Friday 21 March 2014

Gamble Against iOS Players Now In Google Play

Google Play Games
Many mobile games appear both in Android and iOS. Now bring Google to provide users of the competing camp playful together. Google Play combines Android and iOS gamers in multiplayer games so that they can bet and play together.

Google is celebrating the launch of this year's Game Developers Conference with new features for the Google Play Service. As of now, Android users give virtual game items to their Google Plus friends and look forward to a more detailed categorization of games in Google Play Store.

In addition, you may gamble against users of Apple's iOS platform in future. The new Google Play Services version 4.3 is now available and allows cross-platform multiplayer game between Android and Apple operating system.

That was already in individual cases previously possible, there are game developers now but apparently as a standard option. In this case, the official announcement, according to both the turn-based interaction as well as the online brawl in real time is possible.

If you want to directly challenge an iPhone user in his favorite game now. The game developers must implement in their titles individually. The same is true for cross-platform leader boards, trophies and cloud storage items that also allow the update.

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