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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Printable Solar Panels Coming Soon To Change the Way Energy Is Used

Printable Solar Panels
A group of Australian scientists and researchers have claimed to make breakthrough in the field of energy by successfully developing printable solar panels. This group comprises of the scientists from esteemed Australian National Science Agency, popularly known as CSIRO in collaboration with two major Australian universities i.e. Melbourne and Monash. This group had been researching for developing the power cells, which could be printed on plastic as a part of the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium since 2007.

This research team consists of 50 scientists from varied backgrounds such physics, engineering and chemistry, all coming together to give right shape to this innovative and courageous project. With their success in producing the printable solar panels, we are hopeful that very soon it would be used in low-power applications in near future.

Features of Printable Solar Panels

The printable solar panels are highly cost effective and immensely cheap in manufacturing and day to day operations. Its looks and the manner of working is widely different from the traditional silicon solar rooftop panels from Roof Worx LLC. The best thing about it is that it could be made semi transparent or could even be used for a tinted window scenario.

Printable solar panel offers a wide amount of possibilities in industrial, commercial and personal use because of its low cost, flexibility and lightweight. 

The Future of Printable Solar Panels

Researchers are optimistic in their view regarding the use of the printable solar panels in upcoming years. The printable solar panels could be used in a whole range of applications such as temporary structures, consumer product packaging, window and window furnishings, remote locations and developing communities.

A lead researcher also asserted that very soon the electronic accessories like the iPad covers, skins of iphone, laptop bags, tablet covers would be developed up of printable solar cells, which would give these the ability to collect some energy and power the electronics.

How the Printable Solar Panels Are Made

Researchers had used the commercial printer where with the use of solar ink they easily happened to print solar cells. Printing solar panels were as simple as printing plastic bank notes. However, the research for a suitable printing was in development since 2001.

Researchers had developed this simple technique by printing their solar inks in a roll-to-roll process onto process just like the PET method. This printing is usually done in open air along with the use of the off-the shelf printing equipment which were exclusively adapted for using the solar inks.

This project was aimed at developing panels which varies in colour and looks at the same time being lightweight and conformable while delivering a stable voltage even in indoor surroundings.

Printable Solar Panels Does Have Great Commercial Potential

Solar Cell Consortium had applauded this successful venture of the Australian scientists and had said that this technology does have the potential of dramatically reducing the dependence on the traditional sources of electricity not only in Australia but also across the world. This also have the potential to be used in developing countries where it is very hard to find cheap and easily deployable energy source.

Saturday 29 October 2011

High-tech romance with sun - 1

The Solar Bikini, designed by American designer and performer Andrew Schneider should not be very comfortable to wear and do not turn probably queen of elegance at your next beach vacation. Besides that you will be unable to swim because that will worsen. But it will prove convenient to charge your iPod through the USB port connected to a network of solar cells of 1 x 4 inches. Note that the creative spirit, and facetious, its inventor has already invented his successor, a man called iDrink model, to generate enough energy to cool a beer. 

Monday 27 June 2011

Carryall: solar handbag

After backpacks, bags and briefcases for camping, it's now the turn of handbags to accelerate the step to the sun. For the ladies, has produced a diffuse solar bag that allows them to enhance their looks while caring for their portable devices in an environmentally responsible manner. The bag is called Carryall. Unlike most other solar bags, Carryall does not conceal its solar panels but made ​​good use for the aesthetic.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Sunscreens for the shelves tomorrow

Although the current portable gadgets have changed significantly, progress remains to be done on the autonomy of these devices at any time requested. To solve this problem Pixel QI plans to launch solar panels for the shelves tomorrow.