but also buy the novels exclusively in digital format. J. K. Rowling has a sense of business. The author of volumes recounting the adventures of Harry Potter launch in October a portal that showcases the fans of the wizard.

Breakdown, the concept car that runs on wind energy

The wind, so the energy source on which rests the concept car designed by Thierry Dumaine. The student designer has designed a vehicle called the least common Ventile. The silhouette of the car resembles that of classic cars from the turn of the century. Mounted on four wheels without tires, lightweight fan. She accuses only 350 kg on the scale. To power its electric motor, the car has a large turbine underneath the chassis.

Supersonic, a concept car that bears its name

Marko Lukovic Serbian expressed his vision of the automobile of the future by introducing the concept Supersonic. The name is quite revealing in this car out of the ordinary. The vehicle design is innovative. It looks more like a flying supersonic at a car. It's all about aerodynamics. Rather compact, Supersonic displays an aggressive look and sophisticated. It has two seats only, the two are installed in tandem. A dark glass covers the roof of the vehicle and also serves as a windshield. Supersonic has three wheels, one front and two rear. 

Google tackles Facebook

Was expected for several months. + Google will be the new attempt by the Mountain View company to catch up in the social Web. An assemblage of bricks accessible community currently invitation only.
"You got an invitation? "This is certainly the phrase that we will read the most tweets and Facebook status of geeks in the coming weeks. By the way Buzz, whose idea was ultimately not as successful as expected, Google has + just on the rarity of its access to mention him.

Monday 27 June 2011

Carryall: solar handbag

After backpacks, bags and briefcases for camping, it's now the turn of handbags to accelerate the step to the sun. For the ladies, has produced a diffuse solar bag that allows them to enhance their looks while caring for their portable devices in an environmentally responsible manner. The bag is called Carryall. Unlike most other solar bags, Carryall does not conceal its solar panels but made ​​good use for the aesthetic.

Beat a player controlled by hand gestures

Beat is an MP3 player concept carved exactly like a watch sports. Moreover, it is designed specifically for sports lovers looking for a portable ergonomic accompany them on their workouts. Besides the music player function, serves Beat watch. It is also, and above all, a device that calculates the parameters for the workout, such as pulse, heart rate, speed or distance traveled.  

Sunday 26 June 2011

PrintBrush 4x6, a camera with built-in printer

Designers engage in the design of the successors of the Polaroid camera, giving rise to such concepts as PrintBrush 4x6. PrintBrush 4x6 is a device that combines a digital camera and a portable printer. The camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels. The printer loads it can draw on almost any surface. After taking the photo, the user can take the paper or print any material and move the unit top.

The alarm clock that works to blackmail

That did not even just once difficult to get up from his cozy bed in the morning and quibbling for a few more minutes to stay under the covers?

With this concept of waking, the phrase "time is money" makes sense because this object is set to miss its owner will acknowledge that the delay on his cozy bed.

Lifebook, a concept laptop to dislocate

Lifebook is a laptop with almost all parts are detachable. 3:1 screen, keyboard, and a multipurpose gadget called LifeGear are maintained by a frame-shaped frame. The screen is touch sensitive and can be used as a tablet once detached.

Red Pop, a button that turns the iPhone into a real digital camera

With its 5 megapixels and can capture 720p HD images, the camera smartphone Apple is a credible alternative to entry-level digital camera. To operate as it should be the built-in camera, the group Beep Industries has designed an accessory that greatly facilitates taking pictures on the iPhone. 

CSP, the missing link between smartphones and laptops

CSP Phone or Computer Systems is a conceptual apparatus located halfway between smartphones and laptops. It was designed by Beau Designs. CSP is a bit wider than the existing smartphones. It features a multitouch screen and a retractable keyboard. For his "demonstration", Computer Systems Phone uses Windows as the operating system.

Smile Cup, the cup that makes smileys

 Certainly, the competition "A life with future computing" held by Fujitsu and DA is an opportunity for visionaries to unveil futuristic concepts unannounced. Among these concepts figure Smile Cup. Smile Cup is a cup designed by the interactive designer Nikita Mokhire. She said discussions between family members, when watching TV and even when in public places, we are often taking a hot drink.

Saturday 25 June 2011

Camerang, a camera in a boomerang

 The camera is called Camerang. A simple contraction of the words and camera boomerang. The name of the camera finds its meaning in its operation. Camerang looks like a helix with a target in the middle. It can be launched into the air and return to its thrower like a boomerang. To take pictures with, simply run Camerang.

Mini Fling, joysticks for iPhone and iPod touch

Looking for an accessory worthy of a true gamer to enjoy as it should be games on iPhone or iPod Touch? The joysick Fling Mini could be the solution. Earlier this year, Ten One Design has presented at the 2011 CES show an accessory called Fling. It be a joystick designed for games on iPad. In recent days, the group returned to the attack with a version for the smartphone and touchscreen Walkman branded Apple. This version for iPhone and iPod Touch is aptly named Mini Fling. In fact, it is also suitable for other smartphones touch. Mini Fling is formed by a pair of joysticks small that bind to the mobile phone screen with suction cups. Fling Mini is currently available for pre-order, priced at $ 25 for the pair, or 18 euros.

Friday 24 June 2011

A-HSV, the TGV Australia tomorrow

 The firm Hassell has unveiled a concept of urban public transport in Australia. The concept is called A-HSV. Australian A-HSV or High Speed ​​Vehicle is the future TGV Australian designed by local firm Hassell.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Sunscreens for the shelves tomorrow

Although the current portable gadgets have changed significantly, progress remains to be done on the autonomy of these devices at any time requested. To solve this problem Pixel QI plans to launch solar panels for the shelves tomorrow.

Saturday 18 June 2011

Twig Pod: to hell with the tripods!

The tripod is impractical and cumbersome, the Photojojo group introduced on its website a very interesting alternative: Twig Pod. This is an accessory for digital cameras.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

A high-tech solar powered bus shelters

Bus shelters that will fill our cities in a more or less near future will be different from those of today to the extent that the technology will leave its mark. Indeed, Pritpal Sahota achieved a concept of high-tech bus shelters in rural areas. The concept is simply called Rural Bus Shelter; understand "rural bus shelters".

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Wappy Dog

Wappy Dog is a robot puppy stamped Nintendo planned for children who cannot raise a real dog. Although a robot is not as endearing an animal, Wappy Dog is clever enough to be "as fun and as interactive as a real dog". Wappy Dog is tamed with a Nintendo 3DS.

Monday 13 June 2011

The watch that connects to Android Smartphone

Watch phone concepts is not new, of course, but very few can claim to run on Android. In fact, I'm Watch was presented a few days ago and is currently available. I'm Watch is a high-tech watch that runs on Android, which has the particularity to connect with the owner's Smartphone via Bluetooth. Its tactile display is a miniature version of Android Smartphone today.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Audio tape or an MP3 player?

Stefano Pertegato and a team of Italian designers have recently developed an audio tape that can read digital files to MP3 format. The cassette is rightly called NVDRS Tape. This is nothing less than an MP3 player disguised as a cassette tape. What distinguishes NVDRS Tape the other is the fact that he was inspired by audio tapes of 80 years. Its shape and size exactly resume tapes from this period, with a rather simple design because it has an opaque plastic shell.

Saturday 11 June 2011

Lighted Skate Board TNG

Lighted Board TNG is a wholly original skate as it is able to shine a thousand lights at night. A string of LED lights are installed under the board to illuminate in the dark. These little LED lights are powered by a rechargeable battery. In addition to the lights under the board, TNG Lighted Board is also equipped with red LED lights at the rear, amber lights on the sides and white lights on the front. These lights can turn on independently of those below the board and serve mainly to alert drivers of cars. The battery powering the skate light gives it a range of two to four hours.

Microsoft ,16 fixes for the next "patch Tuesday"

As usual, Microsoft is preparing to put online a sizable set of security patches next Tuesday. This "Patch Tuesday" will include not less than 16 patches for a total of 34 vulnerabilities. These flaws affect Windows, Internet Explorer, NET Framework and SilverLight.

Friday 10 June 2011

Maininki The Concept Car

The Finnish designer Antti Eskel was inspired by the graceful movement of waves to design a futuristic car design and baptized Maininki.

Thursday 9 June 2011

Sunflower, Adjustable Solar Powered Monitor

Marko Vuckovic designer presented a realization of what he considers the ideal screen. The concept is called Sunflower. This is a monitor with a few design innovative properties though outwardly it looks like a regular computer screen. Sunflower includes an operating system called OS simply Sunflower, with which it synchronizes with mobile devices connected or nearby. To this end, the monitor has four USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

The iTunes Store, would it have been hacked?

Some customers; would they hacked the iTunes Store? That is, there was converging evidence from several users whose accounts have been removed from purchases they have made.

It is the U.S. site Betanews who put the finger on the problem last week, confirmed yesterday by many of his readers back. Several of them, including Ed Oswald, one of the journalists of the site, have been charged an amount corresponding to purchases made within the application Kingdom Conquest of Sega.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Sony unveils its PS Vita

The Sony press conference held recently in Los Angeles as part of E3 was the opportunity to discover more about the PlayStation Vita, a new portable console for the Japanese, who had presented under the code name NGP.

Monday 6 June 2011

Lifebook Tablet

After using the tablets to current success, the designer Alan Donnelly already imagine the shelf tomorrow Lifebook Tablet.

Saturday 4 June 2011

Friday 3 June 2011

The Motorola Unveils Droid 3

The German blog PhonePad released three videos featuring the Motorola Droid 3, not yet fully revealed.

Thursday 2 June 2011

Deezer, the unlimited Music

The new version of Deezer has launched, especially Deezer has announced a restriction of free listening to five hours per month. A decision in line with that has taken recently by Spotify.

She was known for several weeks in beta. The new version of Deezer is now final. With a fully developed interface in HTML5, the website announced that he will propose a rate of use "five times faster."

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Hasee Cheap Chinese Tablet

A tablet that of Chinese origin

Hasee Cheap Tab aptly named. The tablet intended for the Chinese market has just made its appearance on the French web and can be purchased for only 100 €. Is very low compared to other models that run between 500 € and almost 1 000 €.