Thursday 13 March 2014

Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine

Miracle Machine
If you are a wine lover, then I assure you this post will be interest you to the highest point. Two researchers have created an incredible object, capable of turning water into wine, and in just a few days.

They subtly named the Miracle Machine, referring to one of the very first famous miracle of Jesus Christ. Kevin Boyer Philip and James have developed this artificial wine that requires the machine is very amazing, yes it needs a Smartphone and water.

The dedicated mobile application allows you to select the type of wine you want to make and then tells you what ingredients placed in the object to create the drink. The software connects to the Miracle Machine via Bluetooth and monitors the progress of the wine preventing it to mature. It takes approximately three days to taste your wine prepared.

Do not be afraid to find yourself short of ingredients to launch the production only it needs grape concentrate, yeast and other few necessary spices. The Miracle Machine consists of a fermentation chamber, heater, thermometer, blender, a microprocessor to oversee the process and finally a Bluetooth antenna to connect to your Smartphone.

Although the idea behind this device is not new (there are already gadgets to make your own beer), the manufacturing method of this wine can easily be confusing. The project will soon be launched via a Kick starter page, where interested people can participate in the financing.

The expected price for the Miracle Machine amounts to 499 dollars, 359 Euros. We were very surprised to learn that such a gadget will soon be appearing in the market and we are very curious to see what it is capable of.

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