Saturday 29 March 2014

ZTE Grand S II Will Be First Smartphone With 4 GB of RAM

ZTE Grand S II
This year 2014 begins with lot of news in technology; the ZTE Grand S II could be the first Smartphone in the world that is equipped with 4 GB of RAM.

Thus, the device would be thanks to Full HD display and Snapdragon processor 800 one of the strongest units in 2014. They introduced Android Smartphone Grand S II ZTE at CES 2014 possibly comes with 4 GB instead of the previously assumed 2 GB of RAM on the market. This information was leaked by Chinese Medical Agency TEENA recently, in which the device is to be seen.

The specifications listed under the name ZTE S291 Smartphones mention, among others, already known features such as a 5.5 inch display with 1080p resolution, a quad- core processor with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz and an 8- megapixel camera. What is new is about the RAM which comes with 4 GB. The Grand S II would be the first Smartphone that comes with more than 3 gigabytes of RAM.

So far, offers among other things are: on the IFA 2013 presented by Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is of 3 GB of RAM. The new Galaxy S 5, the South Korean manufacturer has installed again with 2 GB RAM memory. The Grand S II going to be released will be in two versions. The first version will be with 2 GB RAM and the other one will be with 4 GB of RAM.

ZTE's latest product one of the Top Android Smartphone Nubia X6 will be available with either 2 or 3 GB of RAM in China. The 2 -gigabyte version will appear with 32 or 64 GB of flash memory, the 3 -gigabyte version with 128 GB of flash memory. All models are supposed to have the new Snapdragon processor 801. For prices and the market launch of the Grand S II ZTE has not made any claims. Other special features of the device worth mention here is it’s extensive voice control.

Microsoft Brings Office Suite to Apple’s iPad For Free

Office for iPad
Microsoft has just announced the introduction of a new version of its Office package Office for the iPad and other mobile devices. At the same time, the software giant gave an overview of his plans for the “Microsoft Mobile Cloud" too. Office for iPad in the App Store of Apple's iOS will be available now. First, the applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the mobile operating system of Microsoft's competitors are released and available now.

Office and Microsoft Excel on the iPad are come with a special numeric keyboard; Microsoft has developed a special surface for Office on the iPad. This combines the design of Apple's operating system with Microsoft's design language and offers other things, from the desktop version Ribbon interface, where various adjustments can be made to the touch controls on the tablet. Among other things, there are special onscreen keyboards for entering data and various editing functions with regard to the touch surface.

In this way, text files, spreadsheets and presentations are supposed to be created in the future on an iPad easily. Microsoft has integrated a function for parallel editing content. In this way, multiple users can work simultaneously on the same document. Files are stored in Microsoft's cloud so that when a connection is lost nothing is lost everything will be intact and you can get the last saved data from the cloud. For basic functionality, of course, also include the various formatting functions with which data, texts and presentations can be prepared.

The real data are used as the basis for preview graphics. PowerPoint also offers the option to use the fingers of the user as a kind of laser pointer, if you want to give the presentation to an audience, making use of the iPad. Microsoft relies on a “freemium" business model, in which the iPad version of Office is available on the App Store for free. However, you can watch with this version only documents and presentations. Who also want to edit the Office documents, an office must complete 365 subscriptions.

For all customers who have already subscribed to Office 365, the iPad app is available as a free supplement to the existing range available. Who wants to try Office for the iPad, you can start a 30 - day trial and should therefore be able to get free Office on your new Apple tablet. In future, the software company plans to market the touch version of Office for Windows and other popular operating systems. From this it is very clear that the software will be available for Android soon.

Friday 28 March 2014

Nvidia unveils Pascal, its next-gen GPU

Pascal a super computer module was unveiled by Jen Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, at the annual conference of the company. This new architecture optimizes data transfer between the CPU and the GPU and uses a new type of memory arranged in three dimensions. According to NVidia, the module presented, which is one third the size of a PCIe graphics card brings the power of a supercomputer in the area occupied by two credit cards.

 NVidia, the manufacturer of graphics processors for computers and systems on a chip (SoC) that is found in tablets and Smartphones, held its annual conference this week (CWG 2014) in San Jose, California. This is an opportunity to unveil new graphics processor architecture for the next generation of chips, video games, mobile SoC devices and supercomputers. Pascal called in honor of the French scientist Blaise Pascal, this super computer is an important technical milestone with the introduction of several technologies that optimize the use of RAM and reduce bottlenecks for data transfer between the GPU and the central processor CPU.

The first of these is the new 3D memory, which consists of stacked DRAM cells arranged vertically and integrate all on the same semiconductor as the CPU. NVidia announces that the memory should be multiplied by 2.5 with a much larger bandwidth. This 3D architecture also allows you to place voltage regulators near the chip, which has the effect of optimizing the energy efficiency that would be four times higher than a GDDR5 memory solution. NVidia emphasizes that through this, the Pascal module will have one third of the size of a PCIe graphics card.

For its new processor architecture, NVIDIA opted for a RAM in 3D. The memory access is much faster while allowing a more compact design. Another key innovation is a new interconnected technology between the CPU and GPU named NVLink. It was co-developed with IBM with the goal to leverage the speed of data transfer between the two processors. According to NVidia , NVLink is 5-12 times faster than that can offer PCI Express bus third generation, because it leaves the GPU memory access the CPU at full bandwidth and vice versa.

The founder announced a bandwidth of 80 to 200 Gb / s, against 16 GB / s of PCIe 3.0. NVLink also renews the interconnection between the GPUs themselves, which will make creating clustering configurations that may include multiple GPUs. This new type of interconnects will greatly benefit applications that take advantage of hardware acceleration and massively for parallel computing. Through this system of unified memory, NVidia promises developers they will be released for optimizing problematic communication protocols.

IBM plans to integrate this technology into future versions of Power processors. Note that NVidia does not intend to abandon the PCIe bus. All transactions and configuration control initiated by the CPU go through a PCIe connection only. If a CPU is not NVLink supported, may interconnect between the GPU and function to improve the performance rise, or scaling. In other words, NVLink will somehow technical manufacturers of processors may or may not choose to adopt. The first chips from the architecture Pascal arrive in 2016.

Thursday 27 March 2014

World's First Android Thermal Imaging Camera Therm-App

You may be able to make your life little more spicy with your Android Smartphone in darkness. It is a dream come true for some within their budget, and as expected for other functionality. A thermal camera has just been presented by OpgalOptronic.

It offers the ability to shoot in the dark with your Android Smartphone. This infrared camera with a sensor is a revolutionary accessory for Android device. Some interchangeable lenses placed on a small platform and a system available to fix your Smartphone and the other accessories. You’re ready for taking pictures or filming in the dark with Android once they are fixed together.

 Because of technology growth and development man is able to monitor himself and the environment around him with a simple Android Smartphone. Connecting the Smartphone and the camera is via the micro USB port. The sensor range is almost 7 meters with a photographic resolution of 384 x 288.

This little wonder will find its application in various fields such as first aid, observing animals in nature or simply monitoring. Although the patent for the Therm -App comes just been filed and that the release date and price are still unknown, the main customer will remains professional since it can be used for their professional assignments with ease. Note however that the application and hardware in general does not work with Android versions prior to version 4.1.

The HTC one M8

The HTC one M8
Yesterday HTC has unveiled its new top model The HTC one M8. So HTC recently formalized the release of his upcoming HTC One M8, this new Smartphone will he counter competitors such as Apple or Samsung.

 Now that we know the technical characteristics, price and release date of the HTC One M8 through the present Conference of Manufacturer held on March 25 in London, one wonders if this new Smartphone can take the road in front competition from Apple and Samsung Smartphones. 

While some have already announced the HTC One M8 as the revolution of the year, the laptop still has some negative points that are not in Apple or Samsung products. HTC One M8 could highlight its quad-core Snapdragon processor 801. 

O layer customization made in HTC Android 4.4 dubbed Sixth Sense. Or metal body topped with a brightly case that allows, through an ingenious system of small holes, operate some basic phone functions without opening the lid. HTC One M8 was already known, as it were, until the number of their identity card. 

However it was not until yesterday that all the details of this Smartphone and two-chamber system were officially leaked to. In addition to the international launch in New York and London, the less fortunate to have had the opportunity in his hands the next generation of One in Madrid. HTC has no doubt ensured that this system captures 300% more light than other cameras equipped with terminals 8 and 13 megapixels. 

Beyond some options already seen in other models, select the focus point - after touchdown, the main idea is to give the picture a proper look of the most serious cameras, equipped with a large sensor and a light optics. 

HTC One M8 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801, the latest operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat, 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage, a 2600mAh battery. HTC One M8 comes with High Fidelity and the boom sound is 25 percent louder. Free display exchange within the first 6 months of purchase also possible.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 New Compact Camera

Olympus OM-D E-M10
The acclaimed Olympus E -M1, converted into a camera market benchmark now has a little sister Olympus OM- D E -M10. This is the new E -M10, which endorses many of the benefits and more compact in size with a price that approaches the public. Here are the two features of a camera capable of condensing quality and the design which is easy to use.

This is the camera; everyone will want to carry around. Despite its modest price and size, the E -M10 meets the high expectations that any model of the OM- D family in terms of image quality and ergonomics. Input, can boast of a metal body that gives it strength and ruggedness in a unique camera in its class. In addition to its comfortable grip and extensive configuration options of controls for more advanced users can adjust the operation of the camera to your liking; integrated electronic viewfinder is another one of the key pieces of this E -M10.

With a resolution of more than 1.4 million points and a refresh rate allows you to frame the scenes and assess conditions in difficult light conditions, surpassing other camera in its class in size, the display brightness. But the truth is that it is very common to find similar models equipped with this feature. Thanks to technology adaptation inherited brightness E -M1, played both dark scenes like the brightest as they are perceived by the human eye.

In addition, users of the E -M10 can use the Creative Control system to adjust easily and effective composition, focus, tone and color from display of your own choice and can see the results on the screen, of course, before shooting. The viewfinder and the integrated flash and rugged construction of the camera do not affect its size. In fact, it is combined with the new power zoom M.Zuiko 14-42 mm f3.5 -5.6 EZ, the set size is less than 64 millimeters thick. Less than most SLR bodies are defined as small and compact. The same sensor of 16 megapixel Live MOS, so well which gave its predecessor comes to this camera now reinforced with the help of the new generation TruePic VII processor, the same as the E -M1 uses.

An improvement, as demonstrated by the tests, it is clear when reviewing the results and check that both the level of detail in the images as noise control in the most difficult scenes is not a problem for this model. The new zoom and full range of objectives in this section have a very important role. The renowned quality Olympus optics, compatibility with Four Thirds lenses via an adapter, which opens the door to the wider range of the optical market, and the good work of the engine to deliver a perfect image JPEG with the best possible combination.

The image quality of the E -M10 is also benefited by the three-axis stabilizer for photo and video, which prevents camera shake and blur obtained in any rough situation, even in low light conditions or using exposures of 1/15 seconds or less. The Fast AF focusing system is another key of this E -M10. Thus, the camera uses 81 focus points to ensure coverage throughout the entire scene, with a speedy and accurate performance in all circumstances.

Neither speed burst shooting slump with a spectacular rate of 8 frames per second. Career Paths and classic design combined with next generation features such as integrated Wi- Fi that allows connect the camera directly to a tablet or Smartphone to share images or control the shot remotely. In addition, thanks to the camera QR codes, has never been easier to configure this connection.

Panasonic HX-A500 World’s First 4K Wearable Camera

Panasonic HX-A500

Panasonic HX-A500
The successor to the HX- A100 thus dissociates the GoPro and capable of recording 4K sequences but only at 25 frames per second. Panasonic stick out over a year in the field of action cameras with HX- A100, a curious proposal that stood out in two separate modules is available now, connected by a wire - target and control sensor to operate.

After showing a prototype at last CES in Las Vegas, the company today unveiled the HX -A500, which inherits the unique design of its predecessor and adds to the set to shoot video in 4K resolution. The Panasonic has used the GoPro technology for the last two generations which boast recording in Ultra high definition with 15 frames per second.

But now Panasonic's new camera Panasonic HX- A500, however, can capture 4096 x 2160 pixels at 25 frames per second, making it somewhat in the first action camera capable of recording 4K according to European standards. Panasonic HX- A500 has two modules which control to operate the camera (inside the case to the arm) and the target (mounted on the headband).

Armed with the Crystal Engine Pro + processor, the HX -A500 can also record video stream Full HD at 50 progressive frames per second, as well as sequences of 1280 x 720 pixels at 100 frames and 848 x 480 pixels at 200 frames per second.. Dust resistant and able to dive 3 meters depth and can stay for 30 minutes, the camera also debuts a 1.5-inch monitor and Wi- Fi with NFC technology. The release date and the price are not yet disclosed.

Alcatel OneTouch With Wysips Technology

Wysips Technology
Alcatel will probably be the first manufacturer a full range of Smartphones and tablets solar power in the second quarter of 2015 in the market. Behind this innovation, a French company Sunpartner, and photovoltaic technology Wysips which reserves more surprises. We already talked last year about Wysips Chrystal technology. In this technology transparent photovoltaic film and ultrathin moved to a display sub- layer and can charge a Smartphone in natural light. The French company SunPartner continues to develop Wysips and has now ready to move to the production stage through a partnership with Alcatel (TCT Mobile).

The latter has just unveiled the first prototype Smartphone using solar Wysips at MWC. This test is performed with the Alcatel One Touch Phone, an entry level model from the manufacturer. Alcatel One Touch could be the first to produce and market this type of device. Robcis Francis, vice president of SunPartner’s marketing and sales shed more light on it. But Aix Company planning to go to the industrial stage is their very short-term goal. The development of a new product does not happen overnight, it takes many months if not over a year between the idea and the placing on the market.

Alcatel One Touch, we believe reasonably come to market the first products in the second quarter of 2015. They are able to equip Smartphones and tablets with screens from 4 to 13 inches. Alcatel One Touch will confirm it and it will be equipped with the technology next year Wysips full range of products. The issue price for the end user is the sinew of war. They are now have to face an average additional cost of 20-30 % on the price of a standard screen and these costs to the base between 15 and 20 dollars (average end screens ), said Francis Robcis.

Likely the manufacturer may increase of a few Euros to integrate Wysips but not more, per device it seems. So soon you will have a photo voltaic ultra- fine screen, transparent 90%, which is placed behind the screen of your Smartphone. This Alcatel could therefore charge during the use since the screen has a light. Currently, Wysips Crystal technology achieves an efficiency of 2.5 mW / cm 2 for a 90% transparency. On a 4-inch screen with a 1800 mAh battery, it should be 100 hours to fully charge an empty battery.

Understandably, a charger is therefore always necessary even if five hours of exposure to allow a cell to recharge for a sufficient use several hours. Wysips produces as much electricity the appliance consumes. They are guaranteeing with a reserve battery to permanently secure many applications (music, emergency call, SMS, remote payment, health application, boarding pass, etc.) un interrupted.

This Smartphone can also integrate the new Wysips, making it compatible LiFi (Light fidelity). This solution allows simultaneously charging the battery but also to receive information transmitted by visible light waves (Visible Light Communication - VLC) without tapping into the electric battery from the device.

Digital Camera Accessories

A great digital camera requires a camera bag full of great accessories to ensure it takes photographs to its full potential. In recent decades, cameras have become more compact, cutting out the need for many expensive and cumbersome accessories. However, there are still several types of accessories the serious digital photographer should try to always have on hand. Here are some DSLR accessories you should consider buying to get the most out of your digital camera.

DSLR Tripod

A DSLR tripod is a three-legged stand on which a camera can be mounted and held steady. It performs the dual tasks of elevating and stabilizing the camera, resulting in pictures that are more in focus. Tripods are not necessarily for taking casual photographs, but they are all but essential when taking long-exposure pictures or when using a camera with a telephoto lens.

DSLR Lenses

Lenses are used to produce different types of shots from a camera. Zoom lenses allow you to focus on faraway objects, wide angle lenses increase the width of a shot, and macro lenses allow the camera to pick up a large amount of detail. All of these special lenses have specific situations in which they are useful, and storing a few in your camera bag can greatly increase the quality of photos that you take.

DSLR Lens Hood

The lens hood is placed at the end of the camera lens to block sunlight or other bright lights that might interfere with getting a perfect shot. The lens food looks like a solid black ring that screws onto the end of the camera lens. It can be unscrewed as necessary to allow more light in.

DSLR Lens Filters

Lens filters are used to achieve different effects on the finished photographs. Some allow only certain types of light - such as ultraviolet - to penetrate the camera, while others perform color correction or add tints to photographs. In modern digital photography, many of the same effects can be achieved through post-production alterations of a picture. However, some photographers still prefer the organic nature of lens filters.

DSLR Cable Release

The cable release replaces controls the shutter speed on digital cameras. In most shots, the shutter is open for just a second, allowing in just enough light to capture the photograph. However, in certain types of photography, it is necessary to leave the shutter open for a long time to create a longer exposure.


A camera bag is an important accessory for keeping your digital camera clean and protected when on the go. A padded bag can shield your camera from many common bumps and accidents. In addition, large camera bags are often outfitted with pockets to hold all your other accessories where you can easily reach them.

DSLR Cleaning Kit

A clean camera is a camera that performs to the best of its abilities. This is why cleaning kits are an essential addition to any list of digital camera accessories. These kits include soft cloths and gentle liquid cleaners that are safe for use around the delicate parts of a camera.

With the right accessories, you might be amazed by how much more professional your photographs look.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Microsoft makes source code of MS-DOS for public free access

The source code of the operating systems MS- DOS 1:25 and 2.0 and the word processor Word for Windows 1.1a can be viewed or downloaded from the website of the Computer History Museum. Microsoft handed over the source code for the benefit of future generation. With the handover of the source code if future generations can study the roots of the personal computing, Microsoft justifies his action.

The Museum in Mountain View, California, was previously also passed Apple's first DOS as well as the source of Adobe Photoshop 1.0. Microsoft's MS -DOS was commissioned by IBM. The future Windows manufacturer licensed the base of the operating system from Seattle Computer Products and developed it according to the wishes of the PC manufacturer IBM.

There it was delivered under the name PC -DOS on PCs. Other producers have launched the operating system under the name MS -DOS on their own computer. The entire assembler source code of PC-DOS 1.1 or MS- DOS includes only 1:25 300 Kbytes and 12 Kbytes needed in memory. PC-DOS 1.1 was released in May 1982, the appropriate version of MS- DOS 1:25 first appeared and in August of that same year it appeared on the double-sided diskette with 360 Kbytes.

MS- DOS 2.0 was released in March 1983, after Microsoft had largely developed the operating system. The device drivers were loaded individually, and save files in the newly created subdirectories. In addition, MS -DOS 2.0 supported 10 MB of hard drives stuffed in the PC - XT computer from IBM.

Word for Windows 1.1a was almost simultaneously published in November 1989 with Windows 2:11. It was next to Microsoft Excel and PageMaker, Adobe is one of the first applications for the fledgling operating system with graphical user interface. Meanwhile, the server of the Computer History Museum can be reached again and the source code can be downloaded. He is under a special license that allows you to compile and modify for a non commercial use.

Soft robotic fish that swims like a real fish

Soft robotic fish
MIT researchers have recently created a synthetic fish made from soft robotics technology. Based on bio mimicry, this flexible and autonomous robot is able to move almost as fast as any true aquatic vertebrate. The prototype was made of silicone printed in 3D, so that it can move with fluidity to withstand shocks and collisions with other fellow species of the ocean bed. It is fully autonomous, synthetic fish is provided with a shank comprising two sections.

In addition to making quick movements, it has great freedom in its movements. It also uses carbon dioxide to "breathe" underwater. Daniela Rus, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the MIT Computer artificial intelligence laboratory told that they are very proud of their flexible robot for a variety of reasons. With flexible robots, there is little danger of collision for the robot or the environment. But the new robotic fish was designed to explore another advantage of flexible robots. The body deforms continuously gives these machines an infinite range of configurations, and it is not possible with machines articulated according to Daniella.

Continuous curvature of the fish body flexes when it allows changing direction so quickly. Hence this robot rigid body can make continuous bending of its body. The robotic fish was built by Andrew Marchese, a graduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from MIT. They explained that the evolved carbon dioxide from a canister in the abdomen of the fish results in the swelling of the duct and the bending of the tail.

Soft robotic fish
Each half of the tail of the fish has only two control parameters that is the diameter of the nozzle which releases gas in the channel and the time during which it remains open. In the experiments, Andrew found that the angle at which the fish changes direction is almost entirely determined by the duration of the inflation, while its speed is almost entirely determined by the nozzle diameter. This "decoupling" of the two parameters, he said, is something that biologists have observed real fish.

Fish can perform maneuvers 20 or 30 discharge, before exhausting the carbon dioxide cartridge. A new version of the fish, which must be able to swim continuously for about 30 minutes, will use carbon di oxide in the water instead of the carbon di oxide from the inflated channels, but otherwise it will use the same model design movements body than its predecessor.

Daniella plans to experiment the robot in the environment of real fish, to gather detailed information about their behavior in their natural environment information. According to Barry Trimmer, professor of biology at Tufts University, Their algorithms and control theory are almost designed with the idea that they have rigid systems and the principle of the soft robot is based on the certainty. Coping with uncertainty will still be able to control the machines, so we have much more powerful machines said the Professor. For now, the robotic fish is only a prototype but in the near future, it could be used in order to study these aquatic animals in their natural environment.

Microsoft DirectX 12 Will Be Released in 2015

Direct 3D
The next version of DirectX and Direct3D will appears at the end of 2015, Microsoft said. The new version of the hardware interface will be closer and with better support, among other multi-core systems. As Expected first games appear end of 2015, based on the upcoming Direct3D 12 interface.

The Microsoft gave it known at GDC 2014 in San Francisco. In the coming months there will be a preview version of DirectX 12, an extensive Early Access offer for developers is planned. The new version of the graphics interface supports as expected not only for Windows PCs, but also the Xbox One and Windows Phone.

 Which versions are supported by Windows, is not yet clear and not yet disclosed. The serious question about Windows 7 is not answered. On the basis of presentation Microsoft has demonstrated, among others, 3DMark, that the new version of Direct3D brings much better support for multi core CPUs that were different from the currently issued of the interface utilized almost evenly.

Representatives of key partners such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Epic Games and Qualcomm have explicitly welcomed the new version of Direct3D. Microsoft will announce later this week  more information about DirectX, in  another major event instead.

Windows XP Users Will Receive $ 100 If They Opt For Windows 8

Windows XP
Windows XP users, who buy a new computer with Windows 8, will receive under a scheme for the amount of U.S. $ 100. Yes XP users in North America will receive $ 100 discount on a Windows 8 computer but it has too many limitations. Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP from 8 April 2014.

And there won’t be no more software update for the same. But all users are by far not ready for change. That's why Microsoft is offering an incentive. XP users, who buy a new computer with Windows 8, will receive an amount of $ 100.

 The offer is valid until 15 June 2014 and is aimed at buyers in the U.S. and Canada. Interested parties, can reach the Microsoft Store with an XP machine, get the discount at your order. Alternatively, Microsoft accepts old computers in its stores. The selection in their online shop is very limited.

In addition, the action is not valid for all Windows 8 products available there. On the tablet surface 2 there is no discount. Furthermore, Microsoft sells only devices in the middle and upper price range. The lowest computer goes for $ 599 on the counter.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

The Wireless Electricity

Thanks to a revolutionary technique that has been developed, the magnetic field will replace your need for electricity to run your electrical appliances. The news comes from the company Witricity, an American company specializing in new technologies. The Project Director of Witricity, Katie Hall and his team has developed an object that generates a magnetic field capable of powering an electrical device without needing to connect it to an external power supply.

Which mean, that more electrical power is available within the house itself! Imagine a situation that your mobile phone or your laptop is charged without connecting an external power. At this moment, the scope of this device is not extensive ( that is about 1 meter in diameter hence any appliance within the one meter peripheral need not be connected to the power terminal), but researchers are working on a more powerful version and to enhance the distance.

Similarly, it is expected that to recharge the rechargeable batteries with in the distance. Nevertheless, this kind of device works through the waves. And the developers explain that the power signal is very low power one like a Wi -Fi network, it is not known whether it is totally safe just like the Wi -Fi and exposure to the waves and the related issues with health problem in longer term is understudy.

The High power magnetic field is generated by coils and the supply of this magnetic field does not need coils of wires as we needed for the electricity today. We have to wait for the arrival of this wireless power technology. These small magnetic wave generators really revolutionize. Hopefully, it should not be dangerous for your health!

How to spark music and movies via Airplay from your system

The standard Apple Airplay is a great way to spark music via Wi-Fi from your computer to speakers or movies from your PC to the TV. This goes without Apple hardware with the help of Airplay. With Apple's streaming technology Airplay; the music from the computer can be transferred wirelessly to the speakers, even photos and videos can spark to a TV. In Mac’s and iOS devices airplay is built in as a standard one, Windows and Android can be upgraded with the software. Many developers offer additional tools that pick up Apple's restrictions, at least partially, and implement new features - even for Google's mobile devices and Windows PCs. Here is an overview.

From Android Smartphone or tablet music can be played with the right app audio and video content in airplay format stream. The DoubleTwist player can send music and movies to the Apple TV with the paid expansion AirSync, or to devices that pass themselves off as such. Besides film and music to synchronize with this app, you can also play playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player with the computer and Smartphone. Videos are in the Airplay -compatible format and it converts MP4 as highly compressed. While this saves space, the quality suffers can be seen visible. The videos are out of focus, artifacts are easily visible. The Honey- Player is reflected in the choice of airplay receiver less picky and also supports the Airport Express station, but only for streaming music in wireless. Unlike DoubleTwist it doesn’t need synchronization software on your PC or Mac to their side.

Thanks to the integrated browser streams Twonky Beam (free) all kinds of audio and video content from the Internet to Airplay -enabled devices. If you call up a web page on the player examines the background to the content and features Stream bares with a “Beam" button, which starts by tapping the play. Select from the right opens a list of available airplay receiver. The audio content from the Android device to Airplay can be enabled to the receiver with the free applications AirAudio (free) and AirStream (free). The apps access from all sounds systems, but put it ahead with root privileges. One has to be done with cracking the Android Smartphone.

Android Smartphones and tablets can also be used as an audio receiver. Discarded equipment would, for example, a second chance as an inexpensive alternative to Apple's AirPort Express station; they receive music wirelessly and output them via a connected speaker. All it need are apps like Airbubble (1.49 Euros) or Android Hifi (0.99 Euros). Although Airbubble is cheaper, this program can do more: It allows the user to set the buffer size for the audio stream and can be started automatically on demand when you turn on your Smartphone.

Videos and photos accept the App Airplay / DLNA Receiver Pro (3.71 Euros). The easy to install Android on an HDMI stick, making this a cost- Apple - TV - replacement. Only the dual-screen mode for games and video mirroring will not work well with it. For stationary computer iTunes is the key to airplay world. With the Apple software you can send videos and music to Airplay - enabled devices.

This works with all iTunes compatible file formats (i.e. about H.264 - encoded movies in the container formats Mov, mp4 and m4v). The can be streamed to the Apple TV 3 in Full- HD quality. The Apple TV 2 itself can only play 720p movies, takes 1080p material but, scale it down automatically. Besides DRM protected movies can also manage videos without copy in iTunes and transferred, for example, recorded from TV and converted films. Other providers DRM formats are left out. On audio side, the formats MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF can send (up to 192 kHz and 24 bit).

Apple's in-house Multicast DNS implementation welcomes all involved Airplay devices known each other even under Windows. Therefore, the presented in the following Windows applications require this extension; it is reloaded with the iTunes installation. Some applications require only the welcome printing services that can be installed independently of iTunes. So you can also use airplay without having to install iTunes. Additional functions for Windows users by airplay: Airfoil for Windows (19 €) brings out the Airplay Audio streaming out more. It uses Airplay devices, but also supplied Linux PCs and Android Smartphones with audio content in the wireless home network, on the one Airfoil client runs. Unlike iTunes Airfoil transmits sounds from any source to the receivers.

So you can continue to use your favorite player and this make the airplay with this comfortable advantage. Want to iPhone, iPad or Mac users the screen contents show others about the family in the living room, they just reflect it via Apple TV to the TV. Thus, for example, the installed under the ceiling projector wirelessly use not only for film and photo playback, but also for presentations or simply for more convenient joint work. Windows users retrofitted video mirroring by software. AirParrot (8 Euros) embeds itself in the system tray and supports 1080p mirroring on the Apple TV 3 The playback stop, but the stream can also be reduced to 720p.

The open- source tool Shairport (free) equips the Windows computer on the Airplay receiver. It only needs the services. Shairport works to preserve resources and ran reliably in all our experiments. The software AirServer (12 Euros) collected under Windows and OS X to an Apple TV, so you iOS Games with dual-screen mode or OS X screen can stream content to your PC. Additionally, one can simultaneously forward the same received from AirServer stream audio to external speakers via Airplay iTunes. However, some preparatory work is needed for all of these functions:

This AirServer can listen to it in Windows Airplay -enabled suppliers, Apple's Services and on top of that DirectX 9c you have to install next to iTunes as well. In addition, the Windows firewall for incoming traffic on TCP ports 49152 and 7001 and UDP ports 6009 and 6010 must be opened. You can reach the fastest with the command wf.msc in the command prompt (shortcut: Win + r). Then create two (one for UDP and TCP) rules that you call AirServer. Then select it via double click and open the “Protocols and Ports “tab, the above mentioned ports. Confirm the settings, and then click "Apply”. The extension appears in the taskbar an icon, on the one making the program settings. In it, the user defines, for example a password. This prevents unsolicited shoots him everyone logged onto the same network airplay client content on the monitor or audio output.

How to Setup ADB and Fastboot on Mac, Linux and Chrome OS

ADB and Fastboot useful Tools for Kernel and Image
Android users should be aware of the importance of the powerful tools of ADB and Fastboot to download and install the full Android SDK, add ADB and fastboot to local $PATH. These users whether new or veteran at some point of time would have to use tools like Android Debug Bridge and Fastboot and ADB setup on the computer is most essential for every Android user without which one would be unable to flash a kernel or system image. The ADB is not only a useful tool for flashing kernels and image but also utilized for different types of development as well as for testing. The functions of unlocking boot loader, rooting and flashing system imaged for users of Nexus, Motorola and HTC devices may be impossible without the use of ADB and Fastboot commands.

Exciting Tool by XDA Forum Member
Fastboot and ADB are invaluable for most of the Android users the absence of which would make it difficult or rather impossible for flashing kernel or system image. The process is simple and the easiest method to install the drivers wherein a command is needed to run and install the drivers. Experienced users can download the Android SDK by clicking a few times and adding ADB and Fastboot to $PATH and explore with latest ROMs and kernels. Mac, Linux and Chrome OS users would find an exciting tool by XDA Forum Member, corbin052198, useful where the Nexus Tools script detect the OS automatically and then downloads and configures everything needed to use ADB on the machine. The absence of the udev list, that makes the device `visible’, for debugging, can easily be fixed by this thread.
Running Command to Setup ADB and Fastboot
Running the command can setup the ADB and fastboot drivers on the machine and for running it, a working network connection on the computer is essential. Presently Nexus Tools commands work perfectly on Mac OS and Linux systems while at the moment, the support for Chrome OS is listed to be experimental. Nexus Tools though not a program as the name suggest, is a string of command line given below wherein the user can use it to issue command in a terminal window on Mac OS X, Chrome OS and Linux computer.

bash <(curl )
As the script needs to runs as root, it asks for sudo to enable it to copy all the necessary downloaded files to usr or bin making them available system wide. To uninstall ADB, the following command provided can be used.

bash <(curl
Setting ADB and Fastboot has become very simple now for Linux, Mac or Chrome OS and users should note that before using ADB or Fastboot on Android devices, one must enable USB debugging on the device first to get it to work. Once the ADB and Fastboot is installed users could check for guidance on modding or hacking the phone and the best option to start is at dotTech on how to root guides. Another option for Android hacking and slashing could be XDA Developers where the user will get sufficient guidance and useful tips. User could stay updated with forthcoming information on technology and gain knowledge at

Monday 24 March 2014

iPhone 5c 8GB Variant Officially Launched

iPhone 5c
Apple launches its colorful Smartphone with a reduced capacity, but with more prices. As expected, Apple has launched a new version of its iPhone 5C colored Smartphone, but with a reduced storage space of 8 GB. Like an iPhone 4, it becomes the new representative of the entry-level terminal of the Cupertino Company.

Apple launches new version of its iPhone 5C, with an amount of storage memory of 8GB allowing the Cupertino to perform two operations in one: refresh its entry level and boost sales of its iPhone 5C. Multicolored Smartphone of Cupertino, who has never sold as well as this much upscale price, the iPhone 5S, released at the same time as it.

iPhone 5C Smartphone features Dimensions : 124.4 × 59.2 × 8.97 mm

Weight: 132 grams Screen (Diagonal): 4 inch

Retina resolution: 1136 by 640 pixels

Processor: A6 chip

Storage: 8 GB (new) 16 or 32 GB

Sensors Photo / Video: 2 (1X 8 megapixel front + back 1 X 1.2 megapixel frontal fa├žade )

Wired connection: A Lightning Port

Wireless: 3G/3G +, 4G -LTE, WiFi a / b / G / n dual band, Bluetooth 4.0

Operating system: iOS

The price of the Smartphone phone iPhone 5C 8GB, of naked and unlocked, comes in five colors (white, pink, and yellow, green, blue) on the Apple site is of 559 Euros. Among operators, the price will drop significantly its value, but it will be coupled with a commitment to minimum. iPhone 5C opportunities terminal Compatible with 3G and 4G -LTE and Perfectly suited for use iOS 7, iPhone 5C is an expensive Smartphone, certainly, but it has this cool little side starved to imposing iPhone 5S .

It has many features like; a gyroscope, a digital compass, a GPS and an accelerometer, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor. Module Photo / Video are not the most powerful on the market, but it can shoot Full HD (1080p), while the sensor FaceTime, he will not be satisfied as 720p.

Like the iPhone 5S, taking charging and data transport is "Lightning” type. It needs an adopter to use. According to the manufacturer data, iPhone 5C offers 250 hours standby time, 10 hours video playback, 40 hours of audio playback, 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi or 4G -LTE and 8 hours surfing on 3G. While it seems clear that the arrival of the iPhone 5C 8GB brings a breath of freshness to the input range of Apple, it takes to much crack for him? 559 Euros, the iPhone is a Smartphone 5C entry-level is little bid luxury.

It is expensive, especially when you look at the price of a used iPhone 5S on the Web; it is available between 500 and 650 Euros. This guide is therefore to technology enthusiasts with a desire for a little color in their hardware or to a rather easy of buyers. But then Apple said that the iPhone 6 could be presented to the next developer conference WWDC between 10 and 14 June.

Dark side of the Web

Basically, nobody can argue today with the fact, that the Internet is an extraordinary tool which has extremely big potential for those who seek knowledge and information. They can also use it to play video games, download music or watch videos. Recently, most of them are hanging on various kinds of social media websites like Facebook, instagram or twitter. However, we must remember that our children are usually very careless, and they might find on the Internet a way different kind of materials that we would wish for them.  Apart from that, the Internet is used by many evil people, who intend to harm our children.
What we should really worry about
One of the most frightening and dangerous things about the Internet is that it is widely used by numerous kinds of sexual deviants like pedophiles. They use different platforms on the Internet, like chats, communicators or social media websites to search for their possible victims. They often try to become friends with children, which may lead to very dangerous outcome, like kidnap. Due to researches made by PCWebControl, there are over one million pedophiles online every day.  Another disturbing fact is, that about one of every ten children have been approached by sexual predators on the Internet. What is even more disturbing, only about 20% of children who have been exposed to unwanted sexual material have ever informed their parents about such situation. It means, that about 3 of every 4 children never said anything about sexual harassment they experienced online.
Bullying online
Another part of the dark side of the Web is called cyberbullying. Over the years, children have always been victims to various kinds of bullying. Either it was at school or after it. Together with the development of social platforms on the Internet, bullying appeared even online.  Some incidents like these may even end tragically, when the children would rather kill themselves than continue being harassed.
Possible remedies
What can we do as parents to prevent such situations to happen? First thing we need to do, is to have an honest and straight conversation with our child about the dangers that may lurk in the Web.  We can show them for example, how they can protect their identity and other sensitive data using simple privacy settings on social media sites or communicators. Next step could be installing parental control software on your computer in order to monitor our children’s activity. Programs like these can offer multiple options ranging from blocking certain websites with content that we will find inappropriate, like porn sites and so on, to setting on time limits. We can also receive daily or weekly reports about all activities done on the computer that has the parental control software installed.
As we can see, we have plenty of options that can help to shield our children from the dangers of the Web. Most important thing should be mutual awareness about such dangers. Communication with our child should be followed by equipping our computer with guardian programs. Such measures shall make you more comfortable when you know that your child is safely surfing on the Internet.
PCWebControl is parental monitoring software. It is extensively used by both private and public customers. If you want to know more, visit

Sunday 23 March 2014

Tips And Tricks On Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps, provided by Google is a web mapping service application and technology which powers several map based services inclusive of the Google Maps website, Google Transit, Google Ride Finder and maps which are embedded on third party websites through the Google Maps API. It offers a route planner for traveling by foot, public transport, street maps, car, bike (beta) and an urban business locator for various countries across the globe. Google Maps with close variant of the Mercator projection does not show areas around the poles but a related product is Google Earth which is a standalone program offering more globe viewing features, including polar areas. Google Maps providing high resolution aerial or satellite images for many urban areas worldwide and is the world’s current satellite imagery which is over five years old. 

Google Maps – Android Staple
Google Maps is an Android staple and when one is exploring a town or any location of the world, they can plan their trips and get the most of their journeys done easily with the help of Google’s easy to use tools. There are several options in utilizing these tools which could be of immense help and benefit to the user. When the user looks up a destination, they can slide the information from the bottom of the screen to reveal the call, save and share buttons. Users would get to see the street view of the area, ratings as well as reviews. The silhouette icon could also be tapped at the far right hand side of the search bar to get instant access to the map data which provides reviews, saved addresses for home as well as work, and saved places, nearby offers together with recent searches.

Local features replaced with Explorer
The satellite and traffic layers have been placed to a general menu and by just tapping on the gray tab at the bottom left side of the app, the menu will then open to enable the user with the desired layers. Besides this the local feature has been replaced with the Explorer and to find the Explorer banner, you can press the search box at the top and scroll down the page. This leads you to the options like drink, eat, shop, play and sleep besides which there are other options to find nearby places without the need of knowing its exact name.

Save Google Maps Offline 
Another options is by typing OK Maps in the search box in order to save Google Maps offline or you could just choose the Make this Map area available when offline `with link under the search box for quick access. Viewing an area of the map when not connected to the internet can be done by first opening the Google Map app and then zoom in the area of the map and search for `ok maps’, where after a few moments, a message appears confirming that the on screen map area has been downloaded and when not connected to the internet, the same can be viewed offline. Finally if the user needs to see the locations of friends, then they need to open the Google + app to choose location from the left hand menu.

Friday 21 March 2014

Firefox 29 Beta With New Interface Released!

Firefox 29 Beta
Mozilla has released Firefox 29 in a first beta version, which already shows the new Australia interface. In addition to new tabs, especially the look of buttons and dialogs of the browser have been changed. In addition, the synchronization service of Firefox Sync is included. The new interface does away with the user interface and reduces the number of continuously visible buttons.

First, the tabs have been greatly changed and slide close to the upper edge of the browser. This saves space for the actual web page content. The active tab has strongly curved edges, while the outlines of the remaining riders are only hinted at and only then visually distinguished when the user moves the mouse over a tab. This affects the surface much tidier without the user mentioned in unknown territory.

Changes also have made in the shortcuts for the bookmarks, downloads, the home page and the main menu will be displayed. You are migrated next to the Google search bar to the right edge. The main menu has undergone the greatest changes and now shows for the first time in the desktop versions buttons for cut, copy, and paste elements.

In addition, new private and browser windows can be opened, saved pages, can take print of them. Also, the add-on sub menus and the developer tools are found in the same window. The Firefox cloud services under the name Sync and Profiles in the Cloud also can be accessed from the menu. With them, browser settings can be kept in sync together with bookmarks across multiple devices.

Anyone wants to use the new sync function, requires a new account. The final version of Firefox 29 will be release on 29 April 2014 The Firefox 29 Beta is available for Linux, Windows and OS X for download. In Google Play also the Beta version for Android has been released and available now.

Firefox 28 Is Available Now!

Firefox 28
After few hours of announcing that they stopped the development of a version of Firefox for Windows touch interface Metro 8.x, Mozilla Foundation has just made available for download the 28.0 version of their browser. This is necessarily very lightweight version with more novelties.

The most interesting news for the start of the new Firefox 28 concerns once again the absence of an announced feature. Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, this new version does not offer any changes in its interface. And the rest of the additions can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

 Besides the usual performance improvement and correction of security holes, Mozilla Launches Firefox 28 with VP9 video codec, audio codec Opus and a finalized version of the Gamepad API programming interface to associate a joystick browser. New to Firefox 28 is the support of VP9. The priority was developed by Google video codec promises to consume only half as much data at the same quality.

YouTube has - not surprisingly - announced to set for the streaming of 4K content on VP9. The Firefox browser is henceforth able to video (WebM) with soundtracks in Opus format reproduce. On HTML5 pages there is a new volume control for audio and video playback.

In addition to various security updates, the new version promises to support the message center for web notifications for Mac OS X. In addition, Firefox 28 for Android should incorporate new buttons like “Quickshare" to simplify information sharing.

Gamble Against iOS Players Now In Google Play

Google Play Games
Many mobile games appear both in Android and iOS. Now bring Google to provide users of the competing camp playful together. Google Play combines Android and iOS gamers in multiplayer games so that they can bet and play together.

Google is celebrating the launch of this year's Game Developers Conference with new features for the Google Play Service. As of now, Android users give virtual game items to their Google Plus friends and look forward to a more detailed categorization of games in Google Play Store.

In addition, you may gamble against users of Apple's iOS platform in future. The new Google Play Services version 4.3 is now available and allows cross-platform multiplayer game between Android and Apple operating system.

That was already in individual cases previously possible, there are game developers now but apparently as a standard option. In this case, the official announcement, according to both the turn-based interaction as well as the online brawl in real time is possible.

If you want to directly challenge an iPhone user in his favorite game now. The game developers must implement in their titles individually. The same is true for cross-platform leader boards, trophies and cloud storage items that also allow the update.

One glass of water is enough to wash your clothes!

After a long wait, the first real innovation for over 60 years has emerged in the field of washing machines. This revolutionary technology using polymer beads, radically changing the way you do your laundry. Traditional washing machines rely heavily on large amounts of hot water, a vigorous mechanical action and chemicals to remove stains and disinfect tissues.

The use of a large amount of hot water and detergent to get cleaned clothes with brute force, which uses water as if it were an infinite resource. The traditional types of washing using our washing machine waste our valuable energy and resources. The founders of Xeros saw obvious opportunities for improvement of the washing process.

They examined the waste from washing machines on the market and planned to use the brilliant properties of polymers in a fundamentally different system of traditional washing machines, more efficient and more profitable system and succeeded in it. This is where the polymer beads come in to Xeros. These beads replace water as the primary cleaning agent, greatly reducing the amount of water necessary to obtain clean cloth water. The beads may act to remove oil and fat more effectively than water.

The total amount of water used greatly reduces the cleaning cycle and it can be run at lower temperatures, thus reducing energy costs. While the detergent is still a part of the process would use only xeros half of what would be used with a conventional machine. The beads can be used hundreds of times in a Xeros machine and are then 100% recyclable, which means they have virtually no impact on the environment. It saves 47% electricity and 72% water.

Although Xeros has already managed to accomplish a lot with his unique cleaning system is only the beginning of the possibilities of polymer beads. Teams of research and development continually strive to improve and expand their capabilities. They work on specific new and exciting applications for this technology.

With this innovation, washing clothes will not be as expensive as before and preserve the environment. Indeed, there is a massive reduction in water use as well as the removal of washing products that are replaced by the balls. We cannot wait to use the Xeros machine! And you, would you be willing to use one glass of water in this machine I hope!

How to Tame Down Data Consumption on Android!

Data Consumption on Android
The known fact is that Android apps are designed to consume more data and all users love apps and games which we tend to download as much as possible on our devices. In doing so, we consume high data since these app come with high memory which needs constant internet connection to operate them. Most of the service providers advertise unlimited data with a soft cap of about 5GB while others have a hard cap of 2GB who tend to reserve the right to charge if the limits are crossed. Earlier, multiple GB of mobile data was unheard of, due to the absence of large mobile content but now with most of the major streaming sources having mobile apps, these applications have increased in size and with its installation, have been taking in major space of data plan with simple background activity.

Taming Your Apps/Minimizing Browser Data Usage - Though it would be appropriate to pay a reasonable cost for generous data plans than the current ones, users are often stuck minding bits and bytes in order to avoid getting charged with high fees. There are various options to reduce data Consumption on Android which would benefit the users in their data consumptions whenever they engage in various types of downloads. Tame your App with a thorough cleanup of all applications on the device by finding out those apps which could utilize more data and if possible eliminate them. Minimizing Browser Data Usage is also another option wherein at the time of web browsing, which is a data hogging culprits, eats into data with its huge advertisement.

Web Compression in the Cloud -The best solution is the data compression where the web page can be compressed in the cloud before it is sent to the phone, thereby considerably reducing the download size though there may be some disadvantage wherein even if the data is encrypted, the browser still processes the activity while compressing it. At times compression could also result in forgoing quality leaving the user with altered web pages. Options could be worthwhile sometimes with slow connections with various providers offering compression in reducing data usage. Chrome Beta has some handy new data compression features which users need to enable it by heading to Setting – Bandwidth Management – Reduce data usage and then going forward, the user can revisit the setting window to check how much data has been saved.

Files Downloads through Wi-Fi - Downloading of files from the internet is also another form of data consumption which on downloading consumes a lot of data and it is suggested to download files only through Wi-Fi connection. Apps which do not permit fine tune data settings could also be loading background data as in Ice Cream Sandwich and other versions of Android, where the option of getting to know a list of apps with data usage status is by going to Settings – Data Usage and then scrolling down to the list of apps along with accompanying status of data usage. If the app utilizes too much background data, users could scroll down to the bottom and check on `restrict background data’. This setting overrides any app behavior similar to the app which updates bank account information from time to time.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Samsung Develops A Device To Turn Hands Into Virtual Keyboard

Samsung Virtual Keyboard

Samsung Virtual Keyboard 2
Just Imagine you meet someone in the street with his thumbs typing frantically on his knuckles. Thus Samsung imagined the future, and designed their virtual keyboard, through augmented reality glasses, would be projected on the user's fingers. And our fingers are sufficient for themselves. Rather than tapping on a keyboard, the Samsung engineers have created a technology virtual keyboard where the keys are placed on the fingers towards the palm of the hand, with wearable device connected.

Thumbs are free and have the sole purpose of tapping fingers. The display characters would, in turn, the three phalanges of the remaining 8 fingers. According to the pictures of the patent, it would also be possible to have only one hand on which is reflected letters, and the organization could depend on the comfort of the user, which would have the choice of putting his hands to the horizontally or vertically of his convenience. Today, we know that Samsung is planning a release of these connected in the course of the year, in the wake of Google Glass glasses.

And that's what patent filed with the World Intellectual protection (WIPO), between the glasses connected to this revolutionary system that could delight geeks. And this is even more impressive as the holographic keyboard device. Visible inside the phalanges with the glasses, the letters are there and so it is possible to write a message. This may be an alternative to speech recognition. Two things are singled out in the patent reported by futura - sciences. Malfunction of voice recognition in noisy environments and the lack of discretion and confidentiality and speak aloud. Such a system is still very futuristic; hard to imagine tomorrow it will be only between our fingers.

To guess which letter is typed, the system will have to analyze the movements with precision. Not an easy task! And that success is complete, it will equip the glasses with sophisticated technology and it may be more expensive. Clearly, it is impossible today to say that this virtual keyboard will come to market one day, or even a prototype is created in the future, unlike the holographic keyboards, whose demonstrations have impressed much of the Web.

Best Dialer Apps for Android

With cell phones upgrades on the rise and being the most essential product among every user, it has made great impact and enhanced the various functions in our daily way of life. The little green or blue icon in the shape of old school headphone enables users to call friends and family, hear them and keep in touch with them. Android handsets are equipped with pre installed dialer app which is quite good, offering all the necessary functions and users can try something unusual if inclined to do so, with the flexibility of Android and replace it with a lighter, simpler and more powerful alternative, few of which are now available in the Google Play Store.

Capabilities to Download Plugins

With various types of dialer replacements for Android, most of them have the same function and while some are free, there are others that come with a price. The few and the most popular one that stand out is the GO Contacts which is free, incredibly customized and tweakable. Similar to GO Contacts is the aContact which is more of an address book with the exception of the default UI which is much sharper and intuitive. The best speed dialer which builds on the stock dialer’s features is the Dialer One which enables the user to download a number of plug ins and make the tool functional. Dialer app with interface built upon tabs is a well designed featured with integrated phone book together with messages list accompanied with swipe gestures for intuitive and easy navigation.

It supports contact groups for easy organization with capabilities to search within or across groups. It can also automatically connect to and organize Google contacts on installation. Besides this it also supports SMS and email on long pressing a contact and `send contact’ to transfer contact information to the recipient and replaces dialer enabling the user to filter, based on incoming, outgoing, missed or answered together with voicemail calls or even set up own call filters. Moreover it can also download contacts picture from Facebook and Google and send reminders about birthdays and other important events.

More Apps – KitKat/RocketDial/PixelPhone

Another app based on the official Android 4.4 is the KitKat Dialer offering a sleek interface together with beautiful animations and transitions. Besides this, there is a built in predictive search, voice mail support and call log with capabilities to change the phone ringtone, to set it on vibration or dial pad touch tones and voice input. RocketDial, is another powerful dialer app of advanced features with focus on contacts and event management wherein users can create and delete groups, or send SMS, emails, set a group ringtone as well as view all shared events like meetings and birthdays. 

It also supports gestures inclusive of handwriting, offered with four dial pad styles accompanied with ten skins to customize the interface. The PixelPhone is another powerful phone app offering customization options of interesting features with integrated phone book and favorites. It also has group tabs and T9 based dialer supporting various gestures and is smooth and fast which opens quickly with the ability to browse call history.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

The Cockpit Of The Future

Cockpit ODICIS
Recently Thales has organized a great show of new technologies in Paris last week. The French group has exhibited there their latest research in innovation and in particular a concept called Avionics cockpit of the future in 2020, which was presented previously for the first time at the Paris Air Show in June 2013.

 The airline will undergo changes that will change the sector in the next ten years; the air traffic will explode, constraints in emissions of carbon dioxide will harden and those of noise pollution, also the mobility needs of people will increase the cost optimization research. To operate in this uncertain future and anticipate challenges, the answers are found on the side of innovation and research.

Avionics 2020 program is one such program to meet the future needs and demands in the aviation field. Natural evolution demonstrator ODICIS acronym for One Display for a Cockpit Interactive Solution, started by Thales in 2009, it is a concept of new generation cockpit dedicated to commercial aviation. The Avionics 2020 incorporates the latest technologies for interaction and steering assistance functions.

This ultra modern cockpit could be implemented operationally in the next few years. In an aircraft equipped with this Thales ODICIS cockpit, the pilot will be able to operate the device in a natural and intuitive way through man-machine interface designed to serve in this field. Recent technologies such as touch screen, widescreen, reconfigurable control systems, high head and low duotone head for better organization and discrimination data digital display.

The crew will also have access to touch-screen technology to manage certain camera functions. Thales devotes 20% of its turnover in research. The company has 25,000 including 3,000 engineers dedicated to R & T. So what are researchers, scientific organizations and global specialists in human-machine interface that work together to produce a cockpit that manages to merge data from different systems - avionics and others - and present the pilot seamlessly. The cockpit of the future will help the humans in decision making, especially in stressful situations.

Adobe Revel For Android

Adobe Revel
Adobe has made provision for Android users, its Revel photo app enabling them to share as well as edit photos on their Android devices. It is an app wherein users can now share, store, manage photos and videos, and create albums, sharing them via social media, edit pictures, adding captions and comments to photos. Revel enables the user to have all memories wherever they go, a photo app for Mac, iPad and Iphone and Android users can now subscribe to Revel (Carousel) which is Apple’s only photo collaboration service and with its new Revel importer, Android app enables the user to upload images from Android device into the Carousels.

Users can also set it on auto upload as well as upload straight from the camera and when the photos are selected, the app indicates whether they are transferred or not. By importing photos into Revel, one can access them anywhere. You can organize the photos using captions and albums, by cropping and applying looks to create excellent photos while at the same time the option to share albums privately on Adobe or even post photos to Twitter, Facebook etc.

Revel is free and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App stores while Revel downloads for Mac can be done from Mac App Stores. Users can also access Revel browser based version at which includes all the features of Revel excluding the ability to edit photos. In case of editing photos, the Revel app is essential. With Revel, one can import as many photos as possible for the first thirty days and thereafter the user is limited to fifty photo imports every month.

If more photos need to be imported, users can upgrade to Revel Premium which enables them to import as many photos of their choice for a cost of Indian Rs. 350 per month and this upgrade can be done as an in app purchase within the Revel app. The files are stored for two years after using the service and the photos can be removed anytime by deleting them with the help of the Revel app. Adobe Revel presently supports JPEG files and the Revel team has more plans to add support for additional file formats in the near future.

With technology upgrading and great progress being done, Revel which works like email has all the photos securely stored in the cloud that can be accessed using the Revel app on your Android device and whatever is done in Revel, is automatically synced across the device enabling the user with the latest photos as well as the photo edits irrespective of which device is used.

The app can also be utilized to create group library where certain photos can be shared with family or friends of their choice with control over the viewing, adding, editing and organizing the images within the group, it was stated. Revel is available all over the world and supports languages like French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean.

Sunday 16 March 2014

iPhone 6 Air, A Concept Phone With A 4.7-Inch Screen

iPhone 6 Air
The iPhone 6 Air was conceived in a rather realistic concept by Sam Beckett. This iPhone 6 Air would first and foremost a larger 4.7-inch screen. Sam Beckett has not established a crazy concept but takes advantage of realism. 6 The iPhone 6 air remains the great mystery of time and that a possible declination. That's why Sam Beckett has decided to share his vision of the iPhone 6 Air with a larger 4.7-inch screen.

It is not an outgoing concept entirely from the imagination of Sam Beckett. It has rightly taken into account all the rumors about this Smartphone. For example Sam Beckett said that even with a larger screen, the size of the Smartphone will not change. A patent had just recently revived rumors about iPhone 6 without edge and a curved screen. The latter concept is realistic with features that fit into the previous Apple models.

In addition to a larger 4.7-inch screen, this concept also provides a better definition of full HD (1920 × 1080) for the iPhone 6 Air. Furthermore, according to Sam Beckett this Smartphone also possess a larger surface than the previous 17 % display.

As for the camera of the iPhone 6 Air will also be improved with a sensor of 10 megapixels and a dual LED flash. Sam Beckett does not just reveal to us a simple picture of the concept, but the stages in a video showing us the product. Before Sam Beckett, Joseph Farahi was also mounted his own colorful and fun iPhone 6C concept. Everyone loves interpret and try to anticipate Apple projects.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Google Brings Cloud Prices Down to Earth

Google Drive
Google has announced prices for the use of its cloud storage Google Drive massively reduced and sets Dropbox, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple under strong pressure. Comparing with Google cloud’s present price their prices now seem astronomically high. Google's cloud storage solution is significantly cheaper now after two years.

100 GB of monthly cost is now $ 1.99 compared to $ 4.99 previously. Also 1TB monthly costs only $ 9.99 instead of the previous $ 49.99. For 10 terabytes of disk space on the Google Drive the search engine provider takes 99.99 U.S. dollars a month.

Who uses less memory than 15 GB, still going to pays nothing. Due to the price reduction of Google the competitor’s rates are quite high and more expensive than Google Drive. In Microsoft Onedrive 50 GB cost 4.49 U.S. dollars per month, 7.49 U.S. dollars for 100 GB and 200 GB for 11.49 dollars.

Apple's iCloud is particularly expensive. That is 10 GB cost 1.67 U.S. dollars, 20 GB $ 3.33 and 50 GB 8.33 U.S. dollars. Dropbox charges a fee for 100 GB a month $ 9.99, 200 GB for $ 19.99 and for 500 GB for 49.99 U.S. dollars. Amazon charges a fee for 100 GB of 4.17 U.S. dollars and for 200 GB 8.33 U.S. dollars and for 1 TB of 41.67 U.S. dollars per month.

Who are already a paying customer for Google Drive need not worry about anything, but is automatically switched to the lower prices. Despite security concerns, the majority of users are using cloud offerings. Particularly important to them is the ability to access at any time and from any location on their data. Four out of ten users of internet also store backup copies of important data in the cloud.