Friday 21 March 2014

Firefox 28 Is Available Now!

Firefox 28
After few hours of announcing that they stopped the development of a version of Firefox for Windows touch interface Metro 8.x, Mozilla Foundation has just made available for download the 28.0 version of their browser. This is necessarily very lightweight version with more novelties.

The most interesting news for the start of the new Firefox 28 concerns once again the absence of an announced feature. Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, this new version does not offer any changes in its interface. And the rest of the additions can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

 Besides the usual performance improvement and correction of security holes, Mozilla Launches Firefox 28 with VP9 video codec, audio codec Opus and a finalized version of the Gamepad API programming interface to associate a joystick browser. New to Firefox 28 is the support of VP9. The priority was developed by Google video codec promises to consume only half as much data at the same quality.

YouTube has - not surprisingly - announced to set for the streaming of 4K content on VP9. The Firefox browser is henceforth able to video (WebM) with soundtracks in Opus format reproduce. On HTML5 pages there is a new volume control for audio and video playback.

In addition to various security updates, the new version promises to support the message center for web notifications for Mac OS X. In addition, Firefox 28 for Android should incorporate new buttons like “Quickshare" to simplify information sharing.

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