Sunday 12 June 2011

Audio tape or an MP3 player?

Stefano Pertegato and a team of Italian designers have recently developed an audio tape that can read digital files to MP3 format. The cassette is rightly called NVDRS Tape. This is nothing less than an MP3 player disguised as a cassette tape. What distinguishes NVDRS Tape the other is the fact that he was inspired by audio tapes of 80 years. Its shape and size exactly resume tapes from this period, with a rather simple design because it has an opaque plastic shell.

 If it is true to the old tapes from her appearance, her performance is the same.   NVDRS Tape is able to play a list of songs whose total duration does not exceed 45 or 60 minutes depending on the version. A jack is present on the side to plug a headset or headphones. The Play and Stop buttons are placed in the bottom of the MP3 player instead of the band for a real tape. You can also fast forward and rewind by turning the "band" with two holes, like the good old days.

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