Wednesday 29 January 2014

How to Save or Increase Battery life in Android and iPhone

Increase Battery life in Android
The battery of Android phones and iPhone used to be big concern for all users as the battery won’t last till the end of the day, that’s gradually has improved a lot now but it is still sometimes be difficult to get through a day without running the battery dry. Frequent travelers and business persons know the valud of this battery, because its hard for them to go without charge on their phones. These Android phones and iPhone keeps you entertained, so who will not love to save or increase its battery life, Let’s have a look on few things which can actually save your battery life.

Dim the screen brightness

Everyone loves Smartphone’s large, colorful attractive display, but that’s the one which consumes the max out of your battery more than any other app. Most phones will be having auto adjust brightness option to suit the atmosphere lightning. Though Auto brightness mode will save lot of battery for you, keeping the screen in a dim mode will extend the life of your battery gradually.

Turn Off Location Services 

IPhone and iPads are having the inbuilt GPS for many functions, such as Google maps. You may be surprised when you know that there are many other apps which use GPS, so it consumes a lot of battery life. You can turn it off all Location Services or just turn it off for any particular apps by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can even turn off GPS settings on your Android phones which will improve your battery life.

Keep the screen timeout short

In your phone there is a option called Screen Timeout which locks the phone after a certain period of time if the phone is idle, Every second gets counted here, so set your timeout to the shortest. On most of the smart phones the Timeout will be 2 mins, you can reduce it to 30 seconds. On a iPhone the minimum is 1 min which we can set.

Disable notifications 

On a Android, iPhone it displays lot of notifications which use up battery life. In both the phones you can disable the notifications of each app. You have to manually disable for all the apps.

Turn off vibration 

Turning off the vibrating alerts on your Android, iPhone can surely help improving your battery life. Go to the Profiles setting where you can disable the vibration.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Most of the users keep their device wifi and Bluetooth on, which constantly searches out for signals and which is a serious battery drainer. Keeping it turn off and using it on the needed time will definitely add 1 hour of battery life to your phone.

Don't leave apps running in the background

These Smartphones are known for the ability to run more than one app at a time. But it also burns a lot of energy, every app running at background using your phone`s processor and battery.. By killing those apps that you aren't actually using, will drastically save you battery and will improve the processor of your device.

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