Friday 21 March 2014

How to Tame Down Data Consumption on Android!

Data Consumption on Android
The known fact is that Android apps are designed to consume more data and all users love apps and games which we tend to download as much as possible on our devices. In doing so, we consume high data since these app come with high memory which needs constant internet connection to operate them. Most of the service providers advertise unlimited data with a soft cap of about 5GB while others have a hard cap of 2GB who tend to reserve the right to charge if the limits are crossed. Earlier, multiple GB of mobile data was unheard of, due to the absence of large mobile content but now with most of the major streaming sources having mobile apps, these applications have increased in size and with its installation, have been taking in major space of data plan with simple background activity.

Taming Your Apps/Minimizing Browser Data Usage - Though it would be appropriate to pay a reasonable cost for generous data plans than the current ones, users are often stuck minding bits and bytes in order to avoid getting charged with high fees. There are various options to reduce data Consumption on Android which would benefit the users in their data consumptions whenever they engage in various types of downloads. Tame your App with a thorough cleanup of all applications on the device by finding out those apps which could utilize more data and if possible eliminate them. Minimizing Browser Data Usage is also another option wherein at the time of web browsing, which is a data hogging culprits, eats into data with its huge advertisement.

Web Compression in the Cloud -The best solution is the data compression where the web page can be compressed in the cloud before it is sent to the phone, thereby considerably reducing the download size though there may be some disadvantage wherein even if the data is encrypted, the browser still processes the activity while compressing it. At times compression could also result in forgoing quality leaving the user with altered web pages. Options could be worthwhile sometimes with slow connections with various providers offering compression in reducing data usage. Chrome Beta has some handy new data compression features which users need to enable it by heading to Setting – Bandwidth Management – Reduce data usage and then going forward, the user can revisit the setting window to check how much data has been saved.

Files Downloads through Wi-Fi - Downloading of files from the internet is also another form of data consumption which on downloading consumes a lot of data and it is suggested to download files only through Wi-Fi connection. Apps which do not permit fine tune data settings could also be loading background data as in Ice Cream Sandwich and other versions of Android, where the option of getting to know a list of apps with data usage status is by going to Settings – Data Usage and then scrolling down to the list of apps along with accompanying status of data usage. If the app utilizes too much background data, users could scroll down to the bottom and check on `restrict background data’. This setting overrides any app behavior similar to the app which updates bank account information from time to time.

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