Sunday 5 January 2014

Tips to protect your computer from viruses

protect your computer

Computers are very vulnerable to the viruses which are present widely all over the world. We need to secure our personal computer from the viruses that are available in the cruel world of Internet. These viruses damage various kinds of important files that are present in your personal computers which results in formatting of your drive to recover from those effects. Sometimes we might lose important files because of these viruses. But you can still reduce the effects which are done by these viruses. You can monitor that these viruses are rapidly growing rapidly in the internet and use internet as a medium for spreading. It is our duty to secure our pc from various damages and unwanted actions that are done by these viruses. If we protect our personal computer with maximum security, then we can easily rectify the various levels of hazards in our personal computer.

Here I have shared various security tips to protect the personal computer from these unnecessary virus activity and here they goes;

Tip 1: Always install trusted software sources Installing software from the trusted sources will give you software packages without any sort of intruded malicious codes in the program. Suppose if your program has any kind of malicious codes, it will harm our devices and our data may be uploaded to the internet when we connected our personal computer to the internet. So it is always advised to use trusted application and always download applications from the trusted sources.

Tip 2: Avoid usage of pirated downloads Installing pirated source of software from untrusted sources in your personal computer will cause harm to it. Pirated downloads will be infected by the viruses and those viruses can affect your personal computer very easily. Even your antivirus software cannot track those infected viruses that are present over the pirated software. So always download and install application from the trusted sources itself.

 Tip 3: Install good antivirus software Antivirus software helps you to protect your personal computer by protecting it. Antivirus software are most dedicated way of protecting your personal computer from the unwanted actions and executions by the viruses in your personal computer. If you want your personal computer to be secured in most efficient manner, then go for the premium version of antivirus from the market. Spending few bucks will helps you to prevent your personal computer from the various infections by the viruses. If you were using free antivirus software, then you cannot assure that your personal computer has been in full secured manner. So it is always advised to use premium versions of antivirus applications in your personal computer.

 Tip 4: Be careful with the Email attachments Be sure that you have scanned your email attachment and download the files in your personal computer. Sometimes email attachments were fully filled with viruses. If you click on those files, then you will get hit by the virus found in the attachment. This will harm your personal computer very badly.

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