Friday 10 January 2014

6 Highly Useful Mozilla Firefox Tips and tricks to improve your Browsing Experience

Do you prefer Firefox than other browser? Then this Browser is really cool and effective one to deal with!

Tips and tricks In Order improve your Browsing Experience:

1. Yank your Firefox Screen for Optimal Use

• To reduce Size of your Icons to Get More Screen Space Right-Click the empty space and Select Customize. You will immediately find “Use Small icons”. The preview change may happen by checking and un checking to find out the best one.

• You can easily increase the Text Size of your Web Page By using Ctrl & + and Ctrl & - you may increase or decrease text size. Ctrl & 9 Reset them to default size.

• Use F11 to fill the entire webpage and Press once again to previous mode.

1. Create Keywords for Important BookMarked Sites You can fast get to bookmarked pages at a faster mode by creating shortcut keys. For instance got to bookmark items, right-click specified bookmark and select “Properties”. Enter the shortcut key to browse faster.

2. Key Board Shortcut keys for Firefox 

• Keyboard Space bar to Scroll Faster

• Use Ctrl + Shift + B and Ctrl + Shift + H to open Bookmark and History page.

Ctrl + F to open Find box to locate words and phrases easily.

• Use Ctrl + Shift + Delete for clearing the Browsing History.

3. Move At a much Faster Rate with Firefox 

Ctrl + Tab to skip from one tab to another

Ctrl + (1 to 9) to move to specific Tabs in your browser.

Ctrl + T for New Tab • Ctrl + N for New Windows.

Shift + Ctrl + T to unknot Close tab. (Revive Closed Tab)

Ctrl W to close an Open Tab. (Close the Current Tab)

4. Utilize Firefox Address and Search Bars to Browse Faster

• Bring into play Ctrl + D to open Up Bookmark Window.

• Bring into play Ctrl + K for highlighting Search Bar.

• Bring into play Ctrl + L for highlighting Location Bar.

a. Complete a web address using Ctrl + Enter for (www and .com).

b. Complete a Web address using Shift + Enter for (www and .net).

c. Complete a Web address using Ctrl + Shift + Enter for (www and .org).

5. How to swiftly locate precise Tab on Firefox 

Ctrl + Shift + E for creating “Tab Groups”. This would display the tab as Thumbnails. It is your wish to select anyone of them.

 • Utilize % in URL to know what Tabs are open. It Provide the list of Tabs.

A brief Explanation of Trips and Tricks

This would have let you some knowledge on Firefox. People usually think Firefox as little tougher to use, but rather it is more when you know the shortcut keys available in them. If you keep on using this you might turn out to be expert in using Firefox. So these are the Tricks and tips to deal up with Firefox.

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