Wednesday 22 June 2011

Sunscreens for the shelves tomorrow

Although the current portable gadgets have changed significantly, progress remains to be done on the autonomy of these devices at any time requested. To solve this problem Pixel QI plans to launch solar panels for the shelves tomorrow.
Given the undeniable success of the Tablet PC and all the interest around them, the firm Pixel IQ announces his desire to engage in the manufacture of solar panels for these devices. The panels will feed continuously the shelves at the point of making them potentially self-sufficient. A prototype was presented at the Computex show in Taiwan. The firm showed a 10-inch tablet powered by a solar panel 1Watt in passive mode. Panel screen and powers the motherboard ARM. Remains to be seen which part of the shelf will be installed the solar panel.

The issue of cost also remains to be resolved given that the tiles stamped Pixel IQ are made for deep pockets.

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