Thursday 30 January 2014

Cross-Platform Java Bot Used for DDoS Attacks

The java platform is used in DDOS attacks by bot. The malicious Java application can be run on Windows, OS X and Linux machines. Kaspersky Lab researchers analyzed a malware that infects computers to form a botnet - a network of zombie computers - and use it in attacks distributed denial of service.

This botnet is controlled via IRC protocol to conduct targeted attacks on IP addresses. Attackers can adjust the intensity of the attack and its duration. It uses a data stream via HTTP or UDP. At least one target of this botnet was an email service.

The malware behind the botnet is written entirely in Java. Through this platform, it can be run on Windows, OS X and Linux. Still, it runs a Java vulnerability for which a patch exists since June 2013.

This vulnerability is present in the Java Runtime Environment with Oracle Java SE 7 Update 21 and earlier, and Java 6 Update 45 and earlier. This is not the first time a botnet infects the three most popular operating systems.

Opera 19 with Bookmark API Released!

Opera 19

Opera has been released its browser in a new version Opera 19 . The Opera19 web browser has the latest release of some interesting features that Google Chrome have already.

 Among other things, there is a new Bookmarks Bar for managing bookmarks, wallpapers for the individual design of the browser extensions and a new section for advanced user’s settings. According to the developer's blog, the new stable release will be presented with the version number 19.0.1326.47.

Opera thus offers very similar features, such as based on the same rendering engine flashing Chrome browser. The new bookmarks API brings a one - collapsible bookmark bar which can be operated under Windows simply by dragging and dropping. With the reintroduction of bookmarks a basic function comes back; which was completely lacked since version 15. Now Photos can be used in the browser as wallpaper (right click on photos that are opened in the browser - "Use Image as Theme" > ).

 In the available extensions, there are two major innovations; first one is, there is a blacklisting of add- ons as well as an inline -install option. On the other hand, there are still a number of smaller improvements that have been set out in detail in the change log.

In addition, Opera Software announced that it has provided a more than 700 enhancements in total for users benefit. Opera have currently created a few new settings with the Opera 19.0.1326.47 and Opera has made available the new version for OS X too. The updates are now available for free.

New Strontium Atomic Clock sets new world records in term of precision up to 5 billion years

 New Strontium Atomic Clock
The Atomic Clock model of National Institute of Standards and Technology works with Strontium. Many of the current technological devices use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC); which is one of the international unit of measure made reliable by atomic clocks around the world. But a revolution will perhaps take place in this area: a new type of clock that will pass the time; for a long time, even until the end of our time. JILA laboratory at the University Of Boulder, Colorado, has a unique design of its kind of Atomic clock.

It looks little bit strange but this clock is obviously not like the others. It is a new model of atomic clock, giving the most accurate time in the world! This clock was unveiled in the journal Nature and operates like other atomic clocks, with a jet of atoms, moving from an excited state to another (by stimulated by a laser), gives a frequency electromagnetism frequency which will define a second reference. This can be seconds, subsequently calculated the minutes and hours.

The set of more than 300 atomic clocks scattered on Earth and in orbit around the Earth to form a network giving the International Atomic Time, which is a yardstick used to disseminate the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), itself is used to satellites, GPS, watches and other computers and everything in the planet. More than 300 atomic clocks in the world but the Boulder the new atomic clock differs here. Boulder first uses a material which is not listed as used in the process of other atomic clocks. This is a clock Strontium, while other atomic clocks using cesium.

It promises a still life and calculates the exact time upto5 billion years! And yet, the results are there and can be further refined, as explained by Jun Ye, the Department Head Search Clock affiliated with National Institute of Standards and Technology U.S. He told that they ready have plans to push performance even further progress in their clocks in the next five to ten years, he promised.

And if 5 billion years may seem sufficient precision for the common man in the search, whether the infinitely large or small, every second counts, and the technology in this field will be reliable, the more it will achieve positive results. By comparison, the atomic clock of the Observatory of Paris, which is one of the most successful operating Cesium clocks, could give the second with precision about 300,000 million years. Now, officials and the new NIST atomic clock model will apply to ask to accept the strontium in addition to or in place of cesium and it is only a matter of time!

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Alleged fake WhatsApp Application brings banking Trojan

Kaspersky warns of a new spam wave that attracts users with an alleged WhatsApp version for the PC. An alleged fake WhatsApp campaign reaches users via e –mail and the downloaded PC version turns out to be banking Trojan. They are sending mail stating that “Finally WhatsApp for PC and eleven pending friend requests are waiting for you!” This looks s sort of the youngest Hoax of cyber criminals out of users reached by e-mail, and points to a download of the alleged first official PC version of WhatsApp.

But instead of downloading the messenger they downloaded software which includes a dangerous banking Trojan, it steels the the private online banking information and passwords from the victim once downloaded and sends back to the culprit. Malware expert Dmitry Bestuzhev of Kaspersky Labs already last week warned in their website SecureList before the spam email campaign. So far, there is no official announcement of WhatsApp PC popular messaging service officially only and it is only as a mobile version.

So if you find one in Portuguese written message from Whatsapp in your mail inbox, then it could be a by a deceptive hoax that roams currently in the network. Instead of a Messenger download it downloads a hide PC Trojan. The email makes reference to a dubious download link that says “Download now ". The malware is disguised as a 2.5 megabyte MP3 file and not only sends private data to the criminals, but also invites up to ten megabytes of viruses and other malicious programs on the computer.

Perhaps the Brazilian WhatsApp users were the target of the attack, according to their post. Note: As long as you do not click on the download link, you are safe. Since the Trojans need to be installed manually in order to get into the computer.

Microsoft SkyDrive is renamed OneDrive

As part of the renaming campaign, Microsoft is apparently feeling generous and have been given 20 GB of extra storage for one year. However, it is not yet clear how Microsoft selected this “valued customer“. The software giant Microsoft has entered in to the conflict with the British TV channel Sky and has to change the name of its cloud storage SkyDrive.

It is still unclear whether SkyDrive should be renamed only in Britain, else throughout the globe. In future the SkyDrive will be called as OneDrive making the name similar to their game console Xbox One and the Domain will soon replace the and already a promotional video has been published.

The agreement entered with Sky Broadcasting Group has given reasonable time to migrate to the new name and the whether the agreement include cash payment was not yet known. This is the second set back for Microsoft earlier it was forced to retire from use of “Metro” in the user interface of Windows 8 since the Metro AG group challenged the use.

Defeated in court by British TV channel Sky in 2013, Microsoft was forced to abandon to SkyDrive brand. Hence online storage file services of Microsoft’s SkyDrive, name will be changed. This was formally announced by Ryan Gavin, head of services and applications, in a blog post without giving much detail.

Samsung Disables Third-Party Accessories In Galaxy Note 3 with KitKat Update

Galaxy Note 3
The Galaxy Note 3 will be the first Samsung device, which only works with licensed accessories and disables the third party accessories. If third-party accessories offered without a matching chip, special functions are no longer available after the update has been deployed on Android 4.4. In U.S., Samsung distributed already the update for the Galaxy Note 3 to the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat.

After the update the third-party accessories may no longer work. Note that you may watch that the people are complaining in xda forum. The users report that the Galaxy Note 3 is no longer reasonable to work with Android 4.4 with a special S -View case. The shell supports the S -view window function to display information on the cover.

In addition there is a transparent area on the screen coverage is reduced when closing the cover. Exactly this function no longer works correctly after recording the update. In addition, the cover has a special home button, which also is not working as desired after the update. Reason for this is that the Spigen sleeve is missing a Samsung chip. A user at xda - forum has taken the chip from an original Samsung Case and incorporated into the Spigen cover.

Then the S- Window function was active again, but the home button on the jacket still refused their service. Already in October 2013, there were initial reports that Samsung uses a special chip which will allow only licensed accessories. This project used by Samsung for the first time with the Kitkat update for the Galaxy Note 3. It is assumed that similar changes occur also for other Galaxy devices soon. When Galaxy Note 3 is rooted provided with Android Kitkat; the query for the Samsung chip can be disabled so that the S -View- Windows function runs again.

How to Save or Increase Battery life in Android and iPhone

Increase Battery life in Android
The battery of Android phones and iPhone used to be big concern for all users as the battery won’t last till the end of the day, that’s gradually has improved a lot now but it is still sometimes be difficult to get through a day without running the battery dry. Frequent travelers and business persons know the valud of this battery, because its hard for them to go without charge on their phones. These Android phones and iPhone keeps you entertained, so who will not love to save or increase its battery life, Let’s have a look on few things which can actually save your battery life.

Dim the screen brightness

Everyone loves Smartphone’s large, colorful attractive display, but that’s the one which consumes the max out of your battery more than any other app. Most phones will be having auto adjust brightness option to suit the atmosphere lightning. Though Auto brightness mode will save lot of battery for you, keeping the screen in a dim mode will extend the life of your battery gradually.

Turn Off Location Services 

IPhone and iPads are having the inbuilt GPS for many functions, such as Google maps. You may be surprised when you know that there are many other apps which use GPS, so it consumes a lot of battery life. You can turn it off all Location Services or just turn it off for any particular apps by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can even turn off GPS settings on your Android phones which will improve your battery life.

Keep the screen timeout short

In your phone there is a option called Screen Timeout which locks the phone after a certain period of time if the phone is idle, Every second gets counted here, so set your timeout to the shortest. On most of the smart phones the Timeout will be 2 mins, you can reduce it to 30 seconds. On a iPhone the minimum is 1 min which we can set.

Disable notifications 

On a Android, iPhone it displays lot of notifications which use up battery life. In both the phones you can disable the notifications of each app. You have to manually disable for all the apps.

Turn off vibration 

Turning off the vibrating alerts on your Android, iPhone can surely help improving your battery life. Go to the Profiles setting where you can disable the vibration.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Most of the users keep their device wifi and Bluetooth on, which constantly searches out for signals and which is a serious battery drainer. Keeping it turn off and using it on the needed time will definitely add 1 hour of battery life to your phone.

Don't leave apps running in the background

These Smartphones are known for the ability to run more than one app at a time. But it also burns a lot of energy, every app running at background using your phone`s processor and battery.. By killing those apps that you aren't actually using, will drastically save you battery and will improve the processor of your device.

How to Speed Up my Windows 8 PC to Work Faster - 10 Tips

Windows 8
I must say that windows 8 are faster that windows xp or windows 7, whether it’s the booting time or the performance, Windows 8 is ahead of all its previous versions. Are you facing slow issue with your windows 8 ? Its mainly due to lot of unwanted things running in the background or installation of too many apps. Lets see how we can make it work faster than before. Its easy to speed up your windows 8 pc. Below are some tips which you can try to speed up your windows 8 pc.

Remove/Disable Unnecessary services

You can remove/disable unwanted windows services which may be making the pc slow, to perform that

• Press Win + R to open RUN Window, then type the command msconfig in the box and Press enter.

• Now the box opened is System Configuration .In that Window navigate to the Services tab. Tick the checkbox of the Hide all Microsoft services, it will hide the windows services. Now the left upon services are third parties like Adobe , Google, Mozilla etc.These are actually unwanted services which might be eating up lot of resources, uncheck those services and click apply.

Manage Your Startup Programs

• Open the run command and type taskmgr to open the task manager window, navigate to the Startup tab.

• Now you can see lot of programs list which are installed in the pc, select the unwanted apps which you don’t want to startup along with system startup and disable them, now these apps won’t be starting along with system, you can manually start them anytime.

Disable Time-Wasting Animations

Windows 8 uses lot of animations while opening, closing windows, We can disable them.

• Open the run command and type SystemPropertiesAdvanced and press enter, It will open System properties With Advanced Tab. Click on the Setting button in the Performance section.

• Now in the Performance Options Window go to Custom, you will find a lot of effects which are ticked, untick them and apply.

Stop Windows Indexing

• Open the run command and type services.msc, press enter. Look for the Windows Search service in the list, right-click on it and select the option Properties.

• In properties Window, select the start up type as Disabled.

User Recommended Anti Virus

Instead of using third party antivirus programs, Use the Windows included Windows Defender , it’s the same antivirus as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Modify Power Settings

Windows 8`s power plans are same as earlier version of windows. To view the power plan settings, press on the Windows key, in the box type Power Plan, click Settings, and press Enter. Make sure you are using it in Balanced mode which is the recommended one.

Put Your Computer To Sleep

Instead of shutting down the computer put it in Sleep mode, In sleep mode the system goes into a low power state which consumes a very low power to keep the programs active. Using Sleep instead of shut down gradually increases the pc speed.

Optimize Your Hard Drives

In the earlier versions of windows there was a tool called Disk Defragmenter, its named as Optimize Drives too in windows 8. Though Windows 8 optimizes the drives once in a week automatically, it will be good if you make it twice a week.

Registry Cleaner: 

Actually people install and then uninstall lot of programs in the pc, even if you uninstall the program it leaves behind registry files which will remain in the system and after a period of time it can cause slowness, You need to cleanup these registries using a registry cleaner.

Install Latest Drivers : 

Always make sure you install the latest drivers for your hardware’s, if the hardware’s are updated your pc is sure to work better.

Top 5 Best Tablet Alternatives to the Apple iPad

Compal Tablet

The trend setter when it comes to design the Apple , “iPod” which has given birth to the world of on the go music players, then it was the “iPhone” which emerged the new generation of mobile phone, and the recently launched “iPad”, which was an head turner towards the touch screen for mobile computing (which already existed).

It is guaranteed that the Apple iPad will sell but it lacks many features such as multitasking. (Such as the lack of flash player)

It was the iPhone and again it looks like it had happened with the iPad; manufacturers are very eager to bring their own touch screen tablet computers, the latest being the WePad from German company Neofonie. So let us wait! Apple iPad is not only the game present in town. Sure it has got fancy interface, but these following ten tablets wins the fight between hardware devices, which is very crucial for many consumers. Here are 10 alternatives for the iPad.

1. Archos 9 PC Tablet

Archos was an important player in the MID market since it was launched. The Archos 9 PC Tablet is the manufacturers biggest slate device to up to date. The Archos proves that Apple is not only the one to build good looking devices. It has a price tag which starts at $549, the Archos 9 PC Tablet it is an awesome device and has beautiful looks. It boasts an Intel Atom Z510 1.1 G Hz processor, 1GB Ram, and which is also available in two variants, 80GB & 160GB. A very high resolution 9-inch touch screen and a two way positioned leg-stands make it flawless for hands free and media on the and there is no need for the purchase of additional equipments. It runs on Windows 7, also supports full high definiton video playback, it has a built-in webcam for video conferencing & Skype and also supports flash playback.

2. Compal Tablet

It is the working prototype which was shown at the CES 2010. The Compal tablet boasts an 7-inch display and runs on Android 2.0, it is powered by next-generation NvidiaTegra 2 processor. The presence of this chip on this device supports 1080p video playback, and has good battery life.

3. Dell Mini 5

Dell Mini 5 it is the device with smaller dimensions present on the list which boasts an 5-inch touch screen which makes it easy to use. This device comes in with a faster 1GHz Snapdragon processor which also has other features such as 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The outstanding feature of this device is to make phone calls and also has a awesome 5 megapixel camera

4. Fusion Garage’s JooJoo

It boasts an 12-inch screen and an built-in camera, it is an efficient competitor to the iPad . It can support 1080p of video streaming and also supports flash products. It boasts an Intel Atom / NVIDIA Ion which powers this tablet which has a good interface design and beautiful visual experience.

5. Google and HTC Tablet

Google has been already challenging duels with Apple in the mobile devices – the Google boasts an Android OS and also the Nexus One phones which are competition ,with iPhone directly Google may partner with HTC – it is the company behind the Nexus One – for any tablet computing initiative. The report already says that Google Tablet is already under development since the past 19 months. HTC can be an trusted logical choice of partnership. As still nothing has been announced officially Google Tablet is just on the entrant list for now.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

How to Create My Own Animated GIFs Online - 5 Best Ways

GIF: Graphics Interchange Format was developed in 1987 by CompuServe; GIF is a process in which images are compressed without comprising with the quality of the image. If you go through internet, you will find lot of gif images in almost all websites, nowadays the most famous social networks like Facebook and twitter are flooded with gif`s. Tumblr is one such pool for gif images where you can find lot of gif`s , they are fun actually.

Well even you can create a animated gif on your own, creating your own animated GIF in a online website is the best way as it is more customizable and gives less burden to the users. It hardly takes 5 minutes to create a GIF, lets go through some of the famous websites which are user friendly even for a beginner to create it easily.

1. is a free website where you can upload a max of 10 images at a time; also you can make a gif directly from a YouTube url. The image limitati.on is 2mb. In the control panel of the website you can also see thumbnail preview of your animated GIF before you create it, It also gives you time to customize various other settings as well. The only disadvantage is it doesn’t have option to add text.

2. Picasion has more features in the form of webcam. Apart from uploading photos from My computer it also gives option to add photos from Picasa, and Flickr account, In the webcam feauture you can set a timer and the number of shots the webcam has to shoot, later it can be customized into a GIF, like GIFMaker this too has disadvantage of not having ability to add text.Picasion is one of the most commonly used website to create GIF online.

3. ImgFlip is another website where you can create your own GIF, it actually gives you option to add video urls from any website and supports formats like flv, avi, mov, wmv, mpeg etc. It has an added feature of adding texts to the gif.

4. Gickr: This one is a good website for creating gif`s as it doesn’t considers the image size limit and like other 3 websites mentioned above Gickr too has all the custom options to personalize your creation.

5. Make a Gif ( Just another option for you which have all the common features that a gif online creation website should have.

So here we have came across 5 best ways to create your own animated GIF image online. Creating it online is the best efficient way, even you can create a gif by using various offline tools which you need to download from web but most of the times they will be a trial version or even if its not it may have a watermark on the gif which you will create, so creating it online is always a better option. Go ahead and create one for you, Upload it in Tumblr, who knows if it goes viral it may reach to millions of people in web.

Monday 27 January 2014

How to Lock your Windows PC or Laptop with USB - Extra Security

Lock your Windows PC or Laptop with USB
Have you ever imagined that you can use your USB drive as a lock to your desktop or laptop? Yes that is possible, it is such a fun thing that the USB drive will be acting as a key to your pc, if you remove the USB drive the system will get locked until you insert it again. Here I will tell you how to do that. It actually works through software called Predator. This kind of security lock is very significant and cool.

There are two links for this: Firstly the trail version Predator and the professional edition Predator. You can download it from these links. This trick works on all the versions of windows including windows 32 bit and 64 bit

Here are the Steps to lock your pc with USB: 

• Download the Predator software from the links mentioned above.

• After downloading the Predator software, connect your USB Drive to the system that acts as a key and then run the software for installation.

• In the mid of the installation you will be getting a pop up message asking for the password. You can enter the password which you want to set and then click OK to continue.

• You will get a pop up window for Preference settings, you can select your language, multiple monitor settings etc.

• Now add the USB Drive to the software by selecting the drive under Flash Drive settings and then click on the key it will generate a key on the USB device which will be used by Predator to monitor.

• You will be now able to see the Predator icon in the taskbar of your pc while the Predator program is running. The trial version of Predator offers usage for 1 month and its for non commercial usage only whereas Professional Edition has all the features and its completely for commercial, professional and single computer use.

• This Predator can even alarm on a high sound if someone enters invalid password that makes it very safe from strangers.

• It also records a activity log, by reading the log you can come to know whether somebody else tried to login to your pc.

When you remove the USB drive from the PC, the keyboard and mouse are actually disabled and the monitor screen darkens and when you are back just insert back the USB drive it will release your mouse and keyboard.

It's easier and faster for restarting your Windows session, and you do not have to retype your password again. Even if you lose your USB drive, you can use the password you have set while installing the software to unlock your pc, It also has a feature of sending alert emails to your mailbox and messages to Twitter. And last not the least PREDATOR can protect multiple desktops and laptops with the same USB flash drive.

I hope this will be useful for you so add an extra layer of security to your pc in a fun way.

How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows

Blue Screen Error in Windows
Blue Screen Error is a common issue that can be found in the Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating system, and is also called as Blue Screen of Death and it will make us to feel uncomfortable with the operating system. It will makes us to feel uncomfortable when we are working over the Desktop, and also when working with more important files.

Generally what is Blue Screen Error? 

The Blue Screen Error is termed as an Error message which will be provided for the users to denote the critical issues that are going in your personal computer. If a serious problem occurs in your Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system, then the Blue Screen Error will occur. It also shows you the message that states, Windows has been shut down to prevent the damage to your computer.

There are few severe problems that might happen in the hardware of the system or also with the drivers of the hardware. The Blue Screen Error can occur due to various reasons in the system hardware and also caused due to some software changes in the system.

In this post, I have shared a bit of information regarding how to fix the Blue Screen Error in your personal computer or in your laptop. Various reasons for the Blue Screen Error have been given below;

Problem with Your System Registries and its related items: 

Blue Screen Errorare also caused due to the various issues which are happening in the system registries, and if the problem exists, and also you can use the system registry cleaner to fix the issues which are related to the registry. Most of the people use the utility software to clean up the registry issues with your operating system.

Problem in Software programs: 

The Blue Screen Error is also caused due to the some issues which are related to the software that are used in your personal computer. If you have experience a Blue Screen Error after installing new software, then the software is responsible for the Blue Screen Error. So you can easily remove those installed applications in your personal computer to rectify the Blue Screen Error in your windows 8 and windows 7 operating system. You can uninstall the application by simply accessing Control Panel -> Add or Uninstall Programs -> uninstall the software package which you doesn’t need and also the application which cause Blue Screen Error in your personal computer.

Bugs in Software applications can cause Blue screen error. If Blue screen appears after installing new software, then restart your system and try to uninstall it and see if this solves the problem.

How to Avoid the Blue Screen Errors: 

1. Always use original edition of software to prevent Blue Screen Error and also avoid the pirated editions of the software. 2. Disable unwanted software program, this will provide reduce the Blue Screen Error in your personal computer. 3. Shut down your system properly,alwaystries to shut down properly in your personal computer. This will absolutely prevent the Blue Screen Error.

How to Dual Boot Windows 7/8 and Ubuntu

Dual Boot
Most of the people around this globe has own their personal computer and they can easily complete their various works by easily using their personal computers. The technology has made their life more portable, the laptops have been made their work more portable and they can easily use their laptop for various kinds of task.In this modern world of technology, we use operating system such as Windows 7/8, Mac OS and also many of the people use Linux Operating system. One operating system has a feature which doesn’t found in the; if anyone wants to use both operating system in their machine, then this post is suitable for you. In this post, I have shared information regarding how to boot dual boot in your computer, and here it go;
Steps for Dual Boot (Windows and Ubuntu)

Here you can found the various levels of steps for dual boot your personal computer with Windows Operating system with the Ubuntu.

Step 1: Open your Browser from the Windows operating system, and open the Ubuntu Website.

Step 2: Download WUBI from the Ubuntu website, and click on the Get the Installer in the Menu.

Step 3: Once you have clicked the Get the Installer over the Menu, you will be asked to select the various options and you will be asked to pay $2 for each services that you need to be installed in your personal computer.

Step 4: Now you need to slide down everything to zero (0), and then proceed to download.

Step 5: Now you will be asked to download the files which sized as 2.4MB and click the download files.

Step 6: Download the file and double click the wubi.exe and select yes to proceed.

Step 7: Now start installing the Ubuntu in your computer, provide the installation size to 18GB and select the environment as Ubuntu and select user account, provide user name and password to login into your windows account.

Step 8: Click install and it takes more than 15 minutes to install the Operating system in your personal computer.

 Step 9: After the Ubuntu operating system has been installed in your personal computer, restart your computer and wait for the Boot menu. You will find a menu which shows, Windows and Ubuntu Operating system to boot.

Step 10: Now just click your Operating system as Ubuntu by simply clicking the down arrow button in your Keyboard, this will select the operating system as Ubuntu in your personal computer.

Step 11: Now you need to select the packages which has to be installed as an additional packages in the Ubuntu Operating system, after selecting proceed to install. This will take few more minutes to install.

Step 12: Now you need to enter the username and password for your Ubuntu operating system, this will lead you to the Ubuntu operating desktop screen.

Now you have successfully booted the dual operating system in your computer successfully.

How To Take Control Of Your Cyberspace To Protect Your Hard work

There is a significant amount of confusion over internet works and copyright laws, and the risk of having your photo, blog or image used without your permission grows daily. What many people do not know is that the internet is considered a publishing source, and works placed in cyberspace are protected by the same laws as those that protect books in the library, magazines at the newsstand and art works hanging in a museum.

Internet Public Domain

One argument used by many website owners is that works on the internet fall under “public domain,” a label given to something that is considered to be owned by everyone, not just one person or business. However, under the law, the technology that makes the internet work is public domain, but people or businesses do own the servers, computers, domains and IP addresses that make the internet what it is today. In addition, the content placed on a website is not public domain, but is owned by the person who owns the website, or the person who wrote the article or took the photo.

Ease of Access

Another problem writers and artists find on the internet is that it is easy for others to copy information from one site to another. A blog post on a business website can be cut and pasted into another web editor and used by a different website owner who passes it off as his own work. A photo taken by a professional photographer can be cut and pasted for use as a company logo in another country with no royalty paid to the photographer. For many artists and writers, their livelihood is dependent on the ability to sell articles, photos or works of art, and when they are taken and used elsewhere, it is literally keeping them from making money.

Once Created it is Covered

As soon as a writer creates a written work, a photographer snaps a photo or a painter creates a new watercolor, that creation becomes copyrighted. The law does not require the creator to label it with the easily identifiable (c), although this is one way to protect works online. An author or artist may agree to allow someone to post their work elsewhere and still retain the copyright, but they still own the rights to the document or artwork. One suggestion for those who wish to use someone else’s work found online is to add a link to that website rather than removing the entire document. This is not copyright infringement and most authors or artists welcome links in order to promote their works.

Many large companies are now using software to search for stolen works, such as photos and blog posts. In addition, many are seeking legal action from those who commit copyright infringement. and other protection resources are a good way to notify others that they have infringed on copyright laws and to learn more about legal options should your work be taken without your permission.

Friday 24 January 2014

Now Hold Your Baby In Your Arms Before Birth Thanks to 3D Printing Technology

3D- Babies

3D- Babies-1

3D- Babies-2

3D- Babies-3

In recent time, 3D printing is at the center of attention as it appears to know no bounds in terms of creativity. Moreover, the area is so vast and recently one site offers its services to get the real size picture of your baby in the fetus with the 3D print technology.

This is a strange approach; the consequences could be serious for the health of the unborn child due to prolonged use of ultra sound to take the print of the fetus. Those are the days we could barely distinguish the arms of a fetus during an ultrasound. The technology is evolving at breakneck speed, this has now changed! Indeed, over the last ten years now, the 3D and 4D ultrasounds have appeared to the delight of the expectant parents.

However, this fad is not without consequences for the baby; the National Council of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of France may required to alert parents about the potential adverse effects of this practice fetus subjected to prolonged ultrasound harmful to its tissues. As this is potentially a dangerous practice, the site simply named “3D- Babies" With it, you can make a 3D impression of your child for the price of € 443. This will make it possible to “hold your baby in your arms before birth.

Obviously, the first question that arises about the usefulness of such picture and the site quickly respond that It is a great way to share the excitement of this happy event come with your friends and family. Moreover, the site even offers a promotional code for grandparents: LOVE to get a second infant at discounted prices.

 Then, of course you can also “customize“ your baby choosing the sex, the color of his skin or the position in which it is printed. Everything will be delivered in a box, still slightly resembling a coffin (?) The top of it is that you can also get 3D replica of celebrity babies, for the moment now it is only available is the pictures of the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye is for sale.

You may think this practice completely strange and even somewhat disturbing. Some of us wonder even if the technology is not going too far in distorting one of the finest that life has to offer events, that is to say, the birth of a child but only thing we want to say that the technology is moving on!

LG G3 A Super Phone With Fingerprint Scanner!


The pressure of competition in Smartphone market is increasing, product in the Smartphone market. Within a year after the release of LG G2, LG G3 is going to appear now with more feature like fingerprint scanner. It is rumored such that LG G2 is going to get a successor namely LG G3 in the month of May.

According to the Korean website Asiae the LG G3 display measures 5.5 inches. Thus, it is larger than the LG G2 which is of 5.2 inch display. But not only has the size grown, but also the resolution. The new LG G3 should provide 2560x1440 pixels for sharper pictures.

Also, the G3 is awarded a high resolution - only recently LG introduced a corresponding display technology. Even with the camera, the manufacturer has probably improved its performance much better than the previous version. Although the LG G2 camera snaps good pictures with 13 megapixels and Optical Image Stabilizer, the LG G3 sets for a lot more that is it is comes with a 16- megapixel camera.

In addition online sources reported that the LG G3 features like Apple's iPhone 5S and HTC One Max with a fingerprint scanner. They already planned to equip the current model LG G2 with this finger print scanner, but the technology did not make it due to lack of time to the finish product in the stipulated time.

Presumably LG builds the scanner in the upcoming G2 Pro. There is conflicting news about the launch of LG G3 in Mobile World Congress. Somebody is telling that LG G2 Pro may be unveiled at the MWC instead. Let us wait and watch!

Nokia Lumia 929 windows Phone Details Surfaced!

Nokia Lumia 929
Earlier rumors aired about Nokia's first five-inch super phone Lumia 929 to Mobile World Congress come the end of February in Abu Dhabi. The U.S. journalist Evan Blass has leaked photos of the Nokia Lumia 929 via his Twitter account.

The Nokia Lumia 929 is a high-end model, according to the Finns rumors developed for the U.S. mobile service provider Verizon. Now, the U.S. provider has accidentally confirmed the rumor hence U.S. bloggers stumbled in the online store of Verizon about the new Lumia, the cost of Lumia 929 will be around 777 dollars and will be available in black and white there in a very short time .

When Chinese traders Tao Bao stumbled, the Lumia 929 is supposed to be available already in a gray market. With the Lumia 929, Nokia would bring a device for the first time what is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which has a five-inch display. This closes the gap between the smaller Lumia 925 and the giant Phablet 1520.

A similar variant for Europe is to be expected, such as the Lumia 935. Technically, the Lumia 929 is largely a more manageable version of the giant - Phablet Lumia 1520, currently which is one of the best Windows Phone Smartphone available in the market. The most important difference is that the new Lumia 929 is with its five-inch screen much easier to handle than the six-inch Phablet.

Like the Lumia 1520; Lumia 929 is coming with fast quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2.2 GHz. The new Lumia would be significantly faster than the current Lumias in terms of the graphics performance and is expected to quadruple as the Lumia a1520. The operating system is Windows Phone 8 and it is used in the current version GDR3 with any extension of Nokia's Lumia Black firmware. Wireless Charging with Qi -compatible charging cradle is possible; NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and improved microphone technique (three or more microphones) are installed.

Important difference with Lumia 1520 is that its memory is not expandable supposedly, but 32 GB could be installed. The five-inch screen comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, while the Lumia 925 has only 1280x768 pixels. Tension remains the question of whether the new technology is installed for better readability in direct sunlight. The 20 megapixel camera is expected to resemble the Pure View camera with which the Lumia 1520 has.

In this case, the phone uses the high resolution of the sensor in order to optimize image quality for smaller variants of the five-megapixel photos. Flash replacement has done to serve a dual LED light. The Lumia 929 could be seen at the Mobile World Congress in late February as the last Windows phone under the brand name Nokia before Microsoft complete the acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone division. With the Lumia 929, Nokia and Microsoft could introduce a Windows Superphone the latest technology generation on the wireless trade show in Barcelona last, the much handier than the size of its technical model Lumia 1520. We can only hope that the version for the European market comes similar to that of Lumia 935 in the color range in the market.

EmoSPARK - First Artificial Intelligence Home Console

Power your digital world with independent life.When I read about EmoSPARK the first thing strike on my mind is Jetsons. I still all those movies which I have watched during my childhood about artificial intelligence, now the days have arrived to witness one in the form of EmoSPARK.


Artificial Intelligence platforms have come a long way in the past 10 years alone the “technological singularity” predicted by researchers and commentators is no longer a far-fetched theory, but is rapidly becoming part and parcel of our daily lives. Yet to this day, AI is still viewed as a distant and isolating portent of a technocratic world gone haywire. The time for us to reclaim that singularity is now. Emo Spark was created with one objective in mind: to allow for a true and meaningful understanding between technology and the human emotional spectrum. EmoSpark has accesses within Wikipedia and Freebase, as well as it is being connected to NASA`s satellite MODIS, it can access all the up to the minute details on global happenings and current affairs.

What is Emo Spark?

The future is here. Emo Spark is the most innovatively innovation from EmoShape, Ltd. Which allows you to transfer your real life emotions and desires directly onto a digital platform using state of the art AI measurements and technology. Emo Spark is Android powered with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth cube that allows users to create and interact with an emotionally concise intelligence through interactions, music, and visual Medias. Instantly, the cube creates ancustomized Emotional Profile Graph (EPG) which actually collects and measures a unique emotional input from the user. The EPG allows the cube to virtually “feel” senses such as pleasure and pain; and “expresses” those desires according to the user`s mood. Emo Spark will not only take gaming, but also your TV, smart phone or computer to an entirely different level from anything ever experienced before.

General information

Emoshape Ltd is dedicated to provide powerful and easy-to-use technology which works on the emotions. Emoshapehas announced that they have started the prototyping of the first Emotions Processing Unit – EPU on DSP in the prototyping of a first generation of processor representing a significant advancement for the purpose of Artificial Intelligence Devices and Technologies

EmoSPARK is so unique in several ways, the way it processes and functions, draws on your hopes,it developsalong with your family requirements which makes it unique unlike any other devices in your home.EmoSpark has a conversational engine data of about 2 millions lines, and it can save the lines which you interact with it.Its virtually a new member in your family which soon gets to know about the likes and dislikes of the people around it with its unique Emotion Processing Unit,EmoSPARK can feel the variety of human emotions which is based on 8 primary emotions : Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Trust, Anger, Fear, Anticipation and Surprise. People who are interested have to sign up in their website and they will send you information about how to get 25$ discount on your EmoSPARK.

Accounting Software — A Quick Buyer's Guide

There was a once upon a time when maintaining your books meant rooms filled with cabinets and boxes of never ending paper. There were piles of ledgers and an untold number of pencils and erasers for manually recording and updating essential financial data.
Thank heavens for the computer and business accounting software. It saves you time and maximises space as you no longer need all that paper and room to store it. It helps you maintain insight that you might not have ever got from paper, like generating next quarter sales forecasts, pinpointing the most and least profitable services with a glance, and seeing where inventory is overstocked. It also significantly reduces calculation errors.
No accounting service should be without a reliable and robust program. Unfortunately, it’s a popular medium and there are a multitude of store bought and online applications that promise the best solution. To find the right business accounting software, there are some basic questions you need to look at and answer regarding your business and its needs.

What are your accounting needs?

There are programs that cover receiving, selling, inventory ordering, employee time keeping, payroll and business taxes. Small businesses may not have the manual resources to manually cover all these and good software will definitely streamline the process. Establish what services you need and look for accounting software that matches it. Try to stay away from software that includes hundreds of features you don’t need or can’t see yourself using in the foreseeable future. While you want to make sure the software you choose is ‘future proof’ and will allow you room to grow, you don’t want to pay for bells and whistles you won’t make use of.

What is your experience with accounting and software?

Some programs are easier to use than others, and some may require some training for you and your staff before you can make the jump into relying on the software to keep your books in check. Make sure your pick makes things simpler not harder. Grab a trial version and let potential users play.

How Will You Utilize the Software?

The cloud is simplifying the way we do business. It could mean not having to stay late to crunch those numbers. Do it on the way home or after you put the kids to bed. But that means software that’s consistent, reliable and can be accessed with no trouble on any device.

What are the local legislation requirements?

Make sure the software you choose complies with any specific legislation and accounting statutes in your country or state. If your company is based in Australia, don’t take for granted that US software will be compliant with US accounting legislation and vice versa. MYOB Exo Accounting Software might comply with different rules than Sage for example.

What are your integration concerns?

You may already have industry specific products. Find out how you would integrate any new solution and how that could affect productivity. You should also look into how easy it is to transfer from your current software if you’ve outgrown it and are looking to change – can you retain all of the old data, will it be easily accessible? You want software that will make the transition as seamless as possible.

Which type of accounting product will match your needs?

Small Business Payroll and Accounting Software.

These can be extremely affordable solutions that don’t ask for much in terms of accounting or computer experience. Of course, the more you know the better use of the accounting tool. Generate reports in graphical or spreadsheet form, take advantage of industry specific software for construction, manufacturing and more, or utilize cash flow calculators and templates for order forms, receipts, etc.

Business Management Software.

These will be full featured accounting programs that help you track point of sale, customer relationship management, inventory control, purchasing, billing and enterprise resource management. You want a solution that can integrate as many business processes as possible.

Web Hosted Accounting

Young entrepreneurs have come to trust the Internet for everything from finding a dentist to locating a good restaurant. They are ready to take advantage of the Internet to develop their businesses. There are a number of online platforms that offer advanced financial tools that will effectively manage your books.

Free Accounting Software

While free versions of accounting software can certainly provide a sound foundation for what best suits your business, totally free versions are only likely to show you how much you need a better program. You may be able to keep records, track invoices and print checks, and manage multiple accounts, but there will likely be more reliable options in paid versions, as well as greater customer support.
Have a conversation with an accountant. They could help with software recommendations and establishing what your needs are. Get input from the people currently working on your books or have involvement in ordering, invoicing, payroll or other databases. With this as your guide, focus on industry specific accounting software that aligns with your business. The more you require of the software, the higher your budget is going to be. Fortunately, the rate of return will be more than worth it.
If you follow the protocols, you’ll get a strong idea of what your product needs are and how they match up with what’s available to you. You’ll have gotten some advice from an experienced voice and tested a number of options. It’s now time to prioritize. You will be ready to select the software that comes closest to your needs with the features that will make financial processes easier that also meet your budgetary specifications.
Remember, there is no best business accounting software. There is only the one that’s best for your business needs.
Michael Pendred is Managing Director of Horizon Business Systems, a leading provider of Accounting Software Solutions in Perth, WA. Find Michael on Google+.

Top Five Multiplayer Games for Android

Multiplayer Games for Android
In this modern world, the Gaming has been an active field and also an addictive thing which has been made by the adults and by the child too. More particularly, the trends of game in the mobiles have been growing after the release of the Smartphones with more advanced features. But playing games with single player has made the people to get bored and they can only able to play with them only.

There are several games which have been released in order to play with other peoples in this world by using the multiplayer games. You can easily enjoy the social competitiveness by playing the games with other peoples around this globe. There are lots of options are there in order to play the multiplayer games in the mobile, such as playing with many players with the same device, or with the people who were in your wireless network, or you can do it in a online multiplayer arenas.

Here I have shared a bit of information regarding the best multiplayer games in the market and here it goes;

Paper War: Paper War is one of the best games which have been released ever for the multiplayer option. The Paper War consists of three mini games inside a single game and this game lets you to play with another person with your friends on the same device or you can play a head to head game with your friends. Even you can play alliance diplomacy with this game.

In the head to head game, you can use your fingers to control your cannons and you can easily hit your enemy by using your own strategy. Even can even hit your own troops to disable your own troops for few minutes and you can wipe your enemy with those cannons. Paper War in a tablet will provide you a ultimate experience while playing in it.

Rush Poker: Rush Poker is a poker app which lets you to play with a adrenalin rush and you can play this game in a multiplayer option by using the Browser of your android mobiles and this games has many built in features while comparing to the other poker games and the multiplayer option for this game is brilliant while playing with other users online.

Home Run Battle 2: Home Run Battle 2 is a baseball games which let you to swing the bat when a ball is incoming on the way, and it suits well for a multiplayer option.

Uniwar: After the release of the Uniwar, totally 2.5 million users have played this game in their mobile. There are so many people who love to play this game in a multiplayer option, it allows you to built your own army and you can beat your enemies with that.

Pocket Legends: Pocket Legends is a two player game like Paper war, but you can beat your opponent with this game more easily. It provides you an experience of better game play with millions of users in the universe.

Top 10 Best Funny Google Tricks

Funny Google Tricks
We all Know, Google is the best Search engine in this universe. Google is considered as God of Internet and also it is considered as the best homepage for the internet users. You would have heard almost all kind of information about the Google. But here, I have discussed few of the tricks that you could do in the Google Search Engine. You can do these simple tips and easily you can surprise your friends by doing this in the Google Homepage. In this, I have listed top 10 tricks for Google Website.

1. Zerg Rush: This is the one of the best trick in the Google, This will provide you a ultimate rush in the Google search result. The circles will fall from the Top to Bottom, then there will be awesome rush like effect in the Google Site. Check this out for cool visualization in the Screen.

2. elgooG: You can See the name, it is the mirror of the Google website. If you were searching anything over the elgooG, then you will find the images are mirrored in the search results. 3. Google Sphere: Google Sphere is one of the most fantastic tricks for the Google. If you want to execute this trick, then go to and enter Google Sphere in the search box and Click on the I’m Feeling Lucky. Then you will find the best Google Trick of the year.

4. This trick will be suitable for the Lazy persons, you can enter the keyword in this website and you will get a link. This link can be shared to your friends; they will get the result search in their website.

5. Epic Google: Epic Google is the one of the trick, in which the size of the element in the website will be increase automatically. If you type Epic Google in the search bar and click on the I’m Feeling Lucky Button, then you will be automatically directed to the Epic Google website.

6. Do a Barrel Roll: This is one of my favorite tricks, in which the Google website will be rolled in the browser. If you want to do this trick, then type do a barrel roll in the Google Search Page and Hit the I’m feeling lucky button.

7. Google Tilt or askew: This is another trick for the; Go to the website, the type google tilt or askew and hit the I’m feeling lucky button.

8. Google Gravity: Google Gravity is the same trick which is similar to Google Tilt or askew, the both thing will show you the same output in the screen. Go to Google website and type Google Gravity, and then hit the Feeling Lucky button.

9. Google Terminal: It is another trick for Google, in which you can find Google page similar to Linux terminal appearance. Go to and type Google terminal, now hit the Feeling Lucky button.

10. Weenie Google: Like Epic Google, this trick will decrease the size of the item in the website.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Top Benefits of Archiving Files in The Cloud

Businesses that are of various sizes, which are operating across all the sectors, can gather large quantities of data on everyday basis. From monetary reports to email exchange, these files are very crucial to retrieve and contain highly sensitive data and information, which cannot be compromised. It is important that the company has a file archiving system at a place. This archiving system allows storage of large data; the data present on it should be accessible and secure. Looking for file archiving system Cloud storage is the solution that the businesses can choose for a cloud based storage solution or a on-site file archiving system.

Drop Box, is ranked fifth among all the cloud storage alternatives present in the world which allows easy access on any device. There are various similar services present in the market. Otherwise you can go for an online virtual storage like the Google drive. In this article we outline the various advantage of the cloud storage.

Cloud Archiving Drives Down Costs

A cloud-based solution is much more cost effective than an on-site storage solution. Why? There because there are a few certain reasons. A cloud-based solution eradicates all the dedicated internal IT resources for archiving of data. But when an on-site solution is considered, the role an IT employee is that he spends most of his time dealing with file archiving issues but this is not the case when cloud based solution is considered. The cloud-based solution has a larger scalability feature. Where we only pay for the processing, bandwidth, memory applications and the needs of an business organization and there is no hidden payments which is incurred by the on-site file archiving system. The major advantage of this system is the Mime cast File archiving solution.

Accessibility of Data

Various organizations have different approaches to file archiving, while some the files is stored on-site and some of them stored on-site which can make access of difficult data with ease. But the use file archiving system is that the data stored is not to be touched- it is crucial that the stored data can be made available to both the administrators and end users. When the data is stored in a single place the access of data can be made easily without any difficulty. On a cloud based system all the data is indexed before it is stored which allows easy searching of data across multiple applications. If an employee has to locate data from his iPad or an Blackberry device he can make use of cloud file archiving system solution which makes this possible.

Disaster Recovery

Another advantage of using cloud-based solution is that it allows on site disaster recovery for file archives. If the entire companies data is stored on site than the data can be easily vulnerable or compromised. In a cloud based solution, the servers are distributed around the world, so if one server fails and due to data distribution to various servers the data is secure in spite of failure of the current server or due to disaster.

Whatever archiving solution you choose for, remember that you should be able to archive large volumes of data which increases year by year; that the data which has been archived should be easily accessible and should be totally secure.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

AMD Released Warsaw Opterons With Lower TDP

Warsaw Opterons
AMD have officially presented two Warsaw Opterons 6338P and 6370P. As expected, both are specified with 99 Watt TDP, the clock rates are correspondingly lower than that of the 115 -watt models published earlier in 2012. Without much notice, AMD has released two new Opteron models namely 6338P and 6370P.

Both server processors are compatible with the LGA socket G34 and are at a TPD of 99 watts higher performance per watt than their offer Abu Dhabi predecessor mentioned. The new CPUs are identified by the suffix P, arrange themselves but apart from that in the existing Opteron 6300 - a naming scheme: The 6338P over clocked under load with 2.0 to 2.5 GHz and the 6370P reached 2.3 to 2.8 GHz.

Thus, the Warsaw models are the slowest 12 - and 16-core Opteron processors in the line-up, only the Opteron 6366 HE is clocked even more lower. The relatively low frequencies and the mature 32- nanometer manufacturing allow AMD to specify the Warsaw chips with 99 watts, thereby increasing the efficiency will be higher than the 115 -watt models.

Calculation with base clock at baseline provides the 6338P a meager 3 percent higher performance per watt than the 6344, with turbo is 12 percent. Compared to the Abu Dhabi Opterons; the Warsaw processors increased efficiency in 2P and 4P servers.

The Warsaw processors use the older Piledriver architecture, two so-called Orochi. This will be connected in the MCM process by HT links on a carrier. This also results in the four- channel memory interface, bringing the chips are well suited for RAM - intensive applications in a comparatively low server.

How to Access Computer with Android Mobile or iPhone

Access Computer with Android
In this world of technology, everything is possible with the help of these technologies. Most of you have tried to connect with your personal computer from the mobile and would have failed. But there is a fantastic way to connect your personal computer with your mobile very easily. In this post, I have shared an information regarding how to connect or access your files in your personal computer from the mobile itself. You can access the pictures, images and as well as the music files remotely from the mobile.

The best solution for this is easily done an application called PolKast. This application is a best application which can be installed in your mobile and by using this application; you can access the pictures, videos and music from your mobile.

Polkast is one of the best cloud services and it is fantastic; through which you can easily create your own personal cloud service with this mobile application itself. By using this pilkast application, you can select any size of file on your personal computer and you can share them using polkast applications. By using this polkast, you can easily access the files which have been shared in the polkast application, from your mobile itself. This polcast application can be also applicable for the Tablets and you can access those shares files from the tablet too.

In order to make the polkast app to work perfectly, we have to install the server app on the personal computer which you want to share and also the client application on the mobile device which may a mobile phone or a tablet. You can easily download any of these application from the polkast websites very easily for totally free of cost.

Steps to Remotely Access the Computers from your mobile:

-> Step 1: The first step is to download the PolKast in the personal computer where you need to share your files and access it from the mobile.

-> Step 2: Go to PolKast website; In the website, click over the Desktop option which is shown over the PolKast website.

 -> Once you have clicked that image, it will leads to you to the download page. Download the server version for your computer and install the application on your personal computer accordingly. Install the application in your personal computer and run the PolKast server app on your personal computer.

-> Register your account on the PolKast and once you have registered in the PolKast website. You will be directed to the main screen on the PolKast application, where you can choose various files from your personal computer which you need to be get remotely accessed from your mobile phones.

-> Now download the PolKast application in your mobile phone, and install it in your mobile phones.

 -> Once you have successfully installed the PolKast, you were asked to login in thePolKast.  

-> This will shows you the dashboard screen for your account, in which the shared files can be accessed from your mobile phones.

How to make your own Folder Icons in the Windows XP operating system

Windows XP operating system is one of the best operating system which is installed in most of the devices in this universe. Because of its simplicity, the Windows XP operating system is considered as the best operating system in the world. You can even notice that the people who were using the Windows XP operating system would never go for the latest upgrades of the Operating systems. Because of the ease in the Windows XP operating system, the people used to stay in the Windows XP operating system.

There few tips that can be still used by the people who were using the Windows XP operating system. In this post I have share a bit of information for the Windows XP operating system, and in this I have discussed the steps how to make your own folder icons in the Windows XP operating system.

Generally, we used to store different kinds of files and informations in the each folder. But the thing is that, the icons for the folder will look similarly. If you were changing the icons according to the kinds of information which are stored in a folder, then we can easily access the informations very easily and quickly too.
The steps are given as below;

Step 1: Right click over the Folder which you need to change the Icons in the Windows XP operating system. This will show you pop-up menu in the screen.

Step2: In the pop-up menu, select the Properties in the Menu.

Step3: In the property window which you have selected, click the customize tab in the menu and also click on the change Icon button.

Step4: After clicking the Change Icon button, the pop-up box with series of icons and pictures is available for you. You can click on the any image you want and you can select the icons to be the Folder Icon for your Folder. This helps you to choose the Folder icon in the Windows XP operating system.

How to add extra Icons on the Icon Menu: 

If you want to use a custom image as your icon in the Windows XP operating system, you have to add your image in the %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll.

-> In order to make your image as a custom icon, select an image which you want to make as icon. • Open an image editor application on your personal computer.

• Now crop the image into the size of 24 x 24 pixel or 16 x 16 pixel resolution in the image processor.

• Now save that image into 24-bit bitmap image from the image processor.

• Now repeat up to step-3 in the folder, and then you need the click on the browse button near the top of the image.

• You have to choose the image which you have changed into the bitmap format. Then select Ok button. Finally you have changed the custom icon in the Windows XP.

How to Connect All your Computers with Single Mouse and Keyboard

KVM Switch
Nowadays it’s a common thing having multiple Systems in their home like a Desktop and a laptop, Even there are a lot of people who work with two or say multiple desktop computers and its hectic to work with two mouse and two keyboards, Did you ever heard that we can actually operate multiple computers using a Single mouse and keyboard? Yes that’s possible using various methods, So here are a few methods which we can try to overcome that.

This can be done through hardware and software either ways but the important thing is the computers should be connected to each other via LAN or any Network connector.

1. KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch, its hardware or say a cable in specific which will be a short one for keyboard, video and mouse. These are actually commonly used in Datacenters where lot of servers are placed in a single rack with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. It will let you share a single mouse, keyboard and monitor across two or multiple computers. There is also KM switch cables using which you will be able to share a single keyboard and mouse with two computers that have two separate monitors. The best thing about using these hardware cables is they give really fast connections which makes it worth to go and makes the work more efficient. One of the main advantage of using KVM switch is that it saves space which would have been occupied if multiple keyboards, mouse are used.

2. If you don’t want to add any hardware cables there are a few software’s too which we can try, First thing to try out is Input Director, which is a Windows-only utility that’s easy to install and is totally free for non-commercial use. At first, you need to install this Input Director program on all your Computers. The computer that is physically connected by keyboard and mouse becomes the Master computer whereas the other systems will be Slave computers. Just make sure you never shut down the Master computer without turning off the Slave computers first because by doing that you will lose access to the keyboard and mouse which are physically attached to the master computer. There`s another program called Synergy , this one is a bit harder to setup than Input Director , but it’s free and a open-source thing which supports Microsoft windows, MAC OS and Linux. Both these programs are small ones which won’t eat up much resource your computers. On using both the software’s you don’t need to press any switches or buttons which was there in the case of KVM switches. Simply just move your cursor to drag drop or copy paste across your multiple computers in a easy manner. 

People who don’t mind spending for a peaceful computing will love to go for the hardware way and the Users who don’t like to spend money and want a clean desk without messing with cables will go the software way. Happy Computing.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Google X Developed Contact Lens That Helps Diabetics

Google Contact lens

Google Contact lens
Google has developed in his research laboratory Google X an electronic contact lens that could help diabetic patients. It regularly measures the blood sugar level of the tear fluid and can thus warn of high or low blood sugar levels.

With an electronic contact lens Google wants to make the daily life of diabetes patients easier because the contact lens that they wear can monitor every second, which measure blood glucose levels in the tear fluid.

So patients no need to prick their finger to detect a drop of blood their blood sugar levels. This is also the problem encountered by many diabetic patients to measure their blood sugar levels too rarely. Tiny sensors and chips and an antenna are installed between two layers of a soft contact lens, which will allow extremely precise measurements.

Google has built several prototypes, including those measure blood sugar levels per second evenly. Currently, they are experimenting with integrated LEDs as an early warning. It is still developing at a very early stage, but they were conducted several clinical trials earlier, under which the prototypes were improved.

It can be released once the clinical trials were completed but will still take some time. Currently, Google is in talks to with the U.S. health supervision FDA. Google wants to collaborate in the further development with partners who have experience in bringing such products to market. The partners will develop among other apps, of which the measurements are provided to the winner and his doctor.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Meizu MX3 With octa- core SoC Soon In Europe!

 Meizu MX3
Meizus MX3 the first Android Smartphone from Meizu China with 5.1 -inch display, 8- megapixel camera and 128 -GB memory option should be available in Europe in mid-2014. Detailed plans for the available markets will be soon publish the manufacturer.

The Chinese manufacturer Meizu is one of the top Smartphone manufacturers and the manufacturer was already made some hints relating to that in the CES 2014 and it is only available in China now and it will be available in other parts of the world soon. The MX3 is to appear in the third quarter of 2014 in the U.S. But before that, the manufacturer plans to launch the Smartphone in Europe.

This was informed by Sierra Ma who is responsible for Meizus, international business deals. So during February 2014 you may expect the list of countries in which the MX3 will be available. The MX3 is the Meizus’s first Smartphone with a 5.1 -inch display. The resolution is 1,800 x 1,080 pixels, which results in a high pixel density of 415 ppi.

The RAM is 2 GB in size. Meizu offers the MX3 in four memory types; 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Inside the MX3 is the Samsung Exynos 5, an eight- core processor, which consists of four A15 cores with a clock speed of 1.6GHz and A7 four cores with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. This principle is referred to as big.LITTLE concept.

The camera on the back has a Sony image sensor with 8 megapixels, autofocus and an LED photo light. The camera in shooting mode can shoot up to 20 frames per second. The MX3 is shipped with Android 4.2. These are called the manufacturer as Flyme 3.0; the Meizu missed its own user interface.

 In China, the MX3 in the 16 -gigabyte version which costs 270 Euros is now converted the 32- gigabyte version for 290 Euros. The model with the currently biggest memory is the 64- gigabyte model for around 340 euros. The 128 -gigabyte version is not currently listed on the website.

The New Chrome 33 Beta A Talking Browser with custom elements

Google Chrome 33 Beta
Google's browser Chrome 33 beta supports so-called custom elements, ie HTML elements that can define you as a web developer. More than that now it also supported via the web Speech API and speech synthesis. Custom elements are part of the Web Components, a new technique, which is currently developing the W3C. They allow web developers to define their own HTML elements and to use later in their apps and websites.

This can also extend existing elements and modify and combine several elements to create into one, which is then available under a HTML tag. Moreover, it is possible to extend the existing APIs DOM elements. The ultimate aim of custom elements lead to significantly compile into a code, as for example, define recurring buttons together with their complete functions once and then leave like a standard HTML elements. The Web Speech API allows web apps to access features for speech recognition and speech synthesis.

While Chrome voice recognition via the web Speech API support for some time comes with Chrome 33 Beta now also support for speech synthesis. This allows for example to have texts read in web pages directly from the browser. The combination of the two techniques makes it possible to issue a dictated text via the browser in a different language again. This user does not have to repeatedly enter the same information into forms, has introduced Google auto complete request.

Now firstly, the function is available only for payment information available that manages the browser and can be automatically entered in the appropriate forms. Sites can request the information with the request function auto complete but the user has the option to agree or reject. In addition, Chrome 33 beta supports the Page Visibility API now without a prefix.

Also the download of web fonts has been optimized so that the fonts are in most cases available, even before the rendering engine flashing begins with the presentation of the website. For CSS animations and transitions a new Web animation model is used, which has been implemented in flash. In addition, Chrome now supports the latest version of Web Notification API.